An Older Man for Caitlin Pt. 02

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Arthur could not believe the experience he’d enjoyed with Caitlin. Right after their tryst in his apartment, Caitlin had explained that she had a trip planned for the coming week, but that she would think about him. Specifically, she told him: “Can I take a picture of your cock to keep me company while I am away?”

This was very new to Arthur, but he gave his okay, with the proviso that she not show his face. “You big silly,” she said, “I already know what you look like; it’s your cock I want.” And she took at least three photos right there with her phone.

Arthur was excited at being a cock-model, but it was so very strange and new that he forgot to ask for her photo. And she was now gone for almost 10 days. He would have to make due, but first, he needed to recuperate from the amazing experience Caitlin had given him.

A few days passed and Arthur did not hear from Caitlin. It was strange to him as they had not exactly committed to each other in any way, but the exchange had been so intense that he found it difficult not to attach more meaning that probably he should. But FUCK! he thought. That amazing body and her skills on his cock were incomparable. He’d had plenty of blowjobs but the one from Caitlin had been as good as he could recall… and recall he did.

Like most of her generation, Caitlin did not call Arthur when the time came to reach out. No, she texted him of course. He almost missed it because his phone was really only on during his work hours. But he did see it. She was telling him about some of the activities and fun she was having. There was swimming, sunbathing and lots of dancing, too. “And, oh, here’s a photo for you to keep thinking about me,” she said.

Attached to the message was a very close up shot of her pussy with her fingers holding apart her lips so that she could insert… was that a carrot?!

Arthur lost no time replying to her text, but then second-guessed himself and cancelled it before sending. He did not want her to think him desperate or insecure. He decided to reply the next afternoon. By lunchtime the next day Caitlin had texted him again: “U didn’t get my msge?” she asked. “I hope it didn’t go to the wrong number!!”

Arthur was on the keyboard five seconds after reading this new note. “I definitely got your amazing photo and I love that you did that. In fact, I am looking at it right now and missing you. Missing your pussy.”

She replied right back with a “C U in 2 days.” And that was it.

To say the time passed slowly for Arthur is an understatement, but he made it. Caitlin called him within an hour of arriving home. It was already 10pm so he expected to have to wait one more night, but she surprised him again: “Can I come over? Now? It’s not too late, is it?”

“I am a night-owl so no problem, besides, I rather missed you so it will be good to have you back. When can you be here?”

“About 10 minutes — I’m already on my way.”

‘Trust that girl to know what she wants,’ thought Arthur, and before he knew it, she was ringing his answerphone and headed up the elevator. Arthur debated whether he should greet her in his birthday suit at the door. Then he chickened out, too early he decided.

Caitlin’s arrival was a joy for Arthur, but clearly she had also been anticipating this visit. She traipsed right in, grabbing him by the hand as she made her way to the scene of their earlier activity.

The room as lit by two small lamps on either side of the picture window, but there was plenty of light. Arthur started to close the curtains but Caitlin stopped him, “don’t close those, it’s a beautiful night.”

“But people might see in,” casino şirketleri he countered.

“So? All the way to the sixth floor? Besides, it’s kind of exciting knowing someone could be watching, don’t you think?”

Rather than debate the point and showing her he might be a bit of an old fuddy-duddy, he acquiesced, secretly agreeing that maybe having someone watching was kind of exciting. “You got it!” he told her.

Caitlin brought a bottle of wine out of her satchel and asked Arthur to get some glasses. “You like red wine, of course?”

They sat facing each other on the sofa, drinking their wine and hesitating. It was almost as if each of them was second-guessing the speed of their earlier encounter. After all, it had only been about an hour in the seducing, and a couple more naked together. And they had not even consummated anything, just a little oral, okay, a lot of oral, but that was it.

Arthur took a good look at Caitlin, reclined gracefully across from him, scanned his eyes up and down her body. She was not wearing quite the outfit from the café, but this look was just about as good in his mind. She wore Adidas running shoes with little pompom sockettes and was bare-legged. Next came a fairly short burgundy coloured skirt, stretched tightly across her thighs and inched up many inches above her knees.

