Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 10

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It was Saturday night. I had been at this vacation house for 24 hours with my wife Amanda and her three closest friends. The purpose of the weekend was a ‘trial’ to decide if my wife’s sister Nicole was ‘guilty’ of promoting my wife’s lesbian infidelity with the other three girls, and deserved to be ‘punished’ as they had.

The trial had come out in my favor. Jane, my wife’s busty black friend from college who really was a lawyer, had chaired the trial but voted against me. However, Amanda’s redheaded friend Anna from high school, and Bonnie, the petite and tan brunette who was my wife’s best friend, voted with me to punish Nicole. Amanda and I had agreed afterwards that I would be able to watch Nicole have sex with another girl, probably Anna.

After the trial, the girls had rotated around, focusing all of our intentions on one girl at a time. The trial, four rounds of fucking, and a recovery shower had eaten up the entire afternoon, and by the time Jane and I, who had showered separately from the other girls, got dressed; we came downstairs to find the other three girls hard at work preparing dinner.

I moved to join them, but my wife Amanda brushed me off, telling me to conserve my strength. I was allowed to pour the wine, so I opened a bottle and poured five glasses.

We all chatted as Jane joined the girls. There wasn’t room for her to help, so she set the table.

The girls were all dressed down in t-shirts or tank tops and shorts now. I chuckled at the massive dinner that was being prepared while we were in clothes similar to pajamas. I held my tongue though, as my wife had a knife in her hands.

Dinner was fantastic, as usual. With our physical exertions, we all wolfed it down. The wine flowed as well. The first bottle was long gone, and the second was nearly emptied as well before we got up from the table.

I watched my wife for any hard feelings during the meal, but there didn’t seem to be any. I think taking the decision out of her hands really did absolve her of any guilt. I watched her interact with Bonnie, but they seemed normal as well.

As dinner wore down, Anna started to get handsy with Bonnie and I, who were sitting next to her. Finally I stood up, partially to get her hand out of my lap, and raised my glass.

“To our wonderful cooks, for another delicious meal.”

We all clinked our glasses together.

“And to Jane, for renting this house.”

More clinking.

“And for all three of you, for participating in this unorthodox solution.”

More clinking.

Before I could say anything else, Jane stood.

“And to Charlie, for taking on all four of us this weekend. He thought we were insufferable before, now he knows we are also insatiable.”

Laughing and clinking.

“And most of all, to Amanda, for sharing this lovely piece of meat with us.”

We all laughed now, and Anna stood up.

“Okay, so I have a game for tonight. When Charlie had me, he bought these two contraptions. One was a vibrator in a set of underwear, and one was a dildo.”

Amanda and I nodded.

“So he made Mandy wear the dildo facing in, which didn’t work so well. But I took it home and I found it could face out as well. So it’s a strap-on.”

Jane chimed in now. “So we have another cock now.”

She turned to me. “You can leave now. You’ve been replaced.”

We all laughed, and Anna continued.

“So before we use it to fuck each other, let’s play a game. Each of us has to fuck another with the strap-on. Whoever makes a girl cum fastest wins, and gets their pick of which order to go in tonight.”

The other girls were interested, but Jane rejected the notion:

“No way. If that strap-on fits you girls, no way it is fitting over my big, black ass.”

“Its adjustable?” Anna said with absolutely no conviction.

Those two decided to go upstairs and see if it would fit Jane, while the three of us did the dishes.

When they came back down, Jane was now bottomless, with the dildo sticking out in front of her.

“Okay, so it does fit. It’s tight, but it fits. Who wants it first?”

We were just finishing the dishes, so we told the two of them to behave and put anything dry away.

They did, Jane brushing her temporary penis against the other girls’ asses as she did.

Finally, we were done. We decided to stay downstairs for the ‘race’, before moving upstairs for group action.

The couch was a giant wraparound, which would afford plenty of room for viewing. We moved everything else out of the room and put down a blanket. Since Jane already had the strap-on first, she demanded to go first. Anna volunteered to be the first ‘receiver’, so she stripped and laid down on her back.

Watching Jane figure out how to maneuver herself to enter Anna was absolutely hilarious. When you are the door, you don’t realize the key does all the work. Finally she got lined up, and entered the redhead with the rubber invader.

The contrast of Jane’s brown skin and Anna’s pale, freckled body was hot. As was watching the two girls casino şirketleri as they experimented. The girls had not agreed on any other rules, so Jane attempted to lean over and capture Anna’s nipple, knowing that was her cheat code. Anna wasn’t having it, and pushed Jane away, but soon got into the fucking she was getting.

