Great Meeting

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All of us, 30 to be exact, had been told to meet in room A at exactly 8 am. The meeting was boring and by 10 am, I was sleepy. Thankfully the boss told the entire department, take a break and be back by 10:30.

Everyone left to grab a coffee, go for a smoke or return to their desks to check messages, etc. I just put my arms on the table then bent over to rest my head. I noticed Rob had done the same. He was about eight feet away at the next table. He was facing my way; but, his eyes were closed.

Rob was a petite, yet well-built, plain looking guy and openly gay. I’m a closeted gay, married with one son and have often fantasized about Rob. He has a cute boyfriend (Mark) and I would go out of my way to be friendly to both of them. I’m sure they were in love and likely would remain together forever.

I closed my eyes and suddenly my mind went to work, not tired anymore. I opened my eyes and seeing his were still closed, I stared directly at his crotch and began visualizing me kneeling in front of him while he slept and me undoing his zipper and making my move. I was licking my lips, drooling and sticking out my tongue.

Then I noticed his eyes opened fully and he began to smile. First, I was shocked, then embarrassed, then unsure what to do. Luckily, Rob made it easy. He sat up, turned towards me and spread his legs apart. Not a word had been spoken and then he began, “Mark told me that he was sure you were gay”. He continued, “I’ve often caught you looking at me whenever I walked by your desk”.

I stammered, “Rob, it’s true, I’m married and although I have been with a few men, I find you very attractive, sexy and I fantasize about you often”.

He smiled and said, “Thanks, perhaps we should discuss this a bit more after the meeting.”

I smiled back and replied, “I’d really like that.”

The door opened, it was 10:30 and back to the boring meeting. However, I never dozed off again, cause every chance casino şirketleri I got, I glanced over at Rob. We would smile at each other and it made me feel great. Finally, 12:00 came, the meeting was over and we all returned to our desks. I was elated when I walked out of the office and found Rob waiting to walk with me. As we strolled down the hall, I would step close to him once in a while so that our shoulders, arms and hands would come in to contact.

I dropped my papers at my desk, headed to my car and drove off to grab lunch. As I was leaving the lot, I noticed Rob walking down a nearby residential street. I abruptly made a turn and stopped by him. I put down the window and asked if he wanted a ride. He said, “I’m just going for a walk, not hungry”.

I lied, “I’m not hungry either. I’m going down to the walking path by the lake, the air is fresher there. Want to join me?”

He grinned, “Sure” and hopped in.

As we were driving, not much was said although you could tell both our minds were turning. When we arrived in the designated parking area, I was shocked to see only two other vehicles, that was unusual. We got out and started walking through the pathway leading to the lake.

It was lined with trees and I walked I beside Rob, out hands touching. I turned my hand towards his and he had done the same, great minds do think alike. I held his hand ever so gently. I stopped walking, forcing him to stop and spin toward me as I was facing him and said, “Rob, I’m not going to give you any bull, I’ve had the hots for you ever since you came off the road, started in the office and I got to see you every day. You’ve been working 20′ away from me for two months now and most days I spend more time thinking about you than actually working.”

He responded with, “Ray, I’ve been with Mark for six years and I love him dearly; but, you are not very good at hiding how you look at me and I’ve been thinking about casino firmaları you, too”.

Just then I realized our faces were mere inches away and at the same time we moved toward each other. Our lips met and although it was a very short kiss it was incredible. We started walking toward the beach and I realized I was rock hard.

We got down near the water, walked the path (hand in hand, as people walked, rode bikes past us) for 20 minutes or so, talking about work, co-workers, etc and we discovered we had similar views about some of the losers we worked with.

OK, time to go. On the way back to the car through the tree-lined walkway we stopped for a kiss. This one, however, was much longer and our tongues were playing tag continuously. Both of us had erections and were trying to get to each other, unfortunately our pants and underwear kept them from making out.

As I drove back to the office (we held hands the entire way and often glanced at each other and smiled). We walked in a few minutes late and I could feel the eyes upon us; but, I didn’t care, I was too excited.

Within five minutes I was typing a note to Rob on the computer, “Hi Rob, Is Mark picking you up? If not, I’ll gladly give you a ride home” and pressed the send button.

Just then, I was asked to help a co-worker move her desk. While I was leaving, one of the other women asked if she could use my work space for a minute and I said, “Sure”.

When I returned minutes later the woman at my desk was smiling, got up and left with a smirk on her face. I sat down, glanced at my screen which I had not turned off. A mistake which would surely be the talk of the office. Rob thinking I would still be sitting there, had quickly replied, “Ray, I would be very grateful if you could give me a ride home, Mark is out of town all week. I’ll make it worth your while, wink, wink. By the way, I really enjoyed our walk down by the lake today. Hope the day güvenilir casino goes by fast, looking forward to my ride home.”

Guess I’ve been caught, thankfully he didn’t say anything about us making out. Anyway, our company policy does not allow discrimination and what goes on outside the building is of no interest to them.

The entire afternoon I kept busy, had lots to do. That was good, time goes by faster when you are busy. Every chance I got though, I would walk out of my way to pass near Rob’s desk and smile. Guess what – He did the same thing.

Throughout the day, there were numerous co-workers meeting and snickering, surely the word was spreading quickly and you know what, it didn’t bother me a bit. Absolutely none of them knew my family and I always knew that someday I would come out of the closet. I knew when I was a teenager that I was attracted to men; but, growing up in a small community never was a good place to be gay. Now I’m in the big city and although most people frown on it, gays and lesbians are out and proud everywhere now.

At 4:00 called my wife and said I was giving a co-worker who didn’t drive a ride to the hospital to visit his mother for a couple of hours. We would likely eat at the hospital, I’d drive him home and should be there in a few hours. It was her bowling night. She’d leave the house by 7 and wouldn’t be home til 10 or so. I knew our son would gladly stay with his best friend who lived next door til I got in.

Finally, 4:30 and I was at Rob’s desk with a smile from ear to ear. We started for the door and the entire way I could see everyone watching us, smiling and trying not to giggle, I didn’t care. In fact, I was proud of myself for finally having the balls to let Rob know what I had been feeling for the last few weeks.

We got in the car and before I pulled out of the lot we were holding hands and I knew it was going to be a night I would never forget. I could already feel pre-cum wetting my underwear and hoped Rob was having the same feeling. As often as possible we would look and smile at each other, surely other motorists were aware, I sure hoped they were, I wanted to be seen.

To be continued …

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