His Lucky Day

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This is a true story as told to me. Lucky boy!


As experienced with sex as I am, and with all the lovers I manage to fit into my busy life, there’s something special about helping a young, good-looking lad to become a man.

At eighteen, Lee is almost an aging virgin these days, but at twenty-nine, I’m definitely ‘the older woman.’

Knowing what the day held, I had intended to be up early, to be bathed and looking sexy before Lee’s arrival at eleven. I had a ‘quickie’ with my lover Jim at eight and he then went off to work as usual, but after working late the evening before, and a wonderfully disturbed night of sex, I drifted off back to sleep.

Stunned into wakefulness by Lee almost leaning on my door-bell, I grabbed a past lover’s tee shirt draped over a chair and answered the door and ushered him in and told him to sit down while I composed myself.

I asked him to excuse my minimalist look, my hair looking like a wild woman, and made us both a cup of coffee before sitting down next to him as he said he quite liked my minimalist look. I bet he did, and it pleased me that he had the confidence to say so.

Little did he know what was coming, although I suspect the fantasies playing in his head were halfway there.

I knew.

The tee shirt had ridden quite high as I sat down, and I was quick to notice his eyes were on my bare legs. Brazenly, I hitched it up even further until it covered to just below my pussy and, leaving a short pause, looked him in the eye and even more brazenly asked if he liked what he saw.

He did.

Reeling him slowly like a fish on a hook, we talked and talked and finally I asked if he’d like to make love to a woman eleven years older than him.

He did.

In my bedroom, I whipped off the offending tee shirt and he gasped, his eyes nearly popping out of his head as he visually soaked up my nudity. Oh, the joy of being lusted after. Slowly I undressed casino şirketleri him and led him by the hand to my bed.

Knowing how quick a first time can be for a man, and there’s no fault in that, I had intended to masturbate him first to relieve the tension, but I was surprised to see he was circumcised, which is unusual in the UK. I would find it incredibly hard to masturbate him without lubricants.

Having orgasmed myself earlier with Jim, I was in no immediate need to cum myself, so I decided to take him inside me straight away knowing he wouldn’t last long.

Too late, I remembered I still had Jim’s sperm inside me, but Lee wouldn’t know the difference anyway with his lack of experience. With words of description and encouragement, plus a little bit of play-acting on my behalf, I felt his erection – half the thickness of Jim’s, enter and plough deep inside me.

He called out, “Oh, Ohhhh” as my vaginal heat and texture sent brand new feelings and sensations coursing through his body and soul.

I knew he wouldn’t last long, but surprisingly longer than I’d expected. Suddenly, his whole body began to stiffen. “Yes … go on Lee … go on and fill me with your hot spunk … go on!!” I rasped in jagged whispers down his ear, and then at once, he was spurting into me like a fire hose.

I felt each jet like hot raindrops deep within me and was amazed at the number of times he squirted his sperm to the back of my womb.

He was like a kid with a new toy after that. I showed him how to suckle my nipples and how to tickle my clitoris with his fingers, which was enough tuition for one day and as he was erect again in no time, I told him to fuck me once more.

This time he lasted much longer and time enough to give me a little orgasm – and then once more an astonishing number of spurts deep inside me.

I normally keep tissues by the bedside, but not this time, and as I raced for the en-suite bathroom, casino firmaları I could feel a whole waterfall of spunk cascading down my legs.

So, he’s gone now and happy that he’s lost his virginity and proud of what’s happened to him today. And I am happy to have been the girl to give him that pleasure, relief and satisfaction – but that’s only the start.

He has all the makings of becoming a great lover and I intend to teach him all I know. Lesson two will be soon, and hopefully, his advanced training might lead to a threesome with my girlfriend.

If his heart holds out …


Well, so far, so good. Having expected it to be at least a week before I would see him again, Lee was back today all morning, and so we continued the training.

Once again, Jim had only just left and as with the day before, we’d had a ‘morning quickie’ so I was full of his sperm and my vaginal walls were still stretched from his very fat cock’s invasion.

The phone rang and it was Lee.

Of course, I can never resist the promise of another fuck, so within thirty minutes he was opening the back door which I had left unlocked for him.

In my bedroom, I told him to get stripped slowly while I watched from my bed. I was very shocked and surprised to see he’d tried to impress me by shaving his pubes completely hairless.

I reached out from under the duvet and took hold of his already erect cock, solid and leaking profuse amounts of pre-cum to examine his shaving handiwork. He’d done a very good job but I thought he would regret it when the stubble starts to grow back.

Planning the next step in his tuition, I gave him his first blow job; careful at first but then I thought, “what the hell,” and in less than a couple of minutes he was gushing great spurts of his cum into my mouth, pulse after pulse.

He told me he felt weak at the knees, so as he recovered, and as I always do, I opened my mouth güvenilir casino to show him his milky white handiwork on my tongue and in his case almost filling my mouth. I looked him straight in the eye as slowly and visibly I swallowed, gulp after gulp of his salty, liquid protein.

I pulled him into bed with me, and just fifteen minutes later, he was fully recovered and erect as a barber’s pole. I rolled over onto his body and, raising myself on my knees, I sank down until his erection was root deep inside me.

The cowgirl position means I’m in control and can make sure clitoral contact is always made with his erection, and I also cum very quickly. He loved the way I thrashed my hair round and round as my very first full orgasm with him seared through my soul and mind, and how I screamed out, “God Lee!! Ohhh god Lee, you’re making me cum, you big bull!!”. Feeding the ego always works.

He’d lasted far longer than I’d expected and now, thoroughly spent and lying on top of him, I spun us both around so now he was on top of me. “Fuck your spunk into me, go on Lee, fuck me now!!” I called out through jagged breaths.

It was too much for the lad, and at once his flood pounded my vaginal walls with yet another series of spurts and I began to wonder where he was getting it all from. I’d emptied him twice in less than forty-five minutes.

Mixing Jim and Lee’s spunk is probably not such a good idea although Jim loves the thought of it, and I must admit it seems to satisfy some sort of sexual kink in me too.

We did it twice more. Either I’m a great teacher or he is a fast learner and on our final fuck he made me cum in the missionary position and he loved it when I threw my arms around him in the throes of a deep and intense climax, sinking my fingernails into his flesh as I kissed him hungrily.

I mentioned my girlfriend earlier, and since my first time with Lee, I spoke with her and she can’t wait to have him deep inside her too. I reckon that with regular tuition, Lee will be up to scratch towards the ends of next week and hopefully up for the threesome we have planned for him.

Let me know if you’d like to read how that goes …

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