A Willing Passenger

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It was going to be a very long trip; Los Angeles to Key West in an old modified telephone company panel van. I bought the van a couple of years earlier and spent a lot of time and bucks getting it back in shape as a vehicle and then more time and money modifying it for camping. I had the idea of making it into a mini motor home and using it for skiing, hunting and fishing up in the mountains of California. My modifications included building a wider than average single bunk behind the drivers seat with a couple of huge storage drawers under it.

Behind the passenger seat I had fit a small two burner propane stove and a single basin sink with a five gallon flat water tank above the sink on the wall of the van. I had a buddy modify an old auto air conditioning unit to make it into a small refrigerator/icemaker that fit under the sink. I then had about a two foot hanging closet and right in front of the rear door on that side I had strapped down a Porta Potti. The guy who made me the refrigerator also was able to fit in a small propane heater and had somehow vented the thing outside. All in all a pretty nice self-contained camping unit. My membership at Gold’s gym was good for another ten months so I could stop at any of their facilities across the country at no charge for some exercise and much-needed showers.

The van wasn’t the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the road and I had made a major modification to the transmission and rear end to help out with that. I had a shop install an electric overdrive unit right behind the transmission. When I was on the highway and simply cruising I could flip a switch and the thing would activate and then give me better mileage. I had tested it on a few shakedown trips around California and it really worked. My highway mileage went from seventeen mpg up to twenty-two mpg; a huge difference.

I am an electrician by trade and had lost my job over six months ago and didn’t have a clue where to get another one. Builders in this part of California were hiring as many illegals as they could and as long as one guy on the site had a license they simply classified the others as apprentices. The fellow I was working for had some personal legal issues and the police simply shut down his operation, putting four of us on the street. I am 30 and in decent physical shape and have been working out a few nights a week at a local Gold’s gym and then jog the other mornings a fast five miles. Everyone says I am a good-looking guy but I think they become more generous with their comments after I have bought a few drinks for the bar. Oh, my name is Nick.

This was going to be a trip on the cheap. I was going to need to be careful with the cash I had left since I had been spending it on the van as if I was going to have my job forever. I had an offer of a job from an old buddy in one of the Keys just north of Key West. I was glad of its location for all I heard about KW was it was astronomically expensive. If I couldn’t find a reasonably priced room I would have to stay in my van until I did. That is assuming I could find a place to park the van for free. I was very well aware that I wasn’t going to have air conditioning when the motor was off and I was going to Florida! I better be able to find a reasonable place to stay or I was going to be cooked sleeping in the van.

The sun was out in all of its glory the day I left the old apartment with my propane, water and gas tanks filled. I had stocked the small refrigerator with a pile of lunch meat and bread and the freezer with some steaks and chicken. I was on my way. One of my major problems was going to be the high cost of gas across the country. From all I heard it was going to be cheaper the further east I traveled. Great, I needed all of the financial help I could get.

It seemed to take forever getting out of LA and onto Interstate 10 that I was going to be on for a major part of the trip. Once I cleared San Bernardino I was going to have clear sailing for a hell of a long way on I 10. I did some recalculation of my time and distance and figured I would do well if I could get to a point just south of Phoenix by sundown. The van was running smoothly and from the gas gauge looked as if it was doing well on fuel. It was 4:30 and I had made it to some small little burg just outside of Phoenix. Rather than cook up one of my precious steaks I thought I would splurge and have a bite in raunchy truck stop kind of bar just off the Interstate.

I was able to park near one the few picnic tables the place had along the side nearest the highway. I damn sure didn’t want to pay bar prices for my booze so I opened a bottle of scotch and poured myself a nice one and sat out on the bench just enjoying the end of a perfect day. I might have even had a second!

It was almost eight before I went inside for dinner. I said the place looked a little scuzzy but I have to say the food was delicious. They specialized in baby back ribs and I had a full side with French fries and a salad and the bill came to a hard to beat eleven bucks. casino şirketleri There was the expected pool table off to one side and I moved back to watch the game in progress. The guys were damn good and I am happier than hell I didn’t challenge one to a game. Either one would have cleaned my clock. They were making bank shots as easily as I could handle straight-ins.

