Gladiators Ch. 01

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Anal Toy

Victor the Gladiator

“Hey!” a man shouts.

He isn’t talking to them but it’s all it takes for his training partner to be distracted. The boy looks a bit younger than him, maybe 20 or 18 years old. He is ugly and clumsy with his sword. Victor can’t believe his managers are wasting his time making him train with a weakling like this. Victor knocks the sword out of the boys hand and sends him flying with a kick to the chest. He should keep training a bit more before his match but the last boy frustrated him so much that he needs to cool down. He was given a temporary room in the back of the coliseum where he could get ready before the match and patch up his wounds after, if he got any, so Victor decides to head there.

The room is small and smells of sweat and blood. There is only enough room for an armours and weapons rack, a small table and a chair. This is an old and poor coliseum so he wasn’t expecting much anyway. At least his managers furnished it with his few requests: a pitcher of pale ale, fresh fruits and a boy whore from the Love Palace. The boy looks young; he’s quite short and thin with short curly black hair on his head and nowhere else guessed Victor though he couldn’t see through the boy’s navy robe. When he sees Victor he greets him with a large smile of unexpectedly good teeth for someone from the Love Palace.

“Can I get you anything, sir?”

“You’re not a servant, boy. You’re here for only one reason”

Victor swiftly removes his sweaty training tunic and throws it in a corner. He walks across the room and sits his naked body on the chair. The boy seems neither pleased nor dismayed but he hesitates all the same. Victor nudges at his half-hard dick.

“C’mon, boy! Get to work,”

The boy gets on his knee and brings his soft lips to Victor’s now fully erect organ. The boy slowly strokes Victor’s cock while teasing him with his tongue and lips. The game could be enjoyed if they were on a silk bed with no worries and all the night before them but, now, they haven’t got all day.

“We’re not gonna make love and spoon after. Just make me cum, boy!” and he pushes the boys heads down, driving his 9 inches down his throat.

The boy chokes on Victor’s meat but manages to gather himself and starts blowing him. Both of his hands are on Victor’s thighs, stroking and massaging his hard muscles, while his head hungrily slurps up and down his dick. When the boy comes up for air, he can see his pre-cum oozing and mixing with the boy’s saliva on his penis’s head, only to be swallowed again. The boy was now doing a good job. Victor slid his hands in the boy’s dark curly hair and tried to think of something to get him off.

His thoughts wandered for a moment but settled on his memory of two nights ago. Three naked men in a single large bed. They were foreign merchants that he met in a bar. There were older than him, in their 30s and one in his 40s most likely. They had seen him in a fight at the coliseum that day and were fawning over him like schoolboys over the princess. He had followed them to their inn to begin a parade of blowjobs, making out and hard fuck. Victor probably had every surface of his body licked and kissed that night. He played the only top and fucked them all turn by turn until everybody came at least twice and all fell asleep. He remembered going to the bathroom and feeling how sore his dick was when he felt the arms of one of them hugging him. The kisses in his neck, the biting on his ear. He was getting hard again even if couldn’t find the strength to fuck again. So it came to a nice surprise when he felt the man’s wet fingers and soon his cock slide in his rectum. The man casino şirketleri gripped Victor’s hips and rammed him hard and fast until Victor came in a fountain of cum and the man up his ass.

Suddenly, the door of the small room slammed open, Marcus came in and stopped short starring at Victor and the boy sucking him. The boy starred back, he seemed to wonder if that man was going to be another customer or something else. Victor pushed his head back against his dick, nudging him to keep going.

“What is it Marcus?”

“Some fighter hurt himself training so you’re fight was moved. You’re next”

“Fine” Victor sighed.

He gripped the boy’s hair and lowered his head to his balls. The boy started licking and sucking on them while Victor grabbed his cock and jerked himself. Marcus looked impatient and about to say something but he also seemed to want to see his fighter cum and Victor did. Thick ropes of hot cum rolled down his hand and dripped on the boys face. All the pressure and stress seem to disappear, for a moment only. Victor stood up and wiped himself on the boys robe.

