Angel’s Story Ch. 01

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This story is about two over 18 adults having consensual sex. It is based on a true story, but I changed names and some of the details to make sure no one was recognized. Enjoy. Leave me feedback if you like ~~ Angel

* * * * *

My name is Angel. Well, not really. It’s an alias I use online. I wouldn’t like for the people in my staid normal life to realize the naughty things I do and say and think online. I live in a city like any other in the Midwest. Its caught between being a big city and stuck with some of the small town mentality. I guess I always knew I was a little different growing up. I was raised right. I have two siblings, I went to church, and my mother taught me right and wrong. I just always have loved sex. Loved to read about it, think about it, touch myself and dream of it, wish I was doing it, anything. I lost my virginity at fourteen to my first boyfriend. He had kisses that drugged me and hands that made my thighs shake. We had hot sweaty sex everywhere we could. Considering how young we were, it’s amazing neither one of us got into trouble. I’m older now, and living alone, and I like to find interesting lovers. This is a bit about one of those encounters.

A lot of the men I meet I do so online. Not because its hard to find dates in the real world (Well, it is, but because I don’t want people I work with and see daily knowing this naughty side of me but also because its easier to be more open online) but because I like the originating anonymous factor. I like a chance to experience that stranger-sex phenomenon a bit before meeting someone to see if we’ll click. Of the people I’ve had sex with I’d say eighty percent were men from some manner of online chatting or messaging or email or bulletin boards. One such man was Glen. I met Glen in an innocuous casino şirketleri place, MSN City Chats. He was on there one night and as I was bored, I sent him a whisper, asking how he was, was he single, did he want to talk. He replied back and the tango began. My picture is on my profile there, along with a bit about me, tidbits to fill the “What do you like do what are your hobbies why are you on here” spaces. We decided to keep in touch via Yahoo! And MS messenger. He was tall, about 6’3 and husky, well built. He sent me a pic of him with his head shaved and a smile on his face through his goatee. I was smitten. Have to love a man with shoulders that broad and a well-trimmed goatee.

I have a web cam and often love to play online with it, teasing the people I talk to. We had plenty of conversations about our favorite sexual positions (Who doesn’t love a good rough doggy style?), things we like (a man with a mouth who knows how to use it on my body), and dislike (someone who’s rough in the wrong ways during sex, and lies to me). I listened to him cum one night, on the phone, while he watched me finger my pussy and lick the fingers clean. I knew he’d be out my way and so invited him over. The stage was set. This was one cock I knew I wanted badly.

I’d like to say I’m the type of person who’s aggressive from the start, but I’m not. I tend to be shy with new people at first. Even though I know what I want and what’s going to happen, I tease a little without even trying. He had brought wine and so we sat on my couch and drank it, our hands touching, our lips drinking, our eyes staring at each other. I leaned forward and he kissed me. My hands slid up to his shaved head and played with it. I could feel his hand on my thigh, slowly sliding upwards. I immediately felt casino firmaları my pussy lips swell and moisten. I was getting excited. I hadn’t worn panties that night, knowing they would more than likely be in the way. When he slid his hand up my hip to my waist, I saw his eyes widen as he was kissing me. I could tell he liked that I was going commando. I slid my hand to his package and felt around. His cock was rock hard and throbbing against his khakis. Nice. I started teasing him, grinding my pussy against his knee. He slid his hand over between my legs and felt how wet I was. I don’t shave my pussy hair, I keep it trimmed though, and he could feel how matted it was from my grinding on his knee.

He slowly pushed me backwards on the couch so I was reclining. I felt him push my hem up slowly, baring my legs to his eyes. He looked up over my thighs and slowly tongued the side of me knee. I’m sure I moaned. My hands were on the pillows behind me, my knee was over the edge of the couch and he was sitting between my sprawled thighs. He slid a finger before him, sliding it slowly in and out of my pussy lips, avoiding my clit completely. I was moving my hips, trying to get him to touch it. I could hear me panting softly as I got wetter and more aroused. We were like this for what seemed like forever, him kissing my legs, fingering me, me playing with my breasts and nipples. Finally he hit my clit and I could feel a huge orgasm starting. I knew he could tell. He scooted closer, pushing me up so I was sitting up more. I pulled him close between my legs, feeling his cock strain against his khakis and ground myself against him while his finger worked my clit. I wanted to drench him with my wetness. He bit my neck and pinched my clit and that did it, I came, hard. I wrapped my legs around güvenilir casino him and I’m sure my pussy was clamped around his fingers, and I came, panting and moaning and clawing at his shirt.

When I pulled back he was staring at me, his eyes glittering and a naughty grin on his face. He asked me if I enjoyed it. Hell fucking yes, I enjoyed that. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up, pushing me towards my bedroom. I pulled my dress over my head and stood there naked, helping him unclothe. He had on those sexy boxer briefs and I stood there, stroking his obvious erection. He was about 7″ hard, and maybe 2 or 21/2″ thick. I could feel him getting damp in them, so I slowly slid them down his legs. As I was bending over, his dick popped out in my face. I licked the tip slowly, teasing him, before sliding the whole head in my mouth like a large Blow-Pop. I sucked on just the head for a few moments before standing up and putting his hands on my tits. I laid back on the bed and he fell between my legs. I let him put his condom on as I laid there, playing with myself. I ordered him to come fuck me silly. Of course he obliged.

He slid his dick in and I could feel the head push slowly through my entrance. I love that feeling of being filled up. Very few men take the time when they first enter to you to let you appreciate that. I loved that first feeling. I wrapped my short legs around his hips and dug my nails in. I had my mouth on his ear, and was begging him to give me the cock deep. I could feel his hips thrusting as he moved inside me. I loved it.

That night Glen made me cum four or five times and I think we did it every which way but loose. I got fucked doggy style for a few of those orgasms. His thick cock slid inside me very well that way. He finally came with me on my side, my leg over his shoulder. I let him pull the condom off and shoot it all over my tits and stomach. I liked feeling his hot cum slide around on me.

I never talked to him again after that night, but I know I won’t forget our fun.

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