I walked back up to the bar and ordered a beer and just about the time I was getting it there seemed to be a little argument between a guy and gal sitting at the bar next to where I stood. The guy was pissed at something and was giving her holy hell. She said something I didn’t hear and he backhanded her knocking her from the stool.

“Whoa, down cowboy, you want to try that with someone who might hit back?” I asked.

“Mind your own fucking business.” He shot back.

“Oh I will but if you lift a hand to the lady again I am going to break off your arm and stick the bloody stump up your ass. Understand hot shot?”

Well, one thing led to another and I got in a couple of great shots that had my shoulder and weight behind them. At one time during the scuffle he broke a beer bottle on the bar and came towards me with it. I sidestepped and got in one solid kick to his crotch and knew his balls would hurt him for a long time to come. He was soon lying on his back and out to the world with a big gash where his head hit the bar rail. Right about then an older guy came over and lifted him to his feet sort of roughly and I couldn’t help but notice he was wearing a uniform. He was the sheriff. Oh shit.

“Thanks a lot son. This son of a bitch has been skirting the law all night and I’m glad someone finally nailed him. … ‘self defense’ as I saw it.”

“What’s going to happen now?” I asked.

“I’m going to book him for disorderly conduct and assault with a deadly weapon and our friendly judge will probably give him at least thirty days in our local pokey for being such an asshole.”

“Aw shit. Does that mean I have to hang around?”

‘Nah, I was a witness to the whole thing. I’ll handle it. You are free to go but you might have another burden to take care of.” With that he nodded in the direction of the girl the guy was with.

I went over to her asking if she was OK. She was decent looking about five feet five with a normal sort of figure and longish brown hair. It didn’t look as if she would win any contests in the breast department. She had brushed herself off and snapped,

“I’m just fine. Now that you knocked him on his ass and the law is going to put him away for a while, what the hell am I supposed to do?”

“Don’t you have anyplace to stay?” I asked

“No. He took care of all those things. I’m homeless unless you are offering for me to stay with you?” She replied stiffly.

“Look, I’m Nick, and I am on my way to Key West, Florida. You’re welcome to ride along if you’d like.”

“Nick, I’m Ann and really don’t want to be around her when he gets out of jail. If I ride along will there be anyone who will be able to tell him where I’ve gone?”

“Not unless you tell anyone before we leave and I’m ready to leave right now.”

“Hold on and let me get my things out of his car.” She was back with two small suitcases and a big purse in a few minutes. “Let’s go slugger.”

“Ann, this might sound fishy but I was planning to spend the night right back there at the truck stop and bar. With the trouble I caused I’m thinking it would be best if I got down the road a bit before stopping for the night.”

“Look Nick, I don’t have a pocketful of bucks with me to help pay my way in fancy motels and restaurants. I do have a couple of hundred in my wallet I’ll be glad to pitch in for my share of expenses.”

“Honey, take a look around the inside of this Greyhound bus you are in. It is my sole means of transportation and will hopefully serve as my motel, breakfast, lunch and an occasional dinner restaurant as I motor across the country. It’s not much but I am more than happy to share it with you” I offered.

‘That’s very nice of you but if you are expecting me to pay part of my way with sex you will be greatly disappointed. I am having my period and it just started.” She announced.

“Fine honey. Flip that switch above your head for the light in the rear area of the van.” She did and I asked. “If you look carefully you will see there is a single bed. It is wider than most but still a single. There are a ton of blankets that can be spread on the floor in the aisle as a sleeping pallet and an extra pillow that should make you a comfortable sleeping spot and best of all it is free.”

She answered “I love the price.”

“Great, now I have to just find a spot to park this thing for the night. I saw a sign back there about a truck stop up the road and that ought to do it.”

It was a huge truck stopover. Fuel, truck maintenance, restaurant and convenience store all in one and was only half full. “Honey, stay right where you are and I am going casino firmaları to talk with them to make sure they won’t be asking us to leave in the middle of the night.”

