Batman’s Darker Side-1

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I was a big fan of the Batman series starring Adam West as a campy Batman in the 1960’s. I always wondered what Batman did for sex. Now I know. I know it’s stupid and goofy—that’s the way I wrote it. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Chapter 1

Bruce Wayne was quite satisfied with himself as he stood in the study of stately Wayne Manor. Not only was crime in Gotham City down 40 percent thanks to his superhero alter ego Batman, but he had just completed his latest invention—the Invisibility Cloaking Device (ICD)—and installed it at last on the Batmobile. The clock in the hallway struck three o’clock, time for his daily appointment with his shapely secretary Stephanie. A lot of people thought that Batman had a dark side—and they were right! Bruce often admitted to himself that he was a fucking pervert, to whom nothing was out-of-bounds.

Just then Stephanie walked into the room. She lowered her head to her ample chest. “I’m sorry I’m late, sir—uh, I mean Master.” As she knelt before the Batman in his secret identity she knew that he would have to punish her, just what she wanted. She looked at the nearby switch yearning for its sting across her firm buttocks.

“Why were you late, Slave?” Bruce asked, a sneer crossing his handsome face.

“I had to go to my room, Master. I had to remove my panties.”

“What?!! Why were you wearing panties in direct violation of my orders? Yes, you are definitely going to be punished.”

“Yes, Master, I deserve to be punished. I had to go to the super market so I dressed for outside, but when I returned I forgot to remove them…Master. Please punish me. I deserve it.”

With that Bruce pulled her up, led her to the big leather chair, and placed her across his knees. Stephanie had worked for him for more than two years, ever since she had graduated from college—the Gotham Institute of Technology, also commonly known to locals as the Gotham Institute of Slutology, because of all the sex maniac girls who attended. When Bruce had checked Stephanie’s resume and application his status as the university’s greatest benefactor opened many doors. He learned that she had slept her way to passing grades in almost every class, passing only Phys. Ed. on her own merits. Nonetheless, Bruce had hired her, and at a high salary for such a position, knowing that some day he would take great advantage of her sexuality. From the onset Stephanie had been submissive, almost begging for the opportunity to serve Bruce, but he had tortured her by sticking to business for well over a year. One day he had just come out and told her to remove her panties and to never wear them in the house again. Once she recovered from the shock, he could see the expression of desire on her face as she pushed the plain white cotton undies down over her ankles. Bruce then told her to bend over the arm of the big leather upholstered chair in the study. She had looked at him questioningly, but her natural tendencies toward submissiveness led her to follow his directive.

“From now on you will come here every day at three o’clock. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir,” she barely whispered, her well-trimmed pussy already gushing hot juice.

“At that time every day you will service me with your mouth, pussy, and ass. I want to be able to smell your excitement. That is why I do not want you to wear any panties. Do you understand me now?

“Yes, sir.”

“Explain to me what you will do. Explain in detail. I want to hear you say it.”

“I will come here ever afternoon at three o’clock to service you with my mouth, my pussy, and my ass. I will suck your cock if you wish and let you fuck my pussy and ass.”

“Is this something you want to do for me,” the Batman/Bruce asked.

“Oh, yes, sir. I want to serve…I mean service you. I want to do it very much.”

“Very good then; you are to be my slave. You will do everything I ask. You will not refuse me anything no matter how depraved or filthy you may think it to be. You are not to have an orgasm without my permission. That will only make you more eager to suck and fuck me. When you are good I will reward you with orgasms and presents; when you are bad, I will punish you. Understand? Agree?”

“Yes, Master. I will gladly be your slave. I will do whatever you wish me to do.”

Then Bruce stepped up behind her, dropped his pants and slid his huge cock into her already soaking wet pussy. Stephanie groaned with pleasure at the sensation of his mammoth erection filling her. Bruce had never actually measured his cock, but he knew that he was much bigger than any of his friends—MUCH BIGGER. Had he bothered, he would have learned that he was almost twelve inches in length and almost three inches in diameter. Batman was hung like a fucking horse! It wasn’t always that way. All throughout school Bruce had been subjected to the taunts and jeers of his classmates because of his tiny dick. It wasn’t casino şirketleri until he decided to study abroad during his junior year of college that this changed. His studies brought him to Tibet where he traveled extensively. One night in search of lodging he stumbled onto a monastery. He was given food and a cell, as the monks called their small sparsely furnished rooms. In the morning he went to urinate with the monks in the slit trench that had been built for that purpose. All the monks, the Monks of the Ancient Order, had huge thick cocks. They couldn’t help but notice his dinky two-incher. Later that morning Bruce was summoned to the office of the Lama.

