Cai Xia’s Secret Longing

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I have received an email from a Literotica reader in Hangzhou China sharing her intimate experiences. She has consented to share her story with other readers. I reproduce this email, but for obvious reasons, the names of the writer and her place of abode have been changed in this reproduction.

“Dear Hung-Wa,

I am Cai Xia. I am a happily married woman, age 32, with a 7-year-old child. My husband was my university classmate and we both work as teachers in Hangzhou.

I have enjoyed reading the emails from Li-Wen. Although I have never had sex outside marriage, I am a very liberated woman. I have hot sex with my husband daily except during those periods when I am menstruating. We both enjoy a lot of foreplay including oral sex. I do not find sperm something distasteful. In fact I frequently swallow my husband’s cum during oral sex.

Although I am hirsute, my husband enjoys me fairly bare down below. I do remove my pubic hair sometimes to please him.

We also enjoy taking private photographs using our digital camera. I have a nude collection spanning three years.

After reading about Li-Wen’s experiences with her auntie and uncle, I would like to share something of my own. Since young, I have always loved my father. Not just infatuation or fatherly love. But my love for him had a sexual overtone.

Since my teenage years, I have often masturbated in the secrecy of my own room. My parents are farmers in Zhejiang and we do have a more spacious rural home. I find my father attractive and I would frequently peep at him when he is casually dressed in shorts during the hot summer months. The sight of a bulge or sometimes his naked cock head would ignite wild thoughts and cravings inside my body. Frequently I would rush into my own room to rub myself until I had an orgasm.

After marriage, I still harbored fantasies of sex with my father. However I knew that this was not possible because of the incest problem. I liked to address my husband as father after my son was born. Hence my husband did not know about my secret desires for my father. I would tell him, ‘Father, fuck me tonight.’ or ‘Fuck me hard, harder… father…’ when I am having sex with him. I would usually have extremely violent multiple orgasms while imagining my father having sex with me.

My father is now 60 and my mother 52. Mother has just had her menopause, but she is still healthy to have weekly sex with my father. I know that my secret fantasy can never be made real. With my father getting older by the year, his sexual ability will decline and perhaps stop. This thought made me feel a sense of hopelessness.

In January this year, I went to visit my parents alone. As it was winter, I went to the local bathhouse with mother to have our casino şirketleri hot shower. We are really like sisters. We rubbed soap for each other and even tickled each other’s busts and private areas during the shower. We never considered our actions to be lesbianism as it was common for women to play with each other inside the bathhouse.

That evening, mother cooked a sumptuous dinner. We drank a lot of white spirits to keep ourselves warm, as the house had no heating. Father drank more than usual as he was in a jubilant mood to see me home. We retired to bed fairly early. I slept in my old room.

I could not sleep as the room was freezing. Despite having three layers of clothing and two blankets, I still felt cold. At about 11 pm I decided to go into my parent’s room to share their large bed. It was quite normal for me to jump into their bed when I was living at home with them.

I opened the door and found both asleep under the blanket. My father was snoring. I walked to mother’s side and lay aside her under the blanket. It was comfortable under the blanket with the heat from three bodies. I soon felt hot and decide to remove my outer clothing leaving my long john and panty on.

I turned my body to hug mother and place my hand over her breast. I was surprised to find her wearing only her bra. I then move the hand downwards and find her thigh bare. Reaching her waist, I could feel only her panty.

I became curious and realized that perhaps they might be having sex before they slept. Suddenly I had wilder thoughts, as I knew that she would be having my father’s sperm on her pussy. I was shaking with excitement as I softly crept my hand downwards to feel the panty around the pubes. Sure enough, it was wet with a sticky substance that I knew to be the precious fluid from my father’s body. I could not resist rubbing my mother’s pussy from the outside of the panty.

Although I have never craved for my mother’s body, I suddenly felt that strange desire to want to share something with her. It was like a form of consolation that if I can never have my father that way, I could somehow reach him through her. Immediately I divested myself of my lower under clothing and then I began to use my mother’s bare thigh as a bolster. I masturbated my hairless pussy there after making sure that the labia lips were pulled aside to allow my itching clit full contact.

I felt horny as my sexual desires became more intense. I wanted to get more of the sperm and slipped my hand inside my mother’s panty to rub her clit. She seemed to be enjoying it as I could find it becoming bigger and harder. Gently I slipped one finger inside her vagina and found it oozing out my father’s cum. This made me more excited and I masturbated more vigorously. casino firmaları I pulled out my hand and smeared the sperm on my face after smelling it. I then dipped the finger inside my mouth and began sucking furiously to remove all the precious coating. I was still greedy for more and returned to my mum’s pussy to fish out more of the white liquid. I found the taste to be delightful and immediately I felt my body surging to a strong climax.