Soon I could see the pale, thin, redheaded girl’s freckled chest, topped by her B-cups, start to heave, and she let out a long, low “Fucckkk” as she came.

Jane raised her arms in victory and stood up.

She reached behind her to undo the straps, but ended up needing help. My wife and Bonnie both jumped up to help. When they finally got the straps over Jane’s curvy posterior, my wife started to slip it on.

Anna was just standing up as Jane lay down on the blanket next to her. Anna immediately sat on the couch next to me and rubbed her hand against my cock, which was half-hard at this point.

“Charlie, I take it back. That was fun, but only half as fun as the real thing. I guess we do need to keep you around.”

I shrugged, and Anna gave me a peck on the cheek. I expected her to escalate, but I guess her quick fuck had her content for the time being.

My wife had the dildo attached now, and turned to face me, hands on her hips.

“How do I look?”

“Honestly, it’s a bit disconcerting.”

“Less modeling and more fucking” Jane called out from the floor behind her.

Amanda giggled and dropped to her knees. She did better at lining up, and sunk the dick Jane had recently worn into her.

In order to keep it fair, the girls were all doing this missionary. It was almost clinical as the two girls looking each other in the eyes. With the dick being fake, I knew they couldn’t feel nearly as much as I could, so they probably wouldn’t have much warning when the receiver was going to orgasm.

Like Anna, Amanda attempted to add stimulation by playing with Jane’s big, dark, D-cups, but the tall girl slapped her hand away.

Bonnie had been running the timer, and I leaned over to see where my wife was at.

Jane was started to twitch a little now, so I knew she was getting close.

Bonnie whispered to me “I think she’s gonna be faster than Jane.”

Jane may have heard us, but there was nothing she could do about it, and she finally raised her hips, a couple “Yips” escaping her mouth as my wife moved into first place in the dicking competition.

My wife pulled out, and Anna was nice enough to take it into her mouth to clean it off. My wife watched for a minute, clearly interested in seeing a blowjob from this angle, before Bonnie got her unstrapped.

Bonnie was next. Amanda and Anna pulled the straps nice and tight, and the tan Italian was ready to go.

Of the girls, Bonnie actually looked like she had done this before. She held the strap-on in one hand, her wavy dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, contrasting with her tiny, tan body.

As my wife laid down, stretching her long legs up in the air. Her brown hair was splayed under her head as her best friend settled in. Bonnie rubbed the dick up and down my wife’s pussy, making sure she was ready before she slipped it in.

Once it was in, Bonnie got into a good groove. She wasn’t too fast or hard. I knew my wife, and I knew she would like this rhythm.

Watching my wife getting plowed by another dick, even though it was a girl wearing a fake, was a strange experience. Jane had snuggled up to my other side, and even the occasional touch from the other two girls wasn’t enough to overcome my dislike of this sight.

Lucky for me, Bonnie seemed to be a ringer, and when my wife wrapped her legs around her friend and came, I saw the petite brunette smile. Jane didn’t even have to tell her the time, Bonnie knew she was well ahead.

That made the second secret Bonnie had given up this weekend. Not only did she like what came out of cocks, she could wield one too.

The final matchup was Anna fucking Bonnie. The redhead has already worn the strap-on, so she got it on quickly.

Anna quick drove into Bonnie. Bonnie gasped immediately. My guess was that she hadn’t realized how turned-on she was. Watching three other girls get fucked could do that to you.

Amanda came up on the couch, and I had to explain to her that she was currently in second place. She wasn’t happy, but once I pulled my cock out and we started playing with each other, which improved her mood.

Jane had taken over timing duties, and I saw her looking back and forth from the girls to the clock. Bonnie was biting her lips, clearly trying to hold off, but Anna was plowing her hard, and finally Bonnie’s eyes rolled back and she chirped and orgasm.

Anna stood up, clearly thinking she had won.

“Sorry Bonnie. She got you by less than a minute.”

Anna, ever competitive, quickly stripped off the strap-on, still raising her arms in victory.

Moving over to me, she stretched one leg out, and rested in on the back of the couch, putting her pussy in front of my face.

Looking me casino firmaları in the eye, she said “Somebody else get that contraption on. I am going to show you girls how to take two dicks.”

