Fun in the Backyard Sun

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This is my second Literotica submission after literally a dozen attempts to bring one to fruition. My main problems have been finding time to write uninterrupted and lacking the discipline to keep my stories to a manageable length. I hope to continue writing after this, time willing. I welcome and encourage all feedback, particularly constructive criticism, as I hope to use this experience to become a better writer.

I cannot describe the joy I felt when my very first story received the “HOT” rating. Thank you for your support and ratings. I hope to one day produce another story as well-received. To those who’ve asked over the past year about “Part 2” of my original story, I’ve left a comment on the original’s feedback section regarding its status.

~Leslie Hemmingway


It was a hot Saturday afternoon in early June. My best friend Holly and I had been discussing taking a beach trip to California for the weekend. The sad reality was we were too busy with school and had no money to spare. We ended up compromising by throwing an impromptu beach party in our backyard. We didn’t have any money or supplies but we did have a large bottle of tequila, a drawer full of bikinis that weren’t getting enough use, and a burning desire to show off our beach bodies even if there was no one around to admire them.

We went out to the small yard behind my rental house, spread our beach towels on the freshly cut grass and stripped off our shorts and tank tops. I caught a look at Holly out of the corner of my eye and couldn’t help but smile.

Holly was a slender girl of medium height and Asian descent. She had long black hair and beautiful almond eyes. Years of dancing had given her a curvaceous body and a great ass, which she showed off in a black g-string bikini.

My name is Sarah and I had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a similar build to Holly. I was a cheerleader at the University of Oregon and had no compunction about showing off my own curves. I was wearing a purple thong with a triangle top that really made my breasts stand out.

Holly caught me looking at her ass and smiled. “See anything you like?” she asked teasingly.

“You know I do, girlfriend,” I said sarcastically and gave her backside soft slap. We went in and made some margaritas, which we carried out to a small stool set between our towels as a makeshift drink table. That was the full extent of my ingenuity.

“Well, it’s not Venice Beach but it will have to do,” I said trying to sound positive.

We lay down and started sunning ourselves. We each had a huge margarita to work on, and in the summer heat we drained them quickly. Soon we were giggling stupidly as we chatted about boys and student life in general.

“Hm…” Holly said as she sipped her refill. “I think we’ve got an admirer.”

“What, him?” I said, glancing up at my next-door neighbor who had been gawking at us from his second story bedroom window. “Don’t mind him, he’s harmless.”

“No, no, I mean him,” she said, pointing through the picket fence that divided our yard from the property behind. I sat up and peered between the slats. There was a young man there setting up a barbecue. He was tall with light brown hair and a goatee. His tight t-shirt hinted at a moderately fit body underneath.

“Ohh, him…” I said. “I’ve seen him around but I don’t know his name.”

“He’s cute,” Holly grinned. “And he’s looking at us.”

The guy had been casually gazing in our direction as he worked. When he realized we’d seen him he gave us a cheeky grin and went back to work, casting falsely discreet looks in our direction, as if he didn’t care if he knew we could see him.

“I thought he lived by himself. Does he have company over?” I wondered aloud. As if to answer my question his patio door slid open and out came another guy about the same age, except this one was an absolute stud. He had dark hair, sunglasses, and wore a t-shirt that strained against his broad chest and thick biceps. He was effortlessly carrying a cooler full of ice and beer.

Our jaws dropped. Holly and I looked at each other.

“He’s mine,” I said.

“I saw him first,” Holly retorted.

“No, you saw the other guy first. He’s yours.”

“Whatever, we’re wasting time.” We stood up and went to the fence, which was about stomach height on us. We leaned across, our chests provocatively thrust out, and called to the boys.

“Hiyaaaa,” our voices rang out tantalizingly. The two guys glanced our way, passed a look between each other and then sauntered over to us.

“Hel-lo ladies.” The studly one said with a deep, burly voice. “Going for the all-over tan look? I’m OK with that.” Holly giggled as he checked her up and down approvingly.

Beaten to the punch, I turned to my neighbor.

“So… I’m Sarah,” I said.

“Roger,” he said pleasantly and shook my hand. His voice was calm and smooth as honey. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Oh, you’ve seen me around?” I asked.

“Yes, but I’ve not had the pleasure until now.” He casino şirketleri was looking into my eyes, and I blushed and looked away. “This is my friend David,” he added with a gesture.

“And that’s my friend Holly.” She was hopelessly flirting with David now, and he ate up every bit of it.

