Freak of Nature

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During a lull of having an ongoing relationship with a man who would allow me to worship his cock, I went online to a chat room to try meeting someone interested in such a thing. It was the wild west days of sex chatrooms. Several browser sites offered unbridled chat rooms created by about anyone who had a subject. There were always several m4m chats. Often times they would be specific to a city or region. I always looked for Denver chats and they were frequently in play.

Of course chats in those days had little monitoring and if you met someone you were interested in talking to alone, there were private chats.

One day when I was looking for a replacement for my lost long term relationship, I got into a busy Denver chat and started reading profiles waiting to see if someone would IM me. Several guys did IM but one wanted to fuck me despite a profile stating that wouldn’t happen. Others hopefully asked if I could host. I could not since I had a marriage I wanted to preserve. And I made it clear I wouldn’t host.

Yeah, I know. Dirty rat fuck cheating on his wife with a guy. The old guilt machine at work. Either you were abstinent or monogamous with the opposite sex. Any breach of the religious marriage vows meant you didn’t love her. How stupid is that when you look at all the other betrayals and evil in the world. Do we really think our sexual activity is what the higher power judges us on? We can abuse and cheat and do the most horrific things but we kept our marriage vows. Nuff said.

Eventually I sifted through all the flakes and guys not even coming close to what was in my profile and found one guy in his mid forties staying in a hotel not too far from my place. He and I chatted over an hour. It included a description of things I would like to do for him as a cock sucker and worshipper of cock. He liked the aspect of being in charge with me willing to do as he directed. The ground rules of any possible meeting were discussed. It was clear I would not do anal. He said he wasn’t interested in doing it either.

He described himself as a tall guy with blue eyes, Said he was athletic but not over done six pack guy. Had full head of hair. He chatted very well, seemed to have intelligence and a good nature. And of course, the most important question. How big are you? Seven inches, nice girth but not huge, cut, large head, tight balls. He warned me when he came it was a lot. Well, that was a game breaker! What man who enjoys sucking cock wants a lot of cum??? I guess me.

So, we set up a time and place for the next morning at his hotel room after our lengthy chat. We both agreed if an in person meet changed our minds, it would be a no harm, no foul thing.

The next morning, after the wife had left for work, I got ready. It took ten minutes to get to the hotel. He was up on the seventh floor. He had told me to knock and just come on in the. He would leave the door open.

I walked through the lobby to a nearby elevator and barely got a glance from the busy desk clerk trying to check people out. I reached the seventh and started toward the guy’s room. He told me his name was Charles. My adrenaline had started kicking in with an excited response to meeting a man to worship his cock. It meant more than just suck as fast as I could to get him off. It meant bringing him close and backing off. Edging him. Making him want to come so bad but having to delay the gratification. Looking up in his eyes when my mouth was full of his cock. Licking his balls and washing each one inside my mouth with my tongue. Licking between his balls and his crack and teasing the crack with just a brief glance of the tip of my tongue. If he moaned it meant I might trace my tongue up the crack to his rosebud and probe it, the run back down the crack.

Cock poker oyna worship for me meant I pleased the man with extra attention to all the possible erogenous areas near his cock or areas that stimulated his cock. Whenever I was interested in having my cock sucked, I came to realize there are those men who think it’s a race to get you to shoot your cum. They couldn’t be sensual if they tried. It was just an animal type urge. Maybe some guilt thing making them to do what they want, suck cock, but rushing through it so they wouldn’t turn gay??

Charles had a room down at the end of the hallway away from the elevator. I approached his room and it was ajar just as he had said. I gave a couple of knocks loud enough for him to hear and walked inside, closing the door and putting the deadbolt and chain on.

“Come over here, I have what you need over here.” a quiet voice called out. The room was nearly pitch dark. I could see light filtering in through the shaded windows but my eyes hadn’t adjusted enough to make out the figure of Charles.

So, I walked toward the light of the windows and quickly made out the figure of a man sitting on the edge of a king size bed.

“Strip and get on your knees now.” he said. “And then start to work on your worship of my cock like we talked about.”