Gently putting her leg down, but not before getting in some touches, I responded calmly:

“Hold on, let’s set the order. Anna wants to go first. Bonnie, what spot do you want?”

“Last.” The petite girl was still lying on her back.

“You know, in baseball that’s the cleanup position. Are you going to cleanup?”

Bonnie smiled back at me, less shy than I had ever seen her. “Absolutely.”

“Amanda, second or third?”

“Second, and I want Bonnie to wear the strapon for me again.”

I looked over to see Jane starting to strap in.

“Okay, this time it’s pairs. Anna and Jane fuck each other, and Bonnie and Amanda.”

No one questioned me.

As we headed upstairs, my real and Jane’s fake dicks both got felt up. Anna was clearly very horny now, and practically ran into the big room to get ready. I was next, and I stood next to the bed, dick sticking out straight, waiting for orders.

My wife and Bonnie followed me in, and sat on the bed, ready to support whatever was about to occur. Jane wasn’t right behind us, so I stuck my head out into the hallway. She was walking as fast as she could with the plastic penis flopping around in front of her, and had something in her hand. As she walked into the room, she threw it at Anna.

“Here, put these on us. Less cleaning.”

I saw it was a pack of condoms. Before I could ask the obvious question why, Jane spoke up:

“With no dick in my future, I don’t need these and they expire soon. I was going to just give them to Anna, but I figure we can use them so that we don’t have to clean up Charlie’s dick from being up four asses.”

The explicit comment that I was about to have not just one or two, but all four girls anally made my dick grow just a bit bigger.

Which made it difficult for Anna as she unrolled a condom and placed it on me, then did the same to Jane.

I looked over at Amanda and chuckled: “Been a while since I wore one of these.”

My wife rolled her eyes, but any follow-up was cut off my Anna grabbing my cock and dragging me to her.

“Okay, I trust Charlie more than the strap-on, so I want him in my ass and the dildo in my pussy. Jane, lay down.”

Jane did so, and Anna positioned her on the bed. The strapon was not as cooperative as my cock, so Jane had to hold it in place as Anna climbed on.

She had just been fucked in the last half-hour or so, and her arousal matched her excitement so Jane sunk right in.

Anna leaned over Jane, boobs touching, and presented her perfect ass to me. The condom wasn’t lubricated, so I had Bonnie squirt some lube on me and we rubbed some more into Anna’s backdoor as she started to rock back and forth on the strapon under her.

Finally both of us were ready to go. I lined up my dick between Anna’s pale, freckled cheeks, and stuck my fingers between her ass, spreading her. Next was my dick, pushing its way in. Anna had sunk down onto Jane, and I could tell there was something else in there with me.

Anna put an arm back, and muttered “Hold still”. I froze and she started to rock herself back and forth, slowly expelling the two invaders before letting them back in.

It was a different feeling. Even with the three weekends, we had never tried to put two dicks any of the girls. This was new territory for me. Well, not Anna’s ass. But sharing her holes with something else was new.

“Anna, why don’t you let us take over” Jane said from underneath.

Anna nodded, and assumed a neutral position.

Jane and I started to fuck her slow, getting ourselves in rhythm so that we hit bottom at the same time. I couldn’t see Anna’s eyes, but from the way I saw Jane smile up at her, I am guessing she preferred this method.

Jane and I were synched up now, and started to speed up. My hands were on Anna’s hips, and Jane’s just above them on her ribs. I felt the sensations in her backdoor change, and then Anna screamed a long “Fuckkk”.

Jane and I started to slow down, but Anna reached back and grabbed my hand.

“No, don’t stop. I want more.”

I chuckled, looked past her coppery locks at Jane, and we both got back into rhythm, still plunging in and out of the pale girl’s holes.

Anna got through her first orgasm, and spoke again:

“Suck my nipples.”

She was looking over at Amanda and Bonnie, who had been bystanders so far. They slid over now and stuck their heads between Jane and Anna, looking for Anna’s milky B-cups.

This required some coordination, but we did it and soon Anna’s holes were being filled while her nipples were being sucked. I knew from experience that Anna wouldn’t last long, and sure enough it was only a couple of minutes before her second orgasm exploded out of her.

This time she could barely speak, and it was more a moan than her typical profanities. She had enough of her wits about her to push güvenilir casino the girls off her nipples, and then put a hand back on me as if to say ‘stop’.

I pulled out, and watched Anna’s sphincter pulse in concert with her pussy. I pulled the condom off, assuming she was done.

Anna heard it, and spoke:

“That’s fine. But I’m not done.”

