Climbing the Hill

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The idea of chastity both thrilled and scared him at the same time. He longed to know what an extended period of time locked with no ability at all to cum, would do to his already growing need to serve Her. He wasn’t sure She understood how deeply his submissive desires had grown toward Her – had been growing – over the last 6 months – even as they had gone thru periods of not seeing each other. All at his fault – and why he was now … Climbing the Hill.

But one Sunday, after spending several nites running versions of this story thru his head, he finally got up the courage to order the steel cock ring cage and lock. Not only ordered them – but had them shipped to Her so She would know exactly when they arrived. Given his status of still climbing the hill, he did not know if She would want to be the one to put it on – or possibly be the one to click the lock at the end. Or would she simply agree to hold the key …

He was also very clear of one thing – this was his version of events – and not only would Hers likely be different – Hers would be the one that would take place.

So the steel cock ring and cage was ordered. She had been very non-committal about the whole chastity thing at this particular point in his climb up the hill. But they had discussed it in the past – he knew it was something that would eventually happen – and he wondered what She was really thinking about it right now – about having the cage delivered to Her house. She had a lot going on – her mom’s surgery – work – Her exercise program – and he wasn’t sure where he fit into all this at the moment.

As he sat on the plane to Chicago writing this story, thinking about the point they were at, his cock started to swell. Submissive feelings always did that to him now – and more so when he hadn’t cum in a few days – like now.

A few days later the package must have arrived at her house. He had received a text – it read … “Package has arrived – You must commit to 5 days without orgasm on your own, starting right now, before we will lock you. You know what to do.

And he did know what to do – he was to respond with a text that read … “i commit my orgasms to Your abject control”.

She had instructed him that each morning as soon as he woke, he was to text Her and assure Her that he had not released in the previous 24 hours – and a statement as to how long it had been since his last orgasm. And each nite – before he went to bed – he was to write Her and tell Her how he was feeling – and what his thoughts were.

So he responded – and sent the required text … “i commit my orgasms to Your abject control”

The first morning he woke and sent Her a text that read … “Your pet has not cum since i received Your text yesterday.

The morning of day 2 he woke with a throbbing erection. He knew that when he wasn’t masturbating he always woke with harder erections in the morning. he wondered what it would be like after 2 weeks of no orgasm. What would it be like after a month? Would he get used to it?

He sent Her the mornings text – he knew the first few days wouldn’t be the hard part. He had gone a few days here and there without orgasm – even once gone 6 days before – for Her.

He had never told Her that part of the reason he had cancelled their plans to get together one Saturday before Xmas was that after not cumming for 6 days – he had given in that morning to his weakness and masturbated – had an orgasm. It was one of the reasons he wanted to be locked to Her – to have his orgasm and the depth of his need to be Hers purely and completely owned by Her – controlled by Her. No ability to give into his weakness without Her consent.

ON the morning of day 4 – laying in bed with his cock extremely hard, he wondered what the mornings would be like waking with an erection this large – this hard – when he had the steel cage on his cock. Would it wake him? Would it hurt? He longed to find out … thoughts of Her raced thru his mind more and more these days. The feel of Her skin – the twinkle in Her eyes when she laughs … the ways she smells – the feel of Her kiss …

The morning of day 5 he woke knowing he could be summoned to Her at any time now. He hoped he would be summoned to Her at any time. He needed to be locked in the cage – it was getting harder and harder not to cum. He knew She knew this – was sure She was enjoying his torment – and had told him if he did not make the 5 days – he would have to start over. She knew he would never lie to Her.

How much longer would She make him wait. Now not only would he be in the cage for a month, but he had already gone almost a week without cumming on top of that. He sent Her the morning text casino şirketleri and later that day received a text back from Her – “meet me at Sage tomorrow nite for a drink – 630 – don’t be late.

They met the next nite. He was wearing a purple lace thing they had purchased together – and was very excited to see Her. It had been almost 2 weeks since they had seen each other. She was more touchy than usual, obviously in more of a teasing mode. They had a drink and shared a few appetizers. As the bartended delivered their second cocktail, She leaned into him and whispered into his ear – “Are you sure?”

He said … Yes Mistress.

She leaned over to him again and again whispered into his ear … “If we do this – I own your ass” and leaned back and took a sip of Her wine. He looked at Her again and said ” Yes Mistress … that is what I want”

She leaned over to him and said – “look me in the eyes. This next month is not about your pleasure. It is about making You think seriously about serving Me. Here are the rules … we are going to lock You for at least a month. Once a week we will have a … session … to see how you are making out … and to push you. We may get together more often than that but it will be at least once a week at my convenience. We will only get together once a week when you have lost at least 3 pounds in that prior week. So if it takes you 8 days to lose the 3 pounds, we wont meet for at least 8 days. But it wont be any more frequently than weekly.”

