Growing Up Hung Pt. 04

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It was fucking amazing, I hadn’t even cum and there was juice almost squirting out of his hole. It was the most beautiful ass I’ve seen in my life and it was still tight, but the sloppiest hole I’d ever seen.

Growing up Hung Part 4

I guess we both nodded off after that stellar fuck. Holy crap, I thought fucks like that only happened in the movies! I was so out of it, I had had like ten amazing cums in the last few days. I laughed to myself it was like when I met Laura the college girl. Sometimes we would fuck until we passed out from sheer exhaustion. One weekend my parents were out of town I spent the weekend at her place, and I can’t remember how many times we fucked, but it was a lot. The last few days had been like that, and I loved every second of it.

Cory roused and headed to the bathroom. I just made myself comfortable on the nice bed, and he returned soon with another margarita for each of us. He complimented my cock and my fuck and I complimented his ass and his fuck! I think that already sealed the deal that there would be a round two in this event. And yes I felt like it was an event!

We talked and laughed and got to know each other a bit and before I was halfway through my second marg, Cory had my cock in his throat again. It wasn’t long before he asked me to get off the bed and he easily made it so that the top half of the bed was elevated to where I was almost sitting up.

He got up and stood on the bed and straddled me and said, “I’d like to ride that big cock for a while if you don’t mind. I just smiled and shook it at him and it was hot to watch him lower his amazing fuzzy body down onto my cock.

In that short period of time, we had both recovered our erections and reclining back watching and feeling Cory ride my cock was hot. I loved feeling him work his inner muscles on my cock, sometimes he sat still and worked his inner muscles, sometimes he made circular motions, and sometimes he slowly rode up and down my thick rod.

We were both really getting into this, and after a while, he pushed down hard on my cock and was using his inner muscle to again massage my cock and he leaned in to me, I wasn’t expecting it, but we made eye contact, both of our mouths were somewhat opened, and I wanted to kiss him!

Cory leaned in and with his hands in the middle of casino şirketleri my chest, stroking the hair between my pecs grazed his tongue across my lips. I slid my hands up his chiseled lats and responded by grabbing his tongue between my teeth and gently biting it. This brought a gasp, a giggle and a moan from Cory, and we had an intense make-out session, my first with a guy!

While Cory sat with my cock buried in his tight hole and I was reclining against his raised bed, he was making all kinds of amazing motions with his hole and deep inside of him. At the same time, I was flexing my cock deep inside of him and we both grunted when it passed through the inner muscle!

Fuck this was so fucking hot and we were both basically stationary! Except for our kissing no noticeable body parts were moving. My cock was throbbing and lurching inside of Cory, and he was using every inner muscle he had and could control to massage my cock.

Cory moaned into my lungs and then I felt it happen. His channel again flooded with his juices. It felt so fucking amazing the way his muscles were massaging my cock, but just having it get flooded with whatever the juices were was really hot and sensual. We both kept up our imperceptible motions and soon I noticed his juices leaking and running down my hairy balls. We were both moaning now and I could no longer contain myself.

I moved my hands down and grabbed each of Cory’s muscled ass cheeks in one of my hands, then leaned back and pushed up with my hips. That raised him a few inches off of my cock and I slowly started moving my hips up and down fucking him with just a couple inches of my cock.

I realized that the higher I pulled Cory up, the longer my strokes could be, and the more juice that was making run out of Cory. My balls were sopping with his ass juice and I demanded, “Come out push it out, open that hole and push out the juice!”

I saw a very determined look come across Cory’s face, then felt everything inside of him tighten, and then he pushed open, and he flooded me with is juices and some very sloppy sounds exited his now wide open hole! “Oh fuck Josh, I’m sor…!”

“Cory, shut up and do it again!”

Now if you haven’t had it happen to your cock, I don’t know how to describe the feeling, but it was the most awesome thing that casino firmaları had happened to my cock yet. All of this juice and air blowing past my cock while I’m fucking in and out of his wet ass felt fucking amazing!

