Finishing School Ch. 02

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Friday Night

The drugs that Mara had been given had taken effect much slower than usual, and the observers made a note in her file. Just as in the Processing Center, Mara was being observed constantly, this was to make sure she could be fully transitioned before meeting the other girls.

Now that she was asleep it was time to take the final measurements. The head observer pushed the button that would lower Mara’s bed into the workroom. Once the bed was in place, they hooked up an IV with a gentle sedative and a few supplements that would aid in her transition. The observers removed all of her clothing, setting it to the side so the technicians could retrieve the data from the sensors hidden in the lining. Next, they brought out the Molding Machine, it was time to finish the final measurements.

Over the years, the institute had found that it was best if the girls were not awake when the Machine did its work. The Machine was positioned between Mara’s legs and then turned on. It entered her slowly, molding itself to all of her contours, and once it was in as deep and as wide as it could go, it pushed another tendril into her back entrance. The measurements were automatically recorded and filed away. The Machine withdrew and was cleaned and moved over Mara’s breasts, it slowly encased them, gently teasing her nipples to their fully aroused state, once it had the measurements recorded, it once again withdrew. And the Machine was once again cleaned and moved to the final place, her face. The observers carefully opened her mouth, and the Machine entered it, moving down her throat before expanding outward until her jaw was at its limit.

With the Machine finished, it was the observer’s turn to notate every mark on Mara’s sleeping form. They noted the small birthmark on the inside of her left elbow, and every other freckle and scar. Their work finished, they carefully dressed her in identical clothing to what she was wearing before and sent the bed back up into the bedroom. All of the teachers had been watching as the final measurements were taken, and several had remarked on Mara’s beautiful figure. Mr. Attenborough had commented that she was the only one to come to the academy that had such perfectly even proportions. Her bust and her lower hips were both exactly 70 cm. The supplements she would be given were exactly tailored to her and would increase her measurements in some places, and decrease them in others.


I woke from a dreamless sleep and sat up slowly. It was time to start working on a way to get kicked out of this place. I entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. I quickly got undressed and walked into the steaming water. I noticed that there were now multiple kinds of hair and body products that weren’t there before. They were all in identical black bottles, with simple white lettering stating what they were on the side. No ingredients or anything else on them. I washed my hair and moved on to my body. As I gently casino şirketleri scrubbed everywhere, I noticed that my breasts were slightly sore, as were my nether regions inside and out. I was normally only sore around my monthly cycle, but I had just finished last week. Maybe all the changes were having strange effects on my body.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapping myself in a towel, I walked into the closet. Ignoring all the dresses, I picked out a sensible, loose black tee shirt and workout shorts. Once I was dressed, I tried the glass doors from before, they were still locked. Sighing, I sat on the bed. There wasn’t much I could do until I knew who was in charge, a good bet was the lady from last night, but she might just be the assistant headmaster, you never knew with these fancy finishing schools.

It felt like the entire day had nearly passed when the double doors opened again. The woman from before entered, and with her were two very handsome men.

The woman started talking, “Ms. Warren, this is Mr. Thornton and Dr. Handell. Mr. Thornton is your counselor here, and Dr. Handell is the school doctor. Should you have need of either of their services during your transition, please be sure to inform me and I will make sure they know.”

There was no way I was going to need either of them, I would be out of here before they knew what was happening. The woman was still speaking, and I turned back to what she was saying.

“Before you are able to mingle with the other students, Dr. Handell will need to perform a physical exam, if you would follow him, he will do so now.”

Perfect, they were making this way too easy. I would be back home in no time. I smiled innocently at him and followed him out of my room. He led me down a series of hallways, and just when I thought we would be walking forever, he opened a door on the left.

“In here please Ms. Warren.”

His voice was deep and sent a thrill down my spine. I walked in, and he followed close behind. In the room was an adjustable exam table. He handed me an open-backed gown and left the room. I put the gown on the table and took off my shirt, then my shorts. Now all I had to do was wait.

Soon after, the door opened and he walked in with a clipboard, “Let’s get started Ms. Warren if you would please lay back on the exam table.” He glanced up at me, noticing for the first time that I was not wearing the gown he had provided. “Ms. Warren, I assume you have been to the doctors before. If you would please remove all of your clothing, and put on the gown, we can begin.”

I stared at him, “Aren’t you going to give me some privacy?”

He stepped closer, and with a serious look, he said, “That is a privilege you have lost since you seem so inclined to waste my time. If you continue to act like a child, I will have no choice but to treat you as such. Now if you would please undress and put on the gown.”

His authoritative tone sent chills casino firmaları down my spine, and I stared at him, speechless. He sighed, and reached behind me, unhooking my bra.

