3 Gay Guys Part 6: A New Beginning

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Three Months After Part 5……….

It was the first day of the 10th Grade. Everyone was extremely happy to see their friends and find their classes. I found Matt and Dom sitting at a picnic table in the courtyard. I joined them and we compared schedules. We had all the same classes except me(Honors Science, Honors English, AP Global) from this you can see that i was the smarter one out of my friends. So the first bell rang and we reported to homeroom where we were assigned lockers, All three of us put our lockers right next to eachother. Then we headed off to our first class(Gym). We get inside the gymnasium and see that there were alot of hot girls and guys in all grades. There was Jennifer Fox with her c-cups and Ray Fox with his extremely cute face and bubble butt.(I no this cause i saw him naked once, He’s pretty big down below too) We walked to the bleachers and we met our gym teachers. Me Mattt and Dom were assigned to Olson. He said that we will be starting swimming in two weeks. and that we had to wear school issued uniforms.

Two weeks later…….

We arrived in Gym and put our stuff in the locker room. Then we started changing. Right off the bat i notice that there weren’t a lot of kids wearing boxers. They were either wearing briefs or trunk briefs. Mainly brands like American Eagle, Calvin, Even Cin2. I stripped down to my blue Clavin trunks and notice that Ray Fox is checking me out. I also noticed that he had a bump in his shorts. I began to give him a little strip tease. Then i turned and saw Matt in his calvin’s and dom in his ringer briefs. Then they strip naked. Our bahis firmaları swimming uniform was two choices Speedo or Jammer. Everyone took Jammers except the swimmers like me matt dom ray jeff and blake all on the swim team. After that class we got out of the pool and headed back to the locker room. we headed for the showers and showered. Then we got dressed. After everyone had left it was just me Ray and Dom. I walk over to Ray and ask why were you checking me out? He answered: I think your really hot. I blushed and immediately planted my lips on his. He hesitated then gave in. I took off his shirt revealing a six pack and no hair. I kiss down his neck and suck on his nipples. By now dom has left leaving us alone. Ray takes my shirt off and feels my abs and kisses down my stomach till he reached my shorts. He untied the belt and unbuttoned my shorts pulling them down revealing my briefs. He rubbed my dick through the fabric and i was softly moaning. Then he stood me up and pulled down my undies. He took my balls into his mouth one at a time oh i was in heaven. Then he licked my shaft and engulfed my 6 inch cock. He began bobbing and deep throating me. he just kept bobbing up and down till i push him off. I lay him down on the bench and remove his shorts to reveal the skimpiest briefs i had ever seen. I ripped those off and engulfed his 7 inch dick. I literally wasn’t even tryin that hard but after like three minutes he blew his load. I figure he did this cause he was a virgin yes virgin. I swallow his cum then flip him over. I put on a condom and slowly penetrated his ass. “Holy shit your tight Ray” Ray was kaçak iddaa just relaxing and moaning. I was finally in i pumped slowly and then gradually picked up my pace to where you can hear my balls slapping his ass. Oh god ray you ass is so tight oh my god i love you then he says “I love you too” at that moment we became Best Friends. I filped him over and furiously pumped of my god ray i’m going to bust a nut. oh here it comes. I pull out take off the condom and blast cum shots all over his stomach and face. I lick up my own cum and share it with him. We got changed and headed to period 4 cause we skipped 3.

Four days later…..

I call Dom, Matt, and Ray to come over and chill. Ray was the first one to arrive. Then Matt and Dom came together. Something was weird though they were holdin hands. I asked why you holding his hand Dom says yea were now dating. I thought well aint that cute. They took off their shoes and we went out back. We decided to go swimming but had nothing to wear so we went in just our briefs. I had just got my brand new pair of underwear from Diesel via mail. My mom had no idea. Seeing as my parents were gone for the week i had accuired 5 grams of white widow and 2 grams of Kush from my cousin(Grower) I whipped out my bowl and lighter and immediately lit up. After about 2 grams we wear all fucked up we got out of the pool and headed to my room. Everyone grabbed a pair of undies. Dom grabbed My favorite pair of underwear My Aussiebum Wonderjock briefs. Those were so hard to get. I had to pick up the package at the post office so my mom wouldn’t know. Then Matt grabbed a pair of White kaçak bahis Calvin’s. Ray brought his own clothes and a pair of Jockey red ringer briefs that looked especially sexy on him. Dom then put on his briefs and i noticed that his bulge was huge cause of the pouch. We just all laid on my brand new king bed. After 5 minutes Ray and Matt had passed out so me and dom walked downstairs to my living room. Then we turned the TV on. After 5 minutes we hear the other two come down stairs. Then Dom got up and immediately begam making out. I Grabbed Ray and pulled his red briefs off and began to blow his dick. He got immediately hard. I bobbed a couple more times then he pulled my briefs down and bobbed on my cock. Then i ask him to fuck me in the ass. I Rested my back on the couch and lifted an spread my legs. Ray then began rimming my ass. Oh it was awesome then he pushed his cock deep into my ass. He began to pump at extreme speeds After 5 minutes of fucking he began to say oh ryan i’m gonna cum oh god i love your ass oh god here it comes then he shot his load deep into my ass. He then let his cock go flaccid and licked all the cum out of my ass. I walk over to Dom and Matt and ask Matt if i can fuck dom. Matt says go ahead. So I lubed my cock and shoved it deep into his ass. Every time i pumped he would moan in happiness oh ryan oh fuck my ass oh god i’m your bitch oh fuck yea. Then i feel Matt begin to lick my ass hole like Ray did oh my god i was so overwhelmed i blew my load inside of dom. I pulled out and matt replaced my cock with his. Then I walk over to chris and we put our briefs back on and made out. Then after a few minutes we hear matt say oh i’m gonna cum. Then we hear matt orgasm and pull out of dom. They put their briefs on and cuddled. We all fell asleep.

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