Harper Valley: Up Close , Personal

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Let us first address various readers’ niggling concerns. Young women wouldn’t really lust after older men…would they? I have to report, that they would and that they DO!. What became of Jenna and Kylie’s mom? I actually addressed that one long ago in the first publication “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” written itself, a fair while before I ever came across Jerry at the parent/teacher interview night. As to how the other dads and daughters hide their little secret from their own moms/wives, I suppose much the same way that Natalie and Chris (my other two kids) were blissfully unaware of their younger siblings’ involvement. After all, its just plain fiction so I hear tell…..


Did I say the party was “out of control?” Hush my mouth, it was a rave!

Mid-way through one further spin of the dice at the hands of my un-named compatriot, Michelle suffered sensory overload and had not I been supporting her arms behind her back, she would have slumped to the floor. I felt her go limp, even as her partner continued to thrust up into her as deeply as he was able to at that angle. We manoeuvered her on to the carpet, and paying little heed to the Geneva Convention, continued to ‘rape’ her unchecked. Let me freely admit, fucking a young woman while she is out to it, is as hot an experience as this tired old world has to offer. Not quite sure why that is…perhaps the girl’s complete inability to resist. Maybe it’s the awesome vulnerability, that defenceless little pussy at the mercy really of one’s unbridled imagination. Whatever, we had a real ball for a few minutes, completely stripping her and re-acquainting ourselves with the many highlights of that beautiful young body. She came-to just as I was ‘passing the baton.’ They just don’t make them any sexier!

Behind us, her dad was making the most of the unhinged interlude by fucking young Louise up against the far wall. With her knickers down around one ankle, Jerry was obviously playing for keeps as he pinioned her arms against the wall, both breasts free of her bra. He penetrated her repeatedly with an enviable degree of precision. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, if in fact they were even coherent words, but her legs were spreading ever wider as he thrust in to her and it was no surprise that he should suddenly enunciate for all the world to hear… “Oh, fuck Louise,” as he did just that – one final time! She gasped and actively freed from his grasp, slid down the wall, clutching at her pussy! The score in our immediate vicinity then was: Men-on-site two – girls NIL!

Looking up, Jenna was evidently not much better off emotionally. Lying spreadeagled among the cushions, her legs still agape, she was making no attempt to cover her nakedness, simply wriggling her hips slightly and holding her pussy with both hands, moaning or pleading…I couldn’t really tell which. Susie had pulled back and was on her knees facing slightly away from her, while George was fucking her still. Both of them were oblivious to any onlookers and were in the last stages of their mutually satisfying coupling. I went across to my daughter.

Little more aware than Michelle had been but seconds before, she seemed surprised when her eyes focused on my presence.

“Oh, God dad, I feel so strange.” She muttered. I was going to say “so licked you mean,” but thought better of it.

“C’mon sweetie, let’s get you dressed,” I suggested. I think it was only then she realised that she was in fact completely nude as she instinctively began to cover her breasts with her arms. I looked around and found her undies and dress over by the chair and tossed them over to her. Watching her pull them on, that little bra especially, was enough to stir my testosterone once more but now wasn’t the time.

“I’m sooo tender there dad,” she said, cupping her breasts through her dress.

“Really?” I teased, “wonder why?” I think she blushed.

She was totally absorbed now watching George fill Susie at that moment. Fairly hard to miss as she was half-sobbing with passion and pushing back on George to wrest that very last drop of cum from him. He was a spent force any way you looked at it.

I wanted Jenna again more than anything at that moment but figured we really could all do with a substantial break given the past thirty minutes’ activities. It would appear that everyone else was feeling equally drained and like-minded, as young girls and father’s alike everywhere I could see, were mostly engaged in pulling zips UP for a change. The place looked like the aftermath of a massive home-invasion with items strewn all over the floor, clothes wall to wall and all the girls looking decidedly…er, healthy? George dragged himself over to Jenna, slumped down beside her and put his arm around her waist. She gave him the softest little kiss that had no sexual undertones whatsoever – it was rather sweet.

Two slim and very warm arms slipped around my neck. Looking up, Shelley smiled down at me, dressed now and just so cute and desirable. I pulled her to my lap and cradled her there, kissing her forehead.

