Brothery Love

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It was an ideal holiday spot for my husband Rick.

We had set our twenty-seven foot trailer up on a site in a camping ground on the shore of Georgian Bay, a fisherman’s paradise.

Rick had taken the aluminum boat off the top of the car and spent most of the day out fishing with Bob, my brother.

Bob and his wife Carol had eagerly accepted our invitation to join us for a week’s vacation.

Carol is a couple of years younger than me, a buxomly blond who had always captured my husband’s eye.

Bob and I had a normal brother and sister relationship as we were growing up and had played “doctor” one time when I was just passing through puberty.

The campground held a colony of fishermen, it was the peak of the season and ardent fishermen had come from all over to fish the productive waters of Northern Ontario.

Trailer living was quite cramped, sharing such a small space with another couple required a relaxation in customary decorum. Carol and I were soon wandering about inside the trailer wearing just pajamas or panties and bra while the guys prepared for their day on the water.

Even though Carol had large breasts she wore the lift and show type bras. Little more than half-cups with her nipples almost spilling out of the top. Her panties were equally as brief, high-cut bikinis with some transparent enough to clearly see the outline of her camel toe beneath. None of his wife’s exhibitionism bothered Bob and Rick’s eyes could not get enough of it.

Nobody seemed uptight by the excessive familiarity so we soon all became comfortable in our new cramped living quarters.

The shower in the trailer’s washroom was very small so Rick had set up a shower outside of the trailer. It was just a canvas enclosed stall with a hose to the showerhead. There was no hot water but the water from the tap was not very cold and the weather was quite warm.

Everyone liked to use the shower during the day when it was warm and the sun’s rays would help dry them off.

I was cooking some chicken on the barbeque which was about twenty feet away from the shower stall and in direct view.

As I was preparing the meal Bob came out with a towel wrapped around his hips to use the shower.

My eyes inadvertently went to the shower after he had entered and observed he had not closed the curtain tightly and I could see him standing naked under the stream of water.

He was washing himself with a cake of soap and I saw his cock was casino şirketleri fully erect. It was a beautiful cock, seven or eight inches with a fat shaft and a smooth mushroom helmet. I got a sudden urge to take it into my mouth and to suck his sperm out through it.

Bob finished showering and neither of us indicated that he had displayed his lovely cock to me but we both knew it had brought us closer to consummating our desires.

I couldn’t get my brother’s cock out of my head, no pun intended. The thought of what it would feel like in me fascinated me. Rick was o.k. but his cock was not as powerful as my brother’s looked, I imagined myself moaning with Bob’s cock deep inside of me.

Since Carol was constantly around when Bob was there was little opportunity for me to seduce my brother. I knew Rick was open-minded enough to agree to a least a threesome with me and my brother but Carol was pretty straight.

That night I lay in bed listening to my brother fucking his wife. Separated by the thin walls it was almost like we were in the same room.

Carol groaned as Bob drove her into the mattress at an ever increasing pace until she cried out in her orgasm.

I held my husband’s semi-erect cock in my hand as he slept oblivious to the passion around him.

“Sounded like you had a good time last night?” I asked Carol after the guys had left to drown some more worms.

Carol blushed ands smiled a demure smile.

“Rick would really like some of that.” I teased, “He was listening last night and thinks you are really hot!”

“Really?” Carol responded mildly interested.

“He’d be on you in a flash.” I assured her.

“I’d kill Bob of he touched another woman.” Carol decreed.

“Even if you were with him” I teased.

“What do you mean?”

“If Bob was fucking someone else while another guy was fucking you.” I explained.

“Bob would never agree to someone else fucking me.” Carol smugly replied.

“Don’t be too sure!” I said and went on to change the subject.

We had finished supper, they guys had brought back their limit in pan fish and we had a fish-fry outside the trailer.

Bob and Carol had gone for a walk to explore the campground and I was talking to Rick as he helped me cleaning up.

“I think Carol would like to fuck you.” I shocked him.

Rick looked at me surprised, “What do you mean?”

“We were talking this morning and she said she would let you fuck her.” casino firmaları I embellished our earlier conversation.

“Bob would never go for it.” my husband resolved himself.

“Let me talk to him.” I smiled.

