Camping Stories 03

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After living and working overseas for ten years, I recently moved back home when my marriage disintegrated.

It was nice to see my parents again but after about a week I started to get bored; it was high summer and I was mooching about like a teenager.

The phone rang, it was my cousin Jack, asking if I would like to go on a camping trip to Spain with him and his wife Michelle. I jumped at the opportunity. I told them I would bring my own tent so they would have some privacy.

Jack was like a brother to me. His parents died and he moved in with us when he was eight years old. We always got along but, since I was six years older than him, we never really spent much time together; we had nothing in common. Jack got married and moved out a couple of years ago. He still lives nearby and checks in with my parents regularly.

A few days later a car, with a roofbox on, pulled into our drive. Jack and Michelle stepped out.

My cousin looked really good. When I moved out he was a dopey looking kid with long hair and a baby face. Now that his face had caught up with his age, with his tan, square jaw and short back and sides, he really looked hot.

We took the Eurotunnel to France and, as soon as we arrived, made a beeline for the Picos de Europa National park in Northwest Spain. Michelle planned to meet an old friend in Bilbao, not far from our destination.

After driving about ten hours we pulled into a lay-by and slept for another two before driving on again. We finally arrived at the campsite eighteen hours after our initial arrival in France. It was midday and the sun was hot but, by God the location was beautiful. Pine forests and spectacular peaks, bathed in a clear blue sky. It was a Tuesday and the campsite was completely deserted. We had heard these campsites could be very busy on weekends and planned accordingly.

Reception, the shop and showers were all located at the top of a small hill. Gravel roads, leading to designated camping areas, radiated downhill in four directions. After checking in, we drove down each of the four roads to choose a spot to pitch camp. There were no designated sites, only flat areas suitable for camping, and hills, scrub and prickly brush, unsuitable for camping. We selected a spot, near a tumbling stream, and pitched our tents. I raised my little, one-man tent, about fifteen metres away from Jack and Michelle’s, so they could have some privacy.

We planned on staying until Friday morning, when the campsite would become crowded, and then head off to see the sights in Bilbao and San Sebastian. The plan was for Michelle to take the car and most of the gear, including my tent, on Thursday morning and drive to Bilbao to see her friend. She would stay overnight and we would pack the rest of the gear and catch a bus on Friday and meet her in Bilbao later in the day.

After two glorious days exploring the park, we packed everything except the clothes on our back and the tent into the car. We said our goodbyes but as soon as Michelle started off, she skidded to a stop again. She tossed the car’s medical pack out of the window.

“You’d better keep this. Just in case. See ya tomorrow.”

We had a couple of bottles of wine cooling in the stream and spent the rest of the day lazing in the sun, drinking and reading. Mosquitoes arrived with sunset, so we retired to the tent for the night. I had a small citronella candle, which I preferred casino şirketleri over a torch since it kept the mosquitoes away and provided sufficient light for reading. Jack complained that it wasn’t safe for the tent but I brushed him off; I had been using it for years without incident. We agreed that I was going to sleep on the right side. I put the candle between us so we could both read.

Jack took off his shirt and shorts, leaving only his boxers and climbed into his sleeping bag. He was more slim than muscular, but when he twisted away to get his book from behind, the muscles on his back rippled in a manner I found myself, to my chagrin, getting wet. He reached down and removed his boxers and laid them beside his sleeping bag.

“Sleeping commando eh?” I exclaimed.

Jack raised his eyebrows and replied that he slept naked because it was more comfortable.

