Brenda’s Discovery Ch. 03

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Ok, so I originally intended to write this as a two-parter, but it just seemed to fall naturally into three parts. So, here’s the third Chapter…

This is the continuing story of Brenda, a mature woman who is both discovering and quickly becoming accustomed to her own sexuality.


The two fell to one side, exhausted. John’s penis remained inside Brenda as he spoke.

“You are one hell of a good fuck, Brenda. But I reckon that to really satisfy you it would take about five men. What do you think of that then? Reckon you’d like to handle five cocks at once?”

“Mmmm?” Brenda wasn’t really paying attention.

John slid his hand from Brenda’s hip, crossed her stomach and slipped it between her legs. She moaned as he began to play with her pussy.

“Well Brenda? Would you? Imagine it, you could just fuck non-stop for hours. Tell me that you would like that.”

“Mmm. Yes. I’d like that.” She wasn’t really aware of what she was saying. John was stroking her clit, stoking the furnaces of her arousal again.

“I tell you what Brenda, I’m going to give you the biggest thrill of your life, but I want you to recover first. I want you to spend time thinking about it, anticipating. Then, I’m going to contact you and tell you what to do and where to go. You’ll have to obey me implicitly. But in return you’ll get an experience you’ll never forget.”


It took four days before Brenda could walk without feeling reminders of her recent sexual experiences. It was a further week before she began to think about what John had told her. She wasn’t entirely sure just exactly what it was he had said, but he had promised an experience of some kind. Nerves kicked in. She had gone along with what he had wanted because of blackmail – although she was shocked to realise that she felt glad that she had been forced into it. Now, she wondered if she was getting out of her depth. Her original plan had been to find a lover for one night. Well, to be honest, one fuck would have done. But instead she had been pleasured in all three holes by two men and had since given blowjobs to a further two.

It was another week before she heard from John again. It was while she was at work, teaching a group of day release students. Her phone was left on vibrate so as not to disturb her class. She had just set them a task of writing a letter to a power utility company, when she felt the tingle in her skirt pocket.

She pulled it out and read the message.

“Hi sexy. I guess you’ve been waiting to hear from me?”

She quickly replied, “Yes.”

“What are you wearing today?”

“Chocolate skirt, cream blouse.”

“Is that all?”

“Black low-heel shoes.”

“Nothing else? Wow, you must be feeling naughty.”

“White bra and panties, no tights. I’m busy.”

She hoped that he would get the hint. Her students looked as though they had nearly finished their work. She ignored the buzzing, twice, while she set them another task. When she finally read the messages she was, by turn, both shocked and immediately aroused.

“I want you to unclip your bra.”

“Done that? Good girl. Now, when nobody is looking, I want you to take it off.”

While ensuring that the student’s heads were bowed over their work, she surreptitiously slipped the bra straps from her shoulders. Nobody was looking, so her left hand slid up the outside of her right arm and caught hold of the strap. She checked once more and then in one smooth movement pulled it down over her elbow and slipped her arm out. She quickly stuffed the strap back up the sleeve out of sight.

It took another five minutes before the class were working on their next exercise. When they were pre-occupied she repeated the operation on her other arm. Already she could feel the cups slipping away from her breasts. She made as if to reach down to her bag and while partially hidden by the desk tugged the garment across her chest and out of her sleeve. She shoved it straight into the case, hoping that nobody had seen. It appeared that they hadn’t.

Brenda rested her elbows on the desk, trying to calm her breathing. She noticed that her nipples were erect and for the first time understood that everybody else would be able to see them as well. She wondered why she had complied with John’s instructions. She didn’t have to – after all he hadn’t made any threats, had he? So why had she done it?

Brenda’s concentration for the rest of the period was completely shot, so she just kept her students writing letters. The more she tried to relax and forget, the more her nipples brushing against the material of her blouse reminded her; both of the events of a few weeks ago and of freedom of movement of her breasts.

Inevitably, she found herself becoming aroused. She had to mentally stop herself from fidgeting; if she didn’t her legs started an involuntary, independent swinging motion, knees parting and closing. Crossing her legs under the desk only made matters worse – her thighs crushed her labia together and any further movement then made casino şirketleri her shiver with pleasure.

