Foot Slave Ch. 05

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Reviewing my husband’s finances, which had been kept as kind of a secret from my sister and me, we found that he was in far better financial shape than we had previously thought, and we had thought that he was in really good shape already.

While I had distracted my unsuspecting hubbie, Phoebe had snuck into his office and gone through his financial documents. She had learned that he had one cash account with just over a 100,000 balance. Additionally, our house was completely paid for and there was a multitude of stock investments as well.

Our plan remained to get everything eventually, but we decided to start with the cash account. We let the entire month proceed with no relief for Paul, despite our really ramping up the teasing. We graciously allowed him to return sleeping in our beds, on a rotating basis, but only after we made him promise not to disturb us by harassing or begging us for relief. He slipped up once, of course, but we added another week to his denial and he, from that point forward, dared not move, speak or anything else in bed without our prompting him.

The real reason that he was allowed to return to our bedrooms, in addition to the teasing, was so that the other one of us could slip out for the evening. We had both taken to hitting the clubs on occasion for fun nights of drinking, dancing, flirting, and, occasionally, more.

We each allowed him to use his hands and mouth to bring us to orgasm occasionally, but rather than reward him, we simply told him what a good boy was and went to sleep. On the evenings in which he went to sleep first, we used our toys and masturbated, loudly enough to wake him up and drive him crazy. We could tell that he was awake each time, getting more and more frustrated, but he just pretended to be asleep motionless, worried that any action could be deemed as bothering us and would allow us to add another week to his denial.

We had learned from past experience that if we waited until the precise date that his punishment was set to end, he was ready and focused on getting relief, and was actually more difficult to agree to things, as he knew that we had already promised him relief that day.

So, this time, a couple of days early, the unsuspecting man came home after work and was surprised by the two of us waiting for him, dressed to kill. We took turns passionately kissing him and announced that he had been such a good boy that we were giving him one of our Special Treat Days early. We undressed him, removed his belt and instructed him to go put on a pair of shorts and a nice shirt.

When he returned, we all went to the car, and Phoebe drove as I sat in the back with Paul. Instead of my usual tease, this time I remained nuzzled up against him the entire time, whispering into and licking his ears.

“Paulie, you have been so good this month; I don’t know how you did it. You will get a big reward today baby, your Mistress Toni promises you that, baby.”

As I spoke, I crossed my stocking covered legs onto his bare legs (why else had we requested that he wear shorts?) and allowed my hand to stroke his inner thigh all the way up to his balls.

He was so focused on me that he hadn’t even noticed that Phoebe had pulled into an auto dealership and parked.

“Hey you two,” she called out from the front seat, “Did you see these new sports cars, Wow! Let’s just stop and take a quick look.”

“She’s always loved looking at cars, Paulie; she just turned 20 you know,” I added when Paul started to express something, which I knew would be that he would prefer to get to the mall. “Let’s just let her walk around the showroom.”

As we all got out of the car, we were greeted by a stunning brunette sales lady named Suzy. She was in a short, sexy suit with heels and sexy nylons, the kind with the dark line running up the back of each leg. She led us around each of the cars, discussing the features of each one. The words she was using were “sexy”, “curvy”, “Powerful” and the like. Each word really more accurately described herself than the cars. Paul’s eyes never left her; of course, with her leading him and Phoebe and I on each side of him, even if he hadn’t wanted to focus on her he would have had a hard time with it. Nonetheless, I was impressed that she kept him so focused on her that casino şirketleri he never even glanced at the price of one of the cars.

Of course, he had no idea that we had already been working with Suzy for a while, or that we were here on anything other than a whim. Actually, we had already done everything, including having his credit already set up. The contract was already prepared; all we needed to do was convince him to sign.

Without saying anything, Suzy lead us into an office at the back of the showroom and indicated that we three should sit on one side of the table while she glided to the other side. Paul certainly didn’t notice that she slid the thermostat way up as she crossed the room. Things would heat up in the office soon, in more ways than one.

As we sat, with Paulie in the middle of course, she reached the other side of the table and raised her leg nonchalantly and placed her heel on her chair, giving us a great view, but not too obviously, as she said to herself, “Damn, I think I have a run in my new stockings.”

She looked over at us apologetically and asked sweetly, “Do you mind terribly if I fix this? I know it is not exactly professional, but this just drives me crazy.”

“Of course not,” Phoebe answered, “It happens to me all the time. Please go ahead.”

Suzy sensually pulled her skirt up revealing her lace stocking tops and began slowly, slowly rolling them off.

She glanced up and softly spoke, “Sorry, I’m so slow, but I want to be careful that I don’t ruin them anymore. I may be able to repair them.”

“No worries,” I replied. “We’re just here on a lark anyway.”

I turned to address Paulie, “You don’t mind, do you?”

He just barely shook his head as he didn’t want to take his eyes off of her.

