From Her (Wet) Side

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A fictional romance (big sigh…)

—– It started out like most of my other online encounters – except that his profile read juuuust different enough to make the balls of my feet tingle. I’d had 2 close calls already with guys that welllll, let’s just say weren’t right.

I wasn’t really scared per se, just a little apprehensive and a bit confused because kitty was starting to throb a little sooner than usual. It all seemed ok though – we were both into the same music, foods (Andrew Z*****n would be proud), worldly things, and things sexual, spiritual & romantic. He seemed very gentle, kind and soft spoken with just an air of ‘what the fuck are you going to do to me’ about him.

He got right to the point in his intro stating he was fat, out of shape. He stated that he always made sure his lover was satisfied “by one means or another” no matter who came first. {*tingles in inner labia radiating through to inners of anal sphincter*}.

Being that we’re all on this site because we’re sex freaks and not ashamed of it, much of the ‘social grease’ (pardon choice of words) & mainstream BS is foregone. For example it wouldn’t be considered abnormal for a *woman* to IM a guy and ask him if he’ll shove his cock into her dirty ass on their first date while she’s pissing in her roommate’s mouth deapthroating her favorite dildo. COOL! Not for me, but whatever you’re into (tongue & doggy sounds gush though, kinda jealous of roommate)…

Anyway, this dude’s profile read differently. I’m a little plump myself, lost my left breast 15 years ago and am almost a foot taller than ‘perfect’ BJ height. I’ve got no issues with the body physicalities he described either including bodily systems and/or functions, ‘normal’ body smells / odors (normal depends my mood, etc), missing or extra body parts, nudity, clothing, etc.

I’m not afraid to try things that *seem* gross if I’m with the right guy. I’m not into scat per se, but I’ll admit to having cleaned a lover’s (less than clean) rosebud or two in the thoroughs of orgasmic passion – key operative being *passion*, that special niche where rules & common sense go void.

He also talked explicitly about his favorite kinks )

I figure I’ve got 3 or 4 years left of regular mensing, and the idea of having a lover that would adore and drink my menses without me giving a hint or he a second thought, made me buzz deep in my G-spot. This guy’s got my attention! I’m ‘on’ & horny as hell [especially] right bahis firmaları now!!

I got to the convenience store on time, but had to wait half an hour for him. Not great but not a deal breaker, I just made the best of it. He was a large guy as he had described but not bad looking – clean shaven, full face but no fat hangs or double chin and deeeeeeeeep dark brown eyes with the longest thickest lashes of any man I’ve ever seen. Fine salt & pepper brown hair receding a little at the temples & starting on top. Nice jiggley B cup man-boobs, standard issue dunlap (shirt worn *outside* the pants thank God!), arms & biceps a little loose, but no chicken wings, thighs a little flabby but no visible “hangers”. Butt non-descript hidden in pants, really nice bright radiant smile, and cute dimples.

He walks towards me, his long hand extended, but instead of taking my hand for a shake, he places it between us firmly against my right breast and teasingly flicks my nipple. This was a first for me, and had our meeting been planned for anything other than sex, Id’ve been pissed & left. His arms felt strong and safe around me as he hornily ground his body against mine as fully as he could. Not ashamed of P.D.A. – neat!!

We chatted a bit, picking up where we left off in our very explicit erotic emails. He asked me what kind of undies I had on while sliding his hand down the back of my pants and following the inside of my crack-deep butt-floss deep between my cheeks & rubbing my little pucker. Upon retrieving his hand, he sensuously licked the finger that had just probed my sphincter, and then poked it into my mouth. It had an earthy-salty taste [note to self: wipe better at least for first date]. He commented about my thong liner and I told him I was ‘on’. We sat in his car for a while and talked, stared at & touched each other.

I turned away to cough, and when I turned back he was… in my face! He landed the most amazing face plant on me & OMFG! His tongue was thick, rough and darted deep into my mouth. He almost drowned me with his syliva – which I drank greedily. Hmmm, he wants to play nasty?? Duhhh… OK. I gave him a mouthful of mine. His fingers were long, strong, nimble and gentle as they traced my areola through my shirt & bra. He knew EXACTLY where it was (yeah, it points South) even in a sitting position! I churned up a loogy just to be rude and that ended our first kiss. I thought I heard him mumble something about waiting til later…

I casually kaçak iddaa scooched down in the seat and spread my legs a little just to see his response… He reached over up my shorts leg and deftly rubbed my clit through thong and liner (sure glad I had that liner on, as I surely would be dripping through by now).