“You are such a naughty girl Shelley,” casino şirketleri I teased her, “But I love you sweetheart.” Her next smile melted my heart. I think I loved her almost as much as Larissa. Definitely best I didn’t start thinking along those lines. For a while, all four of us just sat there saying nothing, simply enjoying the solitude and togetherness.

George was the first to break up the meditative spell.

“Guess that seeing I’m the host, I’d better go organise refreshments,” he muttered, untangling himself from Jenna who slumped in his arms, appeared three quarters asleep. I figured I would take the opportunity to go look for Larissa and Kylie. I gave Michelle a kiss and sat her down beside Jenna among the cushions.

Orgies definitely take it out of you! At no stage at any of the other parties was it so quiet. Everywhere, little groups of people ‘recovering’ from their exertions. At one such group in the next room, Larissa was sprawled out between Brad Archer, a guy I’d never even seen and Tanya. The man was kissing the eighteen-year-old intermittently but with no great sexual empathy. I think that side of things had been well and truly exhausted in the previous half-hour. What Brad and Larissa had been up to, God only knows. I didn’t want to know.

When she saw me, Larissa got to her feet quickly and came over.

“Soo glad you’re here Noel,” she whispered to me. As if reading my thoughts, she hugged me and said “I didn’t let him do anything to me…just kiss me a bit.”

I couldn’t see Brad being satisfied with that, especially as the last time I saw her, she was being dragged away wearing no more than a skimpy pair of knickers, but I didn’t push the matter. The mere fact she had said what she did was enough and anyway, they probably took their main pleasure with Tanya. She certainly looked the more “ruffled” of the two.

Couldn’t see Kylie and Warwick anywhere – which suggested to me he had found some cosy little grotto somewhere to further his lustful intent – most likely a bedroom if I knew him….and her! God, what happened to that innocent little cutie I put across my knee and spanked for that first time just eighteen months or so ago? And yet to look at her now you wouldn’t think butter would melt in her mouth. Other places it certainly would!

The drinks and nibblies got a work-out as everyone was fitfully re-stocking themselves with calories to carry them through the business-end of the session. Just at that juncture Warwick strolled in to the lounge with Kylie in tow. Both looked remarkably flushed and contented. She studiously avoided too much eye contact with me I noted, suggesting she had submitted willingly to a range of bodily activities I may not altogether have approved of. None I was assured, would have been PG rated.

Next-up of course was the afternoon’s piece-de-resistance – the traditional bedroom mazurka. It’s not that the voting was rigged, simply that every man there wanted Jenna and Kylie double-teamed, as was the case at Warwick’s. They wanted to of course, so who was I to wreck up everyone’s expectations.

“Pleaasse dad…let’s do it on our own this week…we’ll be OK, really!” begged Kylie, backed-up by her sexy little sister in the wings. I should have expected it!

“Yeah right,” I said, “You want I should let my own eighteen and nineteen year old daughters loose for half an hour with four wannabe rapists in a closed bedroom? Some small comfort it was admittedly that due to the restricted guest-list, four would be the maximum number available.

“We’ll be fine dad,” Jenna assured me, giggling so much I almost believed her.

“Look kids,” I replied, feeling like a fledgling defense attorney whose objection had just been over-ruled in Court, “Things can get out of control real quick. What are you two gonna do up against four men?”

“Scream,” answered Kylie quick as all hell! “And anyway dad …c’mon, Tanya even had to handle stuff all on her own…and she’s younger than Jenna!”

She had a point and besides, Brianna had taken all of us on alone a few parties back and she’s only in Jenna’s grade. God-damn, I had a sudden recollection of us all fucking her in bed that day. I was losing my concentration and fast!

“Please..dad,” they begged in unison. Are these straight-up little sluts in the making or what?

“Well against my better judgment you understand…” that’s as far as I got..they were hugging me and running off to the next room.

No need to say, they carried off just about every vote. Rumors quickly spread, so I found out later – that I wouldn’t be overseeing their performance. I figure any of the four chosen could have sold their stake on eBay for fifty-grand upwards! Little blonde Caitlin polled second place and against all the odds, Chantelle (the young mom) was third choice.

