College Girl and Her Daddy’s Trip

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(Please give me feedback, I want to know if you all like this work, that will let me know if I should or should not continue to make submissions…this is a fictional piece, and my incestuous activities are merely my own fantasies.)


My name is Lexi, and I have just finished my first year of college. If you haven’t heard my story about the first time I was with my Daddy, you can read “College girl and her Daddy” and see what it was all about.

Again, I come from a European and Puerto Rican background, my father is White and my mother is Puerto Rican. I just turned 19 years old and I am approximately 5’6″, 130lbs. I have perky 34C tits and an ass that I inherited from my Latina mother. I’ve grown out my jet black hair and it is now down to the middle of my back. My dad is a handsome man, very athletic with a killer body. He’s about to be 40 years old and barely looks 30…

Since I did so well my first year of college and I was unable to go on a spring break trip this year, my dad has decided to take me to the Caribbean Islands for a summer vacation. I know it’s not the same as going on vacation with all of my college friends, but I just may enjoy spending the alone time with my dad just a little more anyway.

Arriving in the Caribbean, my dad had arranged for a limo to pick us up and take us to our honeymoon suit. We were quite convincing that we were actually newly weds. Walking around with our arms wrapped around each other, kissing and flirting together. I had on one of my newly purchased mini skirts and tight fitted tank top (no undergarments of course for easy access) when we got in the limo. My dad, wearing a pair of board shorts and a muscle shirt pulls me against him in the limo and teases me a little, rubbing and kissing all over my neck and chest, playing in my hair, whispering in my ear how he can’t wait until we get to our suit so we can pretend to be newly weds for real. Not realizing the limo driver was still able to see us; he kindly winks at us and gives us our privacy. I turn and straddle my daddy so we can make out and really have some fun. Continuing our teasing and flirtatious ways, daddy pulls my top up and over my head while I’m grinding on his lap, making him rock hard. Kissing my daddy passionately as he’s squeezing my tits, pinching my piercing nipples…breaking our kiss he leans in to take one of my nipples in his mouth to suck on it.

Moaning softly, I reach between casino şirketleri my legs and unzip his zipper, tugging at it so I can pull out his big, daddy dick. Sliding off of his lap, I kneel down in front of him and take his dick in my hands, rubbing on it, up and down, stroking it right as I lean in to take it between my lips. Looking up at my daddy as he plays in my hair, moaning and groaning I suck on the head of his dick a little…moving my head up and down on his dick, giving him a quick blow-job before we arrive at the hotel. The slightly bumpy ride aides in my blow-job, helping me to deep throat his enormous dick as we hit the small bumps in the road. My pussy is now soaked from the blow-job (I love pleasing my daddy) with my juices dripping down my thigh. Getting excited as we pull into the drop-off area I suck daddy’s dick a little harder as his orgasm builds….just as the limo driver opens the door for us to get out, daddy explodes in my mouth, sending waves up cum deep down my throat. The driver is a little stunned at what he is seeing and stands in shock for a moment before closing the door back to give us some privacy as we pull ourselves together. Kissing daddy before we get out of the limo, I whisper in his ear how I can’t wait for us to get to the room…telling him how my pussy is so wet for him.

Getting out of the limo, my pussy juices begin to roll down my legs. Not bothering to wipe it away, I grab my daddy’s hand as he leads the way to the front desk to check us in. The bellboy shows us to our room and after my dad gives him a tip and places the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door; he walks straight towards me, ready to finish what we started in the limo.

Excited, I quickly take off my tank top and throw it to the floor, but before I’m able to get out of my skirt my dad has already stripped naked and is now pinning me against the wall. Passionately kissing me, he lustfully grabs a hold of my tits and squeezes them, moving down to my neck, sucking on it as he pinches my nipples again, making them hard as rocks. “Oh Daddy!” I moan out load as he moves down to suck on my tits again, getting down on his knees he lifts my skirt around my waist and moves in to kiss my hairless pussy. My daddy slips his tongue past my pussy lips and onto my clit, flicking at it, making my clit hard as well. “Daddy, fuck my pussy with your tongue.” I cry out as I run my fingers through his hair, pushing his casino firmaları face harder into my pussy. He slides his tongue inside of my pussy, fucking it, his face pressed so close to my pussy, and his nose is teasing my clit, making my orgasm build. “Ummm…yes, Daddy, I’m going to cum!” I scream out as me brings me to my first orgasm with his tongue.

