Halloween Party At Our House…

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Halloween Party At Our House Turns Into More

Halloween night is a night I look forward to every year. Every year we have a party everyone gets drunk and fucks all night. This year was gonna be different I was soon to find out. Everyone starts arriving as usual around 7:00 just about time it gets dark. Even though we know everyone that’s coming, with the costumes its hard to tell who is who. I am dressed as a high school cheerleader and my husband Rick is dressed as a football player. To my surprise every man at the party was also dressed as a football player, all having same color uniform and number. Its hard to tell which one is my husband when they are by each other.

Back in high school I was a cheerleader and Rick was on the football team. I would tease him a lot with my little outfit, bending over and showing my butt cheeks, like I didn’t know they would show. Every year I wore same costume and would do the same thing. Bending over and letting everyone have a look at my white thong I would wear. This drove Rick crazy and he would fuck me so hard after the party, I loved it. A while into the party everyone is feeling good and I start my little show like normal. Bending over getting stuff, letting the thong ride up my ass crack so my ass would show. I was getting so hot doing this and the booze wasn’t helping. I was horny and it was showing.

Rick came over and whispered into my ear. If you want to give a good show go take your panties off and show bare ass. He didn’t have to tell me twice, I slipped into the bathroom and took my panties off. I was so hot and wet I couldn’t help touching my pussy right then. Taking my finger and rubbing it across my clit my whole body shuddered. Damn I was so horny, I slid a finger into my pussy a couple bahis firmaları times then tastes my juice. This only made it worse, I knew I had to cum before I went back out.

Rubbing my clit hard and pinching my nipples I was coming to orgasm quick. But I was so involved i had forgot to lock the door. Almost cumming, I pushed 2 fingers into my pussy and get them wet. Quickly putting the wet fingers to my asshole and pushing them inside. My pussy throbbing as I am going to explode, suddenly the door opens up and in walks Rob, a good friend of Rick’s who also played on the same football team in school.

What do we have here? Smiling he asks if was having fun and needed some help! My pussy still throbbing even though I was embarrassed I asked, are you offering? Quickly Rob closes the door, turns me around and bends me over the sink. Taking his cock out he quickly puts it to my hot pussy. With a quick push his cock goes deep inside if me. My pussy is on fire, I start rubbing my clit fast as Rob starts fucking me with hard thrusts. Suddenly he pulls his cock out and makes me stand up. I’m so close to cumming I am shaking. Opening the door he takes me out to the party.

Look what I found having fun without us! Rob announces to everyone, then he pulls my skirt up and shows my wet pussy to the room. I was scared Rick would freak out so quickly pulled it back down. Show us how wet she is Rob said my husband. I was shocked I never woulda thought this. Rob pulls my skirt up again and this time he slides a finger in my pussy and tells everyone I was soaked, and needed fucked quickly. With that being said all them men stand up and head our way. Everyone except Rick. Quickly I was stripped naked and pulled over to the couch. Rob bends me over the couch and kaçak iddaa shoves his cock into my pussy. Looking around I see Rick watching with his cock in his hand. I could not believe this was happening. All the woman was watching and taking their clothes off too.

Now the party was gonna begin. Rob starts fucking my pussy faster and a cock is pointed in my face. Opening my mouth I start sucking the cock. I cant see a face so I have no idea who it belongs to, nor do I care. Rob shoves it cock deep into me and I feel my orgasm coming. This time there will be no stopping it. Taking the cock deep in my throat at the same time Rob shoves his cock into me hard I start shaking and my orgasm hits me hard. Rob moans then I feel his hot cum shoot deep into my pussy. Then I feel the cock in my mouth throb, then hot cum explodes in my mouth as I swallow quick as I can. Rob pulls his cock out and it is quickly replaced by another.

Looking around I see a woman sucking Rick’s cock and she is rubbing her pussy. I see all the women naked, a couple is licking each others pussy in a 69 in one spot, some more are rubbing each others pussy. This is wild I thought to myself! Another cock is put to my mouth, eagerly I take it and suck it fast. The guy behind me shoves his cock into my pussy hard. Grabbing my hips he fucks me faster, his cock going deeper inside me each stroke. Suddenly he pulls it out of my pussy and puts it to my asshole. Before I get a chance to resist he pushes the head into my ass. The pain hits me fast and my asshole is burning, but I cant scream because there is a cock in my throat. He pushes harder and his cock slides deeper into my asshole. Grunting he pulls his cock out and shoots his cum all over my back. The cock from my mouth moves behind me kaçak bahis and quickly he slides into my asshole as well.

Now Rick walks over and shoves his cock into my mouth. I know you have been wanting something different for a while baby so I planned you something for tonight I hope you are enjoying your Halloween party. The cock in my asshole is pushed hard as he slides deep inside me. Rick is fucking my mouth at same time, I feel another orgasm coming on fast. Pushing my ass back onto the cock invading my asshole, I start cumming again. Moaning loud as I can I cum for seems like forever. Every time he moves his cock in my ass I shake. Then he pulls his cock out and sprays his cum on my back with the other. I have cum dripping off my sides now. Rick pushed hard into my mouth and lets out a moan. His hot cum now fills my mouth as he shoots his load. Them men back up and the women now come over. They start licking the cum off of me and rubbing my pussy.

We all get on the floor and rub each others pussy. A pussy is put over my face and I start licking it eagerly. She cums quickly and another pussy is put to my mouth. I feel a tongue on my pussy now but cant see who it is. Licking the clit above me the woman quickly shakes and moans. Juice drips from her pussy as she cums and I lick it from her. Fingers and being pushed into me as I am spread open. I am moaning and shaking all over. Fingers and slid into my asshole too and a last pussy is put to my mouth. I start licking her pussy as she is moaning. Then I take 2 fingers and shove them into her asshole deep as I can. She lets out a scream and cums right then. looking up I see all the men over us jerking their cocks. All of a sudden cum is shooting from everywhere. Al then men are jerking off and cumming all over us.

Laying back and catching my breath I look around and see a pile of naked people soaked with cum, but everyone has a smile in their face and I know they will be back next year, same time same place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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