“Come in, my son,” said the Lama in nearly perfect English. “Do you know why I have summoned you?”

“No, Lama,” Bruce responded. “But I am curious about something. At the trench this morning I noticed that all of the monks have very large penises. How can that be?”

“That is why I have called for you. Have you been embarrassed by the size of your member? Have you been teased by your friends and classmates?”

“Yes, Lama, it has been the source of much pain for me,” said Bruce softly, his head on his chest.

“Many have come here for the same reason. We have a secret treatment, a gift from the Ancients that will grow your penis just as we have grown those of the monks. But I am hesitant to give it to you. It will cause your penis to grow as if by magic, but there is also a curse involved. That is why so many have decided to return here to the monastery and live as monks.”

“What is the curse, Lama?” Bruce inquired.

“Whenever a woman sees or touches your organ she will have an uncontrollable urge to mate with you. That may seem a blessing, but many have found it is not. That is the curse. Do you wish to submit to the treatment?”

Bruce thought for a moment– Hmm. I’d have a huge cock that girls would die over.–where’s the curse in that? “Yes,” he replied, “I wish to submit to the treatment.”

“Very well, we will start tomorrow morning. Get a good night’s rest. You will need it in the morning. You may go now.”

The following morning Bruce started the arduous treatment. It was extremely difficult, but three days later a huge change had occurred. His dinky penis, only two inches soft, had grown to seven. His erection, once only four and a half inches, was now almost twelve. He stayed with the monks for another week to regain his strength after the ordeal he had experienced. Then he left and flew home eager to try his new cock.

Chapter 2

Bruce had fucked her hard for several minutes observing how rapidly she lost control of her body, how quickly she succumbed to the wanton desire within her. No wonder she had gotten such good grades in college. When he thought she was ready, Bruce rammed a finger into her ass. She almost screamed, but somehow she knew a good slave wouldn’t. It wasn’t as though she had never had a date, or a professor, stick anything up there. Her Sociolology instructor was strictly an ass man—he never touched her pussy. Over time she had learned to have thunderous orgasms from anal sex. Suddenly, Bruce had removed his slimy cock from her tunnel and shoved it into her hot ass. She screamed initially from the pain and later from the ecstasy. “Thank you, Master,” she had said, “I really needed that.” After Bruce had opened her sphincter it only took a few minutes for him to cum, followed only a few seconds later by her lengthy climax. Then he sat in the chair and told his slave to lick his cock clean. Stephanie had never done anything like that before but she wanted to please her new master, so tentatively she started to lick the hard monster clean. She could easily discern her own ass juices from the taste of his cum. She’d tasted plenty of cum during the past nine years since she had started to have sex when only sixteen. In fact, she and several of her high school friends had formed a blowjob club. To get in a girl had to have a photo of her partner blowing his seed in her mouth. There had been plenty of members, and more applications every day.

That’s how it had all started almost six months ago; Stephanie had never been happier. She was even more elated when Bruce told her to move into stately Wayne Manor so she could service him at any time of day or night. But, today she had to be punished. She hadn’t forgotten to take off the panties. She wanted, no, she craved the punishment. She loved the feeling of Bruce’s strong hand, or the switch, smacking into her firm buttocks. When Bruce sat into the chair—their chair, the site of so many of their sexual encounters—she slowly lay across his knees. Bruce raised her skirt, admiring her tight round ass, massaging it as a prelude to the punishment. At five foot nine, 125 pounds, she really had a fantastic body—large globes for breasts with the longest nipples he had ever seen, a round muscular ass, casino firmaları and flat abs leading to a prominent mound– and it was all his. He raised his hand and brought it down forcefully. Smack! “One,” she counted. Again, another smack; again she counted, tears starting to form in her eyes. And so it went for three more spanks when suddenly the Batphone rang.