I went and in asked the manager if it would be OK to park there for the night and he assured me it would be fine. They usually don’t like small campers like mine taking up a parking spot normally used by a trucker who would probably buy several hundred dollars of fuel but it was a slow night and if we took one of the smaller spots there wouldn’t be a problem.

The weather was decent and we wouldn’t need the heater and she had the blankets spread very quickly. It was time to hit the sack.

It was strange. We lay there for an hour or so just getting verbally acquainted. She had been with the other guy for a year and he had treated her like shit but it was the age-old problem. She wanted out but couldn’t bring herself to leave. My fight with him was the best thing that had happened for her. I asked her if she would like a drink and she said only if I had scotch. My kind of gal, it was my favorite.

I rolled off the bunk without stepping on her and got the booze, ice and water in one little trip. She sat up in the aisle and I sat on the side of the bunk facing her as we sipped our drinks and got even better acquainted.

“Why are you helping me?” She asked.

“Honey, it’s really very simple. You desperately needed help and there wasn’t another soul I could see who was willing to give it to you. I guess I figured that I was the principal reason for your problem even though the SOB was dead ass wrong for lifting a finger to you.” I responded.

“Yeah, but you could’ve just went on your way after the sheriff took him away.” She observed.

“No I couldn’t. I’m not made that way.”

We both quieted down and just sipped our drinks each lost in our own thoughts.

I said, “Didn’t you have any second thoughts about getting in a van with a guy you never met and who had just shown he was very capable of violence?”

“Nick, what was I to do, throw myself on the mercy of the guys in that pool hall? I would have been gang banged before the clock struck twelve.”

I roared, “So I was simply the lessor of the two evils?”

She laughingly had to agree.

About the time I finished my second scotch I lay back and she did the same on her blanket pallet on the floor. It wasn’t more than a few minutes later before I felt a hand under my covers and lightly touching my leg. It moved around there slowly and it didn’t take much before my cock was getting the idea something nice was about to happen.

Her fingers slid under my shorts and came to rest on my shaft. I was soon harder than a steel rod and I had reached down and lightly touched the back of her hand. The whole thing felt fantastic. Her fingers started to wander to the now engorged head of my cock and began to caress it very sensually. I was afraid my moans would be heard outside of the van and I put the edge of my hand in my mouth and bit down. She threw my covers back and I could soon feel the warmth of her mouth as it circled my cock. Damn, this was so unexpected and she was using her tongue in a magical way I knew I wouldn’t last long. I was right. She had reached for my scrotum and was cupping my balls as I shot my orgasm deep in her throat. Whew, she kept going at the head of my cock until she had drained every drop from me.

“I wanted to do that for you as soon as I realized you were helping me without any expectation of a payment in return.” She said.

“Whew, I’m sure glad I never asked for sex from you if it would have deprived me of that.” I joked.

“You have a right to know now what the argument was all about between me and my old boyfriend back in that bar. I had been a little suspicious of him and his faithfulness and I went and had extensive tests done to see if I was clear of sexual disease. I received a clean bill of health that afternoon and when I told him that in the bar he acted furious that I had doubted him and that’s when he hit me. I didn’t care if he was going to get angry or not. All I cared about was whether or not I had contracted any disease from him. I’m twenty nine and AIDS is the last thing I want to worry about.”

We chatted for a few more minutes before falling off to sleep.

What a day it had been. I drove over three hundred miles, had a nice dinner, got in a bar fight, inherited a passenger and got a blowjob all before lights out.

The next morning we awoke to rain. I had been prepared to cook us up some bacon and eggs but thought I would treat us to breakfast in the truck stop rather than stink up the van without having the opportunity of airing it out by opening the windows.

We were on the road by 8:30 after each of us grabbed a towel and used the rest rooms in the truck stop to at least wash our hands and face.

The rain was slowing us down but that wasn’t a problem. We were in no hurry and having someone to chat with made the driving all the more güvenilir casino pleasant. Ann had been born in New York but had moved with her family to California when her dad had been transferred there. Her parents had divorced and then remarried and then divorced again. It was a tough and confusing life for a young girl and she moved out when she was seventeen. She hadn’t seen much of her father in recent years and had found out he had died a few years back.