I did as he said and was soon nude and on my knees in between his legs. I bent my head down to find his cock which was semi-erect dangling there between his legs. My lips touched the head and it twitched as I just barely sucked the tip past my lips. There was a small bead of sweet tasting precum oozing out of the slit. My tongue quickly gathered the juice in and let it linger on the surface for the nice taste experience.

I took the entire bulbous head inside my lips, tightening them around it’s fleshy surface. It was very large and its texture was firm but smooth. It was a delicious fruit, wet and ripe.

I used my tongue feverishly, circling the outer rim of the head before moving inward to the slick meat of it. The surface of his head was pure tactile delight. So silky smooth yet inflating to hardness of a rubbery handball.

“Lick the shaft. And give my balls a bath. Then show me, cocksucker. Show me if you can suck as well as promised.” he demanded.

Without a word, I used the flat of my tongue to lap at his hardening shaft. The veins were prominently full of his blood diverted to his cock as his excitement increased. I licked and traced the shaft front and back. on every side using the flat and tip of my large tongue. He responded with a small gasp and low toned moan.

After thoroughly wetting his shaft, I. transitioned to his tight sac holding two walnuts capable of blasting his seed down his shaft into my waiting mouth. I played with one and then the other using tongue and lips. My right hand reached under his ball sac to massage the space between his ass crack and balls. His hard cock bounced off the bridge of my nose.

I traveled back up his shaft and engulfed his head one more time. I quickly took the entire cock into the back of my mouth at the entrance of my throat. My lips kept a tight seal and I gave the shaft as much tongue as possible. My nose rested against his pubic region which was unshaved. His bush tickled my nostrils. Then I began long, slow strokes up and down his cock, stopping at the tip of his large head and returning to the pubic hair. It only took a few minutes of this before I felt the head seem to swell and the shaft started to spasm. He thrust deeper into my mouth and started gasping with only a grunting noise. The streams of cum were thick and jetted into my mouth to the entrance of my throat. I pulled back to get some of the cum in my mouth and on my tongue. It was sweet tasting but it’s thickness made it harder canlı poker oyna to swallow than most of the cum I had devoured. Finally, after five hard streams of his sperm, his cum was only a slight ooze. His cock remained hard and I kept him in my mouth while gulping down the cum resting on my tongue. I was disappointed he had cum so quickly because I prided myself in going slow to make a man feel the anticipation of an orgasm before he shot his load into my mouth. This guy seemed pretty quick on the trigger even as much as I enjoyed the gift of his cum.

I started to withdraw on his cock when he grabbed the back of my head.

“Keep going. There’s more where that came from. I’m going to give you a real cum treat this morning, cocksucker.”

I gladly went back to deep throating his cock and was elated to hear he was able to have more than one orgasm in one session of having his cock worshipped. I slurped on his shaft and nursed the tip of his cock to gather the remnants of his cum and some new pre-cum. He stood up above me and had me move away from the bed’s edge. Then he started fucking my face. His hips moved back and forth forcing his cock down my throat and withdrawing to have my tongue nestling just the head. I maintained a tight seal on his cock as he continued to fuck my face. After about five minutes of this I felt the head of his cock flare and my tongue felt the underside pulse. Once again he began shooting sweet cum into my mouth and down my throat. It wasn’t as intense as his first orgasm but it had plenty of cum and still jetted into my mouth onto my tongue and coated the roof and tonsils of my mouth and throat. I was in cum heaven!

After five pulses of sticky cum he again oozed a small amount on my tongue. This time I held as much of the cum in my mouth as I could. I swirled it like I would my mouthwash and then gulped it down. I maintained a loose grip of his cock with my mouth but was readying myself to pull off when he once again told me not to take my mouth off his cock.

“There’s going to be more cum than you’ve ever taken from one guy, cocksucker.” he told me.

So, I tightened my lips once again on his cock and once again he started fucking my face but this time he pushed his hips foreword and backward at a slow even pace. I was getting to feel the fullness of his cock in my mouth. The long shaft sliding back and forth, the smooth, silky crown. It was really a perfect feel for a cocksucker like me.

After five minutes of this slow paced face fucking, he pulled his cock from my mouth.