She sat back – took a final sip of Her wine – stood up and said – “Pay the tab and meet me outside – it is time.”

When he met Her outside … she pointed out where she was parked and told him to follow Her. Back at Her house She took him by the hand and lead him into the house. She walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of wine … came back out and beckoned him to follow Her into the bedroom.

She told him to close the door after he followed Her in …turned to him and said simply … “Strip to your panties.”

He removed all his clothes except the panties …and She told him to kneel and crawl to right before Her. HE knelt before Her with his knees spread … and She placed Her foot against his cock thru the panties as it swelled.

She had told him to bring the collar and leash they had bought together months ago … and knew he had laid them on the floor across the room in the bag lying next to his clothes.

She looked down at him … Her foot still playing with him …and started talking while she sipped Her wine…

“You had all this hesitation when we first started … about the leash …and about sucking my strap on …

You know these are things I want of my pet … and now You are willing to not just become my pet … but to have me train you as my little bitch.

I am not yet completely satisfied with you … but you know that. We both know you want me to tease that cock of yours. We both know you need to suckle at My breast. And we both know i am still hesitant about those things. But I absolutely do intend to begin training and tormenting you physically as well as emotionally. And at the same time, I do want you teased before we lock you in this device.

I want you to remember the feel of my hand on your cock … the feel of humping against my boot … for the next month – at least a month – while we keep your cock locked in steel. Crawl across the room … pick up the bag in your teeth …and bring it to me.”

With no hesitation he turned and crawled across the room – picked the bag up in his teeth and dragged it across the floor to Her on all fours and held it up to Her in his teeth as he knelt in front of Her. She took the bag … and removed the collar … and placed it on his neck. Then She removed the leash … and clipped it to the collar.

She gave the leash a small jerk and said “stay” … and walked from the room. She returned a few moments later … wearing her thigh high boots … and took the end of the leash back in Her hand.

She sat back on the bed … took a sip of Her wine … handed him a stocking he had also been told to put into the bag … and instructed him to tie his cock and balls tight as he had done for Her before. When he was done, She reached down and took the tip of his cock in Her fingers … not wrapping Her fingers around his cock, but using the tips of Her fingers over the tip of his cock … softly stroking just the top third or so of his cock … feeling it swell in Her fingers.

She knew this teased him … and She smiled and said … “I have been waiting for this since last December … to watch you hump like a bitch in heat. I have always wanted you casino firmaları as My pet – but I think you may just now be ready to be trained as my little bitch slut. If you hump my boot like a good bitch, I will be sure you are well teased before I lock Your cock and pocket the key. Show me what a good puppy bitch you are going to be for me”

She gently pulled on the leash and pulled his head toward Her lap … until Her booted leg was between his legs.

“Just place My cock against the boot … and hold it there pet” she whispered.

He leaned forward and placed his hard bound cock against the boot. As often as he had thought about it, he had never humped for a woman before … and was very excited about what he hoped was to come. She took his chin in Her hand … and told him to look into Her eyes …and to begin softly humping his cock against Her leg for Her …

And he slowly began humping his cock into Her leg.

She told him how hot he looked to Her … kneeling there … legs spread …

Ass humping against Her leg …

Her looking into his eyes … as if trying to look into his soul.

And then he softly moaned from the pleasure … from his need for more … and she said … “Good boy, hump more for me …”

And he began to thrust his cock more forcefully against her leg …

And She started talking to him …

“I want to make you my pet …

I want to teach you … train you … push you …

I like the idea of you as My bitch … you want that don’t you?

Hump faster my bitch … “

And he did … moaning from need … feeling Her touch on his face …

That combination … the mixture of the decadence of humping her leg combined with the beauty of the softness of Her touch on his face … was driving him deeper

And She talked to him more … even as he continued moaning …

“I want to help grow these needs in you …

We are going to torment you tonite … start you off in chastity in a state of desperate need. I am going to tease you deeply tonite .. then lock your cock and not touch it for a month. And enjoy every second of it … “

And he moaned deeply.

She loved watching the way he looked kneeling there … humping Her leg.

She would have him do this often over the coming months … while he was suckling Her breast. She told him to stop … and crawl up next to Her on Her bed. She instructed him to lie next to Her … with his head in Her lap …so he could suckle Her breast while She continued teasing him …

She placed Her nipple in his mouth … and didn’t even have to say anything …

She knew she wouldn’t … knew that his need would be enough to cause him to begin to suckle without being told.

She then told him to spread his legs for Her and bend his knees … so his cock … HER cock … was completely available to Her.

“I know you like to edge your cock when you masturbate. I know most of your thoughts and feelings from our conversations … your emails … the stories you send Me. However, I absolutely want you teased before we lock the steel cage on your cock and balls.

