Gary’s Dinner Party

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Early in the week I had informed you I was having a business dinner party on Friday night and you were eager to be there. I told you it was a business thing but if you wanted to help you may. I will have 4 gentlemen from Europe over and I would love to have you serve. I had planned out the meals and had every thing ready. You had been asking me what you should wear and what will be expected of you. You called me Thursday morning and I asked you to wear a short dress or skirt with no under clothes. You high heeled shoes make your hair nice and you need to be on your best behavior. You promise that you will, and I then tell you that you need to follow my orders and everyone will have a wonderful time. I then tell you how I want you available to me with that short skirt. That I may just reach up and play with you when you when you bend over to put down a plate. Or I might ask you to lift up that skirt and sit on my lap. Or I tell you I might lift up that skirt and show everyone how pretty you are. You then say ok and that you are very excited about this and how fun it will be.

Friday evening comes and you arrive at 5pm like you were instructed. I open the door and tell you that you look great! You reach up and put your arms around me kiss your skirt lifts and me up and shows those pretty cheeks. I reach down and grab them firmly in my hands. And tell you that you have done very well. Your beautiful breasts are showing very nicely in the low cut top, even without the bra. I walk you into the kitchen, explain that caterers will be bringing the food and you are to bring it out and serve it to the guests. I tell you that I know you will do a wonderful job as I reach my arms around you from behind and kiss you neck. I press my body close to yours and rub against your ass. My hands are running all over your body feeling everything slowly while I whisper in your ear that you are mine tonight. I want you to do whatever I tell you to do. That it would please me very much. I ask you if you want to please me tonight, you say yes,…oh yes. I will do anything to please you. I reach my finger into your pussy and start to kiss your lips with one hand on you ass. I tell you thank you, I know you will please me tonight.

The guests start to arrive and I greet them at the door. You are in the kitchen looking over the bar supplies and getting ready to serve drinks. As every one is seated at the table you come out and ask each guest what they would like to drink. You look very cute and we smile at each other. As you start to come back out with each drink and set it at the table you bend to set the drink down and your cute ass barely shows. I am loving every bit of it. But as you look around you notice all of the guests are looking at your ass as you bend over. You come to serve mine last and bend over beside me to set the drink down and I reach my hand up on you ass. casino şirketleri You are sure some of the guests have seen it, but it felt so good that you actually stopped for a moment and stood still allowing me a good feel. You walk back into the kitchen a little embarrass but thinking about how good that felt and that you are starting to get wet again. The caterers arrive and soon you are bringing out the meals. Each time you set down a plate your skirt seems to lift a little higher. One of the guests, a large German man reaches under your skirt as you set his plate down. He starts rubbing your ass. You freeze bend over, sorta panicked and look at me. I smile and wink and you relax all in a matter of moments. But since you haven’t moved he now has slid his hand between your legs and is massaging your pussy. But only for a few moments. As he removes his hand you stand back up straight and walk back into the kitchen. You can feel the wet between your legs now. You lean against the counter for a moment and think about what just happened. It felt so good. But I don’t even know him. Oh god, will it happen again? All sorts of thought are running through your head. You know you need to get the other plates out there quick so you pick up two more and walk out of the kitchen. All eyes are on you now and everyone is smiling. When you set down the next plate between two men they both reach up and fondle you. Again you freeze and look at me. I smile at you and wink. It feels so good, one hand is fingering you pussy and the other is massaging your ass. I then ask you in front of everyone to finish serving the other guests or I will have to punish you. You stand up straight again and walk back into the kitchen, so wet it is running down your legs. You pick up the last plates and feel kind of dizzy with excitement as you walk out to the table again. You set down the last plates down and I tell you that this took to long. You stand there before me with everyone looking at you. I push my chair out and tell you that you will be punished.

I cummmmmmm thinking of bending me over your lap in front of your guesses pulling my skirt up and paddling my ass hard. And feel my pussy dripping down on your legs. Then tell to go to each one of your guesses they may punish you too. I go too your first one to your left he bends me over he lap spanks my ass and also fingers my pussy to see how I have dripped wet juices on his pants. Then I go to the next he reaches the buttons on my blouse unbuttoning them removing it. I’m standing there just my bra and short skirt he pulls me over his lap I can feel he has big hard one. He pulls up my skirt paddles my ass real hard I feel my ass is getting red. Then I go to the next tells me to turn around I do as he tells me I feel him unhook my bra. My breasts bounce out as he pulls it off, I turn he reaches up and pinches my nipple hard, then the other casino firmaları he pulls me down onto his lap. By this time I can feel me dripping allot down my legs. Spanks me so hard I feel tears in my eyes. But I like this because I feel like I might cum on your next guess lap. I go to the next one tells me to turn around I know when he finished I will be naked in a room with five men with hard cocks. I turn he unzips my skirt and it falls to the floor. He grabs my ass cheeks with his hands and bends me telling me to touch my toes feel his tongue licking in the crack of my ass. He tasted my wetness and tells the others how sweet I taste. Then he turns me pulling me down on to his lap. Slapping my ass even harder I know when I stand I have juices running down the insides of my legs like a river. I get up right and stand naked in front of your guess. I look up you and rest of the guys are naked with hard cocks. The last man is all so naked they are all standing. I look to you, you smile and wink telling me now let party. You let me know I was to be the party favors.

