Breaking the Good Girl

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She was a good girl. Just celebrated her 20th birthday, she promised herself she would do more for the community. Her name is Mairead, she came from a cathoic family and her family is super conservative, i.e. no boyfriend too young and no premarital sex. She is a walking goddess, a lovely brunette with a petite figure, beautiful brown eyes with flawless pale skin. She hides her body very well, most probably hiding a pair of perky tits underneath the sundress she always parade around the neighbourhood. What she can’t hide is a pair of peachy buttocks beneath the dress. She cover just enough to let guys imagine. Many guys tried to ask her out, but she politely rejected all of them. Her heart warming personality also guide her to the nearest fundraiser or orphanage where she will volunteer every weekend. She is popular with the orphans, they call them ‘Sister Mairead’. She occasionally bring them out for a day in the beach which she pays out of her own pocket.

One fine day, she woke up late and she has to bring the kids to the park. She quickly put on a pair of sundress, short enough to expose her smooth slender legs. She grab the sweets and quickly rushed out of her home. Along the way, she accidentally bumped into a group of young delinquentes, knocking down their drinks. She was in such a rush she apologise briefly and continue on her way. The leader of the group, Vincent, was furious. He was known in the neighbourhood as a hooligan, playing truant, wrecking havoc. However, she can’t get out of his mind. Vincent just broke up with his girlfreind and had not have sex for a long time. But with Mairead swinging her peachy ass at them just make him mad horny.

He followed her to the park and sat at the bench admiring her. Everytime she bent down, the beautiful yellow skirt contours her perfect ass. He is not looking for a relationship, he just want to thrust his unsatisfied cock deep into her tight asshole. He gathers his entourage and plot a scheme to mess with her. When she went home at the end of the day, mairead found a letter written for her. When she opened, she was shocked to see a full coloured of an 9-inch erect dick with her name scrawned on it.being the devoted catholic she is, she has never seen an actual penis before. She blushed with embarrassment and quickly chucked the letter into the trash. After she throw, she realised her hand reeked of a putrid raw smell, the envelope was coated with Vincent’s dried semen. When she brought it closer to her nose she retched at the odour. She quickly rushed into the house to sanitize her hand. From afar, Vincent witness what happened and give a smile of victory, he is not casino şirketleri done messing with her.

He stalked her for days. Following her to school, looking through her windows. Constantly sending her pictures of his erect dick with degratory statements. “I’m gonna plant it in your ass”,”One day , I’ll make you show me your tight ass.” Etc. He is fully aware of her voluntering schedule and plotting his next scheme. He asked one of his friend’s brother to be his younger brother while he go stalk his prey. They were playing in the park again, the orphanage is hosting a barbeque and is open to all visitors of the park.

“Hey, can my younger brother join you?”, Vincent sheepishly asked Mairead, eyeing down her blouse to get a glimpse of her ripe cleavage.

“Of course! All are welcome!” she answered in a cheerful smile, giving off a youthful warmth. While his ‘brother’ was playing with the kids. Vincent tried to make a move on Mairead, constantly asking disgusting questions like her cup size, and how many guys she has fucked. Mairead was uncomfortable with the verbal harassment but could not turn him down, she just tried to politely steer the conversation another way. ‘What a teasing bitch’ Vincent thought to herself. As she bend down to help distribute sweets to the kids, vincent can’t help but stare at her full blossomed buttocks. Her ripe ass was jiggling at him, vincent has been imagining and fantasizing about that fat butt cheeks for weeks. How he is going to slap and squeeze it, and how he is going to plunge his dick into that tight hole. He can’t help himself, he let his devil claws reached towards her plump cheeks and give it a hard squeeze. It was so soft, so heavenly, even pillows are not that soft, he had never felt anything so bubbly before. Vincent was in a state of sexual euphoria. But not Mairead, when Vincent grabbed her ass, she let out a loud yelp and jump up, dropping all those sweets on the floor. She felt so embarassed, she felt that the orphan are losing respect of her. She was red with anger and embarassment. She turned around on instinct and give vincent a tight slap across his smug face, that slap was so hard it leave a mark on his face. He look at mairead with hatred in his eyes, as though he will strangle her anytime. She obviously regretted her actions even though it was justified. “This isn’t over bitch.” He whispered in her ear. His voice is so crisp, so rough it sends shivers down her spine. He quickly walks to his ‘brother’ and walk away with him. Mairead went back to serving the kids candy, even though she is obviously shooked by him.

