Lesbian Lust Ch. 02

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Lesbian Lust….. Continued

Julie and I organized to have a girl’s night in every Friday night; I told my man that it was good for us women to have something to do as well. So, every week I would go around to Julies place.

The first time I went there after our first encounter I was a bit nervous. I showed up with drinks and some DVD’s for us to watch. Julie asked about the movies I had brought over and was surprised when she saw that I had brought over just some regular movies like Pretty Woman etc; she suggested that we watch something more fun and in saying that, she showed me Marks collection of Adult films. I smiled at her and agreed. Julie had already set the mood in her bedroom, candles, clean sheets, a towel spread over the bed and an ice bucket next to it. I was so turned on by the display. She placed the DVD’s next to the 46inch widescreen TV that sits on her draws at the end of her bed; she loaded her DVD player with the first film and invited me to sit on the bed.

I walked over to her bed and was about to sit down when Julie asked me if I wanted to get a little more comfortable, she stood next to me and teasingly took off my shirt. I still had my long skirt, knee high boots and bra on, she smiled at me and was surprised by my nervousness. She walked over to her wardrobe and got out a short sexy nightie and asked me to put it on, I asked her what time Mark was expected home and she informed me that he was away for three days, I smiled at her with so much thought through my head. I slipped in to the nightie Julie had given me, it was made from sheer purple chiffon and it felt so nice against my skin. As I was getting changed in the ensuite, Julie had got changed as well. When I walked out and saw her sitting at the top of the bed with her back against the wall with nothing on but a black babydoll nightie, I instantly felt aroused. She motioned for me to sit next to her, as I did she turned the movie on. We sat together side by side watching a very erotic lesbian porno movie, I was already wet from seeing Julie sitting there with her see through negligee on, but this movie on top of that was creating more heat.

I looked over at Julie and she grinned at me, I leaned over toward her, but she pushed me back, she told me she wanted me to watch the film.

As I sat and watched, Julie ran her hand up my thigh, she was getting very close to my pussy, I moved to touch casino şirketleri her but she told me to not do anything but watch the movie. She said I had to keep my eyes on the film and not move.

The movie was getting hotter; there were three girls all sucking each others nipples and pussies. My nipples were so hard, so was my clit. Julie asked me to sit forward and when I did, she sat behind me. She leaned back against the wall and pulled me back on to her. I was half laying on her with my back to her; I could feel her breasts against my shoulder blades. She put her arms around me and took hold of my breasts and was kneading them together, telling me what lovely tits I had. Again I wanted to turn to touch her but she whispered in my ear that she wants to feel me. She lowered her hands down my body and gently spread open my legs, she brushed her hands over my naked pussy, she gave a little laugh when she discovered I wasn’t wearing panties.

Julie then suggested she tie my hands up so I can’t move, I thought it sounded very sexy so, I agreed. After she had me restrained, she kissed me. Her lips were full and soft against mine and our tongues danced together passionately. I had my eyes on the movie still as she had instructed but really just wanted to see her gorgeous body.

She stood next to the bed and took off her negligee, she looked so sexy. She asked me if I would allow her to tie my legs as well so I said yes. She opened my legs wide exposing my hot cunt to her, I was helpless but I trusted her. She started kissing me all over, rubbing her hands on me, I was trembling. I could still see the movie up until Julie blindfolded me.

Being blinded to what was happening only made things hotter but then I felt a second set of hands against me, I was surprised. I couldn’t see, and didn’t know who the other person was, I was open wide for all to see and very vulnerable.

Julie whispered in my ear that she wanted to taste my pussy; I asked who the other person was only to be answered with a hot husky voice saying, “it’s me, Ally”. Ally was a very tall woman with long black hair, a voluptuous figure with great big tits that anyone would want to touch; knowing it was her standing there was exciting.

I felt hands on me touching me all over, fingers discovering me inside, lips kissing my mouth and teeth gently biting my nipples, I moaned in pleasure.

