The Girl in the Pearl Thong

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It was after Midnight and I found myself restless, unable to sleep and my mind conspiring to keep me awake with thoughts of her racing through my imagination. I lie on my back naked under the sheets, and I close my eyes to let my thoughts of her grow. The night air is chilly but my body is hot, and I place one hand behind my head and the other on my stomach. I open my legs and feel my balls and semi-erect cock sink slowly between them as my hand lightly strokes the hair on my stomach. Lisa was the only thing filling my mind tonight. I had been thinking of her all day but now I had the chance to be alone my imagination could be set free; all the visions and fantasies that had filled my mind could be thought through freely now, and the combination of my fevered imagination and my warm body would only settle on The Girl In The Pearl Thong – Lisa.

I had been imagining you wearing it all day. The thought of the tiny pearls pressing hard against your clit, running between your lips and over the crack of your arse had been tormenting me throughout; my cock would twitch and harden at the thought but it had been constrained by my jeans, aching to be freed to fully harden for you. Now my cock was free, throbbing between my legs, twitching to its full hardness and length with my balls tightening beneath. I thought of you walking in your thong, casino siteleri how tight it was between your legs and how it must rub against you as your legs moved, exciting you and making your clit hard and your pussy wet. My fingers now run slowly down the length of my cock and I gently circle them around my balls as I think of you.

I think of your breasts, pushed out of your bra and the hardening nipple ready for my kiss, and my desire to make it fully hard and erect with my mouth and hands, to feel your breasts pressed against my body as we kiss and my hands gently caress each breast, my hands rubbing gently over your nipples and feeling them harden against my palms. I squeeze your breasts a little harder while my lips kiss your neck, moving their way down to flesh of your cleavage and the curves of your boobs, kissing them with my mouth slightly parted and my tongue running over them. I hold both breasts together in my hands and kiss each nipple, my tongue flicking each one in turn, wanting them fully hard before taking them in my mouth to suck on their full length slowly. My hand strokes my cock harder now and I grip it tightly as my other hand strokes my chest hair and nipples; I think of greedily sucking on your breasts now, and how much I want to put my hot hard cock between them, to feel your hard nipples running slowly down slot oyna the length and over my balls, to feel your hard nipples caress the crack of my arse.

I wank my cock slowly for you now, one hand gripping the shaft, pulling the skin back and forth over the red swollen head and I think of it nuzzling against your wet pussy, the head easing inside you with the feeling of your juices soothing it. I think of you lying with your legs apart for me, showing me your pearl thong, inviting me to play with it and your pussy. I press my lips against the insides of your thighs, kissing them slowly, letting my tongue roam and my teeth gently grate against the soft flesh, sucking as I explore. I put my hands on your thighs as my tongue runs the length of your thong, the wet pearls bobbling on the tip of my tongue as I press them against your wet fruit. I savour the taste of your pussy on them, knowing that soon my tongue will be deep inside you, loving and exploring your hot wet hole, drinking your love.

I hold my cock upright and wank harder for you now, the thought of my hands holding the line of pearls on your thong, stretching them to flick your clit from side to side with exciting me, to push the pearls between your flowered lips and over your wet hole. Salivating, I push the pearls aside and kiss your erect clit before drawing it into canlı casino siteleri my mouth slowly, my tongue pressed underneath the hood as I suck on you. I can see your hands, your fingers either side of your clit as I suck; as I slowly release your clit from my mouth you slide two fingers into your wet hole to soak them with your juices and slide them into my mouth. I suck on their length and put my mouth back between your legs, sucking on your lips and licking around your hot pussy. My tongue slides inside you, lapping at your juices, drinking your love. I slide two fingers easily inside you as I turn my attention back to your clit, flicking it with my tongue as my fingers fuck you slowly. I can feel you push against them, your hips gyrating and grinding your clit against my mouth, my fingers crooked inside you, the tips underneath your clit, stroking your spot. I want you to come on my mouth Lisa, to feel your body and pussy shudder in ecstasy, I want to drink all your love.

I feel myself about to come, my hand gripping my hard throbbing cock, wanking hard and fast for you; I let myself go, a thick spurt first over my chest and then three more down to my stomach. Lots of come for you and I wish you were with me to enjoy it, I imagine you licking it off my chest and stomach, enjoying the taste of my love and then kissing me long and deeply so I can taste myself on your tongue. My cock is still hard for you and my mind turns to thoughts of loving the tight crack of your arse, but I resist for tonight – I will worship you again tomorrow, my Girl in the Pearl Thong.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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