Milly Scott Pt. 05: An Ending and A Beginning

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This is a continuation of ‘The New Assistant,’ and ‘The Milly Scott stories.’ It would really help to have read those.

In many of my stories there is a tragedy and sadly life is like that. This one is no different and it was the hardest thing that I’ve written. It tells the story of three main characters and how they move forward. There is a happier ending, but get the tissues ready!

There is some incest between sisters in this story, but it is not the main theme. All sexual activity is consensual. All the people involved are fictitious and over 18.

Thank you for your comments on my previous work, I appreciate and welcome them.

The car

There was a throaty burbling sound coming from outside the house and I dashed to open the door. I knew what to expect, but it still made me gasp when I saw it. Fiona had partially climbed out of the driver’s seat leaving one leg inside the car as she smiled at me. Bloody hell, not one, but two beautiful things. My wife, early thirties, long blonde hair falling about her shoulders, a luscious figure clothed in a close-fitting blouse and a short flared skirt, flat shoes that she wore for driving instead of her usual heels, and a cheeky grin. She waved me over and I slammed the house door shut behind me. It was low with a huge grill that looked predatory, like a shark’s wide-open mouth. The paintwork was a similar colour to that of a shark, it had sleek lines and a trident badge – a Maserati, something that she’d coveted for a couple of years.

I slid into the beige leather upholstery of the passenger seat and leaned over to kiss her cheek. She backed out and set off along the road. I felt the car rumble underneath me and heard the throaty sound of the engine as she picked up speed. At the start of the dual carriageway, I saw her glance into the rear-view mirror and felt myself being pushed back into the seat. There was a wonderful roar as she hit the accelerator. My breathing stopped, 90 mph came up quickly before she let it drop back to the legal limit. All the time there was this huge grin spread across her face. “You love it don’t you?”

She nodded her head and smiled at me. “Not as much as I love you. But thank you, you helped make this possible yet again. Thank you.”

We pulled into the driveway where Jane had just parked behind my SUV. She was picking up her bags from the back seat and looked up. “Well, well, nice wheels.”

I was still getting out when I saw Fiona toss the keys to her sister. She looked at Fiona and me with a sense of disbelief. “Take Milly for a spin.” She took Jane’s bags from her and headed for the house. Jane and I stared at each other speechless as Fiona turned back to look at us laughing.

Jane climbed in beside me as I sat back down. “She must have some button to disable it. No way is she letting me take this out.” She pressed the button and it came to life. Jane turned to look at me. “Buckle up!” Still not believing it, we headed out to drive the same circuit and Jane did the very same thing on the dual carriageway. As she slowed again she turned to me and smiled, “I’m definitely doing something wrong, she got you and one of these.”

I smiled to myself. Fiona loved her sister a great deal, she must, because she’d just let Jane drive her brand new sports car. It had cost enough to solve some small countries debt problems. It was beautiful and I was excited about it. Maybe this weekend we could take it for a long run to test it, find a nice hotel for the night and have some energetic sex and lots of kissing, especially the kissing.

“Bloody hell, Fi. That’s amazing, I like it and it shows that you like me, lending me the car and Milly!” She laughed and so did Fiona.

That night I lay in bed and thought that back to what happened just over a year ago and what made the new car possible.

New job

I’d reached over the table to lift Fiona’s plate and saw that she was smiling at me. “Thanks for dinner Milly, that was lovely and I’m stuffed.” I put the plates into the dishwasher and Fiona slapped me on the bum as she refilled our wine glasses. “Karen wants to come over for dinner on Friday.”

“She’s invited herself? Did she say why?” It didn’t sound like Karen to invite herself.

“She wants to talk about something to do with work and doesn’t want to be overheard. She also said that she wanted to hear your views.”

That made no sense, but she was good company and would no doubt bring a nice bottle of wine.

I’d cooked a rack of lamb that was delicious. We’d laughed as we talked over dinner. None of us could manage a dessert right away so I made coffee and realised that Karen was thinking over whatever it was she had to say.

“Milly, first, thank you for dinner, it was great as usual and I apologise for inviting myself, but I needed to speak to Fiona confidentially.” I nodded and poured more coffee.