“Who am I fighting again? Some guy from the north?”

“Yes, from Forgeville. His mangers claim he’s gifted with all kinds of weapons but from what I heard he always fights with a sword.”

Victor slipped in his reinforced fighting shorts and put on his leather arm guard. Since he’s fighting a swordsman he decides to go with a sword also. He is about to put on his plastered jacket when Marcus stops him.

“You’re fighting in bare chest today. The public loves to see your body and if you get a few more scars you’ll just look more fearsome.”

“Or I’ll look weaker”

Victor grudgingly puts his jacket back on the rack, picks up his bastard sword and heads to the arena.

Liam the Lord

“Here is your ale. It’s one silver coin”

“There and thank you sir”

Liam should’ve kept the politeness to himself because he only got a “look who thinks he’s fancy now” look from the waiter. It was just a reflex from court but something that was now making him stand out. It’s not like he was coming here in secret but when he likes to go as a simple spectator when scouting for new fighters. Although, on a hot day like this perhaps he should have taken a shaded suite.


The crowd boos…


The crowd explodes in cheers and screams of delight.

Liam rolls his eyes. Vipers are far from original and hardly a “twist”. Most poor coliseums have death matches because it’s their only way to gather spectator in their subpar establishment.


He is tall, probably 6’7, and very large. Thick legs, thick arms, close cropped hair and beard. The man is a caricature of the northerners but impressive nonetheless while carrying a humongous axe and wearing heavy chain mail. Liam doesn’t pay much attention to him because no man like that would have made it halfway across the continent without already having a serious gladiator company behind him.


The crowd is ecstatic but Liam tries to focus, this is the last one he came to see. Liam’s contact from the lower city told him of a few gladiators in the dirt pits that were worth watching and he especially recommended Victor. Apparently he was so good he could probably win in the golden rings too. His contact also said he was perfect for Liam in particular, whatever that meant. But when he saw him, he casino firmaları knew what it meant. Victor was gorgeous. A good 6 foot tall, thick brown hair falling to his ears, a thin beard covering his masculine jaw and making his deep blue eyes stand out. Biceps, chest and abs chiseled by intense training and surprisingly smooth of any scars for a man of his trade. He wasn’t wearing much, only a pair of plated shorts and arm guard on his sword hand. His whole getup or lack thereof was very pleasing for the eyes but hardly appropriate for a gladiator. Men and women were screaming scandalous propositions his way, which was obviously the goal, but his opponent seemed pleased that it would be easier to slice him up.


Feran charges Victor with surprising speed and swings his axe with the intention to kill. Victor dodges in extremis and lazily slashes at his opponent, only to have his sword bounce off the mail. They dance like this for a while. Victor his good gladiator, confident but he knows his limits and those of his enemy. He is obviously trying to tire the other out since he has a heavier weapon and armour. The strategy pays off when Feran swings too hard and buries his axe in the sand. Victor jumps and aims his sword for the man’s head. However, Feran must have seen it coming or even counted on it because in swift move he tackles Victor before his sword could connect. The handsome warrior lands squarely on his back while the other begins the fatal swing of his axe. Victor slams his hand on the side of the axe just before it reaches him, the deviation his minor but Victor also used the impact to push himself sideways just enough to dodge the blow. All the while he brought his sword beneath Feran’s chain mail shirt and stabs him in the gut. The victory is Victor’s.

Liam isn’t particularly impressed by Victor’s skill or strategies as they were rather mainstream for good gladiators. That being said his calm and swiftness to recover are harder qualities to find. Liam decides he has nothing to lose in trying to find out more about his sexy prospect so he heads for the coliseum’s backstage.

He asked directions for Victor’s room but without his silk and velvet clothes or flashing his title, Liam found hard to get help from others. Fifteen minutes later he was eventually pointed in the right direction. Almost there, Liam heard noises coming from Victor’s room and as he grew closer they sounded increasingly like moans. Victor hadn’t been hurt and the voice sounded too young to be from the manly gladiator so Liam prepared himself to have the wrong room.

