Miranda and Geraldine Ch. 03

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Miranda parked up and had to pull Geraldine out of the car. Miranda whipped her ass once with a leash. “You will do as you are told, you naughty pet, or I’ll have to clip this leash to you’re collar and drag you around the mall. Got that, Susie, pet?” Miranda asked, while looking fiercely into her pet’s eyes.

Geraldine fingered the collar on being reminded of it. It belonged to a pet that died last year, and now she wore it as a stark reminder of the dire relationship enforced upon her, by the damn girl. It still had the pet name on the front, Susie, so that’s what Miranda called her.

“Sorry, mistress, please don’t put me on a leash,” Geraldine grimaced.

The ignominy of wearing the collar was bad enough, and having to bend to this torturers will was infuriating. Miranda was only eighteen compared to her thirty-two years of age, yet the inexperienced girl had her blackmailed into a corner.

Geraldine had to admit she wasn’t worldly wise, having been protected and pampered all her life. This girl was streetwise enough to take advantage of her, before she had a chance to think what to do, and had kept her off balance ever since.

Geraldine was shocked into the present, on seeing her reflection in the window of a store front. Her body was reflected back at her through the light cotton dress, with a clearly seen white thong and half cup bra. Everything was on show! She hurried to catch up with her mistress, having to keep close, as the only means of protection.

She was a pillar of the community, chairing several local action groups, and a member of important committees. To be seen like this would cause a stir among that social elite. Her hand went to the collar again and she wondered what fellow committee members would think. She could hardly shrug it off as sentimentality over a lost pet.

“Pay attention pet-girl! Is pet’s mistress going to tether her pet out here like a bitch, or is it going to behave?” Miranda asked, in a harsh voice.

Geraldine looked around wishing the girl would keep her voice down. “Yes, mistress,” she replied.

“You’ve been trained to reply better than that, now tell me which it is to be,” Miranda asked, with obvious annoyance.

“Susie, will obey mistress and behave like a well trained pet-girl, mistress,” Geraldine replied quickly. There was a couple approaching, and she didn’t want the embarrassment of them overhearing. As infuriating as it was to speak like that, she had to yield to the girl’s audacious demands, giving her yet another victory.

The leash had a lock at each end, which would make it impossible to break free, and she knew by now it was no idle threat. The thought of being tethered outside, like her pet Labrador, was too dreadful to contemplate.

People passing would think it was a joke or a university prank and laugh at her. Some would join in the joke and stop to stroke her, especially the men. Seeing the collar, they were bound to call her Susie, and the thought of it produced an involuntary shudder.

People had made a fuss of her pet Labrador, so the image of it happening to her, being reduced to a dumb pet, was terrible. A gang of young guys might not just pat her head. If one of them took advantage it would encourage the others to do the same, until she had hands all over her body.

The original Susie would have enjoyed it but not this pet. What if an irresponsible pet owner let their dog sniff her, or try to mount her in public? The idea of being at the mercy of any passers by, might give her an insight as to how it would have been for her pet Labrador, but it was an experience to be avoided.

She looked around again hoping no-one heard the demeaning statement, keeping close to her mistress as though still on a leash. At least inside the mall the bright sunlight wouldn’t shine through the dress. It was a rough, rundown place, so she was unlikely to meet anyone she knew.

“Stand there, Susie, pet,” Miranda said. She watched her pet dutifully obey, under the threat of a punishment, or some enforced humiliating act. It was so amusing she wanted to laugh at the stupid woman. She looked in the window pretending to examine the display of shoes. Instead she scanned the mall in its reflection.

A guy turned to his friends pointing at her pet. A spotlight shone through the dress giving them something interesting to watch. They began taking out camera phones, taking snaps of her pet-girl. Miranda was happy to give them a thrill, and hoped they might have the guts to amble over, to embarrass her pet.

What she was really looking at was a store, tucked away in a corner of the mall. An old school friend appeared at the door and beckoned to her. That meant the way was clear.

“See those guys over there, Susie, pet?” Miranda asked.

Geraldine glanced over to where the girl looked and was appalled. A group of scruffy guys were taking photos of her, not very tactfully either. The lurid expressions on their faces told her the awful truth of why. She looked down at the dress, then into the store bahis firmaları window, to see a spotlight was the cause. The dress was illuminated like a lampshade, with her body clearly visible through it.

