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It was just a week after my eighteenth birthday and I was off to spend the summer with an old friend of my mother’s. I was a small, rather quiet young man and much to the surprise of my friends I was looking forward to spending the time with her.

The flight I had to catch was pretty dull, but things livened up when Mrs. Wallace arrived to meet me. She was a bright, cheerful lady in her early to mid-fifties, but still quite an attractive woman with very large breasts, made even bigger by her narrow waist. Her short, brown hair was attractively styled and she had sparkling brown eyes. She had been widowed some years before and lived out in the country some distance from the nearest town.

Unfortunately, my holiday got off to a bad start when my luggage failed to arrive. We waited for a while at the airport, then filled in a report form and left for the long drive to her home. They told us they would send it on when it was located. Things just got worse. It began to rain cats and dogs, then the car broke down. I volunteered to go to the nearest phone box, but got soaked through in the process. When the mechanic arrived we found out that the car wouldn’t be fixed until the next morning, so we checked into a motel for the night.

Mrs. Wallace took my wet clothes to the laundry and then came back and told me they would be dry the next morning. At least the room was warm and dry as I lay naked under the covers wondering what else could go wrong. Little did I know.

Next day there was good news and bad news. The car was fixed, but my clothes were gone. Mrs. Wallace collected the car and then worked out what to do. She had only the clothes she was wearing and I was totally naked. ‘I’ll just have to give you some of mine,’ she said. As she was only wearing a grey button through dress and a waist length pink cardigan it was hard to see what she could do.

She removed the cardigan and handed it to me, then she turned around and reached under her dress, removing her panties and handing them to me. Well, panties wasn’t quite the right word. These were old fashioned bloomers with elastic in the legs; the things that used to be called passion-killers. When I pulled them on they covered me from the waist nearly to my knees. They were still warm from her body. I had put the cardigan on, but I struggled with the buttons. Mrs. Wallace came over and did them up for me. ‘There,’ she said, smiling, ‘you look quite charming.’

‘I must look really silly.’ I was crimson with embarrassment, but I didn’t have too many other choices.

‘No you don’t,’ she smiled, giving me a hug. ‘Let’s go.’

I managed to get into the car without being seen and we were finally on our way. Occasionally, someone would notice me as they passed. Mostly, they just looked surprised, but one truckie blew me a kiss. Pretty embarrassing. What was worse was that the feel of the bloomers and the cardigan on my otherwise bare skin sent some strange sensations through me which seemed to end in my groin. I tried to cover the bulge in my bloomers with my casino şirketleri hands, but I didn’t think I was too successful, as I caught Mrs. Wallace grinning at me.

About an hour from our journey’s end a police car drove alongside us and then switched on its lights, indicating that we should pull over. When we stopped a tall officer, solidly built and around 40, climbed out and walked up to our car. ‘What the…’ he said as he looked in and saw me. “Could you step out of the car, please ma’am?’

Mrs. Wallace did and they walked back over to his patrol car. I couldn’t hear the words, but I guess she told him what had happened to us. When they came back he said nothing, apart from ‘Follow me.’ We drove after him for a few hundred yards up the road then onto a track which led into a clearing that couldn’t be seen from the road.

‘What are we going to do?’ I asked.

‘Whatever he wants,’ she answered with a smile, ‘But don’t worry, I think it’s going to be fine.’

When we stopped he walked over. ‘Get out of the car, please, both of you.’ He looked at us as we stood side by side. ‘You are a strange pair.’ He looked at Mrs. Wallace, ‘You are a stunning lady.’ She nodded her head and smiled. ‘And you girly-boy,’ he looked at me, ‘what a pretty thing you are.’

I decided to play along. ‘Thank you,’ I said in a breathless, little-girl voice.

‘Now ma’am, I’m going to ask you to do something, and if you say no, we’ll all get in our cars and go our own ways.’

‘What do you want Officer?’ asked Mrs. Wallace.

‘Well, those tits of yours look amazing. Could I see ’em, please?

Mrs. Wallace smiled, ‘Of course you can.’ With that she undid the buttons on the top half of her dress, revealing an enormous white bra. She slipped the dress off her shoulders, but the elastic in the waist prevented it from falling to the ground. She reached around and unhooked the bra, drew it off and dropped it . Then she pulled the dress back on, but left the buttons undone. Without the support of the bra her breasts sagged down. Her nipples were large and dark, and by the way they jutted out I could tell she was excited by all this. ‘How’s that?’ she said with a smile.

‘As I said, amazing.’ He was standing on the other side of the car, looking at her over the hood. ‘Could you walk around here, please?’

‘Certainly,’ she said, and as she moved her breasts swayed and jiggled. When she was opposite him she lifted the massive tits in each hand and said, ‘Would you like to touch them?’

He could only nod as he reached out to take their weight. He ran his fingers over the nipples and gently squeezed them. Mrs. Wallace closed her eyes and sighed. Then he stopped. “Thank you very much, ma’am, but I’d better stop before I get too carried away.’

‘That’s alright, officer. I’d be happy to offer you some relief. Judging by the bulge in those trousers you could use it.’

‘I sure could, but you’ve been so kind already I’d hate to put you to any more trouble.’

‘Oh, it’s no trouble,’ she said as she reached casino firmaları down, unzipped him, then drew out a large, thick dick.

All the time I’d been watching this performance my own cock had been getting harder and harder. Now it was noticed by the officer. ‘Your girly-boy seems to be excited by all this. What would you like to do about it?’