“So,” Holly said, “I see you’ve got a cooler there with more beer than you could ever hope to drink.”

“That’s up for debate,” David said with frat boy-like pride. “But yeah, we’ve got room for two more. Totally.”

Holly beamed at me. “Shall we?” she asked. I looked at Roger, who gave me a pleasant smile.

“Yeah, let’s go for it,” I replied. Holly was ecstatic. “But,” she said to the guys, “you’re on our beach now, so you gotta look the part.”

The boys exchanged a look.

“We’re having a beach-themed party,” I explained. “Sort of.”

“If we’re dressed for the beach then you need to be too,” Holly insisted.

“All right,” Roger shrugged. “The beach it is.” David looked less certain.

“Can it be a nude beach?” he asked.

“You wish!” I quickly replied before Holly got any ideas.

“Then I’m outta luck,” he said. “I didn’t bring my beach clothes.”

“You can wear some of my stuff,” Roger offered.

“Thanks buddy,” he said, patting Roger on the shoulder before adding, “Hey, I’ll try not to stretch anything out, if you know what I mean!” He said the last part with a wink crude wink at us. Holly laughed like a fool. Roger smiled wryly.

As David headed inside, Roger turned to us and said, “You ladies can find your way around, I assume. The front door’s open. We’ll see you in a couple minutes.”

“Sounds good,” we agreed. We gathered our towels and wrapped them around ourselves, slipped on some sandals and scurried around to the street behind us. We caught some strange looks from my neighbors but we didn’t care. We let ourselves in and went to their backyard. The barbecue coals were just turning white and the cooler full of beer was calling to us.

“Score,” Holly remarked and helped herself to one. We shook off our towels and milled about on the patio.

Roger emerged alone wearing beach sandals and a pair of fashionable trunks. As I’d predicted he wasn’t particularly buff but his body was firm enough to indicate he took care of himself. His tight chest was covered in a thin layer of brown hair and ended in a flat stomach.

He took a seat on a stone patio bench and invited me to join him. I eagerly sat down and then yelped as my bare backside came into contact with the sun-baked stone.

“You OK?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied sheepishly. “Just suffering the downside of wearing a thong.”

He smiled at me, his eyes gazing into mine. God, he was handsome. I slowly leaned over and kissed him, briefly opening my mouth to caress his tongue. “You’re cute,” I whispered in his ear before pulling away.

“You’re… gorgeous,” he replied. He didn’t seem affected by my forwardness.

Suddenly the patio door opened and David stepped out. He was wearing a pair of red swimming trunks that were too small for him, a generous bulge clearly visible through the fabric. A set of chiseled abs adorned his stomach. Between his firm pecs a whistle dangled from a string around his neck. He topped off the look with a gooped nose and an inflatable alligator raft, which he carried under his arm like an emergency flotation device.

Roger looked embarrassed and covered his face. Holly was ecstatic. “Ooh, a lifeguard!” she squealed.

“Just living up to my name,” David declared with a puffed out chest.

“Huh?” Holly replied, not getting the reference. David cleared his throat and stood there awkwardly. It was my turn to be embarrassed.

“Let’s get the burgers on the grill, yeah?” Roger said.

“Great idea,” I replied.

We had a delicious meal followed by a heavy bout of drinking. After a couple of hours we all were trashed and feeling frisky. Sly glances at peoples’ bodies began to linger, turning into leers. Casual touches became suggestive. A cloud of lust and pheromones seemed to hang in the air.

Despite all this Roger had never stopped being a gentleman to me. We sat together on my towel in the grass. Holly and David were engaged in their own affairs, with her sitting on his lap. Roger was telling me a story about his job in a business firm when I slid my hand around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. We kissed for a few moments before he gently embraced me. Things heated up as we lay back on the ground, our arms intertwined as we aggressively made out.

“Undo my top,” I whispered in his ear. He raised an eyebrow.

“Are you sure?” he asked, casting a look at the houses surrounding us. “We could go inside.”

“No, right here,” I said. “I don’t care if anyone sees.”

“Alright,” he said and undid the knot. My breasts dropped out with a healthy bounce. Roger smiled and began to play with them.

“Mmmm,” I purred as he sucked on my nipple. I closed my eyes and slid a finger into my bottoms. casino firmaları My clit was moist after hours of anticipation and I let out a soft moan as I ran my finger around it. I opened my eyes and noticed David and Holly were watching us. Holly in particular looked shocked.