Cory started fucking against my upward motions with his downward motions, and then I noticed the kind of out-of-it look leaving his face, to something of bliss and excitement. Then a long, low groan started turning into a growl and his entire hole tightened up and he hollered a loud “UHG” and plastered my face and chest with his huge load! It was almost like he was pissing cum!

His hole tightened up just after a wild gush of juice and air flooded me, and that was all it took. I started fucking him for all I was worth and actually started shooting while he was still shooting!

There was one more last burst from Cory’s very well fucked hole and we finally collapsed. We were plastered to each other with sweat, ass juice, and cum, and laid there panting. Cory kind of giggled, and I asked him what was funny. He said, “Nothing is funny really, but this is what my ex used to call monkey sex, holy fuck Josh you’re wild!”

I laughed too and smacked his ass. He jumped and that made my cock be ejected from his sloppy hole with another loud burst of air and juice. Then we both started laughing, and suddenly Cory grabbed the sheet and held it to his ass as he ran to the bathroom! That made me crack up again!

He tried to get the bathroom door shut, but in his hurry, he didn’t, and I laid on the bed pounding my fists I was laughing so hard at the wild and loud sounds coming out of him and echoing through the tile bathroom.

Cory acted like he was pissed that I was laughing at him, but I knew he was laughing too. He came back to the bed with a towel for me, when I told him I couldn’t get up or I’d leave a trail of slime all the way to the bathroom. I was covered in sweat, cum and his butt juices. He admitted that he had experienced his butt juicing before and maybe a little bit of noise, but nothing like this! We started laughing again talking about it and wiping all the sex juices from my body.

We both got into the shower and had a fun time cleaning each other up. I was surprised at how easy it was to be with Cory, and again, what a great kisser he is!

We were both starving güvenilir casino and decided to order a pizza! Within two hours I was fucking him again. This time I had him on his back in missionary style. It was hot to watch the effect that my cock hitting the right places had on his facial expressions.

We were both getting close and Cory grabbed a bottle of poppers and took a hit and handed it to me, I’d only done them once a long time ago and gave it a try and it sent us both over the edge into another while orgasm.

When we collapsed again we both slept a bit. I was untangling from Cory to get ready to leave. Hell, it was 3:00 a.m. He groaned and said, “Why don’t you just stay!”

With that, I collapsed back on the bed and didn’t wake again, until morning when we both heard a text hit my phone. I rolled over and saw who it was from and chuckled. Cory ask about it and I just said, “It’s Luke!”

“Ahh, he wants to come take care of your morning wood! Tell him to come over.”

“Really, well you know he probably thinks I’m at my place.”

“Ever had two guys suck your cock?”

I told him no, and he said, tell him where you are and to come over.

After we had both pissed, I was sitting back on the raised again bed and Cory was slathering my cock with his wet tongue. Luke slipped in and had a broad smile on his face. He slipped out of his clothes, and as if they’d done this many times, Luke got on the bed and shared my cock with Cory!

This was pure pleasure, how can I describe having two hot talented cocksuckers working my cock at the same time. They started off with one mouth on each side of my cock, it was obvious they had done this before as it was almost orchestrated! One would slide his mouth up his side while the other slid down, then reverse, then both slid up and down at the same time slurping and tongue lashing all the way. Then they got the fat head of my cock between their open mouths and licked it and pushed it back and forth to each other!

The grand finale of this two jock cock sucking session was taking turns sucking my cock and licking my balls! Luke jockey himself around and placed his very fuckable butt over my face and bent over to take my cock back into his mouth and eventually his throat while Cory did ball licking duty.

Once Luke figured his hole was wet enough from me licking it, he moved toward my crotch and I got to watch as he lowered his big round muscle butt all the way down the length of my cock in one slow steady stroke. This was very hot to watch, but much hotter to feel!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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