Weekend On Her Own

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It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and Nadine was just sitting on the bed watching on of her favourite DVDs. It’s a love story with some rather steamy scenes and she is getting hot and bothered as the movie progresses. Gabriel, her best friend and lover, is supposedly out of town on a business trip this weekend, spoiling her plans of a very erotic weekend she intended to spend with him. It was his birthday and she had planned out something very special and very private but as business would have it, he needed to be away.

As usual, Nadine was thinking of him while she watched the movie. It became one of her favourites as one of the scenes reminds her very much of one of their rather sensual encounters. Oh how she wishes he is around right now. She closes her eyes and allows her hands to drift over her body. Her hands first cups her full breasts, kneading them lightly before the continue to travel down to her loins. Her fingers lingering on her nipples a while, touching and pinching them slightly, eliciting soft moans from her lips. She whispers Gabriel’s name as she plays with herself. Before long, her hands begins to work on her sensitive clit and very wet pussy. Her fingers expertly manipulates her erogenous zones, making her cunt wetter and more open with each passing moment. Her juices flow freely as she begins to finger-fuck herself rapidly. The memories of her and Gabriel together made her even wetter as she continues plunging three fingers into her yearning, open cunt.

Nadine’s other hand works vigorously on her clit, rubbing it furiously, maximizing her pleasure. Her lust is building up within, uncontrollable, unstoppable, insatiable. She reaches to her drawer at her bedside table and retrieves her rather large dildo. This dildo was specially made. Moulded to the size and contours of Gabriel’s magnificently thick cock. The nubs and ridges on his prick seems to rub up against her most sensitive parts inside. This made her addicted to his cock. Lusting for it every moment she has time to think about it. Depending on her activities of the day, she often masturbated with the dildo whenever he was not available. Like right now. How she yearns for his throbbing hard cock to be buried deep inside her wet, open pussy. casino şirketleri Her quivering quim anticipating his hard fucking strokes as she slowly pumps the dildo in and out of her wanting pussy.

She is building up her impending orgasm slowly, prolonging the pleasure. This way, she would burst when she cums. Nadine pumps the dildo a little deeper and faster into her open cunt. She feels it filling her up satisfyingly. She rocks her hips, imagining that Gabriel is fucking her with those long hard strokes. Oh how she misses him. Nadine closes her eyes. She focuses on the sensations between her legs, the lewd carnal lust building up from her hot cunt. Yearning for more stimulation, she pushes one of her nipples to her mouth, sucking hard on it. Her ample tits, soft yet firm, allows for both her nipples to be in her mouth while she continues to fuck herself hard with the imitation cock of Gabriel’s.

Nadine looks up at the mirror on the ceiling and sees herself, legs splayed wide, a large black dildo stuck deep up inside yer quivering pussy, her nipples sucked hard and being licked to maddening hardness in her mouth. Her other hand reaches for her favourite vibrator, turns it on and places it on her clit. It is also a custom device. It sucks on her clit and has a tongue-like apparatus inside. The pressure from the sucking and sensations from the licking while the entire thing is vibrating brings her intense pleasure. She whips out two more and places them on her nipples, groaning out loud as they do their job, driving her out of her mind. She pushes some buttons on a special remote control and a silver box appears. It has a long rod sticking out of it. She attaches the large dildo and turns on the machine with another push of a button. She positions herself for a hard mechanical fucking. All the devices are turned on and in place. Another special button sets the machines to work automatically.

Nadine groans out loud as the machine begins to fuck her pussy with long, deep strokes. The intensity and flicking motion of those special vibrators on her clit and nipples also vary and follows the rhythm of the machine fucking her pussy. It is like they are all connected and have been programmed to bring casino firmaları her the maximum amount of pleasure possible. Even the vibrating sensations pulses in time to the fucking rendered by the relentless machine.

She grunts and screams out Gabriel’s name on several occasions as the machines work on her. Her climax is imminent as she feels the familiar rumbling sensations building deep inside her. The machine, as if sensing it too, begins to pump faster into her, rubbing hard on her G-spot. The suction on her three vibrators begin to alternate making it feel as if a baby was suckling for milk. Her clit is on fire, the sensations rushing to fill every nerve in her body. The machines has been programmed based on timing. Gabriel knows exactly how to satisfy Nadine and he made sure that all the machines and sex toys in the house responds accordingly.

Nadine is lost in pleasure, thoroughly enjoying the deep fucking sensations and the vile ministrations of the vibrators on her clit and nipples. Her eyes are still closed. Her mind lost in passion and lust. Her hips moving on their own volition now, in time with the relentlessly thrusting machine pumping her pussy full of the thick artificial prick. Her climax is imminent. Her body contorting and twisting to take in the large dildo into her as much as possible. She’s fucking the machine back vigorously, wanting to cum, needing to cum. Her lithe body quivers and shakes. A moment later, the machine pumps even faster. Long even strokes, deeply into her welcoming vaginal passage. She does not move. Her body tenses as she experiences the intense pleasure coursing through her body.

A moment later, her orgasm hits her like a tidal wave. It smashes into her furiously in waves. The tension in her body and her throbbing pussy breaks free, loose to wreak havoc throughout the rest of her sexy body. With the machine still pumping into her, her orgasms keep coming. Waves after waves of pleasure buffets her non-stop. Her climax subsides, peaks and subsides and peaks over and again, causing her to trash about wildly on the bed. The machines don’t stop. She pulls the three vibrators off of her with a slight pop. Her nipples and clit aching from the overdose of stimulation. güvenilir casino Her pussy still wet and wide open, accepting the relentless pumping of the machine. She reaches over to touch the off button, bring the machine to a stop. To her surprise, her hips continue to fuck the tool, gyrating and moving to and fro while she cums one final time.

Nadine reluctantly pulls herself away from the fucking machine while her body continues to shake and shudder from the intense orgasms she had just experienced. She lets out a long sigh. Satisfied, momentarily. She wishes again that Gabriel is with her right now. She closes her eyes, and tries to get some sleep.

The large LED screen in the room suddenly flickers to life again. Her DVD had played out much earlier while she was enjoying being machine fucked. Now. the screen is alive again with the image of her right in the centre. It is a three quarter view of her, with her legs splayed wide open and the machine relentlessly fucking her with that huge dildo. Her nipples and clit extended obscenely by those sucking vibrators she placed on herself earlier.

She stares in awe at the image on the screen, wondering how her solo session was recorded. She notices her legs shaking when she was in her throes of orgasm. Those slender yet shapely smooth white legs which has enticed so many innocent men and was one of the reasons Gabriel was so sexually attracted to her. Her body entices and excites him to no end. The screen goes black momentarily after she watches herself climax. Gabriel appears next. A wide smile on his face. Nadine pulls the covers over her sexy body, smiling shyly back at him. He did tell her he wanted to have something like this installed so they could have each others’ company even they were apart.

On screen, she could see his huge erect cock. He is stroking it calmly. It was already leaking precum. Nadine licked her lips, hungry to get that fuck tool in her mouth. She asks, where he is, hoping that he is somewhere close by instead of a few hundred miles away on business. The screen goes blank again and the door to the room swings open gently. Gabriel walks in and embraces Nadine’s naked form, taking her solidly into his arms, holding her close.

She wraps her arms around him and grinds her hips upwards. She pushes her loins hard up against his strong thigh. She is getting wet again and she can feel his hard on pressing against her belly. What ensues would be for another story …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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