As she slowly did one leg, then the other, Phoebe and I began rubbing our own legs against Paul’s, and taking turns reaching under the table to either stroke him or take his hands in ours and guide them along our own stockings.

This went on for a while, as Suzy took a leisurely time removing her stockings, folding them up, placing them in a drawer, then opening a new packet, unfolding them and rolling each of them onto a leg.

When she finally sat down across from us, Paulie may as well have been hypnotized. She smiled and thanked us for our patience, then put a contract in front of us.

“Let me outline for you the cost of the car,” she stated.

She began going through line by line of the contract, pointing at each portion of it with the end of her pen as she got to it. When not pointing, she brought the pen casually to her mouth where she would allow it to rest on her lips as she explained the point.

We knew that Paulie loved this and was not hearing anything that she said; he was focused on that pen, her lips and her mouth. Additionally, Phoebe and I were physically bringing him to a breaking point, as we undid his belt and pants and allowed his cock to pop free.

When this occurred, he broke his stare from Suzy and looked at me, horrified that he was exposed.

“It’s alright, Paulie,” I leaned in and whispered, “It’s under the table, no one can see anything, baby.”

He looked back at Suzy; she was still talking, but now casually tracing her ample cleavage with that pen.

“Darn, I dropped an earring.” Phoebe announced.

She bent down to look for it, but instead of looking, when she got under the table, she quickly took Paul’s cock into her mouth and moved her mouth up and down a few times. When Paul adjusted in his chair, Phoebe gave a little tug to his shorts. This pulled them down far enough to give us unimpeded access to his cock and balls for teasing purposes. She then returned to her seat.

“Did you find it, sis?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, no,” she answered.

“I’ll look,” I helpfully announced. I then went down and repeated Phoebe’s actions on Paul’s cock before coming back up.

“Do you want me to come look?” Suzy asked.

“No,” Paul nearly shouted, as Phoebe and I nearly laughed out loud, “I mean they’ll find it themselves,” he added trying to act like he was still in control. He was now burning up. The room was hot and so was he. He was very uncomfortable and beginning to sweat.

“Oh, you casino firmaları just want me to get to the bottom line, Paul?” she asked.

“Yes, yes, please,” he replied.

“Well, Paulie, it’s this number.” She said as she pointed with the pen to a number.

The number was just under 50,000.

“Just initial here, and sign the bottom line, and the car is yours, or should I say Phoebe’s?” She laughed, handed him the pen and smiled at him.

“I don’t think we are making a purchase today, but thank you for your information; we’ll think it over.” He replied.

“OK, then, no problem at all,” she cheerfully answered. “Just keep me in mind when you decide to do something.”

Paul relaxed until she stood to walk to the door, and he noticed that Phoebe and I were standing as well.

“Wait,” he said.

“What dear?” I innocently asked.

Suzy was holding the door and waiting for us to leave the office.

“I can’t stand up right now.” He said.

We all knew that he couldn’t because his pants were down, but he didn’t know that Suzy was in on it, so he couldn’t give a reason.

“Do you want to continue looking over the numbers? Paul?” Suzy asked.

“Yes, yes, that’s it.” He answered.

“Sure, take your time.” Suzy stated. “You don’t mind if I freshen up my makeup before going back into the showroom, do you?”

“No, of course, not,” I answered. “You go right ahead.”

As Suzy began teasingly primping, Phoebe announced that she was going to find her earing and disappeared back under the table. This time, she wasn’t just teasing. She took his cock in both hands, and gave long, slow licks up the entire length of his shaft, focusing on his most sensitive underside. This would drive him insane, but she was not gripping or pumping so it would not bring him to release.

As Paul watched Suzy and felt Phoebe, I leaned in and whispered to him. “Paulie, baby, just sign the damn contract. Phoebe needs a car anyway, and she will take this as an incredibly sweet gesture, as will I.”

My tongue entered his ear as he answered me, “But, it’s 50,000.”

“So, you can do that, baby, that’s not a problem for a guy like you, Paulie,” I directly told him.

“Oh my God,” he uttered, as he was watching Suzy reapplying her lipstick and tracing her lips with her tongue as Phoebe began taking his whole cock back into her mouth.

“What’s that, Paul?” Suzy turned and asked.

“I think he just decided to buy it, right dear?” I asked, putting him on the spot.

“Yes, fine,” he answered, picking up the pen and initialing and signing the contract.

“Great, Paul,” Suzy answered, coming over and picking up the contract. She walked to the door, opened it and called another employee over. Handing him the contract, she instructed him to get the blue car ready and pull it around for us.

She returned to her seat across from us.

“I don’t know what it is, but I am awfully hot,” she said.

“Me, too,” Phoebe answered, just back from under the table. Her hand was still underneath it, as was mine, slowly stroking Paulie, keeping him fully aroused and right on edge.