Standing to his feet, my daddy grabs me lustfully and picks me up. I wrap my legs around his back as he carries me to our ocean-view balcony, placing me on one of the lounge chairs he stands over me, looking down at me, ready to fuck his baby girl. Looking up at my daddy, eyeing his hard dick, without hesitation I take it in my mouth without the use of my hands. Grabbing the back of his thighs I move my head back and forth until we get into a rhythm where he’s fucking my mouth with his dick. Relaxing my throat muscles I let him fuck me deep down my throat. Now that I’ve made my daddy’s dick rock hard again I let his dick slip out of my mouth. Lying back on the chair he climbs on top of me…”Are you ready for daddy to fuck that pussy of yours baby girl?” he says to me as he teases the opening of my pussy with his dick. “Ummm…daddy, I want you to fuck me long and hard” I reply with passion in my voice.

Spreading my legs with my skirt still around my waist I invite my daddy in…and without warning, he slams his dick deep inside of my young, tight pussy. With the sun shining down on us, daddy fucks his little girl nice and hard, slowly sliding out, and then slamming it right back in. He does this for a few minutes before getting in a steady pace of fucking me, in plain view right on the balcony. Leaning down he kisses me passionately, my legs wrapping around his waist as he lifts me, without losing his rhythm he has me pressed against the railing of the balcony as he continues to fuck my pussy raw. Holding onto me tightly he groans out, telling me he’s ready to cum inside of me again. Wanting to feel his cum, I start to rub on my clit, making myself build up my own orgasm so we can cum together. Right before I cum again, I stop rubbing my clit and let my daddy finish making me cum with his dick. “Ahhhh…yes daddy, cum with me…fill me up with your seed daddy!” I scream out as his body starts to jerk, filling my pussy up with that sticky cum of his.

Slipping out of my pussy, our juices are all over his dick. Getting down to my knees, I lick his dick güvenilir casino clean. Standing up I kiss him, letting him taste the mixture of our juices. “How do you like that daddy?” I whisper in his ear as I gently nibble on it…making our way back inside of the suit. “You know I can’t get enough of you baby girl.” He says to me as he lies down on the bed. Climbing on top of him, his dick still hard, with ease, I straddle his lap and let his dick slip right back inside my soaked pussy. This time, moving a little slower, I slide up and down on his dick, riding him, moving back and forth and in circles, grinding my pussy deep down on my daddy’s dick. Squeezing and playing with my own tits I put on a little show for daddy as I flick my tongue along my nipple. Daddy’s now rubbing his thumb along my clit as I slowly ride that monstrous dick of his. Tilting my head back, I let my long hair brush up against his legs as I continue to make circles in his lap. Holding myself up, I put my hands on his thighs and start to bounce up and down…no longer riding slowly I quickly pick up speed to keep my daddy aroused. Without taking his dick out of my pussy, I turn around with my soft, round ass facing him and I begin bounce up and down on his dick backwards. I hear him grunting as I feel his balls tighten…not wanting him to cum yet I stop, then slowly start up again, continuing to do this until he’s ready to change positions and now hit it doggy style.

On my hands and knees now, letting daddy be in control once again, he grabs a hold of my waist and starts to pound his dick deep inside my wanting pussy. I have a few mini orgasms as he’s fucking me, building myself up for another breathtaking one. Daddy now pressed up against my ass and lying against my back is fucking me with short, hard strokes as he nears his third orgasm of the day. Panting and trying to catch my breath I furiously rub my clit as I feel another breathtaking orgasm making its way through my body. As I’m screaming out in pleasure, daddy is grunting and moaning in my ear as his dick spasms and squirts another load of his cum deep inside my pussy. As our orgasms subside, we stay in that position until his dick goes limp and slips out of my pussy, followed by a stream of our juices.

Collapsing on the bed, we lie down for a while. As the sun begins to set, we order room service for the evening and decide to stay in for the night…

Our vacation to the Caribbean Islands was wonderful…unfortunately, we weren’t able to see any of the sights beyond our suit and view from the balcony.


(Thanks for reading…I hope you enjoyed this story also. Remember, I’m a new writer and I could really use the feedback.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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