Bringing Back a Son’s Smile

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So I was heading home from another day at college. I was riding a dorky moped and pretty much hating life. I had run in high school with a bunch of geeks. And while we had all been accepted to good schools, I didn’t get enough in scholarship and grants to be able to do better than attend State University. And live at home. And work at a McJob. And pretty much guarantee that my life would continue to suck.

When I got home a popped some microwave popcorn, drug out the X-Box, and started killing everything in sight. It didn’t even help me feel any better so I “Save My Progress”, yeehaw, shut down the gaming system, ohh-ahh, and poured the last of my can of root bear all over my popcorn.

What I didn’t know was that my mom had been watching me for better than half an hour. I was so lost the pity zone, I didn’t notice. When I finally did, she said, “Come with me.”

She waited for a moment while I thought it through. And then I decided to follow her. Usually, we go to the parlor for some deep discussion. Instead, she walked past the entry to the parlor and down the hall to her bedroom. She climbed into bed while I waited at the edge. She patted the bed next to her.

“Have a seat.”

I sat down. She pulled me in close to her. At first I tried to push away, just a little. But I have always been a sucker for my mom’s embraces. I melted into her. She just stoked my hair for awhile. Eventually, my tumultuous emotions settled down. She always seemed to be able to read me. This time was no different because she asked, “What’s the problem, John?”

“My life sucks.”

“You have a great life.”

“Yeah, except for the part where all my friends are at real schools. All my time is lost to studying, classes, and work, so I haven’t partied better than a year. And that leaves even less time to find a date.”

“But there are so many nice women at the college.”

“Yeah. And I have to keep turning down partying with them because of I have things to do here, or at work, or for school, or …”

“You need to forget some of those things and just meet a nice woman and have some fun.”

“Have some fun? Have some FUN?!?”

“Yes, John. Have some fun.”

“Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I sucked a tit?”

I was instantly embarrassed I had said that in front of my mom. But she didn’t miss a beat.

“How long since you’ve had a nipple in your mouth, sucking on it?”

“The last one belonged to Jennifer.”

“That was only about 4 months ago.”

“Not that Jennifer. Jenifer Harrington.”

“Oh. That is a couple years.”

“Yeah. A couple years.”

“Was it a nice tit?”

“It was a gorgeous tit,” I answered, trying to sound like a grown up but feeling a little freaked by the conversation.

“Do you enjoy sucking it?”

“I enjoyed sucking them very much.”

“Did she seem to enjoy you sucking them?”

“At first, I thought so. But she suddenly pushed me away and told me to turn around so she could get dressed. That ended me ever seeing her tits again. She was letting me suck them one last time casino şirketleri because she was getting back with Brian and wanted to let me down easy.”

“You really liked her and her tits, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Mom. I really liked being with her. And I enjoyed being with her tits.”

She seemed to be lost in thought for a moment and then asked, “If I can get you some nice tits to suck on, do you think you’d feel better?”

“Sucking on some tits would definitely make me feel better.”

“And how about sucking on some pussy? Would you like to do that? Or, actually, have you ever done it?”

“No, I’ve never sucked a pussy, but I’d sure like to learn.”

“You want to suck pussy?”

“I very much want to suck pussy.”

“Have you ever had your dick sucked?”

I was starting to get excited. She seemed to be ready to hook me up with a sex source. “Yes, once. But it only lasted for about four seconds.”

There was a pause in the conversation.

“Do you know someone that will want to come over and have some of these sexual encounters with me?”

She smiled a great big bright smile. “I know someone that can’t wait to help you out.”

With that, she leaned back a little and put a little space between us. She lifted off her sweater and exposed her breast-filled bra. At first I was a little shocked. And then she reached behind her. I was extremely shocked when her breast fell forward a little after the bra was loosened. She then reached up to the shoulder straps and pulled off her bra. She breasts were naked, right in front of me. Part of me was still shocked; part of me was hard with the idea of touching and sucking her breasts. I just stared.

“These are for you, John.”

With that, she lift her left breast in her left hand and brought it near my mouth. First I kissed her areola. Then I kissed her nipple. I looked up thinking this was about to end. She smiled. I started flicking her nipple with the tip of my tongue. Her nipples started getting harder. I sucked them into my mouth, licking and sucking on her nipple. She moaned softly. I brought my hands up and put one breast in each hand. I started moaning softly. When I did, she pushed me away.

“Great,” I thought, “it was too good to be true.”

But she continued to push me back with a great big smile. “If you only get a four second blow job, it will be because you came that fast.”

She had my dick out and pumping in her hand in what seemed like the blink of an eye. I was arching my back and groaning loudly.

“Nice dick, John. You have a very nice dick.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“Please call me, Bell, when were in the bedroom.”

I nodded and moaned and groaned. My dick was feeling the best it had in months.

After a few minutes of her pumping and smiling, she leaned in and sucked my dick into her mouth. I wish I could say I lasted forever, but I would be surprised if it was a full minute. I screamed as I creamed.

“Oh, Bell. Oh, Bell. That felt so good.”

She smiled and said, “I knew it would be, John.” She stood up and went into casino firmaları her bathroom. She came out with a wet washcloth. It was very warm as she cleaned me up. I smiled sleepily. She noticed the drowsiness and said, “Go to sleep, John. Take a nap. It’s about 3 pm now. We’ll do some more at 7 pm.”