Rick and Carol were sitting by the campfire drinking Budweiser and reminiscing of the time we had gone to Florida together. Bob had come into the trailer with me to get some snacks.

“Rick wants to fuck Carol.” I announced out of the blue.

Bob looked at me in disbelief, “Excuse me?”

I explained to Bob how I had planted the seed in their minds in hopes of getting into bed with him.

“You want me to fuck you?” my brother asked in disbelief.

“I haven’t thought of anything else since I saw your hard cock.” I confessed.

Bob smiled.

The night wore on and the empty Budweiser bottles outnumbered the full ones. Carol had already changed into her baby-doll pajamas, it was a mild night and her erect nipples were clearly visible through the sheer material. Her long bare legs were completely visible right up to her crotch where the pajama panties hid her pussy.

Rick had been staring at her all night no doubt imagining what it would be like burying his cock in her.

Carol, loosened up with the alcohol, had sat carelessly with her legs open offering my husband an excellent view of her veiled womanhood.

They were ready to put my plan in motion.

“Why don’t you show Carol how good the bed is in our room?” I smiled.

Rick looked at me, then at Carol and finally at Bob.

“Carol would love that wouldn’t you Dear?” Bob smiled. Carol smiled demurely.

Rick stood and took Carol’s hand and led her into the trailer. My brother’s wife willingly followed.

With our spouses inside the trailer about to commit consensual adultery Bob and I looked at each other.

“Are you sure about this?” Bob asked.

I assured him I never wanted anything more in my life.

We entered the trailer with the sounds of Rick and Carol fucking already in the larger bedroom.

“Oh God Rick fuck me!” Carol loudly cried out.

Rick no doubt had his cock into Carol right up to his balls and she loved it. I looked at my brother and he looked at me, Shall we?” I urged.

The few clothes we wore quickly came off and we were in Bob and Carol’s bed naked in a flash.

I lay on my back, knees in the air and legs wide open inviting my brother to invade me.

Bob mounted me güvenilir casino and aligned the head of his rigid cock with my cunt’s hungry mouth, he slid into me like the key into the ignition switch of a performance car.

Instantly my engine roared into life, his cock was the perfect fit in my fuck hole. It was as if his cock hade been created to unlock my passion, all my life I had been waiting for his meat to turn me on.

“Are you sure about this?” Bob asked as his cock slid home in me.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me!” I pleaded as my hips thrashed up to welcome him into me.

There was nothing awkward with fucking my brother and it seemed perfectly natural for brother and sister to be procreating. Our bodies blended together to form a oneness moving in natural synchronicity. My pussy gripped his cock in a loving embrace as he rose and fell on top of me.

I had not revealed to Rick or Bob that I was fucking my brother unprotected. I had not fitted my diaphragm, my only defense against pregnancy, before taking Bob’s cock. Whatever eggs may be lingering in my womb were vulnerable to my brother’s seed.

Bob kissed me on the lips and out tongues intertwined as we listened to Carol’s screams through the two-inch walls. Bob’s wife was wailing as my husband flooded her with his cum. I wanted my brother to do the same to me.

My hips thrashed upwards driving the head of my brother’s cock so deep into me I could feel him touching my cervix, when he ejaculated his sperm would anoint my scavenging tubes.

I felt then murmur of an orgasm blooming deep with in me as Carol screamed out her ecstasy in the next room.

“Give me a baby!” I blurted out as my legs clamped onto my brother’s torso like an octopus with its prey.

Bob looked deep into my eyes as his face contorted and I felt the warm sensation of his sperm flushing into me.

“Oh yes! Yes!” I cried as my climax hit me.

I am sure Rick and Carol had heard our climax as if they were right there in bed with us. Their room went silent as my brother’s cock drained into me.

We spent the remainder of the night together, Bob fucking me over and over while Rick pumped load after load of his cum into his sister-in-law.

When dawn broke we looked like a bunch of exhausted marathon runners who had barely made it to the finish line.

“Oh my God that was good!” I broke the ice over coffee.

The others smiled their approval.

The guys abandoned their fishing the remainder of the week opting to trawling in Carol’s and my pussies. Rick and Carol fucked continuously as my brother pumped more and more of his cum into me.

Our little boy Maliqui is loved by his “Uncle Bob” and Aunt Carol.

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