Kylie and Jenna ended up selecting Warwick, Jerry, George of course and some guy I didn’t know, one of the new dads. That had me thinking. Whoever he was, he must have performed creditably with one or either of them to have secured the invite! I knew that with George casino firmaları there they would be quite safe. Can’t say as I cared much that Brad missed out on selection. You have no idea though just how hot it actually was watching them troop upstairs in the company of all those guys, knowing what was going to happen to them and how many penetrations they would be hosting in even that short time….not to mention where!

After Caitlin had made her selection it befell Chantelle to choose her three partners. Wouldn’t you know it? I made choice number two – with Larissa standing not three feet away. I was in two minds, but she smiled and mouthed the words “Go on…..I want you to.” I made some show of protest but she was insistent, saying “Go on..have a good time, I’ll wait here for you.”

That had to be safe – there being pretty much only girls left in the house.

Jenna and Kylie obviously were herded into the master bedroom, right alongside that which we led Chantelle into. Just knowing my daughters were next door was almost as damned hot as being with them! Caitlin and her small party commandeered Larissa’s bedroom further along the hallway, which rather pissed me off as I hadn’t even seen inside of it yet!

The shocks came thick and fast! Chantelle so it eventuated, was unmasked as being no less a personage than Wayne’s younger sister, making her Caitlin’s aunt. They had we learned, invited her just for the hell of it! She was only twenty-seven apparently and had already an eight-year old daughter Melissa. Now that fact alone really sparked the imagination you can be sure.

It also explained perhaps why Chantelle had chosen Wayne first up. Looking at her sitting as she was on that bed, waiting to do our bidding, I could only imagine what kind of incestuous fun she and her brother must have had some years back. Married since nineteen, she couldn’t have been too short of physical fulfilment her entire life! Her husband, so she mentioned later, had no knowledge of her “extra curricular” activities. Not sure whether to be happy or sorry for him.

One thing I must admit with a twenty-seven year old. There’s way less pressure to be “gentle” and “paternally protective.” Chantelle was there to get fucked and we didn’t disappoint her on that score. Definitely a tailor-made proposition for Brad who was hauled in as the third participant! Got the ball rolling by making her strip for us…completely! It definitely wasn’t her first time either. Only about five-four tops, she had lovely shoulder-length frizzy brown hair that she tossed about for great effect and with an experienced flair. (God, no wonder she got pregnant at nineteen)

Looking back now, the session was roughly divisible into three ten-minute scenarios. As soon as she slid her panties off, we made her walk around the bedroom naked but for that sexy little anklet, showing off her body, sitting on the bed with her legs apart, pulling her own nipples – even masturbating for us. God damn…that was unreal! Then we got her into the double bed and took turns fucking her while the other two felt her up. We had her between us, lying across us and just lengthways, face-down on the man in the center. She sure as hell knew how to kiss and was still young enough to be a majorly hot little tease. I’ve seen several eighteen year-olds with one tenth Chantelle’s sex-appeal! Throughout though, my mind was half-attuned to my daughters’ fate. At one stage we heard both of them in the next room giggling insanely – someone was really having fun!

The second phase was her brother’s idea. “Let’s play-act a gang-bang?” he suggested, telling her to put her clothes back on quickly while he rummaged through one of the sets of drawers looking for some sort of restraint. Love a guy with the strength of his convictions! All he came up with was a power cord most likely from an old computer – but hey, it worked a treat later!

God, she looked so hot barefoot, in that creased and rather short skirt, hair all mussed up and those beautiful breasts temporarily shielded from view by that flimsy little cotton top. I wouldn’t say she was big, probably 32B much like my two girls…but that’s just enough to be exquisitely tempting in my book.

In the interests of at least marginally simulated reality, we had her exit the room then re-enter as if looking for something. Wayne grabbed her immediately, holding her arms behind her, offering the two of us virtual carte-blanche. Didn’t take Brad but a second to get with the program, pulling her skirt up with one hand while quite savagely fondling her breasts. I think even Chantelle was surprised.

“Lets fuck the little cunt,” he muttered – obviously extolling his own script-writing talents. It had the right effect though, her vulnerable situation was custom made for some serious raping. Letting go of her breasts momentarily, he dropped to his knees and taking hold of her panties, ripped them off her. Chantelle struggled quite realistically, as Brad withdrew his erection and commenced fucking her where she stood, literally forcing her to part her legs for him. The girl appeared güvenilir casino to be gasping for reaL

Not wanting to be left-out here and having obviously always harbored a desire to rape a girl (like most men) I just seized a hold of her thin top and not with any pre-programmed intent, I simply ripped the material downwards. As the top came apart, her bra was exposed and being a front-loader was the easiest thing to unclasp, freeing up her breasts and now very erect nipples to everyone’s gaze. Fondling her was one of the more pleasant things I have done in this life and I can only imagine how her brother must have felt restraining her, while I sucked her as hard as I knew now, and Brad took her somewhat indelicately. To say he came big-time would be an understatement.