I had no idea what she meant but I gave into the drowsiness and fell asleep.

I awoke about an hour and a half later in my Mom’s bed. She was not in the bedroom. I was completely dressed again. I hopped out of bed and headed down the hall. I could hear my Mom in the kitchen, humming a lively melody. I came up behind her and put my arm around her from behind and snuggled in close.

“You slept well, I take it?”

“Yes, Bell.”

“Feeling better?”


I kissed an exposed part of her neck. She moaned and leaned into me. I kissed her a couple more times and moved my hands up to her breasts. She moaned a little more. I noticed she was wearing her sweater again, but not her bra. After a couple minutes of kissing and fondling, she turned to face me. She kissed me lightly on the lips before saying, “No more sugar until I say.”

“Yes, Bell.”

Her smile broadened even more.

“I like the sound of how you say that so very much.”

“Yes, Bell.”

She smiled and said, “Ok, maybe just one lump of sugar.”

And she pulled up her sweater and offered me her breasts. I sucked on one of them and fondled both of them for a little while before she pulled back.

“Just one lump,” she said as she pulled down her sweater.

With that, she returned to her cooking. I went about helping her here and there until we were eating dinner. The conversation was lively and friendly but had no sexual overtones. I was disappointed. Eventually, we finished eating, put away the leftover food, and cleaned the dishes. I went in and took my evening showed as usual figuring my day was basically over anyway.

When I got out of the showed, my boxers and bathrobe were missing. I started down the hall and stopped short at the open door to my mom’s bedroom. There she was, completely naked. She was fingering herself and moaning. She spotted me and smiled. Enthusiastically, she invited me in. I dropped my towel before I was through the door.

“Oh, John. It’s 7 o’clock. You should be recovered enough for me to get my orgasm now.” She looked down at my hard on. “You’re definitely ready to try giving me one.”

“I am, Bell.”

I climbed up into the bed.

“Suck my pussy, John. Suck it.”

I leaned forward and started licking at her pussy.

“Spread my lip and lick my vagina.”

I obeyed and started licking as deep into her sweet hold as I could.

After a couple minutes, she said, “AAaaahh.”


“You need practice and I can’t wait any longer to cum. Lie down on your back.”

I lied down on my back as she climbed off the bed, and then back on. She was standing with her pussy hanging right over my hard on.

“You have a gorgeous dick, John. I am so going to enjoy this.”

With that, she güvenilir casino slowly settled down on me, just behind my dick. She pushed her ass forward and ran her lips along my dick. It felt incredible. And then it felt intensely incredible as I suddenly seemed to pop into her pussy. She moaned, “Oh, yes! That’s the dick I’ve been needing!”

She started wiggling her hips around in a circle. I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. Then she leaned forward and started moving her ass up and down. She was groaning things like, “Oh, yes,” “That feels good,” and “I need this fuck.”

She pounded for several minutes and then started to slow down.

“Okay, stud. Your turn.”

She rolled off of me and got on all fours next to me.

“Fuck me from behind, John. It’s my favorite. Make me cum, John.”

“Yes, Bell. I am sure going to try.”

So I clumsily climbed behind her with me knees in between her knees. I poked my dick at her a couple times and missed. Each time I missed, she leaned forward. Then she said, “Get close but don’t try to penetrate.”

I pushed my body close to hers. I felt one of her hands grab my dick. I leaned back a little. I felt the head of my dick traveling along her body. And then, much life before, it popped into her pussy. She moaned, “God, yes! Fuck me!”

I started pounding for all I was worth. It was hard work. I could feel it in my muscles. But I kept at it. And then mom started getting even louder. She was screaming, “Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop!”

And then there was a long, loud scream as I continued to pump. And as soon as she stopped screaming, I collapsed beside her on the bed, panting.

She came over to me and draped herself across me. I was still panting. She was breathing hard too.

Eventually, we both were able to catch our breath.

She started with, “That was a great fuck, John. Thank you.”

“Thank you, too, Bell. I feel good too, even though I didn’t cum.”

“I’ll give you plenty of opportunities to cum. You can cum in my pussy. You can cum in my mouth. You can shoot your jism all over my stomach or face. You can even shoot it up my ass once in a while. But only if you promise me two things.”


“First, and from now on, I am only Bell.”

“No problem, Bell. And second?”

“You save that dick of yours for my pussy. I don’t care if you manage to get laid. But you better be ready to make my pussy have me screaming through several orgasms.”

“I promise both of those, eagerly.”

She smiled. “I’ll bet you do.”

With that, she moved her body around until she could suck on my now soft dick. I started moaning and hardening. It wasn’t long before I was hard again. She just kept sucking me in a soft and slow and gentle way. It felt very good.

“I’d climb on top again, but I wouldn’t last very long.”

“And I’d like to take you from behind or on top, but the only part able to get the fucking going is my hard on.”

She smiled, turned herself back around and snuggled in close to me.

“Well, let’s sleep off this exhaustion. First one awake get to suck the others genitals,” she suggested.

I smiled and kissed her on the lips while fondling one of her breasts.

“Well, you should be ready in about four hours,” I said. We snickered as we drifted off to sleep.

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