Karen looked at Fiona. “I’m stepping down as MD.”

Fiona’s mouth bahis firmaları fell open in disbelief. “But what? Are you selling the company?”

“No, I couldn’t do that. My Dad founded that company and it would seem wrong to sell it. No, I’ll still be the main shareholder and be the Chair of the Board, but I need to hand over the management to someone with more energy and new ideas. This is the right time.”

“How long have you been planning this?”

Karen laughed and Fiona looked confused. “I first had the idea years ago. I’ve been planning it for the last five and finally made up my mind about the timing three months ago.”

“Wow, you never said anything. So what do you need from me? You want my help to identify someone?”

She didn’t laugh, but it was close and then she smiled at me. “Fiona, you’re a genius in so many ways. So smart you sometimes scare me and most of our staff, but at times you can be as thick as a plank. Milly’s way ahead of you.” Fiona turned and looked at me puzzled. I was smiling; I had a good idea where this was going.

Karen brought her hand up from under the table and slid it towards Fiona before lifting it and leaving behind a business card. She’d done this same thing once before. Fiona reached out to pick it up and examine it. Her mouth fell open again and she stared wide-eyed at Karen and then at me.

“Do you accept?”

Fiona handed me the card. I knew what I was going to see; ‘Fiona Scott, Managing Director.’


“What do you think Milly?” asked Karen.

“It’s got nothing to do with me.” I protested.

“Actually it does. It will affect you as well.”

“Many years ago I wanted Fiona to get the best education that she could so that she could do what she wanted to do. I got the chance to help and support her. Here we are today and that’s not changed. I’m very proud of her and I’ll be right there for her as I have been until now.”

“Thanks, Milly. Of course, I’ll take it; I’m flattered that you think I have the skills and ability. It’ll be a challenge.”

“You have to understand that when you were thirteen or fourteen you showed an understanding of our business and our work that shocked most people. That grew each time you came to work with us. Your first eighteen months were about making sure that you had a grasp of things. Since then you’ve been working towards this even if you hadn’t realised it. The next few months will allow a proper handover and then it will be all yours. Your first task will be to identify an assistant, who you’ll have to groom.”

“I’m speechless.” She was red and embarrassed. I opened some champagne and we sat going over some details.

“There will, of course, be a fairly substantial salary. But you need to have some reason to keep the success going, so I’ll be giving you shares amounting to a 5% stake in the company, actually, I need to sell them to you. So you owe me a hundred pounds. You won’t be able to sell them for ten years, but there are dividends of course.”

“What? But that’ll be worth …” I could see her trying to calculate.

“Let’s just say, it’s an incentive.” Karen grinned.

“I’ll say. Thank you so much.”

I sat on the bed, with my legs under me, wearing the old T-shirt of hers that I’d had for years when she came out of the bathroom. She was wearing an old shirt as well. “Sit with me for a minute please.” She sat, looked at me and took my hand.

“I love you and I’m very proud of you, congratulations.”

“Thanks, I love you as well. I’m chuffed, gobsmacked actually.”

“Remember the Easter that you and Jane visited when you were considering going to Lancaster? I told you then that you should get the best degree that you could so that you would achieve great things.” She nodded.

“I was excited back then because I hoped that maybe I’d get to see you occasionally over the time that you were there, at university. I knew how I felt about you but assumed it was just me being silly. Then, when you were there I only ever wanted to help and support you, but it became much more than that.”

“You really did help me in so many ways.”

“Several times you’ve said that you felt that you were sponging off of me, although I never felt that, ever. I remember Victoria saying that if we were serious about each other you’d accept my help and pay me back eventually. She’s a wise woman. It was never about payback for me, but now it’s a reality. I backed the right horse didn’t I?”

She smiled at me, took my other hand and with a serious look about her asked, “Are you calling me a horse?” We both laughed and serious conversation stopped, with good reason. It’s very difficult to talk and kiss at the same time and lets’ face it kissing was much more important at that moment.

Before we fell asleep sometime later I whispered, “Maybe you need to think about that car you’ve been drooling over. We can afford it now.”