Before she had time to regroup emotionally, and with cum running down her thighs now, Brad took over Wayne’s role as ‘enforcer’ and holding her arms behind her once more, said “Fuck her Noel.” Seemed like a good idea to me and hell, it was my second time fucking a girl standing-up for the day. I could really get to like the sensation! As I penetrated her she let out a series of “ohhs,” which I took to mean I was doing something right. God-damn that was one murderously hot and wet little pussy. It wasn’t hurting my performance either having Wayne latching on to his sister’s nipples suckling her strongly. Chantelle herself was either in Heaven or Hell – I suspect a little of both. Her curvy little hips provided a most useful handgrip as my seminal contribution shot deep within her. Fully transported herself, she was crying out “fuck me” at five second intervals as I did just that. She came pretty much as I did.

Wayne had other plans. Fetching the power-cord, he tied her hands tight behind her and literally pushed her on the floor, legs agape, breasts and nipples free as a bird. The full helpless captive! I have a suspicion he likes it rough. Chantelle was still breathing heavily as he splayed her legs wide on her back and really started giving it to her. Brad knelt over the girl and began kissing her like it was an enjoyable past-time he’d just stumbled across. He also took the opportunity – her being tied up and all – to grope her for all he was worth. I figured I’d sit this one out. I didn’t have long to wait, as I imagine that watching his sister getting raped twice already had kinda gotten Wayne primed as it were. He emptied one goodly amount of sticky stuff into her as he let fly with a series of unintelligible sounds….all of them indicating his extreme pleasure.

Right then a whole lot of noise was clearly audible from the next room, specifically along the adjoining wall. If I didn’t know better I would say one or both girls were being fucked up against the walls – and hard. Brad looked at me and winked. “I think your two are really having fun in there Noel,” he said. Well hell, so were we come to think of it!

Down to the third act now and Chantelle was looking a tad ragged around the edges but God, she had such sexy-looking edges!

“Only ten left,” announced Wayne, shoving his sister rather unceremoniously on to the bed and untying her. “Let’s strip her.” I wasn’t going to say no to that. Removing a twenty-seven year old girl’s clothes really isn’t much different from an eighteen-year old’s.

I had a sudden urge to kiss Chantelle and even as Brad pulled her skirt off and Wayne removed her bra and ripped top, leaving her completely nude, I pulled her across my torso lengthways, her legs straddling my hips. Having a girls wet and recently-worked pussy rubbing hard up against your underpants does tend to fire up the imagination, if not the testosterone and thus it was I found myself extricating my re-awakened member and sliding it up somewhat indelicately into her hotspot. Between kisses, which I have to say were themselves worth the price of the ticket alone, she was making some really cute little-girlish noises as I surprised even myself with the sudden depth and rapidity of penetration. Wayne knelt right beside me watching his sister’s progress and attending to his own tactile needs. It was I have to say, a substantial ventricular shock to see her suddenly break-off mid-kiss, take his erection in her right hand and then close her lips around the head sucking him like a pro. Wayne gasped but the look on his face said it all.

So hot was Chantelle with one cock up inside her and another in her mouth she had reckoned without Brad’s party piece. Positioning himself behind her bottom – the one he had been exploring and kissing intermittently, he began now to quite obviously work his finger into her rear tract. There would have been no shortage of lubrication either. I felt her stiffen as he obviously got to first base with other than his finger. I saw Wayne glance up at Brad and his expression was not one of restraint – he wanted his little sister fucked in the ass. Now, let me say at this juncture, tunnelling a girl up her rear passage does nothing for me personally…..there’s just too many other fun things to do without resorting to the grotty. Nevertheless watching it being done to a girl, most especially when you are fucking her yourself, is damnably hot! I can’t even state with any honesty it wouldn’t get me off watching it done to Kylie or Jenna….always assuming and only assuming that they wanted it of course.

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