I had a long T-shirt to sleep in. I turned my back to Jack and took off my top . After pulling my t-shirt on, I quickly removed my shorts and knickers, put my clothes to the side and turned to get into my sleeping bag. Jack was turned towards my side, reading. I wondered if possibly he might be watching me and only pretending to read. I suddenly got a horny urge to flash my pussy. I spread my legs slightly so as not to make it obvious, then whilst putting one leg into the sleeping bag, bent the other at the knee causing my T-shirt to slide up my thigh towards my hip. My crotch was exposed, my pubes were trimmed. If he looked, he would be staring right at my damp and glossy gash. My cunt was just behind his book, he couldn’t he miss it if he moved his eyes even slightly. I didn’t dare look at his face but quickly put my other leg into the sleeping bag. I grabbed my book and, heart pounding, pretended to start reading. Right away Jack put his book down and turned on his left side, facing away from me.

“I’m going to sleep now, don’t forget to blow out the candle.”

I watched him. I few minutes later I saw some movement, was it my imagination or was he pulling his cock in the sleeping bag? Was it possible that he saw my pussy and was now wanking to it? A minute later my suspicions were confirmed as I detected a faint whiff of cum in our little tent.

My pussy, already excited from flashing Jack, creamed. I stuck two fingers in and contemplated having a wank but decided not to.

I awoke to the smell of burning. Shit! I had fallen asleep without blowing out the candle. The tent was on fire.

I shook Jack awake and shouted at him to get out. He ripped the tent flap open and dragged me out. We stood back, the nylon tent fabric was ablaze. It was too dangerous to get close. A few minutes later it was out. Everything in the tent had been destroyed in the flames. Luckily the moon behind the clouds provided some light.

I looked at my cousin. I looked at his cock. He had a nice cock, not big, just nice. He looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“Really? You burn our tent down and now all you can do is stare at my penis?”

A warning rumble and suddenly we were in the middle of a ferocious thunderstorm. Rain bucketed down, soaking my T-shirt instantly. The fabric clung to my breasts like a second skin, exposing their full form as the cold rain hardened my nipples.

Now it was my cousin’s turn, “nice tits” he laughed. “Hang on, I’ve got an idea.”

I had no shoes since mine were in the tent, casino firmaları but his sandals had been left outside. He put them on and ran to where the medical pack lay. He quickly unzipped it, pulled out the foil blanket and unfolded it. It was quite large, probably two metres square. He ran back to me, his dick flopping from side to side and wrapped the foil blanket around me.

I protested, “It’s big enough for both of us.”

He smiled and and raised his hands to his sides, presenting his nakedness, his cock.

“Ok, well then give me a piggy back and we’ll walk to the reception building for clothes and shelter.”

I climbed on his broad, muscular back, my hands around his neck. He boosted my up, moving his hands from my thighs to under my bare arse cheeks for adjustment. My legs were spread wide on his back, my mound against his skin. My gaping pussy was warm from the erotic thrill of the taboo situation. It was just as well we were both wet from rain or he would definitely feel my cunt dribble down his lower back. I pulled the space blanket over my head and around us both and we began the walk up the steep gravel road, towards reception.

After a hundred metres or so, I began to get uncomfortable. My legs were stretched wide and my pussy was gaping wide open. Wind and rain was blowing up from underneath the blanket and what had been a nice warm glow in my groin, was replaced by a chilly shivering.

I asked Jack to put me down. As I slid down my crotch passed over his well muscled buttock and I felt a thrill of pleasure once more, but I squealed in pain when my feet touched the road. The gravel was unbearable without shoes. There was no way I could walk on it.

“Look, we’re just going to have to bite the bullet. I can’t walk on this road in bare feet, but I can stand on your feet and we can both walk without any problems.”

With no other option available Jack reluctantly agreed. He took the blanket and wrapped it around himself. I backed up to him, stepped on his sandaled feet, then he wrapped his arms around me enclosing us both in the blanket.

We started walking uphill again. It seemed to be working but I soon became exquisitely conscious of the warmth of his body against mine -and the feeling of something hard prodding between my bum cheeks.

“I’m really sorry” Jack exclaimed, “it’s nature, I can’t help it.”

“It’s ok” I replied, “don’t worry about it.”

