Boat Trip

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He works too hard.

Ok, my life is much easier than my brothers and I know it shouldn’t have happened but it did and I didn’t see it coming or refuse.

It all happened when my brother bought a small boat on ebay. Dory-style fishing boat, with trailer and 50hp outboard. Cost him less than £1000 and he was delighted.

I had placed the advert and done the deal on his behalf. He was going to collect it and pay me later. As I had ‘managed’ the deal, he invited me to his place for the inaugural launch with him and his wife.

If you have read my previous story ‘A surprising evening pt.1’ you will know about my brother and his wife Danni. This happened after that night and so I suppose I should have been more aware.

I managed to get to their place on the coast at around 10am. Danni informed me that Pete had to go in to work as they were stacked out with work. It was Danni’s day off and so the reception would be manned and Danni wasn’t conversant with computer repairs (their line of work) anyway.

Now I have never launched a boat in my life but fortunately Danni knew what to do. We loaded the boat with the fishing gear, some cold beers and a few sandwiches. She even had her iPod with speakers so that we would have entertainment.

Being the muscular type, I had the job of getting the trailer away once the boat was afloat with Danni in it. The job was more simple than I had imagined and soon I was in the boat and we were heading out to sea at a decent rate of knots with Danni in charge.

The day was very hot and sunny and by the time we reached the closest known fishing area, Danni had handed over the controls to me while she removed her top and shorts to reveal a lovely pink bikini with white edges and straps.

I had been concentrating on navigating our course by the sun (as you do) and being a virgin skipper and navigator, I was probably concentrating on my duties too seriously but noticing Danni in her lovely bikini with a great shape especially for her age, I relaxed a bit and began to rise to the occasion.

Danni ordered me to shut down the engine and get the tackle ready. I ‘demanded’ a cold beer — launching, navigating, ogling, all brings on a thirst and a cold beer seemed very appropriate under the circumstances. I was duly served and sorted out the tackle on my two rods as Danni did the same with hers. It was soon apparent that Danni was much more experienced with her tackle than I was and she was ready to cast her lines much sooner than I.

I really didn’t need the comments like ‘Are you always this slow’ or ‘Is that the moon coming up over there’ to encourage me. I did perk up when she removed her bikini top, without asking me if I minded. As if I would!

You may have heard the term ‘all fingers and thumbs’ well, my new one was casino şirketleri ‘all knots and tits’. Have you ever tried to do knots in fine nylon line with a pair of lovely exposed tits nearby?

By the time I actually cast my two lines, Danni had her lines in and was relaxing in the prow, with a rod in each hand and a finger on each line, slightly gyrating to the sound from the iPod and humming away. She was TOPLESS! OK, maybe I was a little obsessed but this was new territory for me. I was hot…and HOT and trying to fish, oh, and trying to be nonchalant.

She got a bite. I had to bring her other line in as she played her line. We were side by side and I was reeling in as quickly as I could as with every wave, she was banging against me. I couldn’t help it but I was still rising to the occasion.

The fish was very small and ugly and not worth keeping so Danni soon had it unhooked and back to the depths. I meanwhile, had developed a tit obsession, so I had another beer. Danni must have been aware of my compulsion and she was determined to tease me. All of a sudden she pronounced that she was burning and asked me to cream her back. I can honestly say that a woman has never, ever, asked me to do that — and so I did!

She found the suncream and I delivered the potion. Ok, I gently, massaged her tender body with — her cream. It was wonderful. The sea was calm, the lines were quiet and her skin was tender and pliant. I began to hum in tune with the song she was murdering on the iPod. I was actually feeling great as I applied the cream being very careful to include the sides of her breasts during the application.

I became aware that she was responding more to my ‘innocent’ massage, rather than the iPod song. I tried my luck a bit and extended the massage to cover her nipples, expecting her not to notice. I’m not sure if a big “Mmmmmm” actually means much on paper but in real life it’s a big turn-on. My creaming session began to explore more of her tits and tummy and sought to extract a few more ‘Mmmmm’s’.

Now you may have experienced this yourself but there is a time when your BLADDER actually controls your next few moments. You can be going along quite nicely, verging on a climax, orgasm, it really doesn’t matter because your BLADDER decides — it is full! Now, what do you do. I think Danni was on the verge of a mini-orgasm (OK, she was showing some interest, that may constitute a mini-orgasm…in my mind anyway). There is no escape. A man has to do what a man has to do…so I did.

Now I did say that I wasn’t exactly experienced in this seafaring stuff but I do know that you DO NOT piss into the wind! I delicately asked Danni to move ‘amidships’ whilst I proceeded to empty my bladder at the blunt end. I’m not sure but I got the impression that Danni wasn’t impressed casino firmaları — at first.