“Mistress, please,” she begged, imploring with her eyes to be led away.

“Does pet want to go and play with the boys?” Miranda asked. Her pet shook its head vigorously. “I could leave pet with them while I shop. They might like a hot bitch to play with. They look like very wicked boys with nasty games in mind,” she teased. “Remember, pet needs mistress for protection, pet-girl,” she sternly stated.

“Yes, mistress, thank you for looking after your pet-girl, mistress,” Geraldine said, with a shudder. She looked at the bunch of guys, seeing on their faces what games they would like to play, and not liking it at all. She pressed close to Miranda, knowing she really did need protection.

Miranda took a hold of her hand as though it were a leash, to walk over to the store she had been watching. There was no fancy display in this window, just a black cloth draped behind it, with an anonymous name above the door. Her pet didn’t care what it sold, just so long as she could get out of the limelight.

It took a little while for her to realize what she had walked into. Geraldine let out a little whine of anguish on seeing she was in a sleazy sex shop. She looked toward the door then back at the lurid displays. Her shoulders slumped in resignation knowing she dare not walk out there, where those young guys would be waiting for her.

“Hi Miranda, how you doing,” Kate asked. Not waiting for a reply she reassured her friend. “Janet won’t be in until this afternoon, so you’ve got a couple of hours. Who’s this then?” she asked.

“Oh! This? It’s my new pet-girl,” Miranda bragged, reacting as though she was used to the woman being at her heel. Shrugging her shoulders as though it was nothing, she winked at her friend, reminding her to join in the game.

“It’s a nice looking pet, a good smooth clear skin, very cute!” Kate enthused.

“Lets get started, I have a lot of ideas for stuff,” Miranda said, in a determined tone. She clipped the leash to her pet’s collar leading the woman to the back of the store, into a changing room.

“Get that dress off, Susie,” she ordered. Seeing how nervous and reluctant the pet was she decided to cajole the woman, instead of thrashing her. “Susie doesn’t want to go outside in that thing. I’ll get something to cover up my lovely pet. I don’t want everyone ogling my naked pet,” she added.

Unable to think straight, from fear of the strange place, she lifted the dress up over her head. Besides, she was becoming used to obeying the girl.

“Now the underwear, come on quickly,” Miranda crossly told her. The woman was trying to cover her body while stripping off. The realization she would end up naked, in a lewd store, was beginning to show on her face.

Miranda snatched the panties from her hand, before the woman had a chance to protest. Grabbing the dress and bra off a hook she held onto them. Looking over her pet, with Kate, put the pet in its place. “My pet looks gorgeous, don’t you think, Kate?”

They were amused by the woman’s reaction. She seemed to curl up, trying to cover her nakedness, before the two young women. “Turn around, Susie,” Miranda ordered.

“Nice firm ass,” Kate commented.

Miranda bent her over the back of a chair. Geraldine sniffled from expecting a punishment, only it didn’t come. Instead, the leash was clipped to a hook on the floor, keeping her bent over the chair.

“Stay there and be an obedient little pet-girl,” Miranda said, rubbing in the woman’s lowly place, in front of her friend. The two girls walked off leaving her naked ass pointing toward the curtain. They hadn’t even bothered to pull it shut properly, meaning to leave a clear message, that she wasn’t so important any more; her ass needn’t be covered or protected, they just casually left it out on display.

There was no where for her to go while naked and being clipped to the floor meant she couldn’t leave anyway. This was another command she just had to obey.

“So what do you want?” Kate asked.

“I’m not sure what I want. The pet-girl will pay, she’s stinking rich,” Miranda explained.

“She’s well trained. I’ve seen the ones the boss has here sometimes and they’re the same, well almost. Janet tried it on with me, when I was first here, but soon gave up,” Kate said.

“So what kind of pet-girl is she?” Kate asked. On seeing the hesitation she said. “I’ll show you the pet bitch range if you like. Some of this stuff is cheap rubbish. These are good, practical too,” Kate said, pointing to a set of padded paws and knee pads.

“I’ll take them, the best ones. Is that a tail?” Miranda giggled. They chatted and shopped as though it were an ordinary trip out. Miranda was surprised by some of the things on display and some others had to be explained to her.

