Mich’s Lakehouse Adventure

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Note: All characters depicted in this story are 18, or older.

I was just replaying last night’s phone call with Liz in my mind when I heard the sound of my dad’s voice disrupt me from my daydreaming. Liz had invited me and a few of our friends to hangout at a lake house that she had rented for three days to celebrate our graduation from high school.

“Hey sleepyhead, get out. We’re here.” It was at this moment my drowsy self remembered that I had asked my dad to drive me out to the lake house to drop me off.

“I’ll help you with the bags.” Rang out a familiar voice. Oh god. Her voice was just as sweet as ever and I could feel my panties getting moist already by looking at her 36C tits. She looked stunning standing there beneath the midday sun: a short tank top exposed her beautifully toned stomach and a pair of denim shorts showed off the blonde’s curvaceous ass.

“Alright well, I’ll be off now. You ladies try to keep yourself out of trouble! Have fun Michelle.” With that, my dad sped off back down the gravel driveway.

“Sup, Mich? How was the drive?” She said, breaking the silence with her angelic voice.

“Oh, not too bad. A bit of traffic. Who’s here already?” I replied. “Thanks for helping with my bags, by the way.”

“Psh, it’s nothing.” She giggled. “Oh you’re the last. Sasha and Taya just got here a few minutes before you, and Anne has been here for about an hour now. Come on, let’s head inside.”

After a slightly lengthy walk with me trying to stare at anything other than her shapely bottom, we finally arrived at the door to the lake house. We were greeted there by Sasha, who I thought in her previous life might’ve been an ebony goddess. Her dark skin complexion was complimented by a 6′ frame and a generous set of 38D boobs – that were held by nothing but a lacy black bra. She sported a set of black leggings that clung tightly to her firm backside. Her ebony hair was tied up in a bun and I caught a whiff of her coco scented perfume.

“Hiya there Mich, finally decided to join us have you?” Sasha greeted, looking me up and down.

“Woah Sash, don’t get too comfortable now,” snorted Liz.

“Why not? We’re all here to have fun aren’t we?” Sasha said, giving me a slight wink.

“Of course”, I laughed. “Come on, let’s get these bags upstairs now Liz.” I felt Sasha’s gaze fixated on me the entire time I was hauling my suitcases upstairs. The three bags I had contained everything I would need to survive the next few days: my toiletries, clothes, an ample supply of alcohol and of course my small (but sufficient) stash of sex toys. Our rooms were situated in a short corridor, with my room being in between Sasha’s and Liz’s on one side. On the other side of the corridor were Taya and Anne’s rooms.

As I was unpacking my bags into the wardrobes, I thought I heard an odd sound coming from the other side of the corridor. It was quite faint so I couldn’t really make it out. But then it started to grow in volume, and that was when I recognised it to be the sound of moaning. Anne’s moaning. It was still quite muffled but I was sure it was Anne. She sounds like she’s sure enjoying herself. I began feeling a dampness in my crotch as I moved my hand into my pants. I don’t really know what came over me, but I decided to stop unpacking my things. I silently opened the door to my room and crept out into the corridor, where the moaning was louder. I tracked it to the second door… But wasn’t that supposed to be Taya’s room?

“Oh fuck, yeah you lick me so good Taya!” moaned Anne. I started to rub my clit to the sounds of the two fucking, my fingers sliding effortlessly over my already soaking pussy.

“Shit shit shit, yeah just like that Taya I’m gonna come so hard for you!” I put my ear against the door and closed my eyes to focus on the sounds of Taya lapping up Anne’s juices. The moaning started to build in intensity – as with my rubbing.

“OH FUCK YEA I’M COMING BABY!!!” screamed Anne as the moaning had reached a crescendo. I continued rubbing my soaking clit and just as I was about to reach my own orgasm I heard a noise and looked up to see Sasha standing down the corridor, watching me with her hands down inside her leggings. She realised that I noticed her and motioned for me to go to her with her finger. I was consumed by my lust and seeing her large breasts didn’t help matters either – so I couldn’t help but walk myself down the hall while watching her hand move back and forth inside her leggings. As soon as I got close enough I threw myself into her, planting my hands on her solid ass and giving a firm squeeze. She looked surprised for a second, but then took her hands out of her pants and grabbed me and lifted me into her room. Her room was fragrant with the same coco perfume and her clothes were strewn all about the floor. She threw me onto her bed and then shut and locked the door behind her. bahis firmaları My pussy was gushing at the sight of this Amazonian towering over me, her tits being displayed in all their glory. She was just about to kiss me with her ebony lips when I heard a familiar voice calling out:

“Sasha, we’ll be eating dinner soon so you might want to get ready. Have you seen Mich?” It was Liz’s voice. Fuck, we were just about to go at it! Too late, the mood was already ruined so I decided it would be best to go back to my room and shower to get ready for dinner.