The gentlemen amongst you will possibly be aware that there are some occasions when what you have started, doesn’t seem to finish too quickly. Well, fortunately, this was one of those occasions. The relief was truly palpable, especially the first minute at least.

It was a ‘wonderful piss’. I really cannot put it in to any other words. The relief… followed by Danni’s hand removing mine and replacing it with her own. Her head was maybe a foot away (0.3m) from my physical fountain. The golden rain was gushing, then dribbling, then gushing, Ok you get the drift.

As my flow began to tail off, Danni picked up the pace. She removed my shorts completely and expertly. I couldn’t continue to stand for too long so I settled down in the back of the boat as Danni gently massaged my rod. She must have decided that it was flagging as she gave it ‘the kiss of life’.

There is that cross-over period where a general ‘wank’ becomes a blissful blow-job. I was certainly having a wonderful time. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was adrift on a boat and Danni was sucking me off…

I knew that I didn’t come out for the day for this and that I really wanted to get back to fishing, so of course I came quickly. Danni took the first couple of spurts to the back of her throat then directed the rest of the delivery on to her wonderful breasts. I assumed that this was a better suncream than the one she had brought.

I closed my eyes again as I bathed in the after-glow and darling Danni must have removed her bikini bottoms and positioned her vagina against my nose. She used my nose as a kind of dildo, not that my nose is that big but it obviously does the job and proceeded to raise and lower herself against my nose in a kind of stimulating motion.

I didn’t have a cold or anything but my nose was soon running and Danni was moaning and moving in a way I had never experienced before. I was too afraid to move in case I spoiled the moment. Danni had what I thought was a wonderful orgasm. Perhaps I thought, I should get a mould done of my nose and sell it on the internet. ‘Nasal sex toys, guaranteed pleasure!’

By this time, Danni and I were completely naked and so we eventually decided to cream up with the proper suncream and at least try and catch something.

I am not too at ease with being naked in front of my sister-in-law so I was soon sporting another ‘semi’. Danni managed to catch a small conger-eel which she dealt with very quickly. I was a bit hurt with her comparison with her eel and mine but a decent cod catch by me soon balanced the banter as I compared the cod with her obvious sexual excitement.

I had another beer and then became aware that she had almost downed güvenilir casino a bottle of Rose.

The banter increased and the comments became more explicit. I warned her that if she wasn’t careful I would have to use my worm to catch her attention. She rose to the bait and we soon ditched the rods and proceeded to deflect our attention to other things. We lay in the boat and kissed and groped for a while. My ‘worm’ was leaking profusely but I really wanted to last the course of fucking and bringing her.

I began with two fingers and soon got up to four with no trouble. I tried to take command of the situation but she must have read my mind on every occasion. I was just about to try and fuck her when she asked me to ‘Fuck her’. Spooky eh?

I managed to get my worm in place and began thrusting away as best I could in a boat. After about five minutes she asked me to stop! I was a bit perplexed as she began to check the lines for fish then pronounced that the wind had changed and so had the tide. Obviously, I was really interested in this information at this particular moment.

Well actually I couldn’t give a fuck, I just wanted a fuck, or at least to pick up where I left off.

I couldn’t believe it. Danni put her bikini back on as if we were never in the throes of sexual ecstasy, fired up the engine and proceeded to point us back to shore. I had the full scent of the sea all over my face, sporting a wonderful rod but feeling fully deflated as we headed home. I hadn’t even had time to reel my lines in.

As Captain Danni charted a homeward course, I wound the lines in. During our interlude, we hadn’t realised that there was a decent cod on Danni’s line and as I brought it in, we argued as to ownership. Being gallant, I allowed her to claim her cod; it was the least I could do.

It took longer to get back than I imagined. The change in tide made the trip quite choppy and at one stage the engine started to misfire a bit. Danni bled the fuel line and we continued on our way.

We managed to pull the boat high away from the sea-line and unloaded the boat of its kit and our fish. Once Danni decided it was safely stowed, we went into the house. I realised that despite the cream, I was still a bit burnt. I headed for the shower to get rid of the salt and cool down. Danni came with me and we managed to clean each other thoroughly after having a wonderful stand-up fuck in the shower with me steaming into her from behind.

Throughout the day we hadn’t spoken much and when she phoned my brother to report us back safe and sound, they were chatting casually. I don’t think she mentioned our fuck but she did say how wonderful the fishing was.

It was beginning to get dark as I dressed in clean shorts and top. I had quite a long journey home but fortunately I had a couple of fish to take back with me. Danni gave me a wonderful kiss and intimate grope to see me on my way. I knew that this wouldn’t be the end of our adventures, especially as my interest in fishing and ‘fish’ had been entirely re-kindled.

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