He Finally Takes Control

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She told him of all the men she had controlled and all the men she went out with. She told him all the details, making him lust after her even more. They were talking one night and she told him about an awesome guy she met. She told him all the details, “I took him home with me and we did every position. Missionary. Doggy. I rode him. He pinned me up against the wall and picked me up. He fucked me while I sat on my dresser and he stood. He ate me out before and after we fucked and I gave him head multiple times.”

His 8 inch hard cock throbbed at the thought of her description. She loved to control him but the tables were about to be turned. It was a hot summer night and he invited her out for the night. He drove her to a very romantic boat dock and walked towards a boat strung with clear lights. They got in the boat and he took her to an island just off the shore where there was a small cabin fishermen would routinely use. The sounds of the ocean crashing on the rocks and the warm summer breeze made this place truly secluded. They got off the boat and started to walk to the cabin putting down a blanket over-looking the shore.

She was wearing high heeled sandals, short jean shorts with her pockets below the hem, and a tight tank top revealing her amazing curves. He pulled her close to him letting her feel how hard he was and just how much he wanted her. Looking casino şirketleri off the island, you could see people on the shore but they could not see who was on the island. If you tried to yell for them, the wind was too strong and the sound of the crashing water truly left you secluded.

She looked at him with desire in her eyes and leaned in for a kiss. She was about to press against his lips, both of their mouths open, close enough to capture their warm minty breath. Just as she was about to press against him, she felt a hand around her throat and was pushed on her back to the ground. He got on top of her pinning her hands above her head, kissing her lips, and sucking on her tongue. He moved his hand off her throat and pushed it up under her shirt feeling her perfect perky tits as he kissed her causing her to squirm. He moved her back slightly and tied her hands down to stakes that were in the ground then ripped her shirt off of her grabbing her tits. He went down on her chest biting and sucking her perky nipples as they tripled in size. Her screams and moans heard only by the two of them.

He reached down and unbuttoned her shorts sliding them down her legs as his fingers rubbed over her moist pussy. He unbuttoned his pants as she lay restrained on the ground and he pressed the tip of his throbbing cock on her tight wet pussy. Pressing against casino firmaları her he rubbed his cock over her wetness getting the tip of his cock wet enough to penetrate her. He finally thrusted in her, penetrating her wet pussy. His cock filling her and stretching her as her body began to relax from the amazing pressure and feeling of his big cock. He leaned forward pumping his hips into her as his mouth latched on to her nipples, biting her hard as she screamed. As his teeth pulled her nipples away from her body, her screams continued from his thick long hard cock thrusting harder and deeper into her. She began pushing back into him rolling her hips towards him loving how good he felt deep inside her.

Her screams transitioned to moans as her pussy engulfed his huge cock, gripping and massaging his shaft in her. Her cum provided the lubrication to enhance the friction between both of them. She began moaning with pure ecstasy as she started to fuck him back, grinding in perfect rhythm. Both moaning, their eyes locked as he kissed her and put his hand back on her throat. She pushes up into him moaning and screaming she is going to cum.

He leans forward and orders her to beg him to fuck his little slut. Her acquiesce. “Please fuck me harder. Fuck your little slut. I am your whore fuck me harder.” He grabs her face and slaps her like a whore as she releases güvenilir casino a moan and a subtle smile.

Her begging makes him slam harder into her as he instructs her to cum with him. She gets more vocal, telling him she is going to cum. Her pussy clenches his hard cock pulling it deeper inside her. “Fuck my hard cock”, he orders her. “Come on, you little slut, fuck my cock like you mean it. Fuck it like the little slut that you are.”

She begins to cum as her body contracts and massages his cock. As she constricts his shaft, he starts to cum with her, exploding ribbons of cum deep inside her tight pink pussy. They moan together as his mouth takes her nipples, his teeth clamped on her nipples as his cock explodes inside of her.

With her body exhausted and tired he released her restraints and turned her over on all fours. She cleaned and sucked his sensitive cock as he grew in her mouth. Her beautiful eyes looking up at him wanting to please him as he grabs her hair and pulls her deeper on him. She gags slightly but takes it with her eyes watering looking up at him. Her tongue under his cock, out of her mouth, taking him deep.

Once he is hard again, he pulls her face off of him and turns her around. He spanks her curvy ass, pulls her hair, and takes his spit covered cock and slams it into her cum filled pussy. Some of his cum pushes out of her and he uses his fingers to rub the cum into her tight ass. He pushes deep inside her, one hand pulling her hair, the other spanking her and tracing her tight ass with his cum covered fingers. She screams with pleasure. As he moans, “Our night is just beginning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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