“Get up on the bed on your back with your head hanging off the edge. It’s time to test your deep throat skills. I don’t want to see you trying to get away from the fucking you’re about to get. Understand?”

I nodded my head as I got up from my knees. I did as he said and put my head over the edge of the bed while I lay on my back with my dick sticking up in the air. He quickly entered my mouth. As promised he fucked my mouth hard and deep. I gagged and gurgled as he continued a hard, steady movement into and almost out of my mouth. It was uncomfortable as I gasped on his up stroke to get air and it was exhilarating to be submissively sucking this man’s cock in this way. Suddenly after another five minutes, he pushed his cock deep into the back of my mouth. I could feel the telltale signs of the underside pulse and the slight flare of the head. Once again he cried out in short gasps as his cock pumped more sticky cum into me. I tried pulling off his cock some in order to have his cum on my tongue but he wasn’t having it. He kept a steady downward push as his cock spewed more and more cum into the back walls of my throat and coated my uvula and tonsils. I gurgled and spit as it became almost impossible to swallow his internet casino juice. And I continued to savor being the submissive cocksucker who was worshipping this cock.

After four shots into my oral cavity his cum drained slowly from the head. He pulled back just a couple of inches so I could taste the last bit of the viscous liquid. Once again I was imminently about to pull off his cock but he told me he had more. And his cock was still stiff as hell just like the other two times. I had never encountered such a freakish thing!

Charles once again started pushing his cock down my throat. This time once he buried his cock completely into my mouth, he stopped and let me take time to lick the shaft and just thrill at the fullness I felt with his cock in my mouth.

“You really like this cock don’t you cocksucker? Yeah, you have great skills. And I’m going to reward you with a lot of creamy jizz.”

He started moving his cock up and down slowly this time. My neck ached from being unsupported so long but my lips ignored it and kept a tight lock on his shaft. Each time the crown of his cock neared the opening of my mouth I put my tongue to work swirling around the big head. Charles was intensely stroking into me and sweat was beading up on his brow. I made a point of looking up into his face as he fucked me. It gave me great satisfaction to see this man finding pleasure from my sucking of his cock. I had began sucking cock with a lot of hesitancy but now I knew I was just as he said I was, a cocksucker.

Charles kept plunging down my throat and back up to to the edge of my mouth’s opening. This time I had better opportunity to get a breath on his upstroke. By this time my jaw was aching like my neck. My mouth continued to produce saliva enough to lube the way for his cock to smoothly move up and down in my face. In fact there was spit running out of the corners of my mouth onto the floor.

After ten minutes of continued face fucking, Charles once again gasped in the height of a male orgasm’s pleasure when his cock pulses and the semen begins the rapid journey down the shaft into the waiting mouth or pussy or ass….or hand.

Once again there was a good load of thick cum shooting into my mouth. This guy was truly incredible. I was able to collect a good portion of the three long cum shots so I could taste it on my tongue and swish it around before swallowing. It was difficult given the angle of my head and his cock but he seemed to sense I wanted to have some cum to savor in my mouth and had pulled back some. I waited for the small post orgasmic flow from his cock head. I used my tongue to gather it and quickly starting gargling the cum. Man, it tasted so fucking good. And the texture and feel of a man’s cum in my mouth was an aphrodisiac of flavor for me.

Once again his cock remained rigid after he came. By this time I knew to keep it in my mouth. And once again he told me there was more cum to swallow.

We kept it up until Charles had cum seven times. He told me he had a condition that caused or allowed him to cum repeatedly without much loss of his erection. At times he said it became too much for him because he would have the urge in the wrong places.

The other times he came he had me on my back laying at the head of the bed while he crawled up to straddle my head. He fucked me as forcefully as some of the previous times for the first orgasm in that position.

He then had me jack off on the head of his erect cock laying a thick coat of my semen on the head and shaft. Then I had to clean it up and once again suck him until he shot more cum down my gullet.

At the end of our meeting I was totally worn out and at the same time completely charged up with the satisfaction of worshipping such a productive and freakish cock. My belly was full of at least a small glass full of cum. My mouth was coated with the residue of cum. My taste buds overwhelmed with the taste. It was totally fucking erotic and the strangest encounter I had ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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