Geraldine was in an agony of despair, feeling so kaçak iddaa very vulnerable. It had been so demeaning to be displayed and talked about in front of one of her friends. How had she sunk so low as to just let it happen without a fight? What could she do when naked, other than wait for that horrendous girl? Dependent on the girl for clothes, she dare not even move to sit down. Instead she leaned over the back of a chair ass up, naked, in a tawdry store.

In the mirror she could see a customer walk past behind her. Anyone could glance in to see her naked bottom pointing at them, with everything else between. The damn girl was spending her money, buying torture instruments to be used against her.

Was it only yesterday her innocence had been cruelly stripped away from her? In such a short time she had been reduced from a decent housewife, to a young girls pet. The humiliation was enough to make her weep, yet she kept the tears back, telling herself it would soon be over. When returned home, to the protection of her husband, everything would return to normal.

She wondered if she could ever forget this terrible torture. She had to keep the torturer happy, to make sure she was returned home, without any damage being done to her reputation. If she quietly obeyed the harridan, let her spend some money here, she hoped the girl would get her some decent clothes.

“Good little pet-girl,” Miranda said. She was pleased with the wane smile her pet managed. The pet was obviously trying to behave. She would have to be careful not to push it too far though, for she didn’t want the silly bitch to completely break down, or start disobeying.

“I’ve bought my little pet something to wear,” she smiled. The woman quickly snatched the garment only to look at it in consternation. “Don’t worry that’s not all. So what do you say?” she asked.

“Thank you, mistress,” Geraldine managed to say, without sounding too bitter.

“It is well trained, a credit to you. You’ve got a natural pet-girl there,” Kate commented.

The comments made her feel small and worthless. Geraldine stretched the little nylon body stocking up her legs feeling so cringingly hopeless with the two girls watching her so closely. They looked at her as though she were some exotic pet. It was so embarrassing, not being able to hide her body while pulling it on. The tan nylon had to be drawn up her body, struggling all the way, leaving it transparent like a pair of tights. Her breasts were held up in the awful garment, as though purposely presented on display.

Heaving the dreadful thing over her shoulders left it biting her crotch deeply. It fit between the cheeks of her bottom, and separated the lips of her pussy, in a coarser display than when naked.

“Put these on,” Miranda told her, as though it were a favor, as though she were indulging a pet.

Geraldine was reminded of the way she had talked to her pet Labrador and cringed. She had to get free of this degrading torment soon for she was identifying with her pet dog, wondering how closely this behavior matched her pet. She took a deep breath to steel herself against the patronizing tones, reminding herself it just had to be done.

“Thank you, mistress,” she croaked, from a dry mouth.

“Come on Susie,” Miranda said, pulling on the leash.

The pet balked on realizing she was to be led out on all fours, into the nasty store. The pads she wore, on hands and knees, would make it easier but they also restricted her. Her hands were fastened into mittens, shaped like paws, so she couldn’t grip anything. The other pads kept the knees locked, so she couldn’t stand up.

Damn! This shit of a girl beat her every time. She wasn’t stupid, just way out of her depth, when it came to dealing with this streetwise tramp. She decided to just go along with it all, to save even more humiliation. It was irritating to be reminded it wasn’t her decision to make at all, for the girl manipulated her into obeying every time.

“Its very obedient, follows you around like a well trained little pet. Well done Miranda,” Kate laughed.

The three slowly patrolled the store looking for clothes to add to the box of toys already chosen. The pet’s tits no longer gyrated under her as she crawled, as the body-stocking held them tight.

If anything it was a more gorgeous sight, with its ass sticking up in a provocative pose. The knee braces meant she had to crawl with her ass stuck up as though offering it to her mistress. The cheeks cranked up and down with every step, which the girls admired, as they paraded around.

Geraldine cringed from their salacious and demeaning remarks as she crawled around the store. There were few customers but they were used to such exhibitions. Geraldine wasn’t though.

The buzzer sounded and a young woman walked in. She strode up to the three of them and without as much as a ‘hello’ launched right in. “Are you Janet?” she demanded.

“Hi, nice to meet you, I’m fine too,” Kate said. “No I’m not,” she added, matching glare for glare kaçak bahis with the stranger.

“Where is she?” the young woman asked.

“Janet will be in later, she’s the owner of this fine emporium. Who shall I say was asking?” Kate asked, with a sly smile on her face.