Two days later, she returned home in the casino firmaları wee hours from the studying session. She was sleepy and can’t even keep her eyes open. Just as she was about to enter home, she bumped into Vincent. Vincent started getting apologetic and said he was not in the right place and just broke up with his girlfriend. Mairead was tired but still patiently listen to his apology. Vincent insist that he bring her out for coffee, as he still feel bad about it. Mairead was tired and all she wants is a hot shower and a good night sleep, but her parents taught her to be kind towards other and since vincent wishes to make it up to her, she have no reason to turn him down.

She orders a cup of lemonade whereas vincent ordered a cup of coffee. What she did not know is that vincent roofied the drink. He was supplied by his friend’s brother, powerful enough to knock out a cow. Mairead was not in the right state of mind and took a big gulp of the lemonade. After another 30 minutes of chatting, she felt her eyelid getting heavier and heavier, her speech starting to slur and finally knock out onto the table. Vincent gave a evil smirk, pick her up and put er in the back seat, driving en route to a warehouse.

He slowly put her unconcious body down onto the dirty mattress and twirl her soft brown hair, touching her face. Around her stood 6 guys, all big and tall and muscular. She was wearing a pair of tight skinny jeans which accentuates her fat thick ass, and a pair of pink blouse. He struggles to pull down the jeans down to her ankles but when he finally does it, he feasts upon his prize. A pair of round, soft, smooth butt cheeks hide underneath that tight pair of jeans, unlike those pornstars’ ass which is firm and tanned. Her ass was creamy, soft and bouncing. He teases the ass by sticking his finger into her asshole. One. Then two. Then three. By the third finger, she was starting to move, that’s not what he wanted as she have an array of hungry, sexually frustrated man to satisfiy. Vincent put his mouth between her butt cheeks and start to eat her out. Slurping, licking and biting on her buttcheeks. Vincent can’t hold back anymore, he pulls out his rock hard thick cock out of his zipper and play around the sphicter of her asshole, circling the hole and slapping on her soft buttcheeks, each slap of the dick just sinks into the soft skin.

After a good amount of teasing, he slowly sticks his dick into her asshole. It was so tight, her virgin asshole slowly swallow his dick. Vincent has never felt such tightness before, her rectum walls just close up his dick as he plunge into her ass. Each thrust was rough güvenilir casino and dry, she hadnt gotten to the point of orgasm yet. But the night is still young. Once he got the rhythm, he starts to fuck her asshole harder and faster, slapping that round soft, cushiony ass. Her buttcheeks moves like waves, slaping on his hip bones and bouncing off of it. He changed position and lied on her unconcious sleek back, her fat cheeks spread over his body, letting that virgin asshole swallow his long shaft. He can’t control his urge any longer. The long hours spying on her from the windows, late night masturbation session to her fat ass and face, the long nights on the pillow think on what should he do to that body. He finally unloaded into her ass, even though he spent a lot of time jerking off, he stills shoots long ropes of cum deep into her tight ass. The cum created a suction between the dick and the rectum he cant pull out easily. Once he finally popped his dick out of her asshole, a stream of pink liquid created by her anal blood and semen flowed out of her raw open hole.

His boys took turn destroying her asshole too, her virgin pussy was practically untouched thoughout the process. Not that it matters, it was probably not as tight as her asshole anyway. Not only that, they fucked and cream her asshole, they also took turn thrusting and fucking that pretty face of hers. Her beautiful lips with that cute button nose just drove the boys crazy, majority of the load went into her mouth and over her pretty face. To let her know what a slut she is after this, they tally up the amount of loads she took and scrawned it over her abs: “LOADS THIS SLUT TOOK: 25”. On her fat butt cheeks was arrows pointing into her asshole, writtened: ” CUM GOES IN HERE”. After the rough 4 hours gangbang, the devoted christian, innocent looking schoolgirl was a cumslut with insults all over a slutty buttcheeks and an asshole full of different man’s cum.

The boys then drove her naked ass to the orphanage where she volunteered and hand cuff her to the lampost just outside it. He unconscious body just limped onto the lamp post. Her hair was frizzy, dried cum on her face and fresh cum was still leaking out of her asshole. Before leaving, Vincent pull out a sign board and hung in on her neck, on it was written, “My slutty ass needs your dick XOXO”. As the commuters start to go to work, people start noticed a young sexy 20-something unconscious on the sidewalk. When she wake up, she was so humiliated by the ordeal, crying and trying to find something to conceal herself as hundreds of passers-by saw her tight naked body engraved with degratory insults. But what she could not accept was the loss of respect by the orphans and the orphanages principal, shooking her head in disaproval as they look out of the window. She can never return here ever again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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