You are now standing naked and very wet in a group of men. Your nipples are hard and your ass is such a pretty red. I smile at you and motion you to come over to me. You walk over and kneel in front of me and bow your head. I stroke your hair and tell you how good you have been and how much we are enjoying you. I slip a collar around your neck and inform you that you will be the party favor tonight. While I have been doing this the other men have been removing their clothes. You look so cute naked with a collar and a small silver tag on it that says, “If lost please return to her Master” and my number. I stroke your hair and ask if you are going to please me tonight? You answer “yes master” I tell you that you are going to have fun tonight. You have 5 very horny men that are going to have their way with you. I tell you to look around the room and you can see whom you are going to please tonight. You look and there are 5 European well-hung men standing looking and smiling at you. I then tell you that you are going to take my cock in your mouth and show them how much you want it. You have been enjoying my cock for a few minutes now and I ask you to climb up on the table and lay on your back. You do so as you say “yes master”.

The men gather around you. Each have a hold on your ankles and wrists holding your arms and legs open. All of the other hands start rubbing baby oil all over your body. Caressing your nipples and pussy, inner thighs, hands all over your body exploring you and making you very wet. I am standing at your head stroking your hair and rubbing my hands gently on your face and cheeks, you try to kiss them as my fingers get close to your lips. I lean down and whisper in your ear how wonderful you look and how much you are going to enjoy this. You are moaning. You can feel fingers güvenilir casino in your ass, probing. And more fingers in your pussy probing. You have hands all over your breasts, kneading and twisting very hard nipples. Your eyes are closed and you are soooo wet and you know you could not put your legs together even if you wanted to. You can feel those hands holding you spread eagle firmly on the table. I whisper in your ear how good of a pet you are and how proud you are making me.

We left off with you spread eagle on the table with all the men feeling, touching, probing you everywhere. You have a light coat of baby oil all over your body and you are delirious with pleasure. Your ass is still stinging as it presses against the wood, but it is a good sting that you can feel deep into your pussy. Your eyes are closed, but occasionally you sneak a peek and you see naked men all around you, hands and fingers probing you cocks everywhere, standing at attention and pointing at you. I keep whispering things in your ear. Telling you how lucky you are to receive such pleasure. You are nude except for the collar, I attach a small leash to your collar and instruct you to roll over and get on your hands and knees. I want your head held high, eyes closed, legs slightly spread. You say yes master and do as you have been told. You look great on all fours; I hold the leash up and force your head higher in the air. The hands continue to lather you with baby oil. Probing your ass and massaging those sore cheeks. Your breasts are constantly getting attention still and someone always has fingers in your pussy. I whisper “good pet, good little pet” “you are making me very happy”. You can hear the different languages being spoken as they all talk about you. I ask you to slowly climb down from the table and stand beside me. You climb down and your legs are very weak. You are so wet your dripping down your legs.

All the men are staring and smiling at you as I lead you into the living room. You had not noticed a small padded table that is about waist high, short and narrow. I ask you to lie on your back on this table. You do so and notice your head hangs off and your ass is barely on. Leaving you very exposed. You find your ankles are being attached to fur cuffs and your legs are hoisted up and apart. Before you know it you are totally exposed and open. I walk up to your head you can see, upside down that it is I and I am nude now with my cock fully erect. You reach for it with your lips and take it all in. You can hear me say something in French and the other men start touching you again. Hands running down your legs, probing your ass and pussy. Your hands are placed on cocks and you eagerly grab and start massaging. Hands are twisting nipples and massaging your tits and you feel a large cock enter your ass. You start to become distracted with all of the attention and slow up on pleasuring me. I give a quick jerk of your leash and your attention goes right back to me. But the feeling of that cock in your ass is unbearable. You have fingers in your pussy and you start cumming, over and over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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