“Yea, is she? Well I’ll be back later. My names, Teresa, got it? You can tell her I want my friends back! Have you seen them here? Cindy, and another Asian girl, Brandi, they were here yesterday,” Teresa asked, sounding a little less aggressive.

“I only work Mondays. I’d be careful if I were you, with Janet, just some friendly advice,” Kate told her.

“I can handle myself,” Teresa said. “A friend told me they were here. She was all over him. According to him she went nuts over him, and offered to do anything he wanted, if you know what I mean. She sounds like a pathetic slut to me,” Teresa told her.

Kate looked surprise, until it dawned on her. “This friend, a young stupid inexperienced guy, was he?” she asked.

“Yea, I guess so, yea, that’s him,” Teresa replied.

“She likes to tease guys, play with their minds, all sorts of games she gets up to. It’s the two women you need to worry about though. She trains them, gets bored, and packs them off to a friend. Though I guess it’s the friend who’s dangerous,” Kate said, with a look of distaste on her face.

“What do you mean?” Teresa asked.

“She sells them on. An auction sometimes, they’ve had one here. Other times she arranges a direct sale to another woman or a guy. What are your friends like, can they stand up to being heavily dominated?” Kate asked.

“I guess Brandi could stand it. I’m not sure about Cindy, she might cave in,” Teresa said, now looking worried. “You’re not shitting me are you?” she said, with a look of suspicion in her yes.

“Just trying to help, letting you know what you’re up against. Make sure you don’t get caught in their web, that’s all. You could end up a pathetic pet-girl, like this one. They’d sell you off for a good profit,” Kate warned.

Teresa snorted in disgust. She knew it was possible, had heard it from Brandi, how she had been auctioned; only it somehow turned out alright. Teresa couldn’t imagine what that would be like and didn’t intend to find out.

The woman on all fours looked pathetic, though intriguing. “Nice pet you have,” she said, to the important looking business woman dressed in an expensive, silk suit. The woman didn’t answer, just smiled.

“Looks great doesn’t it. Well behaved too. I’ll buy it off you when you get bored with it,” Kate said, playing along with her friend, though meaning it too.

The pet looked up at Teresa with just a quick glance. That was all it took for Teresa to recognize her. She couldn’t remember what college committee the woman was on but it would come to her. Shit! This important woman visiting a sex shop was bad enough, and she was practically naked, on hands and knees. She was obviously being dominated by this woman, probably buying crude toys to use on her.

Teresa had no time to ponder what was going on though took the advice seriously, especially after seeing the feeble pet-girl. “Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind. See you later,” Teresa said and walked out.

Geraldine needed her mistress’s attention, and so whined at her like a pet bitch. As she did so, it reminded her of Susie, her Labrador, and this jut made her feel more pathetic than ever.

“Yes, Susie,” Miranda said.

“Mistress won’t, err, sorry mistress. Mistress’s pet means to behave, mistress, Susie will be an obedient little pet-girl, honest mistress,” Geraldine sung out a string of words, not making sense. She looked up at her mistress, trying to be a cute puppy, but not making the grade.

“There, there little Susie, calm down,” Miranda said, trying to be reassuring. With the pets chin in her hand she stroked its hair. “Ah! Is it those missing girls that upset you, Susie, my pet,” she asked.

“Yes, mistress,” Geraldine said, with a little sob.

“Come on, Susie, tell me what’s that matter,” Miranda asked. She loved the way this haughty woman had been brought so low. She was patronizing her and the woman was lapping it up.

“You. Oh! Sorry mistress. Mistress won’t get bored with her pet will she?” Geraldine asked, sounding so very pathetic.

“Silly little Susie. Your mistress has a long way to go with you before then, don’t worry your lovely giddy head over it. Come on Kate, let’s give it a stroke, make it feel better,” Miranda told her friend.

“She’s gorgeous, you have a perfectly pretty pet,” Kate said, while stroking her tummy and breasts.

Geraldine felt the two pairs of hands all over her body, fingers exploring everywhere. She didn’t withdraw from the touching; rather, she found it soothing to the point of wagging a non-existent tail.

The little drama left Miranda thinking about what she might do with the woman in the future, for she couldn’t just keep her forever. Could she train the pet so completely it would think of itself as a slave? A slave was just an object wasn’t it? You could do anything you liked with an object you owned, and that object would simply accept whatever you wanted to do with it. Once that happened it could accept being sold.

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