Times of Discovery Pt. 01

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This is my first attempt at writing, and it is a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual persons or events are purely coincidental.


There are times when you are totally unprepared for what life sends your way. This all started on a Friday in late August last year. Evan and Jill had been looking forward to a weekend away for quite some time, and had made plans with Drake and Nan to basically unwind from their daily routines of work and life in general.

Having been married for close to thirty years, life for Evan and Jill had slowly declined to a somewhat boring state. Occasional sex that was sometimes not very thrilling was where things had been for a few years now. They had talked this over a few times, and the weekend looked like a good chance to warm things back up, at least for a little while.

Jill worked locally in an office for an established attorney, while Evan had to commute about a half hour each way for his job as manager of a commercial vehicle dealership. They had two sons, one newly married and the other still at home while going to college.

The plans had been made months earlier and all were ready for a bit of time away from the routine of work and taking care of their homes. All were in their late forties and in fair shape. The weekend getaway was at a resort and had been promoted as a rock-n-roll themed event that would feature music from the fifties through the seventies. An opportunity to remember how things were at a simpler time. The resort included several bars that had space suitable for dancing. There were shops in the area around the resort, so it looked like the women would have a chance to indulge in some shopping.

Jill had basically taken charge of all the arrangements for the weekend. She was very organized and took care of reservations, shopping for things to wear, and coordinating with Nan. She was determined to do all she could to make it as enjoyable and relaxing as any weekend possible.

The previous evening, she had shown Evan some of what she was taking along. Tops and bras that displayed her lovely cleavage for anyone to enjoy and were sure to make him proud. He was looking forward to the seeing stares she would surely attract. A new swimsuit for sunbathing and maybe actually swimming. Nightwear that hinted at the delightful charms not well hidden beneath.

Just as they were about to leave, Jill got a call from Nan, saying that she wasn’t sure she and her boyfriend Drake could make it. Drake was heading a team involved with the delivery of equipment for a manufacturing concern. Even though he had scheduled vacation time for the weekend, he had been informed the previous day that he would probably be needed at the shop because of a looming deadline. The contract had a penalty clause that would kick in if the equipment wasn’t delivered on time, and the delivery date was only four days away. He wasn’t sure how well the preparation of the equipment would go, but it was possible he would have to work through the weekend.

Evan and Jill decided to drive over to Nan’s house and try to talk her into going with them. If the work Drake was involved in went well, he could catch up later. When they got there, Nan had their bags packed and waiting by the front door. She was on the phone with Drake trying to get a read on how he felt about her going without him. He reassured her it was fine with him and to have a good time. He said he would try his best to hook up with everyone as soon as he could.

With at least part of the situation worked out, Evan loaded Nan’s bags into their SUV as they prepared to hit the road with hopes of arriving at the resort by mid to late afternoon. For the short trip, the women had chosen tops that Evan thoroughly enjoyed. Snug across their mature breasts and low cut enough to put a pleasing amount of cleavage on display. Even though she didn’t have to, as he had already checked Nan out, Jill made sure he noticed how Nan was dressed by complimenting her on what she was wearing. He got a knowing smile from Nan when his attention lingered on her proud chest for maybe a little too long.

Jill saw what was going on but said nothing. Evan thought it was a little odd, but in fact, she seemed pleased. Both women were wearing shorts that weren’t too snug and he got the feeling they had planned on similar outfits. They were just dressed too much alike for it to be a coincidence.

While on the road, the two women talked while Evan drove. After a while, he started to get the feeling things weren’t going all that well between Nan and Drake. She had been suggesting to him lately that she would like more of a commitment from him that could include getting married.

Nan had been through a very rough period about ten years ago when her husband had been killed in an accident involving a delivery van operated by a large retailer. It was the fault of the van driver, and the settlement had been generous enough to allow Nan few worries when it came to money. Her modest home was paid off, so her biggest expenses were bahis firmaları utilities and maintenance.