The months that followed were busy and exciting. kaçak iddaa Fiona worked long hours, but came home elated and spent many evenings talking about her ideas and plans. They were happy times for me. I loved watching her animation and enthusiasm as she talked. Of course, I was immensely proud of her, as were her parents and Jane.

We did go away the weekend after she collected the car. Up through Yorkshire, across the Pennines and back through Staffordshire, staying off the motorways where we could to put the car through its paces. Fiona even let me drive for an hour or two. It was wonderful, but for me, the best bit was watching her as she drove, despite her frequently pulling faces at me. Our two evenings were spent in small hotels and after dinner, we’d head for our room and kiss for a long time. I’d never been happier.


I was reclining in Fiona’s arms and happy. I felt loved. Fiona cuddled me with her arms wrapped around me and she moved her hands to my breasts. ‘Please’ I thought to myself ‘I don’t need any more,’ but actually, I was ready to take what she had to give. I was getting aroused again when suddenly she stopped the gentle caresses and was groping. ‘What was this?’

“Milly, when did you last do a breast exam?”

“What? A week ago, what is it, don’t fool around?”

She rolled me towards her. There was a serious look on her face, one that I rarely saw, but when you did see it, you’d better pay attention. “You’ve got a lump, here.” She closed her hand around my right breast. “Give me your hand.” She placed my hand over the tissue and she was right. It was a lump, not something that I could have missed a week ago.

Fiona was crying. “It’s okay honey. I’ll see the doctor tomorrow, it’ll all be fine.” I was lying to her; I knew that this was serious.

“Milly, please don’t leave me. I need you, I want you. Milly, I love you, I’ve never loved anyone else, please don’t leave me.” It was my problem, but she was the one who needed consoling, she was distraught.

Two days later I was at the hospital waiting to be called in. Jess and Jane were sitting with us when the doctor called Fiona and me into the consulting room.

Twenty minutes later the four of us sat with coffee. “It’s almost certainly cancer and a scary type. I should have surgery within a few days and it’s likely that I will lose this one. With a bit of luck, radiotherapy and maybe chemo, it should be okay.”

When I started to come to again I saw Fiona and Jane looking down at me and I knew from the look on their faces that it was not good news. I took a sip of water and looked at them, “Both?” They nodded. I closed my eyes. I knew that they would take both breasts, I don’t know why, but I knew it. I didn’t care, I was still here and breasts were not that important.

The next few months were hard. The chemo flattened me, it was aggressive, it left me weak and wanting to throw up all the time but strangely I lost very little hair. I was fighting, but it was hard. I was never alone; one of them was always there with me.

Every night Fiona had cradled me in her arms, cuddled me, kissed me and told me how much she loved me. When I threw up she’d held me, when I cried she’d mopped up my tears, when I felt terrible she’d do whatever she could to soothe me. I don’t think that anyone could have done more. When we were lying together she would stroke me, not in a sexual way, it was relaxing and felt so good.

Fiona had cried gallons of tears; she wanted to take away my pain. I spent so many hours watching her, the pain in her face, the love in her eyes, the sadness. At first I was sure that I was going to die, but I felt the love pouring out of her. At least I knew the happiness that I was sure few people had experienced. She was beautiful and I loved her.

It took six months from that first trip to the doctors before they pronounced me okay. I was cancer-free and had a positive prognosis.

Our sex lives had been very limited during that time. I’d tried hard to play but I’d struggled and Fiona had discouraged me at every turn usually adding the words, “I don’t care about sex, I only want you with me because I love you.” I’d never had any doubt about how she’d felt before, but it was clear that she simply wanted me back to health.

As I’d regained my strength and started to feel stronger I began to take an interest in sex again and she was willing, but always gentle and loving, with me being her priority. I caught her once or twice looking at my chest, now flat and scarred. I’d given it a lot of thought. Breasts had always been an important part of our sex play but now they were gone and I didn’t want more surgery. We spoke about it several times and always she said the same thing, “I want you healthy. A few bits missing don’t matter.” I felt that she was being honest and I was content.

It really didn’t seem to matter. There was no longer any teasing or restraint. I have no idea why it just never kaçak bahis happened.