She asked if she could drive and I was more than happy for the relief. My ass gets sore sitting in one place for very long and I find I can’t move around while driving. She had a bit of a heavy foot but I got her to slow to at the most five mph over the limit. Our finances were tight enough without getting nailed for an out-of-state speeding ticket. We did have lunch in the van and by mid afternoon I had an idea for pay back.

Annie, pull over at the next rest area you come to.

“Why, I’m not the least bit tired?”

“Never mind. Just do as I ask please.”

She pulled into the rest area entrance ramp and I had her park off to the side. She shut off the engine and turned to look at me.

“Well, is this what you want?” Sounding a little annoyed.

“Sort of. Climb in the back if you will please and sit on the bed.”

“C’mon, what is it you want?”

“Ann, stop asking so many question.”

I climbed back to her and took her in my arms and gave her a long slow and deep kiss. She responded the way I had hoped by wrapping her arms around my head and pulling us together even tighter.

“Slip out of your shorts and panties” I ordered.

“Look Nick. I told you I am in my period and I am not going to do anything while I am.”

“Not even this?” as I moved my hand down to her crotch and found her clit.

She moaned a little as I started to stroke it very gently.

“Annie, what you did for me last night was wonderful but hardly fair. I want you to also have an orgasm and I think I can bring you to it with just my fingers on your clit if you will give me a chance. Take your panties all the way off and lie back.”

She did and I leaned forward and kissed her. I dropped my hand to her breast and started to work one of her nipples until I had her squirming with my every movement. I let the fingers of my hand start to slide up and down the sides of her clit and then flick the tip of it very very gently.

“Oh God, I never felt it like that before.”

I kept it up and resumed playing with her nipple and letting my tongue explore her throat. I took my fingers away from her clit and let one of them circle her asshole. The finger was sopping wet from her pussy juices and I inserted it in her ass up to the first knuckle. She went wild and I could reach up with my thumb and let it resume exciting her clit. It didn’t take long before she was exploding.

“Holy shit, don’t ever stop!” she screamed as the walls of her vagina opened and closed on her.

She was humping my hands and it took her some time to come down from the orgasm. I wet a few paper towels and cleaned us both up.

“You better drive. It will take a little while before my heart returns to normal.” She laughed.

We made it to Las Cruces, New Mexico by supper and I announced I was going to cook up some great steaks. I had removed them from the freezer that morning and put them on the counter to thaw. I was going to stop at a convenience store to pick up some charcoal and if we could find a decent roadside rest area we would cook the steaks on one of the grills the rest areas usually have.

We were in luck. The rest area was perfect. It had grills all over the place and they allowed overnight parking. It couldn’t be better. It also had nice clean rest rooms with a small section off to one side with coin operated showers. A half buck for a shower! We were golden. To make things even nicer the parking spot overlooked a very nice small lake. I started the charcoal and knowing it would take a half-hour or so to be ready for cooking and took Ann by the hand saying, “Let’s go exploring.”

The lake was a lot bigger than it appeared from the van and we only got part way around it and back in the half-hour I had allowed for the walk. I didn’t want to have to start charcoal all over again.

The steaks looked great and not too fatty. She liked hers almost blackened and mine has to be almost blood rare so hers went on the grill first with mine ten minutes later. They turned out perfect if I do say so myself! We used paper plates and plastic cups so all we had to wash up were the knives and forks. I recommended to Annie we take out showers in the morning…who knew how dirty we would get that night! She gave me a big wink and knowing smile.

There were only a half dozen other vehicles parked for the night so we had all the privacy we would ever need. We sat outside at one of the picnic benches having a couple of scotch sundowners before getting back into the van. Although the bunk bed was extra wide it wasn’t wide enough to sleep two of us. We sat on the side of it and just held each other. She had reached over a hand and was running it up and down my crotch while watching the bulge my cock was making in my jeans. I reciprocated by doing the same to her breasts,

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