Now it was MY turn to shock HIM, and I was wet enough to lube a….. I don’t know! When he turned around to watch for traffic as we left the parking lot, I managed to get my hand in my thong and bring up a nice wet finger full. When he straightened back around, I brazenly jammed my well sauced finger into his mouth. I thought he was going to die from shock. Unbeknownst to me, my tampon had blown out and there was more blood than juice on my fingers! I reached back in – this time grabbing a handful of whatever I could. It came out covered in a red stringy combo of horn-juice and period nectar. He almost wrecked while he was cleaning my hand, so I thought it best that *I* finish it off.

When we got to my place (I wanna know what’s in that gym bag of his…), no sooner than the door was closed we were all over each other – feeling, groping, nibbling. He groaned and I felt the tent rising. He lead me to my kitchen and asked for 2 large glasses. He took out a gallon of cold iced tea from his gym bag and poured for us both. We sat down and played ’20 explicit sexual questions’ until half the gallon was gone. I really needed to pee and had forgotten that the squishy feeling between my legs was ALSO menstrual juice. When I got up and told him I had to pee, he yanked my shorts to my ankles. Without getting in even a word of protest, he grabbed me and bent me over the table making me lose a few drops of urine. He ground his crotch into mine and hissed eroticly “so little girl, what makes you so nasty?” Just as i started to respond, I felt the torrent of his scalding piss through his clothes wetting my whole bottom area. I almost came right there when it flooded my liner and washed around my throbbing clit!! When the flood stopped, he dropped his drawers and laid his bare hard cock up against my sopping liner and ass-crack, and ground against it – wringing his piss from my saturated liner.

Now I’m not seriously into the pain thing, but somehow he knew just how hard he could bend me over, pull my hair, and have it still be erotic. He grabbed my hair and bent over to whisper in my ear, “show me how bad you need to pee lover.” I let loose with a splush kaçak bahis like no other against his cock. He quickly pulled away and then returned only to snake his erect penis past my thong and penetrate my soaking, pissing vagina. I yelled in fear when he hit my tampon, and orgasmed as he gently tapped it up to my tender cervix. When things settled down a *little *, I felt a fullness growing inside my vagina like a huge inflatable dildo – he was pissing in my pussy! My tampon swelled even more past saturation and his urine began to stream down my legs all over my socks and the kitchen floor. I’d *never* had a man pee IN me before, let alone during my period and bent over my kitchen table!

He continued his assault on my sloppy gushing pussy, almost made me cum again, and abruptly pulled out and pressed the head of his cock against my puckered little anus. I screamed NO!! At the top of my lungs and tried to pull away but he promised he wouldn’t penetrate me or hurt me. His frenulum felt very very nice sliding sliding over my rosebud. Suddenly and without warning, he again firmly pressed the tip of his penis in the center of my tight little sphincter. I jumped again, but that just pushed him tighter against me. I kinda felt his penis twitch a little followed by the most amazing warm pulsing sensation in my anus – HE WAS CUMMING IN MY SPHINCTER!!!!!!! Oh my fucking god, I’d never felt ANYTHING like this before!!

When he was done, he insisted in a weird almost erotic way that I lick him clean. I tenderly licked his glans and flicked my tongue across his meatus. I thought his knees were going to give out!! He steadied himself and warned me never to do that when his bladder was full. Being the rebel I am, I took his hypersensitive glans between my lips and laid into him with my tongue. Again he had to steady himself, but this time I was surprised by a mouthful of his hot salty urine. I really wasn’t expecting that much, and I deliberately sprayed it out all over his cock & balls.

We both needed a different kind of shower after all this…

THIS was proving to be my most enchanting encounter ever, and it’s still going strong – 8 years later. We both proudly wear the brand he designed for us and burned into each other: he below his left nipple and left side of his shaft, me on my right areola below my nippie and the inside of my right labia minora. The brands all resulted in permanent hyper-erotic (almost raw) hotspots that touch whether we’re hugging and/or screwing. We embrace them lovingly every day. They rub erotically against each other during sex. I’ve got one up on him though, I enjoy mine every time I pee, …and wipe…

Guess there IS such a thing as soulmates….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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