“What are you doing?” she said.

“What?” I replied casually. “I’ve always wanted to have sex on the beach. Haven’t you?”

Holly blinked. Then she shrugged and looked to David. “Well, how about it big guy, you up for some beach sex?”

“I, uh, I mean sure. Absolutely,” he replied trying to sound confident. Holly immediately began to make out with him. She wrapped her arms and legs around his thick body, keeping her back to us.

I watched them go at it a few moments until I felt Roger untying the knots on my bikini bottoms. He removed the fabric, exposing my freshly-shaven pussy to a light breeze. A delightful shiver ran up my spine. Gently, he removed my hand from my pussy and replaced it with his own. He looked into my eyes and started to play with me.

“Mmmmmm,” I sighed, trying not to squirm with pleasure. His touch was light but confident. Eager to return the favor I reached across and slid my hand into his trunks. My fingers found what felt like a warm, thick sausage, and I recoiled in surprise when I realized what I was handling.

I looked at him in shock. He just smiled and shrugged.

“Did you stuff something in your trunks or is that seriously all you?”

“No stuffing,” he replied simply. “It’s all me.”

“Whoa,” I breathed, giving him a soft squeeze. I gently ran my hand along the length of his shaft and back again. “I had no idea.”

“Surprised?” he asked.

“Yeah. You don’t act like a guy with a big dick.” He raised an eyebrow so I continued, “Most guys with big dicks act all, you know… like cocky jerks…” I said through deep breaths. He was still playing with my clit and it was getting hard to talk.

“I’m not cocky?” he asked.

“No, you’re… a gentleman. And kind of timid.” I said. Roger laughed and looked me in the eye.

“I’m not timid, I just prefer to save my energy for… intimate occasions.” He increased the speed and pressure on my clit and my lower body began to tingle. I laid back and relaxed, continuing to work on his dick.

He had become erect to the point where there was no more room inside his trunks. I tugged his waistband down to free it up. Suddenly his thick, massive dick bounced up. He saw me admiring it and immediately offered to switch positions. Soon I was atop his torso with his dick in my mouth and my pussy in his face.

I had great fun playing with his dick. He was long enough for me to get both hands around the shaft and still have room to suck on his knob. I felt like a porn star working with something that big. I tried seeing how far I could get it into my throat but I only gagged.

Roger, on the other hand, was working my pussy like a pro. He sucked on my clit and rubbed his facial hair against the sensitive part of my lips. It was driving me wild.

“Mmmmmf,” I purred through a mouthful of dick. I pulled it out and began to work his shaft by hand. “Oh God, Roger that feels incredible,” I moaned. Roger rubbed my ass soothingly in response.

A loud moan from David attracted my attention to the other two. David sat in a chair, his shorts between his ankles, and Holly was on her knees, ass up in the air. She was giving David a loud sloppy blowjob. Her top had disappeared but her g-string was still in place. Her pussy seemed to throb against its confines, aching for some action.

David sat back, unable to take his eyes off Holly as she worked his dick.

“Like it?” she asked as she came up for air.

“God yeah,” David breathed.

I kept an eye on them as I sucked Roger, curious to see what they were doing. Eventually she climbed up into his lap and began to grind her pussy against his firm cock. With each thrust she let out a little moan. As her moans became thicker and needier it became obvious that we were all ready for the real action.

“Fuck me, Roger. Fuck me now,” I said, loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Yes, David, fuck me too,” Holly gasped. The boys did as ordered.

Holly and I lay down on our towels a few feet from each other while Roger and David arranged themselves. They finished taking off their shorts and stood up, their erections proudly on display. As they got a look at each other, a moment passed between them. David, despite being impressive, clearly fell a few inches short of Roger. A sly, ‘I-told-you-so’ smile flashed across Roger’s face, and David shot him a rueful look.

“Come on!” Holly moaned. We were completely naked, on our backs with our legs open and we were ready for action.

The boys got down on top of us. Roger leaned in and gave me a kiss, which lingered while I felt his knob find its way to my waiting lips. There was a gentle thrust and suddenly my pussy was filled with his large dick.

“Ah!” I gasped, breaking off the kiss. My pussy güvenilir casino felt full but I knew he wasn’t in all the way.

“You ok?” he whispered gently. “We can-”

“No, its fine,” I said, gripping his hips and bracing myself. “I’m ready.”

There was a firmer push and suddenly he was farther in.