I stepped into the tiled shower and began to strip my clothes from my body. I turned on the shower and felt the warm water run off my body. Each drop hitting my shoulders and running down my boobs and around my erect nipples. I grabbed the bar of soap and rubbed down every inch of my body, savouring the feeling. I lingered a bit near my sopping vagina, taking in the immense pleasure from rubbing my throbbing clit – thinking about Sasha touching me. I thought about Sasha’s delicate fingers caressing my areola and moving to my nipples. In this fantasy she’d squeeze and knead them, before putting her mouth up to them. She’d swirl her tongue around my nipples, causing me to gasp and moan. She’d bite down my nipple while twisting the other one with her fingers. She’d slide her hand down my stomach and sensually brush my clitoris. The thought of that was enough to send my throbbing clit over the edge for an intense orgasm. Waves of pleasure spread throughout my body as my breathing started to get heavier. My knees became weak and I started shaking in the shower.

Eventually, I stepped out of the shower and dried myself using my towel from the rack. I put on some booty shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt and headed downstairs for dinner. Sasha and Liz were already sitting at the dinner table with several boxes of pizza already opened. Sasha was giving me a sensual stare and made my way down to the table, several bottles of wine in hand (fancy, I know). Liz was still wearing her skimpy tank top but had changed into a pair of pajama legs. Sasha was still wearing her leggings but at least she had put on a shirt to cover her jugs. I wondered if she was still wearing a bra. This thought was quickly answered when she flashed me with her gorgeous tits as I walked over to seat myself at the dinner table. She giggled at me as she saw my face blush a bright red.

“So Liz… What’s the plan for tonight then?” I questioned.

“Not much but I do have a special surprise planned for all five of us,” she responded.

“Ugh, where the fuck are those other bitches.” Sasha said. “I want to fucking eat already.”

“They’re probably busy eating themselves,” I giggled – getting Liz to laugh. Almost as if on cue, though, Anne and Taya came downstairs. Anne was your stereotypical Asian girl next door. She had a small 5′ frame with cute B cup breasts. She sported a white tank top that clearly showed her erect nipples. Taya, on the other hand, looked more like a conservative girl. She wore loose and long pajama leggings and a hoodie. She had a pair of glasses that matched her black hair that was tied in a ponytail. We ate in silence for the most part, with a few jokes being cracked here and there. It was around halfway through our meal that I felt someone’s hand reach into my crotch. I glanced down to find a mahogany coloured hand fondling and rubbing against my opening through my shorts. I let a bit of a stifled gasp prompting some weird looks in my direction.

“Everything okay, Mich?” Anne asked.

“She’s fine.” replied Sasha, shooting me a smirk. My pussy was already getting damp from her touches.

“Alright girls let’s go to the living room for our group bonding activity,” announced Liz.

In the living room we sat in a circle on the carpet. To my left was Sasha, with Anne on my right.

“Are you ladies up for a game of truth or dare?” Liz declared, “But with a twist. You can choose to pass on a dare or a truth, but only if you remove a piece of clothing.” This got some oohs from our group. Liz started by asking Anne. Anne chose a truth, to which Liz asked:

“How many boyfriends or girlfriends have you had?”

“3. 2 boys and 1 girl,” Anne responded. It was Anne’s turn next and she chose to ask Sasha. Sasha chose dare and was promptly dared to do a shot of vodka off of Liz’s body. I poured a bit of vodka over Liz’s stomach to which Sasha slurped down seductively. The game continued with only mundane questions being asked, until about the third time round. It was Sasha’s turn, and she chose to ask me.

“Truth,” I quickly replied.

“Tell us when the last time you masturbated was. Also, what were you thinking of at the time?” Sasha asked with a bit of a wink.

“Hey, that’s cheating!” I responded. “You’re not allowed to ask two questions in one turn!”

“I’ll allow kaçak iddaa it. Go on, tell us then,” Liz said.