I looked at her in profile now, and saw she was back to rocking on Jane, who was back to holding the strapon in place.

“I want you to put me on a cockspit.”

I laughed again, but climbed on the bed, my uncovered dick ready. Anna popped off Jane and crawled over. On her hands and knees now, she opened her mouth and let me push my dick in.

I realized the condoms had already come in handy. Jane got up, stretched her legs, and came over behind Anna.

Anna spit out my cock and looked over her shoulder: “Make sure you put that in the right hole.”

“Which one is that?” I could see Jane rubbing the strapon up and down Anna’s crotch.

“My pussy, you…gllghh” Anna didn’t get to finish her statement as I pushed my cock back into her mouth. She looked so hot trying to shoot me a dirty look with her mouth full.

I took a deep breath and tried to relax as I started to gently fuck Anna’s face. These girls were all gorgeous, and the simple act of staring at Anna’s eyes might be enough to set me off. That couldn’t happen as I had three more girls to pleasure this evening.

Looking at Jane didn’t help either, as all I could see was her looking down at the point where her body met Anna’s, her big D-cups jiggling each time they collided.

My wife took this time to rejoin us. She saddled up next to Anna. One hand reached underneath, and I assume she found Anna’s clit, because the redhead reacted with arousal. Bonnie came over as well, and she slid underneath, capturing one of Anna’s nipples in her mouth again.

I could tell Anna liked it, because I could feel her start to moan, the vibrations transferring into my penis. Finally she spit me out with a long “Ohhh”, and I could tell she was cumming again.

Bonnie and Amanda rode it out, but I sat back, my work done. This was a big one, and Anna was jelly afterwards. She collapsed on the bed, the dildo popping out of her pussy.

Jane backed off and stretched her back. She quickly reached for the straps, and grunted:

“That was fun, but I need this thing off.”

My wife and Bonnie giggled, and helped the big black girl do just that.

Bonnie was next to give, and my wife was next to receive, per the selections earlier. Jane helped Bonnie strap up. My wife came over to me, and snuggled in, watching.

“So, what are you going to have us to do you?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t really like anal, so I think it’s just mouth and pussy for me.”

“Are you sure? This might be your one chance.”

I could see Amanda considering. I did want four asses in one night. Jane was a sure thing, and Bonnie could be convinced. If I could get my wife, I think I could get them all.

“Try it a little. If you don’t like it, I can pull out.”

“Ok” my wife said. She might have figured out my game, but she didn’t admit it.

Bonnie was strapped up now, and she wiggled the dildo, which looked proportionally huge on her. She and Amanda both giggled as I put on a second condom.

Anna was still recovering, but Jane spoke up as we were starting to get aligned.

“Hold on. Try something different.”

We all froze, listening.

“Mandy, I assume Charlie is going in your butt?” My wife nodded.

“Ok, then Charlie, lay on your back. Good. Now Mandy, crouch over him.” Jane positioned my wife in a reverse cowgirl, squatting over me. Jane lubed my wife and I up, and she dropped on, burying my cock in her ass.

My wife’s ass was different than Anna’s. Not necessarily tighter, just different. Maybe it was the angle.

“Ok, now Bonnie come in from the front. Hold her up, Charlie.”

I grabbed Amanda’s legs and lifted. Bonnie lined up, and sunk in.

My wife’s head snapped back, and I could see her mouth was wide open. She might not like anal, but I guess she liked double-penetration.

With the position our bodies were in, Bonnie and I couldn’t both be ‘deep’ at the same time, so we worked out a slow ‘push-pull’ rhythm. Amanda and Bonnie were even able to kiss, which made this even hotter for me. Too hot, so I had to look away and focus on holding my wife up.

It was tiring and I had to conserve my strength, so I held out as long as possible, but finally had to drop my wife down onto my dick while Bonnie continued to push in with the strap-on.

Amanda was still loving it, and she lay back on top of me as her first orgasm hit.

I don’t know if my wife was ever lying back against me in this position this as she came, so it was intoxicating to watch and feel. No longer supporting her weight, my hands could roam her body. Her long brown hair was over my shoulder, and I could cup her A-cups and stroke her taut stomach, feeling her spasming muscles.

Unfortunately, the angle became too great, and my cock popped out. Bonnie backed off now, to see what the girl in charge wanted next.

“Whoo, that was nice. But it’s my turn on the spit.” My wife rolled off me, into the same position Anna had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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