“AHH!” I gasped. He pushed again and with a rush of intense sensation he was completely in. I stared up into his eyes, my mouth agape but making no sound. A moment later he started to fuck me with gentle, rhythmic thrusts, his dick rubbing all the right places.

“Oh, Roger…” I moaned, biting my lip. The tense, overstretched feeling in my pussy dissolved into one of pure pleasure. We kissed until I had to stop for air. His dick felt so good inside me, I was already gasping for breath. I put my legs up around his waist to try to make more room.

There was a loud moan beside me and suddenly Holly was coming. Her small body was dwarfed under David’s muscular frame. She writhed and beat against his body, caught up in the throes of ecstasy.

“Oh God! Oh David! David! David!” she shrieked. She wound her limbs around his body and dug her painted, expensive nails into his back and neck. “Oh God I’m already coming again! Ahhhh!”

David, in contrast to Roger, was fucking fast and fierce. His powerful arms lay planted on either side of her head and he moved like a piece of machinery, huffing and breathing without breaking his pace. Trails of sweat ran down his body and absorbed into the towel.

I turned back to Roger. I lay back and savored his slow and steady approach. It was a slow build up filled with kissing and playful caresses but when I finally came, I came hard and long. I remember calling out his name and having orgasm after orgasm, but beyond that, I don’t remember much.

“Are you OK?” Roger finally asked.

“Hmm?” I mumbled. I was on my side. My head was spinning. Roger had pulled out but he was still hard, his dick covered with globs of my cum.

“That looked pretty intense,” he said with a laugh.

“Did you come too?” I asked.

“No,” he replied. I looked over at Holly and David, who were now fucking doggy style. David’s hands firmly gripped her hips, and he was staring intently down at her ass. Her tits swung tantalizingly every time he thrust, and she kept her head buried in her arms. Her voice sounded hoarse, as if she’d been moaning and yelling for a while.

“Well, come on then,” I replied to Roger. I got down on my hands and knees invitingly. “You wanna take me like this?”

“Sure,” he said. I slid over until my head was right next to Holly’s, my ass and pussy prominently up in the air. Roger quickly moved up and started fucking from behind, getting in with less effort this time.

“Ohhh, oh Roger!” I gasped. His thickness felt amazing against my g-spot. I closed my eyes and began to squeeze his dick with my pussy.

“Oohhhhh,” I heard him moan. He clearly liked that, and I grinned with satisfaction. I began to squeeze him each time he thrust.

“Ooh, God,” he panted and began to fuck me faster. I could tell he was getting close to coming. I turned my head and looked at my friend, her face still buried in her arms.

“Hey, Holly,” I said gently. I slid my fingers into her hand and gave it a squeeze. She looked at me with her exotic, almond-shaped eyes, untarnished despite her wearied, exhausted state. I leaned in and kissed her, and soon we were making out.

“Oh my God!” I heard David cry out.

“Ohhh… Ohhh…” Roger’s voice bubbled up behind me. I felt Roger’s dick swelling up for release. Suddenly both boys began coming at once, letting out jets of semen inside our eager pussies. We came right behind them.

“Ahhhhh!” Holly cried out, squeezing my hand dangerously hard as she climaxed. “Oh David I’m comingggg!”

“Oh Gooodddd!” I yelled and buried my face in the grass. Roger kept pounding me with his erupting cock all through my orgasm, which made it even more intense. My pussy quickly filled up with cum, and when I stopped yelling he pulled out and shot the last few streams of it onto my bare ass. David did the same thing, dousing Holly’s tanned back with his own cum.

The four of us lay still for some time, a sweaty, sticky heap. My legs and insides felt like jelly. Roger lay next to me, his massive erection slowly shrinking back to its original size. He looked exhausted but content.

It was David who eventually moved. He stood up, his wet, flaccid dick dangling between his legs, and grabbed the cooler. He frowned at the depleted stock, and then dragged it over to us.

“You girls wanna cool off?” he asked. Holly didn’t reply, looking comatose.

“Do it,” I said without looking up. David upended the cooler full of ice water onto us. If I’d had any feeling left I probably would have yelped but instead all I felt was refreshing coolness.

When we were able to stand, we toweled off. The boys offered us some of the leftover food from the barbecue, and we ravenously devoured it. The sun had passed beyond the trees overhead and dusk began to set in. A cool air began to tickle our bodies. We made brief conversation and then we decided it was time to go. We collected our clothes, wrapped our towels around ourselves and said goodbye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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