“Ugh fine. When I was showering a couple of hours ago”. I sheepishly admitted. “But I won’t tell you what I was thinking about!”

“Ooh you know the rules if you don’t wanna do something girl!” Sasha grinned. It was at this point that I began to regret not wearing a bra. I sighed and started to take off my shirt. I felt the cloth rub against my nipples causing them to get firm as I removed my shirt. My nipples got even harder when they came into contact with the cold air of the living room.

“Mmm those are some nice tits girl,” Sasha beamed. She proceeded to reach out and grab my nipple and give it a firm squeeze. I yelped out of pain, causing the group of girls to snicker. I could feel my panties already getting moist.

“Okay, Taya it’s your turn,” Liz smiled.


“Dare.” She retorted.

“Feeling adventurous, are you? Play with Mich’s boobs for a minute,” Taya said. Liz started a timer and Anne turned to me. She moved her hands up to gently caress my upper body, with her lips planting kisses on my neck and chest. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I grabbed her head and pulled it into my boobs. She attacked my areolas with her tongue causing me to moan out in pleasure, while she was squeezing on my other tit with her hand. I heard giggles from the other girls and slight moans to my left. I opened my eyes and saw that Sasha was rubbing on the outside of her panties while Liz and Anne were watching attentively as Taya slurped away at my breasts.

“That’s your minute”, Liz said and I felt Taya reluctantly pull away from my breast. Not before she bit down on my left nipple making me moan out in a mix of pleasure and pain. At this point my crotch was soaked and my clitoris was throbbing out of horniness.

“Okay it’s my turn. Taya, truth or dare?” Liz said.

“Ah fuck it, I’ll do a dare,” she responded.

“I dare you to take off Sasha’s bra without taking off her shirt.” Liz replied, eager to see what was about to happen. As was the rest of the group. As was I. Taya grinned and crawled her way across the carpet to Sasha, displaying her voluptuous ass through her loose fitting pajamas. Liz leaned over and pinched Taya’s butt causing her to leap forward out of surprise into Sasha, knocking both of them to the floor. Taya was holding out Sasha’s arms as she rested her body on top of Sasha.

“Not funny, guys.” Taya said.

“But it sure is fucking hot,” Anne cracked. Sasha grabbed on to Taya and playfully pushed her off. Damn, Sasha was so hot – I just imagined her backing me up against a wall and forcing me to make out with her. I’d be powerless, and she’d dominate me. She’d run her tongue over every inch of my body. I was shivering at the thought (and dripping wet, too). I must’ve been staring at Sasha for too long, because she noticed and snapped me out of it with a quick tug on my nipple. It was at this point that Taya began to feel Sasha’s body, running her hand up and along her stomach before moving them around to Sasha’s back. Taya’s eyes grew wide as she realised something.

“Uhh Liz… What do I do if she’s um… Not wearing a bra?” Anne questioned nervously.

“Well I guess you’ll just have to take something else off,” Sasha responded with a slight nod and wink to me.

“Uhhh I – I – I don’t know what you’re talking about Sasha,” Anne stammered.

“Well, if she’s not wearing a bra then… I guess you’ll have to take off her panties instead,” Taya said.

“Fuck it. We’re here to have fun, aren’t we?” Anne announced, slowly gaining confidence. She then leapt at Sasha, meeting her with her lips planted on Sasha’s. She held Sasha to the floor with her mouth and slid a hand under Sasha’s leggings. Their tongues were weaving in and out of each other’s mouths, as Sasha wrestled to get out from beneath Anne’s grasp. Sasha began moaning as Anne started to rub Sasha’s snatch beneath her leggings. Sasha was still struggling to get out from beneath Anne when we could hear Sasha’s moans start to get heavier as Anne was fingering her. Anne was still refusing to get out from on top of Sasha, until Sasha’s moans quickened and then she started shaking as her orgasm sent waves of pleasure through her body. Anne giggled and hopped off, leaving Sasha writhing with pleasure until the orgasm eventually died down.

“Oh she wasn’t even wearing any panties,” Anne chuckled.

“Fuck me. You’re something else when you’re drunk, Anne.” Taya exclaimed in a combination of shock and amazement.

“You know, I think I might’ve had too much to drink tonight. My head’s starting to hurt,” Anne said.

“If you’re gonna keep acting like that, I’d say you need to drink more.” I chimed in.

“No seriously, I think I’m gonna head upstairs and try to get some shut eye,” she replied. We kaçak bahis all shared a disappointed nod and watched as she walked over to the stairs.