The students left the classroom, which gave Brenda an opportunity to stand up and walk around before the next group came in. When they did, she was finally able to refocus her mind – until her phone buzzed once more. She waited as long as possible before reading the message, but when she did, she wished she hadn’t.

“Guess you are in your next lesson. Take knickers off. Don’t leave room.”

It was almost as if he had anticipated what she would do to comply. Once more, the excitement of such an illicit act thrilled through her body. She simply couldn’t think how she could do it without being seen. She sat looking around the room and had an idea. Everyone had their head down, so very slowly she slipped two fingers down the side of her skirt and hooked them under the side of her high leg briefs. She pulled up until the material was taut. Checking that everyone was still occupied she gave a firm tug. There was a slight ripping sound, but that was all. The panties remained intact. But the faint sound had caught some people’s attention. Brenda made as if she was scratching an itch.

A few minutes later, when her students were concentrating on their work again she opened her case and found her manicure set (she never used a handbag at college). The nail scissors weren’t very big, but they were sharp. Fortunately, the desk hid her waist from view, which made things a bit easier. While pretending to read a book resting on the surface, she took the scissors in her right hand and reached across with her left. The side of her panties were still high where she had pulled them. She checked to make sure the coast was clear, pulled and snipped.

The sides of her underwear were quite narrow, but it took three cuts to get through. A smile played across her face as she experienced elation at her success.

Now she was confident; after one quick glance around the room, she slipped her hand inside the waistband, pulled the other side of her panties clear and cut with the scissors. It took four cuts.

Very calmly, Brenda put her manicure set away. She shifted a little in her seat, but apart from the lack of tension around her waist, she felt no looseness in the gusset. A hand slipped down inside the back of her skirt allowed her to take hold of her panties. She lifted her buttocks a little and pulled. The result wasn’t as she had expected; the material pulled up between her ass cheeks, but the gusset remained in place. So she experimented with a little tug at the front – big mistake! She almost yelped as the material rubbed across her clitoris sending sparks up to her brain.

Inevitably, before she was able to come up with an answer, her students finished their task and began to ask questions about it. Normally, she would stroll around the classroom freely, explaining and giving answers. This time she tried to do it while remaining seated, but clearly they were not following her. She needed to use the white board to explain. Standing carefully, she turned her back on the students, slipped her thumb inside the waistband of her skirt and hooked it into the top of her panties. In this way she was able to approach the board and write on it with her other hand.

Brenda’s pre-occupation with her shredded underwear meant that she had forgotten about the lack of a bra. She didn’t notice that her breasts swayed sexily and her nipples stood proud. The male members of the group noticed however, and so too did most of the female members. More than one of the eighteen and nineteen year olds were being forced to hide erections.

As Brenda wrote on the board, she had to move form side to side and from time to time half turn towards her audience. The part of her panties that had become wedged between her ass cheeks gradually worked loose and began to hang down. She hoped that the ends didn’t hang down below the hem of her skirt. At the earliest opportunity she sat down again and set the students another task. Now she was able to gradually draw her ripped knickers up out of her skirt. She scrunched them up in her hand as they came out and then using a neat sleight of hand secreted them in her briefcase with the bra.

When she next stood up and moved around, Brenda was amazed at the feeling of freedom – and, yes, sexual wantonness – of being without underwear. Unconsciously, she began to move around in a more seductive fashion. Suddenly, students who had previously considered her to be almost non-sexual were becoming attracted to her.

The period ended and the students left for their lunch. A number of the young men managed to find an excuse to stop and talk to her. It was more than ten minutes before she was able to close the classroom door on them. Now, alone, she was feeling very randy indeed. She knew she couldn’t do anything here, but as there was no view through the window to where she was standing with her back to the door, she figured that she could get away with a quick tease. She quickly slipped her hand inside her waist casino firmaları band and pushed it down between her legs. Her clitoris tingled deliciously, but she was shocked at just how damp she was.

“I’d better stop,” she muttered to herself, but decided to continue for just a little longer. Then, she heard her mobile buzzing against the desk. Reluctantly she pulled her hand out. She looked at the wetness that covered her fingers and registered the aroma of her own arousal. She walked to the desk, picked up the phone and trembled as she read the message.

