Anita Welcomes Michael Ch. 03

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Michael arrived back at our house after the first meeting with the wedding planner. Michael loved Danielle slightly more than all the other girls he had been out with which seemed to qualify her for marriage but he was sure sick of bridesmaids dresses already. Michael loosened his collar and dumped the portfolio on the hall table. It was still hot out and Michael needed a shower after the drive back through rush hour traffic. He went into the laundry to grab a fresh towel and dumped it on the dryer while he unbuttoned his light blue shirt, pulled it out of his jeans and took it off.

Michael walked back into the hall and saw a figure through the mottled glass of the front door. Before the person had a chance to ring the bell, Michael opened the door and Marcy (Anita’s neighbour) greeted him with a big smile. She was wearing a form fitting blue patterned vest and denim mini skirt with her blonde hair piled messily on top of her head – she was like a poor version of Anita. Almost 100% trash but not quite.

“Hi, you must be Michael? I am Marcy, the Walkers’ neighbour, how do you do?”

“Oh hi Marcy it’s nice to meet you” Michael shook her extended hand, pretending he didn’t know her already.

“I hear congratulations are in order?” Marcy continued.

“Yes, thank you, Danielle and I are officially engaged! Word sure travels fast round this neighborhood. Danielle and I are really pleased although sorting out all the wedding plans is some task, but please come on in.”

Michael stepped to one side and Marcy smiled confidently while trying not to stare at Michael’s traffic-stopping chest as she walked into the house.

“I came to see Anita yesterday and somehow managed to forget to drop off the card. So here you go.” Marcy presented Michael with a purple envelope.

“Thank you Marcy, that’s really kind of you and I am sorry about my attire,” Michael glanced down casually with his hands in the air like he was surrendering.

“But I just needed a quick shower to freshen up. I wasn’t expecting any visitors – actually I am home alone for much of the afternoon but you are more than welcome to stay if you want? But if not, please stop by to see Danielle later, she would love to see you again I am sure”

“Yes I must do that, you’re right. Although from yesterday I am unsure who I should congratulate. It looks like you are already practicing with Anita for the honeymoon”

Michael’s eyes widened for a moment with the realization that he and Anita had been spotted.

“Wh…wha…what do you mean Marcy?” Michael tried to back track with a little laugh.

“What do I mean Michael? I mean the fact that you were having sex with Anita on that sofa yesterday and I saw it all. It was quite a show! You aren’t even in the family yet Michael but you seem to be very well acquainted with your soon to-be mother-in-law!” Marcy replied with venom.

“So yes, I must come over and ‘celebrate’ later with either Danielle or Anita. Which would you prefer me to congratulate Michael?”

Michael remained quiet for a moment.

“Listen Marcy…” Michael started very slowly, thinking on his feet. “Me and Anita, I mean we are…well…”

“Spit it out Michael…”

“Look Marcy” Michael tried to buy some more time “There’s no need for you to tell Danielle.”

“Why shouldn’t I?” Marcy asked with a smile “You aren’t much of a faithful husband and you aren’t even married yet!”

“Marcy, please don’t ruin Danielle’s big day – she is so excited about getting married and we do love each other. Please don’t, I’ll do anything as casino şirketleri long as you don’t tell her. Please don’t spoil it for her. I’ll do anything.”

“Well Michael, it’s funny you should say that …” Marcy wagged her finger at him as she walked into the lounge.

Michael frowned for a second and then shut the front door so they were alone. He was still looking confused when he turned around and walked into the lounge to meet Marcy face to face.

“Just how willing would you be to keep me quiet Michael? You seem so keen to be a member of the Walker family and I appear to be the one who could change all that.”

Michael rubbed his massive, defined chest gently as he listened to what Marcy was saying. His head was hanging back a little – his usual cocky stance already assumed as Marcy continued.

“Anita seemed to be very impressed with what you were offering and it appears to be so good it is stopping her from telling anyone so she can keep you all to herself. So if that body is as good as it looks and I need some incentive to keep your secret then you’ll need…”

Michael held up his hand – he’d heard enough!

“Alright Marcy I get where this is going. In fact…” Michael paused for a second, “I think I knew where this was going: you want me to give you some of what Anita has had, right?”