“Well fuck, let’s keep this party going,” Sasha proclaimed.

“Yeah, fuck it whatever,” Liz said.

“Alright Taya, your turn,” I told her.

“Sure, but I think I’m gonna go to sleep soon as well, so I’ll play like one more round. Mich. Truth or dare,” Taya said.

“Dare,” I responded.

“I dare you to play seven minutes in heaven with a girl of your choosing.”

“Oh shit,” I muttered in surprise. I inspected each of the girls at the circle. Liz was biting her lip and pressing her tits together for me. Taya seemed uninterested in participating – I assume because she was jealous of the way that Anne made out with Sasha. And then there was Sasha. Her hard nipples were poking out of the thin shirt and she was giving me eyes that just screamed ‘pick me and I’ll give you a night to remember’. Her ebony skin was glistening with a light layer of sweat that had accumulated with her struggle against Anne on the floor.

“I choose Sasha,” I declared, to which she giggled and motioned towards the bathroom. Liz let out of a sigh of disappointment.

“You guys have seven minutes,” she groaned. I was starting to feel a bit bad since Liz probably felt like she was being left out, but all my worries were cleared when I felt Sasha’s arms wrapped around me and she lifted me up into the dark bathroom with her. I opened my mouth to say something but before I even had the chance to say anything she pushed me up against the cold tiles of the bathroom and pressed her lips against mine. She kissed me with such eager and passion that I felt my already wet pussy getting even more damp. She thrusted her body into mine and I felt my nipples getting erect against her soft breasts. The darkness amplified each sensation of pleasure tenfold. I felt her tongue slide around my lips and enter into my mouth. I moved my own tongue to meet hers, tasting Sasha’s sweet saliva. Eventually, her tongue retreated and I used that as an opportunity to gasp for air.

“We still have some unfinished business, Michelle,” she moaned. As I opened my lips to respond I felt her mouth shoved back against mine. This moment of surprise was enough for Sasha to yank my shorts down into the floor. My wet pussy touching the cold air around us made me gasp with pleasure. She caressed my body with her soft fingertips. She ran a finger down from my neck, circling my tit and slowly down into my crotch. She teased me by always going around to my inner thigh, never touching my throbbing clit or damp pussy lips. Her assault on my mouth stopped and I felt Sasha lower her head into my boobs, resuming the oral attack on my erect nipples. Her warm tongue slid over the underside of my left tit, before circling around my areola. It was pure euphoria when her tongue finally slithered to my nipple, making me moan again. I pulled her head closer to me, which caused her to escalate the offense even more. She was now flicking my nipples with her tongue, each flick making me moan harder and louder. I was sure that I was about to orgasm from just her nipple torture. This thought was confirmed when my moans became even louder, until she bit down hard on my nipple, causing all the building tension in my body to explode. The orgasm sent currents of pleasure coursing through my entire body. My body was in a state of complete bliss. My body shook with total ecstasy.

I was catching my breath for a second after the orgasm, until I felt Sasha again. This time, she picked me up and hoisted me onto her shoulders. She pressed me against the wall, and I had to cling onto her with my legs. That was when I felt her warm tongue licking my inner thigh. I squealed with pleasure.

“Oh please fuck me hard Sasha,” I moaned out. I got a response in the form of her lifting her tongue onto my clitoris. As soon as I felt the warm tongue on my clit more shock waves of pleasure were sent through my body causing me to writhe in her grip. Her iron-clad grip never faltered as she continued lapping away at my moist pussy with her tongue, occasionally sliding her tongue down my snatch. She explored every crack and crevice in my pussy with her tongue, making me squeal and whimper. Every moan was met with her increasing the pace of her licks. Her tongue went deeper and deeper inside my pussy, while her nose was pressing on my clitoris.

It wasn’t long until I was on the verge of my second orgasm.

“Holy shit Sasha if you continue like that I’m gonn- I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM!” I moaned out as I hit the crescendo of pleasure. It was like Sasha had wound up a coil of pleasure in my body and caused it to release through my vagina. Shock waves of pleasure exploded throughout my body as I attempted fruitlessly to keep my moans and squeaks concealed within the tiles of the bathroom. Sasha hoisted me down on to the floor to help me recover from my orgasm, where she snuggled up next to me. I felt her warm breath on my face and gazed into her eyes.

I had truly felt what it was like to be in heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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