On top she wore a loose rose-coloured blouse through which her darkish nipples showed slightly. The blouse had three buttons undone at the top, leaving only a couple to do the job. Arthur could see the curve of her breast from his angle, a view he lingered on as Caitlin watched him.

In turn, Caitlin was giving him a once-over. He was in tennis shorts and a knit shirt, nothing special, but the white fabric of the shorts were doing nothing to constrain his growing manhood. That he had specifically removed his boxers before she arrived might make things a bit more fun later. For now, it helped showcase his thickness. Caitlin was appreciating her view of Arthur’s crotch as he was enjoying her well-formed breasts and peeking nipples.

It was Arthur who finally broke the ice. They had been talking about nothing, a conversation that two strangers might have, not two lovers. Looking directly at Caitlin’s cleavage he said, “I can almost see a full breast from this angle. Could you do another button for me?”

Caitlin answered with a big smile: “awesome! Why do you think I left so many open? I almost got mauled in the lobby because of this look. But it was only for you, Arthur.” She said this as she reached out to touch his thigh, just below his thick bulge. “I can see that you are liking the view.”

Arthur reached out and released one more button on Caitlin’s blouse, tugging gently at the soft fabric so that he could now see the fullness of her left breast. Only the nipple remained hidden, but not really.

In response, Caitlin slid closer to Arthur and placed her palm directly atop his erection. “That feels wonderful, Arthur. I was missing that while I was away, even though I spent more than one evening looking at it on my phone and rubbing myself raw.”

“Fuck, that’s hot, Caitlin.”

“Yea, it sure is, and now I have your cock in my palm. Awesome!”

“Would you mind if I finish loosening off your blouse?” asked Arthur.

“Of course now, as long as I can unzip your shorts.”

Arthur took his time, slowing undoing the last two buttons on her blouse. When it was open, he gently tugged at the fabric to pull it free of her skirt.

Caitlin was just as busy with her endeavour. She grasped the zipper and worked it down its length. She had one hand doing casino firmaları the work, and the other still cupping the erection gathered under the fabric. As she finished unzipping him, Arthur’s cock just popped out the opening. Caitlin almost started but threw a giggle at her new toy, “that was excellent,” she said, “I love that he’s free now.”

Meanwhile, Arthur had pulled open the young woman’s blouse and was playing with her breasts, tweaking her nipples and massaging the boob flesh, all of which was eliciting little whimpers from Caitlin. He was responding with a low moan of his own as she held his cock. She held it firmly but was not moving her hand; just holding tight. It was a feeling he was growing to like.

Still holding his cock, Caitlin pull his face into herself, silently demanding he suck on her nipples; it was no trouble at all for Arthur. As he was kneading his cock, Arthur was getting to work on the tight skirt. She was ready to help, raising her hips off the sofa just enough for him to be able to pull down the clothing. Her blouse had been lost and now all that was left were her running shoes and little socks. She went to remove them but Arthur stopped her: “no, leave them on. They look so cute on you.”

She had Arthur stand up. Standing right in front of him, and in front of the whole dark park in the distance — he still had some doubts — she pulled his shirt over his head so he now stood facing her wearing only his shorts, and those were fully unzipped and featuring his solid meat. Caitlin stood back and took a good look over Arthur’s body, appreciating that he looked pretty damned good, even at his age. “Nice cock, buddy. Can I have some of that?” she asked.

Arthur was unsettled and surprised, but managed to mumble, “it’s all yours young lady.”

Caitlin began to run her hands up and down his legs, each time getting to his cock or balls, and each time leaving them slightly out of reach. That lasted only a short time as she was needing him as much as he was excited by the anticipation. She took his loaded balls into one hand, gently massaging and weighing them. “Your balls are really big I think. Must be just loaded from the time I was away. Did you not jack off once or twice at least?”

Arthur was embarrassed to admit it, but was honest, “I must have cum at least half a dozen times just thinking about this moment, remembering our night and definitely with your picture. Did you find my cock pic handy?,” he added hesitantly, still not sure of the dynamic.

“Are you kidding? I was jilling ever night I was away you big stud.”