She had been seeing Drake for about two years now, and a few months ago, he had moved in with her. Evan thought he seemed a little controlling, but if that’s what helps a relationship work, then go for it. Jill had told him several times he was imagining things and to not be too concerned.

Jill and Nan had known each other since college, where they became very close friends. The slight differences in personality seemed to draw them closer. Jill being the more thoughtful type, while Nan had fewer reservations in some of the decisions she made through the years.

They were very similar in their general looks and builds. Pleasant facial features. Within an inch of each other in height at around five feet seven inches. Jill kept her hair color a light tan with help from a rinse now and then, while Nan allowed her dark brown hair to change naturally. Both nicely built with breasts that filled 38D or DD sized bras, depending on the style. Waists and hips that were starting to show some maturity. Evan was of the opinion that things were just as they should be for their age.

When out together, they often wore slacks that were snug and blouses that let everyone know these are confident women. They had memberships at a fitness center and went for a few hours twice a week. Definitely a pair of milfs. Evan always enjoyed looking at his wife and she had caught him more than a few times taking a good look at Nan. The women both knew how to dress in a manner that attracted lingering stares from a lot of men, and more than a few women.

He didn’t mind the attention his wife drew, as there were times they would fantasize about a situation while making love. Jill knew he had an interest in Nan and seemed enthused when they would include her in their fantasies occasionally.

Nan usually dressed in an attractive manner. She was a buyer for a small chain of boutiques in their area that catered to a younger crowd. She had an eye for clothing that was in tune with the times and tastes and had often guessed correctly at what the next hot item would be. She was always on the lookout for interesting things that could do well in the shops she was responsible for.

It was late in the afternoon by the time they got to the resort. The weather had turned to wind and rain during the drive, and after checking things out on her cell phone, Jill reported that the lousy conditions were likely going to stick around for a while. It looked like they wouldn’t be able to spend time relaxing around the pool as they had hoped.

The rooms they ended up with were one floor apart, which was not what they had asked for. They wanted rooms close to each other, but it simply couldn’t be arranged. Nan’s room was on the second floor while Evan and Jill were on the third.

They saw Nan to her room, and once Jill and Evan were settled into theirs, they freshened up and changed clothes. Jill had chosen a dark blue pull-over top and matching shorts and had Evan wear a casual shirt and a new pair of jeans. Jill called Nan after giving her time to get ready so they could agree on what to do next. Everyone was hungry after the drive and Evan was looking forward to a few cold ones. He was by the bed trying to figure out the TV remote when Jill hung up the phone.

She stood there for a moment thinking about something, then came over to stand in front of him and rested her arms on his shoulders. She made sure her full breasts were firmly planted against his chest. He tossed the remote aside, and their bodies were soon in full contact as he slid his hands down to her ass to pull her as close as possible.

Knowing she had his full attention, she said, “Look, Nan’s feeling kind of awkward right now, so how about if you pay some extra attention to her. You’ve always made it obvious you like her, so it’ll be easy for you. Maybe even tease her a little. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it, and I promise not to get jealous or anything.”

To further explain her somewhat unusual request, she added, “I know you enjoy being around her, and I don’t have a problem with that. You’ve never acted on that attraction and I’m proud of you for showing that much respect for our marriage.”

To be sure she really meant what she had just suggested, Evan asked “Aren’t you afraid of where something like that could go? That she might take things the wrong way? It may all be innocent enough, but if she takes things the wrong way, it could put a real strain on our friendship with her. You sure you’ll be okay with some looks or anything from me that are suggestive?”

She replied “I’m okay with all that and I’m pretty sure Nan will be flattered by your attention. Besides, aren’t we here this weekend to try and rev things up a little?”

Then she added “I’ll make sure you get all the relief you can stand later.”

With several possibilities regarding Nan now going through his head, and Jill pressing her generous breasts against his chest, kaçak iddaa his cock was starting to grow. She felt what was happening, and after giving him a kiss that held many promises, slowly knelt in front of him. She pressed the side of her face against his growing bulge and drew in a big sigh.

