Butch Black Women Ch. 06

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Black Lipstick

Sex is the most intense and chaotic force in our lives. And there’s not much we can do about it. The name is Anacaona Rocher, named after the legendary Queen of the Tainos people who inhabited what is now the Republic of Haiti. I’m Butch and proud. And these words define my life. I’m a six-foot-tall, athletic and dark-skinned, openly gay young Black woman of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I am twenty five years old and recently returned to finish school after a three-year hiatus.

Returning to school after such a long break wasn’t easy. I am more focused now, though. I major in business administration at Carleton University. It’s a pretty nice school. I like it mainly because lots of Africans, Asians, Hispanics and Arabs are enrolled there. It seems men and women from immigrant families living in Ontario prefer the laid-back, racially diverse atmosphere of Carleton University to that of uptight, elitist schools like the University of Ottawa. Cool.

There are so many complicated issues in the Black lesbian communities of North America. Lesbians got issues. Oh, yeah. Issues like domestic violence in the dating scene, for one. Lesbians can and do get violent with their female partners. It happens all the time. Forget about what you’ve seen on television programs like The Wire and The L Word. We’re not all soft and gentle. What you need to understand is that we’re people. Some of us are okay. Some of us are really cool. And many of us are mean as hell.

There are many tribes, categories and types of lesbians. Each tribe, category and type has their own rules. We’ve got the Butch ones and the Femmes. Everyone knows that. We’ve also got the Bull Dykes and the Stone Butches. And if you happen to be a Stone Butch like me, then people simply won’t leave you alone. It seems that all straight people and queers are fascinated by Butch women. I couldn’t care less about their fascination. I am simply myself. No, I don’t secretly yearn to be a man. No, I am not a man-hater. I am only me. I wish I could post this somewhere where everyone would read it so they would stop asking me so many damn questions. That would never happen, of course. But a gal can dream, can’t she?

People seem to make assumptions about us Butch women every damn day. They assume we’re all a bunch of tough chicks, hardcore tomboys who secretly want to be men. While I do shop at men’s department stores, it’s because I find male clothing more comfortable. It appeals to me for other reasons like durability and flexibility. It’s not because I secretly wish I were male. I love having a pussy, thank you very much. There is a big difference between a woman who’s secretly a female-to-male transsexual case waiting to happen and a Butch woman. Got it? Cool. Someone should publish a handbook about Butch women someday. It might save us a lot of aggravation when dealing with women casino şirketleri and men from the outside world.

The summer is finally here and I find myself checking out sexy women left and right. I’m roaming all over the City looking for some piece of ass. I like all kinds of women. Tall and short, chubby and skinny, athletic or couch potato. I like them all. I’ve fucked all kinds of women. I really don’t discriminate when it comes to pussy. I once fucked this fifty-something White woman named Mariel Hauser, an immigrant worker from the Republic of South Africa who lived in the Ottawa suburb of Orleans. Like a lot of middle-aged White women, Mariel had a thing for sexy young Black women.

I have to be honest here. I really can’t stand White folks from south Africa. They’re all bigoted and arrogant. Quite often I tell them to go to hell when they stare at me too long. However, I very much wanted to inflict some pain on Mariel, especially since she craved my unique brand of Black female domination. I made her get naked. Her body was flabby, which wasn’t my style but whatever. I liked how compliant she was. I made her kneel before me and suck my toes. The sight of a middle-aged White slut kneeling before a strong Black woman like myself and sucking her toes turned me on a lot.

I smacked Mariel in the face, spanked her flabby White ass, spat on her and then fucked her pussy and asshole with my strap-on dildo. I rammed my dildo so far up Mariel’s pasty White ass, she actually cried. I fucked her in my favourite position, face down and ass up. I spanked her ass while slamming my strap-on dildo into her barely lubricated asshole. The White slut from South Africa squealed as she finally experienced the awesome power and sensuality of the Black goddess. I love dominating these useless White sluts. They think they’re all that. I like to treat them like dirt and make them bow before the dominant Black goddess that I am. I love making them cry. And they love it!

I also dominated this uptight Japanese bitch named Mariko Yamamoto. I ran into her at the University of Montreal during a family outing in the Province of Quebec. I was chilling in Montreal with my cousin Annabelle and her friend Sasha when I noticed a tall, sexy Asian woman walking into the Caribbean restaurant where we were dining. Mariko Yamamoto was the lady’s name. The biracial daughter of a wealthy Japanese businessman who married some Irish hussy. Mariko’s pretty face, athletic body and heart-shaped ass appealed to me. Even though she was uptight and condescending when addressing the restaurant staff. Well, I know an uptight bitch when I see one. And I love taming them. I call it a public service.

I approached Mariko Yamamoto and we began chatting. She had recently returned from a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Mariko was engaged to a lawyer named O’Shea, some White guy from Brampton, a casino firmaları suburb of Metropolitan Toronto. A lot of Asian chicks in Canada are dating White guys. A few Asian guys in Canada are dating White chicks. And quite a few of those same Asians can’t stand Black people. They’re so bigoted it’s not even funny. I could tell Mariko was one of those. However, the lustful look in her gaze let me know that this jade princess wanted a little of my brown sugar. And that’s exactly how I reeled her in. I’m a natural seducer. And pretty soon, Mariko and I were back in my hotel room.