Stephanie knew of his work as Batman, of course. All the servants, under the supervision of the ever-present Alfred, knew and were sworn to secrecy, in return for life-long employment. Quickly, Bruce rose and strode to the phone. “Yes, Commissioner Gordon, Batman here,” he spoke into the receiver.

“Batman, we have an emergency. A group of gunmen has broken into the Gotham Federal Bank. We know they have some hostages from those that escaped. We need your help, Caped Crusader, and we need it now!”

“I’ll be right there, Commissioner.” By the time he hung up the Batphone Stephanie had opened the secret panel revealing the Bat Poles which led, of course, to the subterranean caverns known to all as the Bat Cave, the headquarters for the Dynamic Duo. “We’ll continue this when I return,” he said before kissing her briefly and descending thru the auto-clothes changer, another of his inventions. Unfortunately, his ward Dick Grayson, Robin in his crime fighting guise, was in school at this hour so he’d have to handle this one alone. Using the Bat Cave’s Bat Radar he was able to scan the exterior to the cave’s entrance.
When he had determined the area was clear he jumped into the Batmobile and sped to the crime scene.

Deciding en route to reconnoiter rather than rush right in, Batman parked the Batmobile is a secluded area behind the bank, turning on and testing the ICD. When he stepped out of the car he saw that it worked perfectly. He left to check out the bank—how to get in, where the hostages were being held, and most importantly, how to defeat and capture the gunmen. During his absence Bat Girl swiftly approached the bank, unknowingly parking her Batgirl Cycle only a few feet from the invisible Batmobile. Like Batman, she snuck toward the bank. Batman, realizing he would need a supply of Bat Gas from the Batmobile trunk, returned to the car to find the motorcycle only feet away. This gave him an idea. He had long been an admirer of Batgirl’s tight firm ass and her pert breasts, but he had never been able to determine her secret identity or where she lived. Now he saw his chance. Opening a pouch on his utility belt, Batman removed a Bat Homer and applied its super sticky surface to the underside of the cycle’s rear fender. The homer would tell him where Batgirl lived and lead him to her secret identity. Then he’d blackmail her to fuck him silly. Once she saw and touched his mammoth cock, she would not be able to resist him. Maybe he’d even had a threesome with her and Stephanie.

Batman retrieved the Bat Gas and trotted to the bank’s rear wall. Using the Batarang and climbing rope he was soon entering through a skylight on the roof. Swiftly, he made his way toward the vault, the logical place to keep the hostages. Sure enough, he saw four of the gunmen there standing over the seven hostages. Removing one of the special Bat Grenades filled with Bat Gas from his utility belt he pulled the pin and rolled it toward the thieves. It exploded, spraying Bat Gas all over the vault area, instantly putting the gunmen and hostages harmlessly to sleep. Now Batman, using a Bat Gas Mask, began his search for any additional gunmen. He found one as he turned a corner but before the gunman could act he was laid low by something thrown by Batgirl.

“Well done, Batgirl,” the Caped Crusader exclaimed. “Have you seen any others?”

“Only one, Batman, and he’s safely tied up by the front entrance. I assume that was a Bat Grenade filled with Bat Gas I just heard.”

“Yes, all I have to do is phone Chief O’Hara to pick up this mob and we’ll be all done here. He knew that as soon as he turned his back, Batgirl would disappear. But this time it wouldn’t do her any good.

Chapter 3

Batman used his remote to disable the ICD, climbed in and followed the active Bat Homer on the Bat Scanner. Once it stopped he knew who Batgirl was—Barbara Gordon. It had stopped just at her apartment. When he arrived he again activated the ICD and used the Batarang to scale to outside of Barbara Gordon’s building, stopping at her balcony. Climbing over the railing, Batman peeked through the drapes behind the sliding door. Yes! He could see Barbara changing out of her Batgirl costume. He used his Bat Sliding Door Disabler and replaced it in the utility belt before stepping silently into the apartment. He was only a few feet behind Barbara when he said, “Good evening Batgirl, or should I say Barbara.”

Batgirl was startled but kept her cool. “That’s not a real costume, I just rented it for a party.”

“Yes, and I see güvenilir casino you are keeping it in a secret room along with a lot of other rented Batgirl equipment. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

“OK, Batman, but how’d you find me?”