I snapped into action, crossing my arms over my chest, “I can do that just fine, thank you.”

He stared me down, and I quickly turned around and put the gown on over my bra and underwear. Turning to face him again, I removed my underwear and bra and sat on the exam table. He motioned for me to lay down, and I did so, making sure to keep myself fully covered.

The table must have a built-in scale because he marked down my weight on his clipboard and then set it on the counter running along one wall. He walked to stand by my feet, and fiddled with something attached to the table, and then without any warning, my legs were moving away from each other. I yelped and sat up abruptly.

“Ms. Warren, the pelvic exam is a necessary part of your physical, please lay down, so I can continue.”

I blushed crimson red and slowly lay back down, this was the most mortifying experience in my entire life. He sat on a low stool between my legs and guided my feet into a set of stirrups. He put on a pair of disposable gloves and pulled a tray of metal tools closer. I could no longer see what he was doing between my legs, but I tensed in anticipation of cold metal touching the sensitive flesh of my vagina. Instead, warm, rubber covered fingers started gently massaging my outer labia. Gradually I relaxed, and he must have noticed because he started circling my opening with his fingers. I was starting to get wet, and then as quickly as he started, it was over.

He stood and walked over to a sink, filling a bowl with water, he said, “I need to shave your pubic hair in order to complete the exam, it is imperative that you remain perfectly still while I do so.”

I had never been to the gynecologist before, but Cheri talked about visiting hers all the time, she always said it was better to shave down there before you went, so they could see better. I guess she was right.

Dr. Handell walked back over and sat on the stool again. And then he carefully started to shave, starting at the top, near my stomach. As he moved lower, he used his fingers to move my folds. It was extremely arousing, even though I knew it was just to better reach everywhere. He continued shaving and even spread my ass cheeks to shave there. I was thoroughly aroused at this point, and I hoped that he didn’t notice through all the soapy water. When he was finished with the razor, he took a damp cloth and wiped everything down thoroughly, taking extra time around my now swollen clitoris.

He changed his gloves and started to circle my slit again. He stared into my eyes as he deliberately plunged a finger into my opening. He continued to massage me and then a second finger joined the first. He abruptly withdrew his fingers and slid in one of the metal instruments, I gasped at the sudden change, güvenilir casino clenching hard around the new intrusion. He started gently massaging my clitoris, and I relaxed again. I felt the metal moving around inside me, and with his constant massaging of my nub, I was ready to cum. I bit my lip and tried to keep from moaning. It felt incredible.

All movement stopped, and he removed the metal from me, and walked over to his clipboard, “You may get dressed, Mr. Thornton will be outside when you are ready.”

“Ready for what?” I asked

He sighed, “As Ms. Verian explained before, you must have a full physical and psychological exam before you will join the other students.”

I must have zoned out when she said that because I only remembered the bit about the physical. I needed to clear my head fast, Psych evaluations were one of the few tests I actually tried to pass. The one time I had purposely answered negatively, I had been confined to my house for a month until they deemed me fit to be in society again.

The doctor left the room, and I quickly got dressed and stepped into the hallway.

I was greeted by a smiling Mr. Thornton, “Ready Mara. Is it alright if I call you Mara?”

I nodded and followed him as he started walking. He stopped a few doors down from the exam room, and opened the door, gesturing for me to enter. I did, and he followed, closing the door behind him.

He made sure I was seated in one of the soft chairs before sitting across from me, “I understand you’ve done quite a few of these, so if you’d like we can skip all the usual questions and get straight to the point.” My surprise must have shown on my face.

He chuckled softly and crossed his legs, leaning back in his seat, “Ms. Fleurina’s has a rather relaxed view on traditional psychology, we believe in a more direct approach. You will be provided with a journal and expected to write daily. It is not a grade, but we will take notice if you have not complied with our request.” He uncrossed his legs and leaned forward, “Your mental health is of great importance to us, and we will do everything we can to provide for your needs. Should you feel that your needs have not been met, you are encouraged to discuss that with me and I will do what I can to meet them.”

I nodded, if he wasn’t going to make me talk, I would gladly stay silent.

He handed me a glossy black book and a pen, “If you fill this one, let me know and I will give you another. If you find yourself unable to think of anything to write, I am always happy to help.” He stood and offered me a hand, “It is almost dinner time, let’s get you back to your room so you don’t miss it.”

I took his hand and stood, he didn’t let go as he walked me back to my room. We arrived sooner than I expected, the walk back had seemed much shorter than when the doctor had brought me to the exam room. I was in a daze, and I walked into my room without saying anything and I heard the door close behind me. There was a tray of food on a moving cart and ate a few bites before sitting on the bed. I opened the journal and started writing. I must have been writing for longer than I thought because my eyes were soon closing, and I was asleep.

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