Glorious Rendezvous

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There are places in this city that cater to the sexually twisted. Your feet are carrying you toward one such place now, making splashing noises against the damp asphalt with each step. Ian told you about this place in his email, told you exactly what you would find inside, but you still feel a wave of anxiety as you reach for the door handle. For a moment, you contemplate turning around, getting back in your car, and going home, but you can’t. You can’t allow yourself to return to the dull safety of your ‘normal’ life. The fire of adventure is welling up too strongly in your chest, and exhaling a shuddering breath, you grasp the smooth metal of the door handle, and pull it open.

Your eyes are momentarily dazzled by the bright florescent light of the adult bookstore’s front room. The clerk at the front counter glances at you briefly, then returns to his magazine, as you begin to walk down one of the aisles filled with books, videos, and sex toys. Looking around the front room, you see the archway that Ian described to you in his last email. Dark and curtained, it speaks to you of hidden monsters, and things that go ‘bump’ in the night.

Trying to look casual, you walk toward the doorway and pull the curtain back just enough that you can press your eye to the gap and look through. On the other side is a dimly lit corridor, painted in black and deep reds. There are doors on either side leading, according to Ian’s description, to private video booths where, even now, there must be men standing, watching the flickering video screens, their cocks in their hands.

Steeling your determination, you walk through the curtain, and into the dim hallway. As your eyes begin to re-adjust to the darkness, you realize that there are men standing near the archway, looking up as you enter. You determinedly avoid making eye contact, and keep walking down the corridor. You turn left, just as Ian instructed you, into another hallway, this one casino şirketleri containing only three doors, all in a row on the right-hand side. You realize that each of these doors has a light bulb mounted above it, but only one of these is lit, signifying that only the farthest booth is occupied. Taking two steps forward, you open the second door.

The light from the hallway is just bright enough for you to see the video screen inside the booth, and the cheap plastic chair sitting in the center. Stepping inside, you close the door behind you, and pull the latch closed. With your back to the screen, you take a few deep breaths before slowly turning around. The room is pitch black, the only light coming from the blinking green light of the dollar-bill accepter in the video unit, and the round hole in the left-hand wall, through which a flickering light could be seen, from the video screen in the neighboring unit.

Ian told you to expect this. This is why you came here tonight, but you still experience a cold, shivering thrill as you sit down in the chair, and bend forward slightly, putting your eye to the hole. On the other side is a man, naked from the waist down, his fist closed tightly around his rigid member. You can not seem to tear your gaze away as the slightly purple mushroom head of this man’s penis emerges from between his fingers, then disappears again. Your mouth falls open, and your eyes glaze over as you stare at the rhythmically undulating cockhead, moving slowly in and out…

Something must have given you away. Maybe you were breathing heavier than you realized, or maybe the skin of your face was visible through the hole from the neighboring booth, but the man abruptly stopped fondling himself, and his body turned toward you. You back away from the wall nervously, and fumble in your back pocket for the single dollars that Ian told you to bring. As you feed two dollars into the machine, your screen comes alive, casino firmaları lighting the booth around you, but before you can pick a movie to watch, you glance back down at the hole, and see the neighbor’s cock protruding from the wall.

Your heart thumps in your chest, but Ian told you this would happen too. This is what you wanted when you came here. And with slightly trembling fingers, you reach down, and grasp the stranger’s penis. The strange skin is warm, pulsing with blood and lust. This cock is heavier, and slightly thicker than the last one you knew, but not by much, and your hand seems to mold perfectly to its strange contours. Seemingly of its own accord, your hand begins to move back and forth over the rigid flesh. You can barely hear a gasping breath from the other side of the partition, and you seem to draw confidence from it. The stranger is enjoying your efforts, and you begin to move your hand faster.

On a sudden impulse, you drop to your knees and push the chair out of the way as you kneel in front of the hole. Your hand grasps the cock at its base, and you plant a soft, tentative kiss on the spongy, purpled flesh of its head. The penis twitches in your hand, and a single drop of clear liquid escapes from its tip. Instinctively, your tongue darts out to collect the sweet nectar before it can drop to the floor. In that moment, as the pre-cum coats your tongue, a strange, reckless confidence overcomes you, and you grin at yourself for the briefest of moments before opening your mouth and engulfing the cockhead in front of you.

You hear a groan from the next booth as you begin to bob your head on the stranger’s cock, taking it as deeply into your mouth as you can, and running your tongue along its sensitive underside. You close your eyes and fall into a trance, paying attention to nothing but the rhythm of your bobbing head, and the taste of salty flesh and sweet fluid. Sooner than you expected it, and almost before güvenilir casino you realize what is happening, the cock begins to pulse in your mouth, and a jet of salty cum lands on the back of your tongue. You swallow once, twice, and a third time, before you feel safe to withdraw the spent penis from your mouth, grinning, and tasting the residue of your labors coating the inside of your mouth. Your heart is still racing, but you feel a sense of accomplishment as your neighbor pulls his exhausted manhood back through the hole, and you hear him zip, and exit the booth.

Intending to wait a few moments before exiting the booth yourself, your attention returns to the video screen, still playing its movie. But something else catches your attention, and looking to the right, you realize that there is another hole in the opposite wall of your booth. An eye is pressed against that hole, and you understand that it must have been watching your performance as you blew the stranger in the other booth. Would this stranger expect the same treatment? Would you be up for it? The eye looks at you, winks slowly, then disappears, only to be replaced by another cock. This one is slightly longer than the last one, if not quite as thick, and is wearing a latex condom.

Your heart leaps inside your chest, because you know who this one belongs to. This cock belongs to Ian. This is what Ian said he would do, if he were here. Of course, he had made sure he would be here. And you had told him what you would do, though you didn’t really expect to follow through with it at the time. Now though, that reckless sense of adventure begins to steal over you again, giving you permission to act on your deepest impulses.

You stand, unfastening your jeans, and sliding them down over your hips. You wore no panties. Perhaps you had been subconsciously planning for this after all. Adopting a wide stance and bracing yourself against the opposite wall, you aim your dripping cunt at the hole, and straddle Ian’s rigid cock. Reaching between your legs, you position him at your entrance, then push yourself back onto him. Your eyes roll back into your head, and you moan as Ian fills you up…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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