That out of the way, Caitlin took Arthur’s hard cock in both her hands and gently stroked it, speeding up after every few lengths. “Now I need you to fuck me, Arthur…”

He’d been waiting for this moment and was ready, picking her up by the waist so that she sat on his belly, breasts crushed against his face. Caitlin linked her hands behind his head and moaned in anticipation. As he held her in place, Arthur positioned his excited manhood at the entrance of her young cunt. Caitlin was all for it and she took one hand off his neck, to guide the big knob into the entrance of her tight pussy.

She returned to her position holding on to Arthur’s next as he slowly lowered her slowly onto his erection. He was finally buried inside Caitlin’s very tight womanhood. There they stayed for several minutes, Caitlin with her face buried in his neck, whispering: “your cock is completely filling me up, Arthur. I can feel the whole thing pressing against my flesh.”

“I can feel every inch of your pussy, too,” he replied, “it feels amazing, so tight, güvenilir casino so wet, so young…” Had he said that?!

“You’re saying I’m young? I hope that is not a problem, sir,” she chided him.

“I am so enjoying your body, hell, your company, so you can pretty much bet I am entirely satisfied with you, young lady.”

“And you’re no slouch either, Arthur. You may have noticed I like my men mature, grown up even. And your cock is just a bonus.”

With that, the gentle rocking and resting of cock in pussy changed into a frenzied thrusting. Arthur was holding her tightly around the waist as she helped by holding on to his neck as he repeatedly lifted her almost off his cock only to let her drop down again as he thrust up to meet her.

They fucked. Hard. For a long time given their time apart. Then again, Arthur had anticipated all this so he’d jacked off one more time a couple of hours before she’d come over, an accidentally good plan, but it was helping now, keeping him for an early finish.

Arthur carefully stepped over to the dining room, all the while impaled in Caitlin’s pussy. Each step made her bob up and down on his rock-hard erection. Once there, he deposited his lover’s ass on the table. She sat, then lay back on the mirrored wood, her hips just over the edge of the table as Arthur kept hold of her waist so as to be able to truly pound her cunt as hard as he could. Caitlin was taking every thrust and pushing back almost as hard. She was enjoying the fucking as much as any she’d ever experienced. It told her that she had chosen well in seducing Arthur, even if it had taken quite a few years.

Not too much longer and Arthur was warning Caitlin that he would soon be cumming. She groaned, “just a few more…I’m almost there… one more… one more… aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Hearing Caitlin’s instructions, then her orgasm put him completely over the top and he jammed himself one more time, deeply into her young pussy and as he thrust one final time, came, came hard, his whole body shaking with pleasure.

Done, he collapsed across her body, his mouth on one of her breasts.

Once they had recovered enough to sit down, the two of them settled on kitchen stools, facing each other just a few inches apart. So they could talk, Caitlin decided.

“Is it okay if I stay over tonight?” she asked, as if she would need permission.

“That’s the best thing about not being married and not having a roommate: I can have all the guests I want,” he replied with a laugh.

“Do you think anyone saw us while we were standing there fucking by the window?”

What a turn of conversation, thought Arthur. “Uh. No. I don’t think so,” he sounded worried.

“Would that bother you,” she asked.

“I don’t think so, but you don’t think they could really have seen anything, do you?” It was his turn to question the situation.

“But would it bother you, being seen by someone?”

“I guess not. Besides, what could they see all the way up here? Besides, why bother and why worry.”

This was a genuine question because Caitlin seemed rather attached to the idea.

“I have to admit something to you, Arthur.”

He was taken aback, and concerned but held his worry in check. “What do you mean?” he prompted her.

“We have been honest and open with each other so far, haven’t we, and I have a little truth to share but I don’t know if you’re quite ready for it.”

Now really curious, Arthur prompted her to go ahead and tell him. Instead, she took his cock into hand and lowered her head to take him into her mouth. It certainly distracted him, though he was still thinking about it as she laved his chubby cock.

This time they made love, first on the sofa, then continued in the bed. As wonderful as it was, all the while Arthur had that little bug in his mind: “what in the hell could she be hiding?”

Coming soon… Part 3

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