A moment later, she pulled back a little and slid her hands up the front of his thighs to undo the snap and zipper of his pants and slowly worked them down. With her hand, she then traced the outline of his now fully erect cock hidden within his shorts. After giving it a squeeze, she leaned in and kissed the head of his shaft through the material.

He started grinning when he felt her fingers pulling at his shorts to release her prize. She wrapped her hands around his shaft, and he soon felt her warm breath on it. He couldn’t help himself and reached to put his hands on her head to hold her in place. He had the urge to face-fuck her.

She pushed his hands away and explained, “I don’t want my hair all mussed up.” Watching closely, she started stroking his cock and smiled as a dollop of pre-cum oozed out. He drew in his breath when she extended her tongue to brush it over the head of his cock and collect the dense liquid.

Holding his cock pointed directly at her mouth, she leaned forward until it was against her lips. With fingers held just slightly apart around the thickness of the shaft, she gave his cock another squeeze to expel more of the salty liquid that she licked up again. A few strokes and another squeeze allowed her to smear some over her lips.

With her lips now glistening, he watched as they slowly parted to allow the head of his cock to slide past. He delighted in the feel of her tongue flicking at the end of his cock. She then slowly eased her mouth along the length of his shaft until the better part of his nine inches was hidden within.

He asked her not to move and she stayed right there while he savored the sensation of her tongue doing its magic for a moment longer. She then took her time releasing all but the head of his cock. He stood as still as he could manage while she continued to pleasure him, and after taking him deep enough to bump against her throat a few times, she let his cock depart the wonders of her mouth, gave it one more kiss, and stood up, saying, “That’s just a sample of what’s in store later.”

She then asked, “You ready to go?”

“What the …..?” “No! I don’t want to go, I wanna’ cum!”

He was thoroughly confused. She had gotten him all horned up and now they were going to get together with their hot friend while he was thinking of only one thing. Getting off.

He wondered, “When did she become such a tease?”

He was close to pushing her onto the bed when it dawned on him that two could play this little game. He figured if she wanted him to pay attention to Nan, and tease her a bit, he was in for a good time.

He knew he could wait for relief. Considering the possibilities, he couldn’t lose. This was obviously all about restoring some passion to their love lives. Play a few harmless games. Enjoy the results of indulging in some suggestive antics to keep up the sexual tension for a while. Prolong the foreplay in a way.

That little bit of teasing with her mouth had done the trick, and he was now more than willing to play along. He got his shorts and pants back into place, pulled her close again and said, “Okay, you busty little vixen, if this is how we’re going to play, I’ll gladly go along.”

She had a wicked little smile on her face as their lips came together again. He immediately found out why. She drove her tongue into his mouth, and he could faintly taste the saltiness of the pre-cum she had drawn from him. It made him catch his breath for a moment until he realized the taste was somewhat pleasant. Erotic actually.

It took him a while to calm down and get his cock to relax enough so the bulge in the front of his pants was only slightly noticeable. Then again, maybe it should be a little more prominent. After all, teasing and naughtiness were now the current themes for them. It could be that Jill wanted Nan to notice and have an interest in him that was a little more sexual than normal.

He realized he would have to be very tuned in as to how these two women might react. The remainder of the day could shape up to hold some tantalizing possibilities and he wanted to be sure to not upset the apple cart, so to speak.

They hooked up with Nan, who had been waiting in the lobby for a short while and made their way to one of the bars in the resort. She was wearing a pale pink blouse with a faint floral print and snug fitting faded jeans. At the lounge, they were shown to a small booth that had a view of the dance floor. The women sat side by side and Evan was next to Jill. He ordered a tall draft beer and the ladies agreed that Long Island iced teas sounded good. By the time they ordered something to eat and the food was delivered, Evan was on his second beer.

He had been glancing past Jill fairly kaçak bahis often to take in what he could see of Nan. When Nan finally noticed where his eyes would linger, she seemed to sit up a little straighter and pull her shoulders back a bit to push her chest out. Jill knew what was happening and a slight smile started to play across her lips.

With his mind on high alert. Evan was thinking, “Gee Nan, for me? Nice. Bless you dear. Is there more?”