Suzy stood and turned towards the wall, lazily let her suit jacket fall off of her and she placed it on a hook on the wall. As she turned back to us and sat down, Phoebe and I felt Paul’s cock as it twitched to attention as she was in a strapless top that looked more like lingerie than a professional top.

She smiled while placing another contract on the table.

“And here’s the one for the red car; I understand that this one is for Toni,” she teasingly said. “As you can see Paul, the numbers were exactly the same.”

Paul was stunned; this completely blindsided him. “The red one, Toni’s car, where the Hell did that come from?” he thought. He was certain that he hadn’t heard any of this before.

As these thoughts went through his mind, I spoke, “Ooh, Phoebe, I think I see your earring. ” And with that I disappeared under the table to continue his blowjob.

As I slowly took him fully in my mouth, he groaned a little.

“Is there a problem, Paul?” Suzy asked, “Anything I can clarify for you?”

As she spoke, she reached into a small candy dish on the table and picked up and unwrapped güvenilir casino a small lollipop.

“No, no just thinking,” he answered.

Suzy nodded, while casually licking the candy.

Phoebe now whispered into his other ear, as I relaxed my pace below, keeping my moist mouth and tongue on him, but giving nowhere near the motion needed for him to climax.

“Paulie, baby, you know that you can’t buy one mistress a car and not your other one,” she whispered. “I am honored that you thought enough of me to buy mine first, and I will reward you for that, baby.”

Her tongue now explored his ear, before she continued, “But, baby, I’m just trying to help you out right now. Uh, huh, your Mistress Phoebe is trying to take care of you. Toni, as amazing as she is, I know you know what I mean, you feel it right now on your cock, don’t you?”

He nodded, as she went on, “Amazing as she is, can be a vindictive bitch, I’m sorry to say. I hate to think of how she’ll treat you if she feels that you favor me over her, and that’s how she might interpret your buying me a car and not her.”

He nodded in slight agreement, still staring at Suzy. I couldn’t blame him; she was beautiful. Additionally, what her mouth was doing to that lollipop had to be driving him completely insane. She would lick it, swirl her tongue around, take the whole thing in her mouth and suck, all while watching Paul from just across the table.

“On the other hand,” Phoebe continued, “I am sure that your rewards will be great if you buy it for her. She does do some amazing things sexually, you know.”

Suzy had been looking down and gently rubbing her exposed cleavage, as though removing a smudge or something but now looked up at us.

“I can at least come help look for the earring,” she announced and stood.

“No,” Paul said quickly.

“Why not?” She quizzically asked. “I should at least help with that while you are thinking about the car.

Suzy began walking around the desk to our side, as Paulie became frantic to think of a way to stop her.

“Sign it, quickly, Paul, and she’ll leave.” Phoebe whispered.

“Yes, yes, but Suzy, I need you to take this and get the red car, please?” He announced as he signed the second contract and practically threw it at her to stop her from coming closer.

“Of course,” she answered. She smiled, took the contract and left the office.

Phoebe and I stood up, straightened our clothes and instructed Paul to dress himself and come along.

“But I’m not done yet,” he said.

“Of course not, silly, not here,” Phoebe answered. “We can’t have you making a big mess on Suzy’s desk or carpet, can we? How would that look?”

Defeated, still full of cum and out 100,000, he buttoned his pants and walked out with us. He walked toward his car as we each walked towards our new cars, parked out front and ready for us.

Suzy met us about halfway through the showroom and handed us the keys. “Each is full of fuel and ready to go,” she announced.

“So I’ll see you at home then?” Paul asked hopefully.

“Sure, baby, we’ll see you at home on Sunday, Paulie.” I answered.

“What?” he asked desperately, “It’s only Friday.”

“Of course it is, silly,” Phoebe answered, “And your punishment is up on Sunday, remember? And we have these new cars so we are going on a quick weekend getaway.”

“Well, yes,” he answered. “But, I thought there was a special reward this weekend mentioned.”

“Of course there is, baby, “Phoebe replied while smiling, “You can stay out of your belt all weekend, that is, if you choose to.”

“I wouldn’t advise not wearing the belt, though,” I said to him. “It has been a long time for you, and it could prove to be too tempting to be home alone, with access to all of my and Phoebe’s silk clothes, heels and nylons. We also have lotions and oils available. Rather than quickly pleasuring yourself, I would suggest that you drive straight home, get back in your belt, and wait until Sunday. That way you’ll be nice and full for us.”

I turned and climbed in my car, started it up, and called out, “But, it’s up to you, Paulie; have a good weekend.”

I backed the car up, then followed Phoebe out of the parking lot, leaving him alone, having been brought nearly to orgasm several times in the past hour and with all of the thoughts of going home to our soft clothes, lotions and oils that I had just placed in his mind.

“He didn’t have a chance,” I thought as I drove away.

To be continued…

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