“Fingers in pussy. Call me. Now.”

She sat down at her desk, looked across to the doorway and hoped that nobody would look in. Her right hand returned to her labia and she fumbled with her left to call the number. It was answered immediately.

“Well, are you wanking like I told you to?”

“Yes,” she whispered breathlessly.

“Good girl. Have you been thinking about what you would like to happen to you?”


“Good. Now tell me.”

“What? Oh… mmm… I… I want you to… well, you know, make love to me.”

“Do you mean that you want to be fucked?”

“Yes please.”



“How do you want to be fucked?”

Brenda was having difficulty concentrating. She tried to think but it wasn’t easy.

“I… want you to ram your dick up me.”

“So you want to be fucked hard. For how long?”

“Ohhhh! All night. I want it to go on forever.”

“So you want your pussy filled. How about your mouth?”

Brenda’s arousal was reaching ever new heights. She knew she wasn’t far from orgasm now. Although he mind was hazy with lust, she attempted to give a coherent answer.

“Yes. I want that too. Ahhh!”

“And your ass?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“And how would you like half a dozen cocks keeping you busy all night?”

“Nnggg. Yes. Mmm…”

Unable to reply any more, Brenda tipped over the edge and was swamped by one of the biggest climaxes of her life.

As she fought to calm her body’s reactions down, she just caught John’s words before he put the phone down.

“Don’t worry my beautiful little slut; you’ll get your wish very soon now.”


It took Brenda fully fifteen minutes to calm down enough to move. She hurriedly made her way to the window and opened it wide. She was sure that anybody coming in would immediately be hit by the distinct odour of sex. She gripped the window ledge for support, her legs feeling weak from her recent orgasm.

With only ten minutes left until the next session, Brenda decided that she needed a break – if only to head to the staff toilets and take a pee. She left the door wide open hoping that the through draught would refresh the air.

Safely ensconced in the stall, she pulled her skirt up to her waist and sat down on the toilet seat. The steady stream dwindled to a trickle and she took a few sheets of paper to wipe herself dry. Opening her legs, she paused momentarily, once more turned on by looking at her own body. She dabbed at the urine, trying not to touch the more sensitive areas. It was a forlorn hope; she gasped as the paper touched her lips. But she was determined not to do anything more.

When Brenda arrived back at the classroom her next group of students had already seated themselves and were talking animatedly. Once again, the male members of the class appeared to take more interest in her today and seemed to get much more work done than usual. She wasn’t entirely convinced that it was the way she was dressed, but it did make her consider trying it again one day to see if it really was that.

The afternoon dragged on. She wasn’t sure if she was going to be contacted by John again, but she found it hard to believe that he wouldn’t call or text again. In fact, she was pretty sure that she was going to get laid this evening.

The last period ended and the students began trooping out. One in particular, Andy, seemed to be taking his time.

“Can I have a word with you Ms. Black?”

He walked to the door and closed it, checking that there was nobody outside.

“Uh oh,” thought Brenda. “It’s one of those ‘I’ve got a problem’ conversations.”

She put on her kind, understanding face and waited patiently to hear what he had to say. She wasn’t really paying attention at first, as her mind kept replaying the events of earlier.

“I’ve got a problem,” he said, sitting down on one of the front desks. “I saw somebody do something wrong. The trouble is that if I tell anyone about it, they’ll get into a lot of trouble.”

Brenda perched herself against her desk, nodded (it seemed the right thing to do) and waited for him to continue.

“A lot of trouble; it could involve the police, but would definitely involve someone losing their job.”

He paused. Brenda realised that she needed to say something, so she relied upon a common sense answer.

“Well, if somebody has done something wrong, then you can’t really ignore it. If you don’t tell anyone, then you are effectively güvenilir casino condoning their actions – maybe even aiding and abetting them. Had you thought of that?”

“Yes, but… what if I didn’t really think it was all that bad, but others would.”

“Oh, well,” she paused, completely unaware of what he was talking about. “Is it something illegal?”

“Possibly not. Although I’m not sure. The thing is…” He took a deep breath and went on, “What if I could use it to my own advantage?”