We kept walking, in silence. I was standing on Jack’s feet and consequently, I was slightly above him, thus my bum hole was pretty much in line with the head of his cock. Every step it pushed harder and harder against my hole.

“We have to stop. If we keep on like this I’ll lose my anal virginity. Look, I’ll just move your cock and hold it between my legs.”

I put my hand behind my back and grabbed his cock. It felt so hard, so good in my hand. I put it between my thighs and clamped it as tightly as I could.

We started walking again. It didn’t really work as planned since I could not clamp my thighs and walk at the same time. Jack’s cock slid under my pussy. Feeling his cock sliding between my thighs and under my pussy as we walked. I vowed to myself, as soon as I was alone I would have a serious masturbation session. After a few steps he stumbled and I fell slightly forwards. The mushroom of his cock entered my pussy. He groaned. I gasped and jerked forwards causing it to pop güvenilir casino out again.

“We can’t.” We both pronounced simultaneously. We laughed and the tension was reduced somewhat.

We could see the reception building now. The lights were on and a man was getting into a golf buggy. It headed down the hill in our direction. We walked another few steps. I luxuriated in the feeling of my cousin’s stiff cock against my dripping pussy and clit. I knew it would soon be over.

Jack tripped again. I fell forward and he caught me at the same time as I jerked back, not wishing to fall in the road. As I jerked back I felt his helmet cradled between my pussy’s inner lips. Without hesitation, I relaxed my legs and dropped my steaming cunt directly onto his cock. It went in all the way, balls deep. It was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself, it felt too good. I ground my crotch in circles around his rod.

The golf cart was getting close. It was too late, we couldn’t pull apart now, the driver would see. We kept walking connected by my cousin’s hard pole up my slit. Unfortunately a stone got stuck in Jack’s sandal. We stopped. The cart stopped beside us.

The driver was an young, good looking man, with dark hair: “I saw your tent go up in flames, is it out?”

“Yeah it’s out.” Jack replied as he started jiggling his foot, trying to shake the stone out. Already extremely turned on, I felt myself starting to cum from the movement. I tried to hold it back by making myself rigid but that only caused Jack’s jiggling to be more effective at stimulating my clit. My pussy clamped as I came. I groaned and jerked forwards involuntarily.

The driver looked at me strangely.

Jack thought quickly: “She keeps getting foot cramps.”

The driver seemed satisfied with the reply and said I ought to massage it. This was’t really an option because I was still cumming. It was very difficult to keep still. My vagina kept clamping and contracting, again and again on my cousin’s cock. I was cumming on my cousin’s cock! My cousin’s cock was in my pussy.

The thought made the orgasm last longer than any ever before. I was cumming on my cousin’s cock.

As the orgasm subsided, I felt Jack’s cock jerk as he spurted cum into my pussy. My orgasm contractions had triggered him to cum! His cock felt so good, so hard. It jerked and spurted again. I felt the wetness of his cum up inside me. My cousin was cumming in my pussy. My cousin was fucking me and squirting cum into my cunt.

The driver asked him a question but Jack just stood there looking at him. The man was trying to have a conversation with Jack at the same time as he was cumming into his sister’s pussy! He obviously couldn’t speak.

I felt another pulse as more cum blasted out of Jack’s penis into my trembling vagina. The man repeated the question but Jack just stood like a statue. The only thing that moved was his cock inside my pussy as he shuddered another milky stream up my tube.

The man shook his head and drove off. The thunder stopped. We stood there in silence for a few minutes. My cousin’s cock softened and slipped out of my satisfied box with a plop.

Wordlessly, we began to walk uphill again. After a few minutes I felt his penis harden against my bum again. We were almost at Reception. I reached behind and grabbed his cock and shifted it downwards to rub under my swollen labia. We turned right and started walking downhill, away from reception. I jerked upwards slightly, then thrust down again. Jack’s helmet pushed past my labia-majora and enshrouded and guided by my labia-minora, his shaft entered my willing hole once more.

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