I got back to caring for Fiona and the house, but when I picked up a pencil and my sketch pad nothing happened. That bit of me never returned, it made me sad, but I was still alive. I never wrote again either, that too seemed to have gone.

We went to Crete for a couple of weeks and spent our time walking on the beach, swimming, sun-bathing, reading and talking. I felt relaxed and Fiona chilled out. I realised how worried she’d been. She’d been everything that I could have hoped for and more, much more.


Fiona had left me sleeping and headed off to work. I felt fuzzy and when I stood up, I felt bad. I had a pain across my chest and under one arm; I was weak and knew that things were not right. I understood what this was and this time, it was going to end badly.

I knew that Jess wasn’t working and called her. She was there twenty minutes later and we were at the doctor’s surgery twenty minutes after that. Two hours later I was in the hospital when Fiona arrived. She was a beautiful woman normally, but when she walked through the door it looked as if she was carrying several tons of weight on her shoulders, her eyes were red and every part of her face was sagging. Jane trailed in behind her and took Jess into her arms. They were both in tears and still crying ten minutes later when Victoria arrived. She was ten years older than me, today it looked more like twenty, but I guess that I wasn’t looking so good either.

We’d had almost a year from first detecting the lump and after the doctor delivered the news that we all knew was coming, she left. I looked at them and pleaded, “Please will you take me home, if I’ve got to go, I’d like to be there, please let me spend my time with Fiona.”

We both cried in bed that night. My tears were because of the grief that she was going to have to cope with. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad, at least I hoped so, but I doubted it. I turned to face her and she stroked my chest and ran her fingers over the scars that were the legacy of the breasts that she loved to touch and that I loved her touching.

“You’ll never forget me and a large part of you will always love me, but you need to promise me something. Will you?”

“I love you, honey. What do you want me to promise?”

“There’s nothing that we can do to change what will happen and I want to enjoy the time that I have, that we have. But when I’m gone you need to recover, get back to being you. You’re just too wonderful to allow yourself to grieve for the rest of your life. You can’t betray me by seeing someone else, no one else will be me, but you have the capacity to love someone else. You must try. I’ll watch over you if I can.”

“I wish that we’d had kids. You’d have been a wonderful mum and I’d still have a part of you.”

“We talked about that and now that we’re here I’m glad we made that decision. Let’s try to sleep. I love you.” I cried for at least another hour before sleep came.

The next morning I was in pain, both physical and mental, but there were things that I had to do. I had to make the most of the few weeks that I felt I had. I sorted out my affairs and wrote letters. I cooked a lot so that Fiona and I could have romantic evening meals, but after a few days, they became strained because she watched, waiting for me to show some signs of discomfort. I arranged to meet with Jane and asked her to speak with Jess and Victoria. They were with us for dinner more often than not and it made things easier and lighter.

Jess and I went for a slow walk one morning and over coffee in the park, she spoke about Fiona. “She never takes her eyes off of you; she’s going to take this badly.”

“She is, but I’m counting on you three to help her through this. Alex and Jenny just died without any warning and that was hard. I hope that it’s easier for Fiona. At least I’ll have the chance to tell her all the things that I want to say.”

“We’ll do our best, but we all know how she feels about you. I thought that the two of you were crazy all those years ago and I’ve never been so wrong. I’ve never seen two people so happy and in love. She’ll take it hard.”

I stared out of the window at the leaves as they turned brown, I was deep in thought. I’d known for a long time, for several years, that death was the only thing that would part us and it seems that, very soon, I was going to be proven right, but I’d hoped for longer. I knew that there was nothing that I could do to stop the inevitable. I accepted that it was my fate, what distressed me was the heartache that this was going to cause to the woman that I loved so much. I closed my eyes. I’d been lucky, I’d found three people to love and marry. They were all very different but they were all good, nice, kind and loving people. I’d had Jess as my friend for a long time; she and Victoria had been kind to me, let me into their lives and allowed me to share their children, what a special gift that was. They gave me a daughter to become my wife and allowed the other to become my friend. I loved Jane very much I was just sad that she’d not found that same love, that special person.

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