“Got it in one Michael” Marcy clicked her fingers in the air.

“So you are actually encouraging me to be a bad boy now? What about Danielle?”

‘Well what Danielle doesn’t know can’t really hurt her now, can it? Besides you have something I want and I have something you want. So you will need to drop those jeans Michael and give me all that you have given Anita and in return I will keep my mouth shut about your little infidelity and ours of course.”

“Marcy…” Michael tried to reason with Marcy.

“No, no, no Michael” Marcy wagged her finger at him.

“Anita and I always share and you are no different. Now lose those jeans Michael or lose both Anita and Danielle and then your job when Ted kicks your sorry ass out of the company for fucking his daughter and his wife.”

Michael had no choice in the matter, there was too much at stake – he could lose everything – but if all he had to suffer was another fuck then why say no.

“Well if it is what will keep you quiet, I am only too happy to oblige”

Michael grinned as smug as ever at the thought of him having to have sex with yet another woman in this neighbourhood. He undid the button on his jeans, ripped open the rest of the fly and let his jeans fall to the floor before stepping out of them. His prize cock sprang free and Marcy smiled contently. She approached Michael and slid her hands down his smooth, buff body.

“I must give Anita credit, she has good taste. Mmmm…you are fine!” Marcy dug her nails into Michael’s strong chest.

“So will this keep you quiet Marcy?”

“Too right it will Michael. Now get me out of these clothes.” Marcy demanded.

Michael reached forward and lifted Marcy’s vest off her curvaceous body before reaching round her waist to unzip her skirt but Marcy grabbed him and pulled him closer.

“Make me believe it Michael.” Marcy whispered softly to Michael.

With their bodies pressed close, Michael wrapped his strong arms around yet another conquest before removing her skirt. They both stood there completely naked, pressed against each other.

“So now what Marcy? What is it I have to do for you?” Michael asked but knew full well. Marcy lowered her hands and with much anticipation she eased casino firmaları her fingers around Michael’s thick shaft.

“Make me scream like Anita” Marcy started to rub Michael’s cock and he began to rise to the occasion like a pro. Now he was hard, the fun could begin.

Marcy thought she was so smart, that she had managed to get her way by old-fashioned blackmail but Michael had other ideas. He walked over to the leather couch that had been the substitute bed for him and Anita, sat down and spread his legs wide – his cock standing proud.

“C’mon on then?” Michael grinned confidently before he rested both his arms along the back of the leather couch. “If you want me, if you want what Anita had then come and get it”

“Oh Michael. You are too arrogant for your own good!”

“Yeah yeah. Both you and Anita say that but I appear to be the one everyone is fighting over. And the only one who will fuck you so if you want me, I’m all yours. So what if you tell Ted? Anita has him wrapped round her finger and if I don’t marry Danielle, some other girl will have me.” He was the one who was right now – he had her where he wanted – but Marcy was desperate for a thoroughly good fuck and she knew it was now or never for her aging ass. She hurried over to the leather couch and straddled Michael before taking his cock in her hands and rubbing it along the lips of her pussy, arousing Michael even more.

“That’s not a bad start Marcy. Ok, so you can get me hard – I’ll give you that.”

“And that is one hard cock, one very hard cock. Michael, you are really big. What if I can’t take you?” Marcy’s looked almost serious for a second. Michael frowned again, his handsome face expressing his confusion.

“What the fuck? You blackmail me into having sex with you and then back out? I don’t think so Marcy. We are gonna have sex whether you want it or not. You got me hard and I will fuck you”

“Right now?” Marcy asked nervously.

“Right now!” Michael replied instantly and he wasn’t joking – he grabbed Anita’s neighbour around the waist, lifted her body up and then dropped her pussy right onto his strong cock.

“OH MY GOD!” Marcy almost screamed the house down as Michael’s cock did its stuff and forced her unused pussy into top-gear! Driving her wild as her pussy locked around his cock and made him slide inside her – her body tried to resist at first but Michael wasn’t the type of man to be denied.

Marcy could barely keep herself conscious as her dormant passions started to rise inside her and reach heights she used to experiences years ago. Michael kept his hands on Marcy’s waist to try and keep her on top, her body becoming wild as she struggled to control herself.