One of the casino firmaları women slowly made her way down my body and began to lick my clit, it felt so good, I wanted to touch someone, and I begged to touch someone. I got lucky. Ally took off my blindfold and kissed my mouth, she asked me how badly I wanted to taste her, I told her I had to have her now. She moved her pussy close to my face but then paused, I was still helpless and couldn’t move toward her, she grabbed some ice from beside the bed and ran it over her nipples making them very hard, the ice left drips that I wanted so badly to lick off.

Julie was sucking my clit, I was doing all I could to hold off orgasm but it was feeling so good. Ally stood beside me still and lifted a leg on to the post on the bed, opening up wide for me to see her, she rubbed her fingers over her clit, and then slid some fingers inside herself, she got some more ice and pushed it up her pussy, she gave a little moan and I began to tremble. Julie licked me even harder and pushed her fingers deep inside me. Watching Ally and feeling Julie between my legs as well as hearing the hot sounds of the movie made me orgasm in an explosion of pleasure.

I was hungry for Ally, Julie stopped licking my clit but continued to finger me hard, I knew it was only a matter of time before I cum again. Ally put more ice inside her hot cunt, then knelt over my face, cold sweet water dripped from her hole on to my face, I opened my mouth wide for her as she lowered down over it. My tongue found where it wanted to go. Pushing my tongue in to her, I tasted all her sweetness, it was cold but getting hotter.

As I licked her, Julie reached for some ice and her 8 inch vibrator. She pushed some ice cubes up inside me as she teased my clit with the vibrator, my entire body was trembling, I felt so lucky to have Ally’s sweet cunt on my mouth as well as Julies hands touching me.

Ally wriggled slightly over my face, leaning back as I sucked her juice from her hole as she played with her clit, each finger stroke was a pleasurable sight to see, fingering her clit that close to my face was so hot. She moaned as she pinched her nipples with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. She moaned my name when she announced she wanted to come. That made me push my long tongue inside her even more, she untied my left hand and said huskily “finger my arse”. She moved slightly güvenilir casino to my left to make it easier for me to access her. Rubbing her pussy first to get some lubrication, I reached around her hot body and slowly let my finger find its way into her arse.

Julie was getting turned on by the display before her. She inserted more ice cubes inside of me then pushed the vibrator in deep. Using her other hand she rubbed ice over my nipples. I couldn’t believe the pleasure I felt, I wanted to come so bad.

Ally’s moaning was one of the sexiest sounds I had ever heard. She pushed her pussy down on to my mouth, riding my face hard, my finger pushed deep in her arse as her own finger went crazy over her clit. I felt her body start to tremble, her pussy juice began to run from her sweet hole, my tongue was in her as deep as it could get. Her entire body started to shake, her arse tightened as I fingered her harder, her pussy contracted around my tongue as she moaned loudly that she was coming. As she come, her pussy juice squirted from her cunt, all over my face, I loved the taste, and it was beautiful.

Julie fucked me harder with the vibrator as Ally leaned over to untie my other hand then leaned down to kiss me, she loved the taste of her own pussy.

She then sucked my nipples and played with my clit as Julie continued pushing the vibrator in to me. Ally rubbed an ice cube over my clit, I knew I was going to come soon, I just wanted so bad to suck Ally’s tits; they are so big and beautiful. I told her I wanted to suck her nipples. She put an ice cube in my mouth then lowered her tits to my mouth, I squeezed one as I sucked and kissed the other, and I was so hungry for her. Julie untied my legs and fucked me harder, I was still on my back with my legs open as wide as I could get them. Julie fucked me, Ally played with my clit as I sucked her nipples, my body was aching, I wanted to come so badly then, without warning, Julie put her finger in my arse, pulling up toward my pussy, the pleasure was unbearable, I started to come so hard, shaking uncontrollably as Julie and Ally fucked and sucked me. I have never felt such pleasure before, I was trembling and so wet.

We all lay down together, breathless. But Julie was still so horny and then I realized she hadn’t had the chance to come yet so, smiling at Ally, we grabbed Julie and opened her legs up wide, she struggled a bit but Ally held her down, I opened up her pussy and pressed my tongue against her clit, she laid back more relaxed and moaned. Ally kissed Julie passionately as well as fondled her breasts; it was Julies turn for pleasure.

To Be continued…..

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