He was starting to imagine some outrageous scenarios that would end up with the three buttons on the front of her somewhat low-cut blouse being undone. The more the merrier.

They were done eating, and Evan had finished his second beer, so he needed to excuse himself to use the restroom. While he was gone, Jill finished her drink in just a few gulps to work up a bit of courage. She hesitated for a second and decided, “Aw, what the hell. Go for it.”

She took a chance and started to confide in Nan about the lack of excitement in their love lives, and that she would like to turn things around with Nan’s help.

Nan wasn’t too clear on what Jill was proposing and asked for more information. Jill said “I’m still kinda’ working on this. When Evan gets back, we’ll go to the ladies room and talk. It’ll give me some time to try to figure out more details.”

While he was in the restroom, Evan continued to think about Jill asking him to flirt with Nan and by the time he was done relieving himself, his cock had started to pleasantly swell. He considered this development for a moment and decided to put it to what he hoped would be good use.

When he got back to the table, the package was looking pretty good. He stood facing Jill and Nan while he looked for their waitress to ask for another round of drinks. He gave them as much time as he could manage to be sure they got a good look.

He got the attention of the waitress, ordered their drinks, and when he was about to sit down again, they said it was their turn for a potty break and exited the booth. He slid back in, and while he was waiting for their return, a DJ started playing some tune from the late 60’s.

In the restroom, Jill and Nan were touching up their make-up when Nan asked, “Okay, what the hell’s going on? If I’m hearing this right, you’re asking me to help you and Evan somehow, but I’m not too clear on what you’re asking me to do.”

Jill replied, “This is hard to put into words, but Evan and I agree we need to give our lives a little boost in the sex department. We’ve fallen into a fairly boring routine in bed and we want to turn the heat back up. Now, I know he likes to be around you and from what I’ve seen, you don’t mind the attention.”

Nan started to say, “Yeah, but I’m not….”

Jill interrupted her, “Don’t worry, I’m okay with it, but what I’m going to ask you to do is definitely out there. I’m asking you, as best friends, to tease and flirt with Evan to get him cranked up a little. I know I’ll be the only one to get the benefits of his reaction and it’s selfish on my part, but I don’t know what else to do right now. I’m running out of ideas.”

Nan thought about what she had just been asked to do and was hesitant to get involved. “Well, I’ll admit I’m flattered by him looking at me, and I do tend to turn up the heat once in a while. This could be fun, but I need a little more here. Like, boundaries. And if this goes the way you hope, just what am I supposed to do while I’m alone, left high and dry, knowing you two are tearing up the bedroom”?

Jill thought on these problems for a moment before she responded, “Yeah, I’ve got to admit I didn’t think of all this. As far as boundaries, there’s no way to know if you might end up alone with him somehow. I certainly hope things don’t go all the way with the two of you. That you don’t actually, well, you know, fuck him. This is rough. Dangerous, in fact. Do you think you could restrain yourself from crossing that line?”

Then she blurted out, “I know there’s not really anything I can do about you being left alone, but I’ll make it up to you somehow. That’s pretty lame, isn’t it? Wow, this is getting way too personal. I can hardly believe we’re standing here talking about this.”

Nan had quite a bit to mull over and was quiet as she looked down while mentally arguing with herself. She tried to come up with every negative and positive aspect of the request she could to strike a balance and be comfortable with a decision. It could be fun for her to turn Evan on, but less fun later when she had only herself to find relief.

Then too, she wasn’t sure when Drake would arrive. This evening? Tomorrow sometime? At all? What if he showed up and caught her and Evan in a situation that was difficult to explain? On the other hand, she knew she could make things extremely uncomfortable for Evan and decided it might be worth the chance.

Jill became more and more concerned as time seemed to stand still for her. Nan finally looked up and found Jill with a worried look on her face. She knew Jill had taken a bit if a risk to ask this of her. It was certainly embarrassing. A second later, they were looking intently into each other’s eyes and both knew, without saying a word, they would go ahead with the crazy little plot.

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