“That will be my secret, but there will be some more secrets we will share together.” Just the suggestion of sex with this minx was stiffening his cock, something Barbara seemed to notice.

“Oh no, Batman. There’s no way I’m fucking you, even if you do seem to have a pretty big cock.”

“Really, Barbara? How’d you like to open the Gotham Times tomorrow and see your secret identity spread all over page one?”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I wouldn’t want to, but I will if you don’t come across. I’ve wanted that ass of yours for ages.”

Barbara could see no way out of this dilemma. Who knows, she thought, maybe he’ll actually be pretty good at it. So she acquiesced, “OK, Batman, you win.” She stepped out of her robe revealing the body that many had drooled over for years. Batman’s cock sprung to its full length in reply to the sight of her 34DD breasts. He stepped out of his Bat Boots and costume, keeping his cowl in place. There was no way he was giving up his secret identity the same night he had learned Batgirl’s. When he dropped his boxers Batgirl/Barbara gasped. She had never seen such a monster cock. She was drawn to it like iron to a magnet, yet she feared it would rip her apart. Then, overcome by her lust she decided she just didn’t give a shit. She had to have that magnificent erection in her.

Barbara led him to the bedroom and sat him on the edge of her queen sized bed. Kneeling before him she took the colossus in her hand. Now, strangely, she wanted it even more. Despite its size she wrapped her lips around it. She used her tongue to lick all around the massive head; Batman groaned in response. Slowly Batgirl started moving up and down taking as much into her mouth as possible. If anything, the Batprick grew even longer and harder. Batman moved back onto the bed and motioned Batgirl to follow. It wasn’t necessary; the sex crazed Batgirl wanted that cock and she was going to get it! Straddling Batman she slowly lowered herself onto the steel organ. It was even bigger than her biggest dildo, and she thought that was pretty fucking big. As she lowered she felt her pussy walls stretching to accommodate the huge Batprick. The feeling was incredible as every nerve ending sang with excitement. Eventually she managed to get eight inches into her. Still she was not satisfied. She rose up and dropped suddenly, driving the steely post deep into her womb. Now she was able to rock and grind her clit hard against Batman. Batgirl knew she had long nipples; her clit was even longer. It was almost as long as Bruce’s original erection so it didn’t take much to stimulate it. Her lust boiled over as she came hard spraying Batman with her ejaculate. Batman took this as a signal to change positions and holes. He pushed Batgirl off and positioned her on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Again he slid his massive tool into her pussy, but once it was again well lubricated he removed it and repositioned at her ass.

Normally, Batgirl would have refused. She had never had anal and she didn’t intend to, but she couldn’t counter the magical effect of the Batprick. Instead of denying him she pushed her ass back and opened her butt cheeks inviting the huge phallus to enter. Slowly Batman pushed himself into her ass. Batgirl screamed from the pain but she seemed powerless to deny him. In fact, the more it hurt, the more she wanted it. Eventually, he had forced himself past her sphincter and the pain subsided somewhat even though the prick slid deeper and deeper into her bowel. When his balls struck her ass he started to piston her ass hard. Batgirl’s expressions of pain turned to grunts of pleasure, picking up speed as batman speeded his thrusts. Harder and harder they propelled each other toward climax. Batgirl sensed he was about to cum so she reached back to cradle his balls and said, “Oh yes, fuck me harder with that huge tool of yours. Fuck me and cum in my virgin ass. At this point Batman needed no more encouragement. He held her hips tightly and forced himself even deeper into her as he sprayed column after column of hot sperm up her ass. As he subsided she felt her second orgasm overtake and claim her. It shook her like a rag doll, forcing her to fall into a heap on the bed. When Batman pulled out she had a huge gape in her asshole that would take over an hour to shrink back to normal. Barbara surprised even herself when she rose and licked the magnificent cock clean.

Batman looked at her, but before he could say anything she interrupted.

“I know what you’re going to say so let me say it for you. Yes, we can do it again and, hopefully often. I don’t understand it, but I just can’t get enough of that wonderful colossal cock of yours. I’ll ache tomorrow but it’ll be well worth it.”

Batman smiled, knowing that she was his to fuck forever. She’d never outgrow her need for his cock—never.

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