Cactus Flower

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Arizona State University was awesome! Everyone had told me that it was a party school and that was the real reason I had chosen it. I told my parents it was the only place that I could study what I was truly interested in, botany. Specifically, I had an interest in the cactus flower, and what better place was there to study them than the Sonoran desert?

I arrived on a Sunday afternoon, my overprotective parents lingering too long before they said good-bye. I watched them go, waiting impatiently for my new life as a college student to begin. I was going to rock college, unlike high school, where I had been little more than a drama geek with a passion for plants. I had plenty of friends in high school and I never felt lonely, but I really wanted college to be different. I wanted to be popular and for people to like me. I wanted loads of friends and loads of fun. I wanted to try all the drugs and go to all the parties. In high school I had been sheltered. Now, my parents were gone! I did a victory dance around my dorm as I tasted real freedom for the first time.

The signs for sorority rush were all over the campus and I made a point to program the details into my calendar so I could attend. The girls at Arizona State were all gorgeous and I was a bit jealous and scared that maybe I wasn’t cool enough to join a sorority. I shuffled from house to house until I found the one that I would spend the rest of my college experience with: Alpha Eta Pi. The girls were all pretty and sweet and the house was quaint and painted in a light pink that made me giggle. I’d always wanted to live in a pink house but the real reason I was joining a sorority wasn’t for the friendship. I wanted to meet fraternity guys and lose my virginity. I wasn’t about to tell anyone that I was a virgin, but I was and I was a bit ashamed of that. I hadn’t found a single guy in high school that had wanted to fuck me but surely college would be different.

“So let’s go around and tell everyone our names and one thing we like,” Cassandra, the pledge mother explained to us what we would be doing next.

“When do we meet frat guys?” I interrupted.

“Not yet,” she said. “Let’s start with you.”

“Me? Okay,” I began. Everyone was watching me and I felt nervous. I also knew casino şirketleri that it was time for me to be the cool girl I’d always wanted to be back in high school. These people didn’t know me yet and what I said was going to be their first impression. “I’m Raylene and I like cactus flowers.”

“Cactus flowers? How interesting,” Cassandra said with a giggle. “Now who is next?” I tried to pay attention but in the distance I saw some fraternity guys trying to spread a tarp out on their lawn across the street. I stared until one of them looked up and me and smiled. I smiled back and he beckoned me to come over to him. I knew I shouldn’t leave the sorority girls. I wanted them to like me but there was a horniness inside of me that I just couldn’t seem to shake. I needed cocks and there were some waiting for me if I could only just get up and walk across the street. I began to stand but Cassandra put me in my place.

“Hey, Cactus Flower! Sit down. We aren’t done here. You can play with the frat boys later. There’s always a slutty one in every pledge class,” she said to her assistant, another sorority member.

“Yeah, sit down,” the assistant added. I sat back down but I couldn’t help but look across the street to watch the boys doing their thing. I made eye contact with several of them. They knew I was watching and they were showing off for me. I knew where I was going as soon as this sorority shit was done. It seemed like it would never end, but finally Cassandra smiled at all of us and told us it was time to go.

“I’m proud of you for sticking it out, Cactus Flower. You can go over there now if you like.” She pointed to the guys who were all waiting for me.

“Thanks!” I said quickly and I headed across the street. “Hi!” I called.

“Hi there! What’s your name?” one of the guys asked.

“They call me Cactus Flower,” I told him and it was true. Cassandra had called me that a few times. It was a lot easier to remember than Raylene.

“Cute. I’m Fred, and this is Franklin.”

“Hi guys,” I said, flirtation in my voice. I had always wanted to flirt like this and I guess I was feeling like a different person now that I didn’t have my parent’s rules hanging over me.

“Want to come inside and hang out?”

“Sure!” casino firmaları I said with enthusiasm. I walked after them until they had led me inside and handed me a drink of what they called Mystery Punch.

“What’s in this?” I asked.