Brenda thought for a second. “Blackmail?” she asked, shocked.

“That’s a harsh word,” replied Andy. “I’d prefer to use the phrase back scratching – you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”

Something started to nag at Brenda’s sub-conscious.

“Look Andy, what exactly are we talking about here?” She asked. Perhaps a straight question might get an equally straight answer.

“We’re talking about a member of staff using her classroom to wank during her lunch break. We’re talking about a student who happened to be passing by and saw what was going on. We’re talking about a guy whose been feeling incredibly horny for the last three hours.”

For the very first time Brenda noticed the pronounced bulge at the front of Andy’s trousers. She thought she was going to faint as the dread realisation that she had been seen masturbating hit her. She would lose her job; she would never be able to teach again. She would be an object of shame in the community and would have to move away. The tears began to well up in her eyes. Andy saw this and spoke.

“There’s no need to cry. I’m not going to tell anyone – not as long as we come to an arrangement.”

Brenda tried to get her emotions under control. “How much do you want?”

In reply, Andy burst out laughing. “I hadn’t thought about money!”

“Well, what do you…?” She stopped talking. The leering look on Andy’s face told her everything she needed to know. Her shoulders slumped resignedly.

With a smug look Andy said, “Well? Do we have a deal?”

Did she have a choice? Her head nodded almost imperceptibly.

“Good. Listen Brenda, you’re not wearing any underwear are you?”

She was shocked that he knew, but even more shocked by his use of her name. They had crossed the only remaining boundary.

“Show me,” he said simply.

Brenda looked down at her blouse. Her nipples were fully erect and sticking out. They were so hard they almost ached. She glanced over at the door and, seeing nobody, began to unbutton the garment. She pulled the material out from her skirt in order to unfasten the last button. With a sigh, she took hold of either side and opened it up, revealing her breasts to Andy’s gaze.

“Wow Brenda, I hadn’t realised how nice your tits are. Are those nipples as hard as they look?”

Without thinking, Brenda raised her hands and using her index fingers and thumbs tweaked both of them. She gasped at the shock of her own touch.

Andy’s own hand had dropped to his lap and was now gripping his erect cock through his trousers. Brenda wondered if all he wanted to do was look. That was fine with her, although she was starting to feel very horny indeed.

Andy pulled his eyes from Brenda’s chest and looked at her face. He watched her reaction as he spoke.

“Brenda, pull your skirt up.”

She licked her lips. They remained parted and he saw that her breathing was laboured. She bent forward to grasp the edge of her skirt and her breasts swung forwards. Andy unzipped his fly and slipped his hand inside.

The woman slowly raised the hem pulling it gradually higher. Andy squeezed his cock harder through his thin boxers, but the material had become tighter and was constricting, so he pushed his hand in through the opening. It felt burning hot and ached painfully as he began to rub it. He had to stop as Brenda’s pussy was revealed. The pubic hair glistened wet and the red lips appeared puffy and gaping.

“Show me how you wanked Brenda. Stick your fingers in your pussy and show me how you did it. I want to watch.”

She touched herself tentatively, knowing full well that the moment she made contact it was going to be hard to control her reactions.

“Ahhhhh!” she yelped. “Fuck!”

Brenda’s index and middle fingers pushed into the hot wetness. Her feet slid apart and her knees bent to allow deeper penetration. Her thumb pressed hard against the rubbery clitoris, causing a delicious pain. She opened her eyes and almost came as she set eyes on Andy’s penis; he had pulled it out from his jeans and was rubbing it while staring at her cunt. It was fully ten inches long, although it seemed strangely narrow – probably an optical illusion caused by the abnormal length.

Brenda’s fingers moved faster. She nearly didn’t hear Andy when he spoke again.

“Stop,” he said. “Stop. Now!”

She took her hand away and looked down at what he could see; it was almost as if her labia were pursing.

“Shit!” said Andy. He took two paces forward and dropped down in front of the open vagina. He could see deep inside the tunnel, which was bathed with her juices. Tiny droplets were leaking and dripping down to the floor. Driven by lust, he found his mouth being drawn towards the heat. His tongue extended and slid into the opening.

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