Good Clean Fun Ch. 01

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The thought of a friendship turning sexual always kind of frightened me. My friends have always been valuable to me. More so, since losing so many to AIDS. With several of my friends the sexual tension was always there but not acted upon. One of my best friends and I actually ended up in bed together – then a the last minute we both backed off due to fear of a friendship being ruined by sex. Sex with a good friend was the last thing I was thinking about as I prepared to go to the New Year’s Eve party.

I was house sitting for a friend who was on a holiday cruise. His condo in Seattle was up on a hill with a magnificent view of the city. Often I would fix myself a drink, put on the headphones and watch the sun set over the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. The place had a huge Jacuzzi bathtub that could probably hold six adults. A gourmet kitchen had everything you could possibly need to fix an incredible meal. The king-size bed, positioned to take in the city view, was definitely the centerpiece of the massive master bedroom suite. I was taking it all in as I enjoyed a glass of champagne while in the shower. This place was the only home I knew that had a phone in the shower and I used it to call my friend Steve to make sure he was still going to the big party that night. I hated going to parties alone so I was relieved when he told me he would meet me there.

The party was in full swing when I got there. I immediately searched the room for Steve, as I was already uncomfortable being by myself – even though I knew most of the guys in the room. A good 80% of them were with their lover, boyfriend or trick o’ the week. Caterers had prepared an amazing display of food and the champagne was flowing. Steve and I just naturally hang out together as the evening progressed. As midnight neared no one in the room was feeling any pain. The hosts started readying everyone for the stroke of midnight. Glasses were filled, noisemakers were distributed and we all gathered on the deck to prepare for the fireworks blasting off the Space Needle at the appropriate time.

The countdown began and I suddenly realized everyone would be kissing at twelve. This was the first New Year’s I had been casino şirketleri single and I felt very awkward at the realization I would not have a boyfriend to kiss this year. Dick Clark yelled “Happy New Year” from the television at the same time the fireworks shot from the top of the Space Needle. All the revelers started yelling, cheering, clinking glasses and kissing. Steve, who was standing next to me, turned and extended his glass my way. We clinked them together as he smiled at me and said “Happy New Year.”

I returned the good wishes to him and took a drink of champagne. Then Steve took my chin in his hand, said “What the hell,” and gave me one of the most passionate kisses I’d ever received. I don’t know who was more stunned – me or some of our friends in the room. I backed away, set down my glass and dove back to his lips for seconds. Now it was Steve’s turn to be shocked.

He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I think we need to get out of here.” We left the party without saying good-bye to anyone. Both of us were being fairly quiet as we walked the several blocks to the condo where I was house-sitting. Steve broke the stillness with, “Are you sure you’re all right with this?”

“Sure, I just wasn’t expecting this to happen. I thought I might go home with someone if I got lucky. I just wasn’t expecting it to be one of my closest friends.”

When we got inside the condo we stopped in the hall to gently kiss each other again. I could tell Steve was as nervous and excited as I was about the situation. We were both shaking a little, but the hardness grinding into my own stiff crotch told me there was no turning back now. He started unbuttoning my shirt and, after spying the Jacuzzi, said, “I think we need to get out of these clothes and into the tub.”

Clothes were dropping left and right as we made our way to the bedroom. By the time we neared the bed both of us were totally nude. I then realized it was the first time I had ever seen Steve without his clothing – and I was impressed. Steve is about six feet tall, with short black hair, the ever-present hit of a heavy day’s growth of beard and beautiful blue eyes. He always wore somewhat baggy clothing so I was surprised casino firmaları to see a powerful upper body covered with thick, yet trimmed, back hair. His perfectly formed pecs and six-pack abs were highlighted by dark hair in the crevasses of his chiseled torso. All of his muscular definition seemed to direct me attention to a neatly manicured pubic patch, shaved balls and a thick, hard cock pointing past his belly button and to the sky.

The word “yum” came from his mouth, as he looked me up and down. Obviously he wasn’t disappointed by what he saw either. Pushing me back on the bed, he climbed on top of me and kissed me much rougher than before. Suddenly, he jumped up and ran out of the room. Then I heard water running into the Jacuzzi. He strutted back into the bedroom, climbed back on top of me and between licking my chest, nipples and armpits said, “I found some Mr. Bubble in the bathroom – makes getting clean ALMOST as much fun as getting dirty.”

We both laughed and got right back in to exploring every surface of each other’s bodies. We were a mass of arms, legs, tongues, and fingers. Steve was giving my balls a good washing, while I chewed on his right nipple and moved a couple fingers in a circular motion around his asshole. In no time were lost in a surprising lust and passion for each other.

“Oh, shit!,” yelled Steve and he bounded off the bed and ran down the hall again. He immediately started laughing and I went to see what was going on. Bubbles were making there way from the bathroom into the hall like a Hawaiian lava flow. Steve waded into the suds and was able to shut the water off. I followed him into the foam and we found ourselves kissing and fondling each other in the middle of the mess. Within minutes we were back where we left off and all the bubbles just added to the experience. I was turned over and lifted onto the side of the tub. Steve endlessly ate my ass, teasing me with his tongue, while I jerked my own meat. Positions constantly changed. He would lick and suck precum from the tip of my throbbing meat, while I played with his ass. I would have both of his smooth balls in my mouth as he inserted one, two and then three fingers deep into my rectum. Then we would be güvenilir casino jerking each other off with one hand; pinching and twisting a nipple apiece with the other. The tub play seemed to last for hours as all the bubbles slowly disappeared.

When we realized both the water and air had turned cold we headed back to the king-sized bed. Condoms were found in the nightstand and Steve rolled one down his still-hard prick. Lifting my legs up over my head, he went back to lubing my twitching asshole with his saliva. When he thought I was ready I felt the tip of his cock at my hole. In one very slow, smooth constant movement he was all the way inside me. We lay still for a moment as my ass adjusted to the intruder. He kissed me gently on the neck and tongued my ear. Then he began a steady pistoning of my ass that brought me closer and closer to coming with each thrust. The head of his cock was finding my prostate with each plunge. Unable to hold back any longer, my cock began spitting gobs of hot creamy liquid over my head onto the headboard, across my face and all over my chest hair. With each spurt my assring contracted around Steve’s hot prod, urging him to pound me deeper and harder. Finally, an animal sound rumbled from his throat and it felt like he was going to push me through the bedroom wall as he came. He collapsed on top of me and we drifted off to slept with his cock softening in my ass.

I woke in the morning to a very disheveled bed and sunlight filling the room. I could smell coffee being made. Rolling over, I found I was the only occupant of the bed. Just then a smiling Steve came walking into the room nude with a tray holding two cups of coffee, orange juice and champagne. His cock was again hard and, from my angle in bed, it looked as though it was holding the tray in position.

Setting the tray down on the nightstand, he leaned over and kissed me. “Happy New Year. I hope you don’t have any plans today because I plan on spending the entire day having sex with you.”

If I had any plans they were immediately canceled. We had sex just about every way two men possibly could and didn’t get out of bed until early evening. During one of our breaks to catch our breath we agreed that this was nothing more than two great friends having an incredible time bringing in the new year together. If it didn’t happen again it would be no big deal. If the opportunity came up again we would enjoy it just as much.

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