“Everything!” Fred laughed. “Just drink it!”

“Bottoms up!” I screamed and then I tipped my cup back and drank the entire cup. I immediate felt it. I don’t know what was in that Mystery Punch but it did the trick. Any inhibitions that I had been feeling were stripped away by the magic punch. I was free. I was going to do something naughty. I could feel it and it felt delicious to be able to do whatever I wanted. I was an adult now. I could make my own adult decisions.

“Come on in here,” Franklin pulled me into one of the bedrooms. “You should take off these clothes. There are way too many on you.” He helped me out of my t-shirt and then he paused to kiss me. His hands were everywhere until my bra was on the floor and my shorts and panties were in a pile at my feet. His fingers were inside my pussy and I was moaning softly when Fred kissed me. I could feel Franklin’s hands all over me as Fred kissed me. I was such a slut. This was only my first week of college and I was already being a bigger slut than anyone in my high school would ever believe.

I let Franklin bend me over a bed and fuck me. I wasn’t thinking about condoms or safety. All I could think about was the fact that I wasn’t a virgin anymore as he pushed his dick inside of me. Fred’s cock pushed into my mouth and I realized that I was losing my virginity to two guys instead of just one. It was amazing and something that I never imagined could happen. I had gone from zero to slut. Franklin and Fred switched places and I realized that Franklin must have cum inside of me. It felt so wet and squishy now that Fred was fucking my pussy.

The door opened suddenly and we all froze and looked toward it.

“Hey! What are you two hiding in here? Come on, share!”

“This is Cactus Flower. She just joined Alpha Eta Pi!”

“I want a piece!” The new guy barged into the room and stuck his cock into me without even asking.

“Hey! Who are you?” I screamed at him.

“Oh, excuse me for being so rude! I’m Jeff. Nice güvenilir casino to meet you, Cactus Flower, right? That’s a weird name.”

“It’s a nickname,” I told him but I didn’t tell him to get out of my pussy. I let him fuck me and I enjoyed it. Now I had three cocks and they were all waiting for their turn in my pussy. I felt so desirable like these guys actually wanted me and not just my body. I felt like a cool kid, like the kind of girl who would be popular in college. Things were going to be different in college, that much was clear.

The door opened again and this time there were several guys that wanted a turn. I was a bit scared because of how many guys there were. Even if I had said no, I don’t know that they would have stopped but I didn’t say no. I said yes! I welcomed every single one of their cocks into my pussy. They were passing me back and forth, using my holes to get their dicks off. There were no condoms and they were all fucking me and cumming in my pussy.

“Cactus flower? Do you do anal?” Franklin asked me.

“I don’t know,” I said slowly. “I’ve never tried it.”

“Well, then. Let’s show her what she’s missing!” he screamed to his brothers. They cheered in agreement. Before I knew it, Franklin’s cock was in my ass and Fred’s was in my pussy. I was stuffed with two cocks in my holes at the same time! I felt so deliciously slutty. I couldn’t believe myself.

“It’s so tight,” Franklin screamed and I knew he was cumming up my ass. I was surprised at how good anal felt. People always told me that it hurt and to be careful but there was nothing painful about it to me. I was cumming my ass off on their cocks, loving how two cocks at once felt in my holes. I was sucking cocks too, no longer knowing or caring whose cock was in which hole. It didn’t matter. I was a slut now and I was going to take whatever cocks were given to me. I was going to keep cumming and I was going to love it.

“You are such a slut, Cactus Flower,” Fred whispered in my ear.

“Thank you,” I answered and I meant it. I was thankful for this experience. It had taken me from zero to slut in just a few hours. I truly felt like a cactus flower, blooming at the first rain of the season. They were showering me with attention and I was blooming for the first time in my life. I was no longer a virgin. Now I was a slut, a beautiful, beautiful slut. I felt the beauty in my moment as I bloomed right before their eyes, stuffed full of cocks and fully alive for the first time in my life.

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