There was no closing mechanism on the cheap door so it was now standing ajar. Inside you could see a weapons rack, a chair, a pair of plated shorts on the floor and two men fucking. One was laying with his back on the table and his legs in the air. He was young and thin, he had short silky black curls on his head and nowhere else. Many men shaved their bodies but most of them were rich and had it done by servants while this boy moaning loudly was more likely from the Love Palace or maybe the The Golden Desire if he was fancy. The other man, the one who was fiercely pounding into the boy, was Victor. He had his back to Liam but he had the same arm guard that’s framing his sizzling back. His ass was more muscle than anything else and it kept contracting every time he slammed into his partner. Sweat was dripping down his back and down his buttocks filling the room with an arousing smell. He bent down, folding the boy’s legs over his chest and kissed the whore with his legs around his neck. Liam realized he had been staring and moved away from the door güvenilir casino with a hard on.

A few minutes later, Liam caught the young boy getting out of the room in a navy robe.

“Excuse me young man, a few questions for you.”

The boy stared back, puzzled.

“What do you want?”

“Can you tell me about the gladiator you were just with?”

For a second Liam though the boy was going to blush but instead he just made a move to leave.

“I can pay you for info”

Maybe the it was the incentive of money or the fact the Liam was clearly not going to let go, but the boy turned around.

“What do you want to know?”

“I just want to know what kind of man he is. What is his personality like?”

“I don’t know. It’s not like he was here to talk and it’s the first time I… saw him.”

This time the boy blushed. Liam was a bit disappointed but he had to keep his word.

“Here is a golden coin for your trouble. Have a nice day.”

The boy took the coin like Liam was giving him a diamond of fairy dust, the whore probably had never even seen a coin of that value. He wraped his hand around so tight it looked like he was afraid the coin would try to escape.

“He is man who knows what he wants and how to get it. He is firm but not unnecessarily rough. I think he likes to fight and win but I don’t think he likes to do it in a coliseum.”

“What is your name, boy?”

“Sym, sir”

“Thank you for your insight Sym!”

And Liam threw him another coin for this last effort and also perhaps because he knows too well how hard his trade can get. Better informed, Liam his decides to meet his prospect and enters the room. Victor his only wearing a pair of thin dirt color pants and his in the process of washing his sword.

“Are you lost dude?”

“No, I’m looking for you Victor.”

“Well, you don’t sound like a groupie who’s here to lick balls, so what do you want?”

“I’m of a gladiator company and I’m looking for new recruits.”

“Well I don’t want to be rude but I’m taken and you don’t look like you can offer me more.”

“Perhaps I don’t look like it but have you ever heard of the Black Dove?”

That got his attention more than any title of lordship could have but the gladiator caught himself and seem to tone down his excitement.

“That’s a very new company. Way too early to know if it’s gonna be a great one.”

“Oh please, let’s not play this game. What you are saying is right but even he were to be a bad one, we would still be a bad one that his working in the Golden Rings. More money, more fame and less risk for your life. Do you really need to think about it?”

Liam regretted using this condescending one because even if his arguments were good, he had touched

Victor’s ego and the gladiator wasn’t looking thrilled.

“What exactly earned me such an honor? Aren’t the gladiator’s of the Golden Rings all noble or military jerks?”

“Hahaha. No, not at all. That’s what they would like you to think and maybe there is one or two but I can guaranty they come from all places.”

Victor still didn’t look convinced.

“Why don’t think about it and we can talk more around a glass of fine wine at my home tonight? I will have someone pick you up here at 8, how does that sound?”

“Fine. And I know who you work for but what is your name.”

Victor extended his hand while saying that.

“I don’t work for anyone. My name is Liam Rose Lord of Scarlet Coast and I own the Black Dove.”

Victor’s jaw dropped and his hand also. Just now he seemed to realize he was half-naked but before he could say or do anything, Liam stepped closer and took his hand to shake it anyway.

“I’ll see you tonight Victor.”

Liam said only an inch away from Victor’s face. Then he left the room smirking about the effect he had on the handsome warrior.

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