Mariko was like putty in my hands once I got her naked on my bed. Like most women who were bossy and arrogant out on the streets, she was docile and pliant between the sheets. I kissed her passionately, then licked her all over. I spread her legs and fingered her pussy. Soon she was crying out for more. I turned her over and spanked her butt. Taking out my strap-on dildo, I penetrated her pussy from behind. Mariko squealed and urged me to fuck her harder. I gripped Mariko’s hips and fucked her hard, slamming my dildo deep into her cunt. I even fucked her in the ass, after fingering her and lubricating her ass of course. Sliding my strap-on dildo up the arrogant Japanese bitch’s tight asshole was definitely the most fun thing I’ve done in ages. I made her scream as I fucked her ass roughly, making her pay for being such a bitch all the time.

Yeah, I do enjoy dominating women. What would really surprise a lot of people is that I occasionally like to get dominated. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a woman strong enough to dominate a tall, muscular and dark-skinned Butch Black woman like myself. There is a part of me that aches to be smacked around, spanked and fucked. Amazingly, I found such a woman in the unlikeliest of places. I went to visit the All Nations Church of Ottawa, and that’s where I met the lovely Shiva Le Champ. A tall, sexy Black woman in her early forties. A gorgeous Black woman from the City of Atlanta, Georgia. A bona-fide Haitian-American lady who was one of the Pastor’s relatives. Shiva Le Champ made me feel intimidated, something I rarely feel.

Standing six feet two inches tall, she was quite imposing. And sexy as hell. I looked right into her eyes and knew she was into women. Shiva Le Champ walked right up to me and introduced herself. When she smiled at me, I felt weak in the knees. A very non-Butch thing to feel. Shiva seemed perfectly aware of the effect she had on both men and women. We started talking casually and I learned more about her. Shiva Le Champ was an executive working for the Rogers Corporation. She had her bachelor’s degree in business from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia and her MBA from Howard University in Washington D.C. I was impressed. The forty-one-year-old stunner was recently divorced, and loving life.

Well, I was smitten güvenilir casino with her from that day forward. Shiva didn’t waste any time with me. What she wanted, she got. Right after church service that day, she took me to her lovely house in Orleans for some fun. It turned out to be an experience I would never forget. For it was the first time I got dominated by another woman. Once we got to her house, Shiva wasted no time showing me who’s boss. She had me strip naked before her, and inspected me thoroughly. I couldn’t believe the stuff I let her do to me but her imperious gaze and harsh commanding tone simply dazzled me. I stood, frozen as a statue as she sucked my tits, pinched my nipples, fingered my pussy and smacked my butt. A part of me kind of liked it, I guess.

Shiva took total control of me. She was simply gorgeous, pure Femme all the way. She didn’t care about labels like Butch or Femme. What she demanded was my obedience, and she got it. Shiva bent me over her knee and spanked me. She also fingered my asshole while licking my pussy. Oddly enough, I really liked it. I knelt before her and sucked on her strap-on while she stroked my hair and promised to make me her bitch. I was a little hesitant when she pried my legs wide open and inserted the slim strap-on dildo in my pussy but I got over it. She really knew how to fuck somebody, wielding her dildo with accuracy and authority. I relaxed and enjoyed my first time getting fucked.

Shiva put me on all fours and spanked my butt while fucking me from behind with her strap-on dildo. I couldn’t believe I was letting her do this to me. Shiva really went all out, smacking my ass and calling me a little bitch while slamming the dildo in my cunt. Face down and ass up, that’s the way this dominant Femme fucked me, a strong Butch woman. Shiva’s berating me actually turned me on. So much that when she pried my ass cheeks wide open and inserted the dildo in my asshole, I didn’t protest. I was torn between being excited and being terrified. Excitement overcame terror, and I finally experienced anal penetration. It hurt at first but Shiva promised me I’d like it. As ordered by her, I opened myself up, and began enjoying it. I am a Butch woman enjoying getting fucked in the ass by a dominant Femme. How weird was that? I don’t care, all I know is that I loved it and begged Shiva for more. And you had better believe she fucked me even harder.

Yeah, that’s how my first time went. After this memorable experience, I was never the same. I began seeing myself differently. What did it mean to me? Being a Butch? I’m a hardcore tomboy and always will be. No dresses, makeup or any of that crap for me. I am a strong and dominant woman by nature. It’s my personality. It’s who I am. And I love to dominate other women. However, there is a part of me that enjoys getting spanked, flogged and fucked with a strap-on dildo wielded by a sexy woman. Of course, I will keep this under wraps. I quietly visit Shiva once a week to satisfy my forbidden submissive urges, and the rest of the time, I’m that swaggering Butch woman you see getting all the Femmes!

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