So I am going to edge your cock … and you will tell me when you need to stop …

And show me how to bring you right to the edge …and keep you there …while i lay here and sip my wine.”

And she reached into the bag he had handed Her with his teeth moments earlier … pulled out the bottle of lube she had told him to put in the bag and poured some over his cock

He was already very swollen from humping Her leg … and throbbing. She poured more lube on the head of his cock and began stroking his cock slowly. He was moaning again around Her nipple almost immediately. He had wanted to be in this position since the first time they had discussed it … and the power of Her taking this much control of him … was pouring thru him as he was sure She knew it would be.

Because of the state he was in …and how long it had been since his last orgasm, he was quickly very close to cumming … and looked up at Her as She stroked him, pushing him closer to the edge. She was watching his mouth suckle Her … glancing at his eyes from time to time. When he got close he looked up at Her and she said to keep sucking … and She pushed him even closer to the edge … and then She began only stroking Her hand in one direction … simply stroking his cock upward. Knowing She could continue this endlessly without allowing him to cum. And he moaned deeply into Her breast as he suckled … a moan She could tell was of deeper need rising within him. She continued stroking, loving the feeling of güvenilir casino his mouth on Her nipple – loving the way he hungered for Her breast. And used Her whole hand to stroke the entire length of his cock, coming all the way up over the head … squeezing the head as She stroked up over it … but stroking in only one direction. Only stroking upward …

Perfect for what She wanted … to keep him in that extreme state of need.

When he had calmed a bit … she simply said … “Again”

And She started to stroke his cock up and down again. Then she said … “this time I want to push you until you need Me to not touch your cock.

She stroked it up and down strongly … moving Her entire hand up over the head with each stroke .. watching how sensitive the head of his cock was by his sounds and the jerking of his body. And She kept going until he had to beg Her to stop.

She told him to stop suckling ..and to tell Hr how he was feeling … and he simply moaned and begged Her to stop and lock his cock away.

She told him to kneel on the floor … that she wasn’t quite done with him yet …

He crawled to where Her feet were … and began to lap at them with his lips and tongue like Her hungry well trained puppy. When he had calmed a bit …she said “I want you to edge your cock for Me now – and when you get close I want you to use both hands ..and stroke that cock in only one direction for me. And be sure to squeeze the head with each stroke and keep it good and sensitive for me pet.

He stroked his cock until it was very hard again … and then began to stroke up the length of his cock only … alternating from one hand to the other … only stroking his cock in one direction. He had told Her how sensitizing this is …and how it is extremely hard for a male cock to cum when only being stroked in one direction.

She was watching him intently … obviously enjoying the show he was putting on for Her. Obviously enjoying the control …and the state she was brining him to.

While he was stroking for Her …She said to him … I didn’t plan originally on Me teasing you … but I wanted you to remember My touch for the next month while we torment you. And She thought to Herself … if he continues to behave and obey and serve as he has been and is doing tonite, we may just be ok.

After about 5 minutes of stroking in only one direction it was obvious he was in desperate need … and she again said stop … and told him to untie his cock and balls … and again pointed at Her feet.

She knew he wanted to be suckling Her breast. Knew they had discussed him suckling until he drew Her milk. But they would get to that … would get to Her feeding him. For now Her little bitch in training would settle for Her feet – and suffer to earn the right to suckle at Her breast.

When She was sure he had calmed down … she tugged gently at the leash and pulled him toward Her. She sat up … and took the package in Her hands – looked down at him ..and said simply “Are you ready to begin your training as my bitch?”

He nodded and said Yes Mistress.

She opened the package … and showed him each part of the steel cage as She opened it. When she had all the parts out, She tugged gently up on the leash, indicating he should stand before Her.

“I have decided I want to place this on you … and lock it. And I want you to watch as I do it.

She took the ring part of the cage …and placed it around his cock and balls – pulling the ring closed to see how it fit – but being careful not to touch his cock with Her fingers.

She next told him to hold the ring part – while she took the cage part of the device …and slipped it over the end of his cock … again doing Her best to minimize how much She actually touched his cock.

She was going to make him wait … as much as She possibly could.

She told him to hold the pieces together …while she unwrapped the lock.

She held it over the device …and looked him right in the eye.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes my Mistress” he whispered …

And she said … “Then beg”

And he did … from a place in his soul that he had never been to before. And as he begged, She slid the top of the lock thru the two pieces … and then with Her free hand, before she locked it – She reached down ..and softly caressed under his balls … and again looked him in the eyes …

And whispered again … “Beg bitch”

And as he stood before Her … with Her one hand barely caressing the bottom of his testicles … Her other hand holding the lock just before closing it … he begged Her to lock the steel cage on him and train him to become Her bitch.

“More” she whispered … and caressed him slower …

And he begged more … almost a whine now …

And he saw Her smile … and heard the sound he had been waiting for.

The clasp of the lock closing.

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