“Oh my God Michael. You are so fucking big. Oh don’t stop. You’re so fucking big!”

Michael moved his hands down to her voluptuous ass as he quickly built up a smooth and satisfying rhythm for Marcy to enjoy. Michael rocked his hips back and forth and Marcy simply came along for the ride! He ground his hips into her, never really letting his cock release from inside her tight, mature pussy. He rolled his pelvis round and up and round and up again to ensure she was getting plenty of satisfaction and Michael watched as Marcy began to bounce up and down on top of him.

Michael released his grip on her ass and headed straight for her breasts which lacked Anita’s pertness but Michael put up with it considering the situation he faced. Marcy soon found the rhythm too and relaxed into it. While Michael used his skilled hands to pleasure her, she put her hands on Michael’s güvenilir casino shoulders and tried to ride Michael like she had hoped he would agree to. Her hips rocked back and forth as every inch of Michael seemed to grow even harder inside of her, stretching her moist pussy until it felt like it might burst.

Michael continued to squeeze her tender cleavage as she fucked him as hard as she could. He ran his hands over her erect nipples and leant forward quickly to lick and kiss her breasts.

“Oh Michael…” That was all Marcy seemed capable of saying!

“You like that Marcy, huh?”

“Oh God yes!”

Michael hadn’t planned on this – Anita was plenty – but he wasn’t going to complain. His body was what most women wanted, so why not share it. Michael looked up at Marcy’s naked womanly body writhing around on top of him and he had to admit that he liked her curves. Michael started to pound Marcy a little harder now and took his hands away to watch her awesome cleavage just jiggle for his satisfaction – he really fucked her cunt so she felt him thundering through her body.

“Oh Michael you are so hot!”

“I take it you like this body as much as Anita does?” Michael spread his hands wide open so Marcy could take a good look at his physique before flexing his left bicep in a purely egotistical way for her to enjoy.

Marcy’s head started to roll back as her orgasm began to build. Every time she slid up and down on Michael’s cock she swore she could feel it grow even harder.

“I think I’m cuming!”

Michael reached forward again and put his hands on Marcy’s slim yet voluptuous waist as she got quicker and quicker. Marcy fell forward, placing each hand on one of Michael’s smooth pecs while Michael kept on pistoning her. Marcy dug her nails into Michael’s gym-honed body as she fought to cling on but finally her pussy overloaded.

“Oh God I’m cuming! Oh yessssss oh Jesus, oh God Michael”

Marcy let her orgasm rip through her like a volcano. Her head flew back as her neck and head flushed crimson with the sheer pleasure coursing through her. Her clit went into hyperdrive as it sent nothing through her tired body other than pure pleasure. Burst and burst of high voltage licked through – she was only just finding enough strength to keep herself on top! Slowly her body began to calm down but Michael wasn’t finished yet – he hadn’t cum.

“Oh Michael you’re the best!” Marcy collapsed onto Michael’s face, her breasts resting on his lips. Michael kissed them for a few moments before looking at Marcy.

“So it appears but you need to finish me off Marcy, I’m not done yet”

“What do you mean?”

“I haven’t cum”

“Well what do you need me to do?” Marcy asked, barely able to breath, and completely red in the face.

Michael lifted Marcy off his wet and still incredibly hard dick and stood up off the sofa. She looked up at him as Michael grabbed her by the hair and started to jerk his cock with his other hand. Michael let out some low groans, quietly at first, and then louder and louder. He held Marcy in place forcibly and her face showed her apprehension but she had no choice and after a few more frantic strokes his cock blew his heavy load all over Marcy’s tired, red face. His hot load creamed all over her, running down her nose and cheeks as he let his orgasm finish.

“There you go Marcy. I am done with you now and you certainly got more than Anita did – I didn’t cream her face like I did yours.” Michael picked up his shirt and threw it at Marcy’s face.

“But Michael you made me…”

“Er no ‘buts’ Marcy, clean yourself up and then you can leave. I am gonna go for that shower now, thanks for the fuck babe.” Michael left Marcy covered in his cum and she just watched as his muscular body walked away and headed up the stairs.

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