‘What would you suggest?’ she replied, gently stroking his cock as she spoke.

‘Well, perhaps he could join us. How does that sound?’

‘Sounds good to me. Come over here Danielle,’ she called giving me the feminine version of my name. I walked over with my dick tenting out the front of the bloomers. The officer and I stood on each side of her. She smiled, ‘I think we need to mover over into the trees for the next bit,’ she said.

Mrs. Wallace led us towards the trees some yards ahead. Just inside the forest was a clearing with a wooden picnic table. ‘This will be perfect,’ she said as she walked over to the table and turned with her back towards it. Reaching down she undid the remaining buttons on her dress and held it open for us. In spite of a small roundness to her tummy, she was in pretty good shape with just a few grey hairs in her nicely trimmed bush. ‘Does this look okay?’ she said, although looking at our groins she must have known the answer.

‘Very nice indeed, ma’am,’ said the patrolman. ‘Might I have a closer look?

‘Be my guest,’ she said as she sat on the edge of the table, leaned back a little and thrust her groin towards him. He moved forward and knelt in front of her, burying his face between her legs. I couldn’t see exactly what his tongue was doing, but it must have been working overtime on her slit as she closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply. As the Officer continued his work, Mrs. Wallace’s breathing became more ragged, her eyes closed and small noises were coming from her mouth. Suddenly, she leaned back and gripped the edges of the table until her knuckles showed white, then her whole body shuddered as she came. Mrs. Wallace seemed almost to collapse back onto the table with her legs dangling over the edge.

After a moment she opened her eyes, ‘That was wonderful, Officer. I should like it very much if you would replace your tongue with that large piece of meat you have between your legs.’

The patrolman stood up and smiled. ‘It would be my pleasure, ma’am,’ he said. As he spoke he undid his trousers and they dropped to the ground at his feet. He moved toward Mrs. Wallace, placed a hand on each of her hips and drove his cock into her moist slit. As he started to thrust in and out she turned her head and looked at me. ‘Danielle, climb up on the table and stand with one leg either side of me.’ I did as she asked. ‘Good, now I want you to take out your cock and start playing with yourself.’ I reached into the bloomers, drew out a very firm dick and began stroking it slowly. ‘That’s excellent, just what I require.’

This continued for some time, I’m not sure how long as time was hard to measure under those circumstances. güvenilir casino Gradually, the pressure in my dick began to build, helped by the shuddering of Mrs. Wallace’s body indicating the orgasms she was experiencing. ‘Mrs. Wallace,’ I said, ‘ I’m going to cum.’

‘Me, too,’ gasped the patrolman.

‘That’s lovely, dears,’ she sighed, ‘and I’d like you both to do it on my breasts and tummy, please.’ Almost as she spoke I lost control and squirted cum onto those gorgeous tits as she held them for me. At the same time the patrolman pulled out his dick and let go over her stomach and breasts.

While I pulled the bloomers over my tired cock and climbed off the table, he pulled up his pants. Mrs. Wallace was in no such hurry to cover up. She stood with cum trickling down her body and a big grin on her face, making no effort to button her dress which still hung open. Then taking us each by the hand we walked slowly back towards the cars.

Boys that was lovely,’ she said, ‘thank you very much.’

‘Our pleasure,’ grinned the patrolman. Then he looked at me, ‘You should keep wearing those clothes, Danielle. You look good in them and I bet they feel real good, too.’ I nodded. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘I’d best be on my way.’

‘Just a minute, Officer.’ Mrs. Wallace walked over to where she had dropped the bra on the ground, picked it up and handed it to the policeman. It was sure fun watching those tits move. She walked back and handed the bra to him, ‘Here you are Officer, a souvenir of a pleasant day.’

He took the bra and smiled, ‘Thank you very much ma’am.’ With that he leaned over and kissed her. ‘As always,’ he said, ‘it’s been a pleasure.’ Then he walked over to his car, climbed in and drove off.

I stood there with my mouth open. ‘Don’t look so stunned,’ she laughed. ‘You don’t think these things just happen, do you?’ Fred and I meet up from time to time and play our little games. When you lost your clothes and seemed to enjoy wearing mine I thought you might like to join in.’ She paused, ‘I wasn’t wrong, was I, Danielle?’

I shook my head and smiled.

Mrs. Wallace used some tissues to clean herself, then she did up the buttons on her dress. ‘Well, we’d best be getting home.’ she said. Even with her dress fastened it was still fun watching those tits moving around, especially without the confines of a bra..

When we were on the road again she smiled at me. ‘Did you enjoy that Danielle?’

‘Yes,’ I replied. Then I decided to be bold, ‘The patrolman was right, your breasts are amazing.’

She laughed. ‘Why thank you very much. Do those clothes feel good?’

‘Yeah, they do.’ I smiled.

‘Would you like to keep wearing them?’

‘What do you mean? Won’t things go back to normal when we get to your house?’

‘Well, not necessarily. You still don’t have any clothes. I live in an isolated spot. There’s plenty of privacy so you can wear what you like. I’ve got plenty of things you can use. That is, if you don’t mind wearing old lady clothes.’

‘No, these are great, and you’re not an old lady.’

She laughed, ‘Well what happened today certainly makes me feel younger. Who knows? Perhaps we’ll do some more over the summer.’

‘That would be lovely,’ I replied in my best girly voice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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