My uncontrolled assault on her thigh awoken mother. She immediately realized what was happening but inside of stopping me, she pressed her thigh harder to increase the pressure as she hugged me with a bear grip. She slackened only when she was sure my throbbing clitoris had ceased to twitch.

She whispered softly to me, ‘Xia, you poor thing. Has Fan (my husband) been depriving you?’

‘No. Mother, we have sex every night. Tonight I just felt the need to rub and I am sorry to wake you up.’

‘Don’t feel so bad. I had a wonderful dream when you were rubbing there. I dreamt I had such a nice feeling when I saw you both petting and you came and smelled my panty and rubbed your nose on my clitoris.’

I did not reply, but instead I move my hand to her panty crotch.

‘Don’t do that. It’s not clean. We just had sex before we slept.’ She tried to move my hand away, but I persisted and she let me rest it there.

‘Mother, it’s all right. Sperm is not something dirty. In fact, I like tasting Fan’s sperm. It’s nutritious and good for a woman’s complexion and health.’

I put pressure on her clit and could feel it stiffening.

‘Please remove your panty and I can rub you better.’ I suggested to her and she pulled her panty off. I lifted the blanket, sat up and began to fondle her. As I slowly massage her sensitive knob, she was closing her eyes and I went further and inserted two fingers into her pussy hole and began fucking her there. She found that manipulation stimulating and began to heave her bum upwards to meet my downward strokes.

I was wasting the precious fluid that was oozing out and lessening in quantity. I did not want that to go to waste. Without warning I planted my mouth on her pussy hole and began sucking her vigorous. She was getting more excited and I swallowed a profusion of the remnant male juice mixed with her own vaginal secretions. It was so intoxicating and so naughty that I began to feel horny again. I licked her clitoris, pulling it gently with my lips and lapping at the crevice that had hidden her sex.

I continued eating her pussy for about five minutes and then she began to groan softly as she climaxed and release a generous flow to reward my hungry mouth. At last we reverted to hug each other.

‘Father’s sperm taste nice. It güvenilir casino is not dirty.’

‘I admire you for having the energy for making love every night. We can only do it once per week. Luckily I have stopped menstruating or I would have less. He is so tired every time that he would sleep until morning after each ejaculation.’

‘Does he last long now?’

‘He is as big as before, but not so hard and he can keep it inside for five to ten minutes. Not like before when he can play a few times and can last twenty minutes or more. But my needs are also not so strong now. How big is Fan’s?’

‘Maybe 7 inches, and quite thick. He can keep it inside me until I have my orgasm and sometimes give the sperm to me in the mouth after that. Is father’s as big?’

‘Perhaps, when he was young. Not now.’

‘Can I see it? I have always wondered how he looks like down there? Is he naked there now?’ Without waiting for an answer, I reached out across her body and found him naked under the blanket.

I got up, walked to his side of the bed and lifted the blanket to expose his lower nakedness. I could see that he had about 4 inches left in the limp state, but his balls were large. I could not resist using my hand to feel his balls that felt extremely full and warm. I held his penis for a minute, pulling the foreskin to expose the cock head and placing my nose to smell its odor. Finding it not offensive, I licked his cock head and then placed the whole instrument inside my mouth to suck it. It was lifeless, but still that feeling of finally having sex with him, even in an indirect way, gave comfort to my mind.

I returned to my mother’s side and then lifted my body onto hers. I wanted to have pussy contact to gain access to my father’s sperm. I masturbated hard on her. She responded to me by lifting her buttock and placing her pillow under her bum so that the two female organs could have the closest facial contact. It was my first time having sex that way. The sexiness of what we were doing in the presence of my sleeping father made both of us highly aroused and we pursued our goal for that mutual fulfillment of a mother and daughter. Our motions became more vigorous as we adjusted positions to allow for the maximum skin and clitoral contact and as the pleasurable feelings build up, I lowered my lips to kiss her. She responded in kind and soon we each had our second female-to-female orgasms. I was also highly satisfied because my pussy must have received also some remnants of father’s seed.

We were tired and after dressing up in case father should see my nakedness when he woke up, we fell asleep in a hugging position.

I had fulfilled my secret inner and unnatural desires that night. I am fully contented now with what I have in Fan. I have never any other person in my mind for sex and I know that my love for my family will override any other naughty desires or temptations that I may have now and in the future.

Your fan,

Cai Xia”

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