First Time with a Man

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Two friends and I decided to take off for the beach one cool Fall weekend. At the time I was 19 so this was many years ago. We got there on a Friday night and had been drinking all the way on the two hour trip. We were staying in one of my friends parents vacation house. Once we got to the house we went to a club that was within walking distance. It was not much going on there but even so each of my friends had met a girl and it was possible that may take them home.

Seeing what may happen I was feeling a little depressed. Both of my friends had outgoing personalities and seemed to always be able to talk to women where on the other hand I was shy and always had a difficult time in these situations So I decided to leave the bar and walk to the hotel bar that was just down the road. The bar was nearly full but most were older people so I kind of felt out of place but I decided to order a beer and just sit there a few minutes. Everyone there was into a college football game that was on the tv.

An older gentleman came and sat down beside me. He started talking to me about the game and then told me about how he had played football in college. I didn’t really reply back to him I just looked at him and smiled. He continued to talk to me and he also bought me a beer It took me a few minutes being so naive but then I thought this guy is trying to pick me up. Then all kind of thoughts begin to run through my mind. My first thought was this guy wants to have sex with me. That was scary to a 19 year old especially in the late 70s a time when homosexuality was not talked about much. I also thought this guy is my parents age and began to think about them and my friends. What would everyone say if they knew

I was scared but I was also excited I liked this attention that he was giving me and I was already trying to decide what would I say if he asked me to leave with him. I decided why not enjoy whatever was about to happen. We talked for a little while longer and even though I was still nervous I did like what was happening. Eventually casino şirketleri he layed his hand on my thigh and rubbed it a little. He looked me in the eyes as to see what my reaction would be and I just looked at him and smiled. Then he asked if I would like to go up to his room with him. I couldn’t bring myself to speak I just nodded my head as to say yes. Then he got up and I followed behind. Not sure if anyone in the bar knew what was happening but at this point I didn’t care its like I was his and fully under his control.

On the elevator ride up my entire body was trembling. He just looked at me and said, “everything is going to be fine you can trust me” and I believed him when he said that. Its like once we were alone I felt at ease about this. He was a nice looking man greying just a little but a head full of hair, and in my eyes he seemed very confident in himself. When we got into his room he asked if I would like a drink and I declined it. It was a nice room or more like a suite He lead me out to the balcony which faced the ocean. It was beautiful with the moonlight shinning over the water. He put his hand on my shoulder and started massaging it lightly and while he was massaging my shoulder he was also asking me question about myself. Like where was I from who was I here with and all kind of things about my life. Even though I wanted to lie so he wouldn’t know everything about me I couldn’t. For some reason I just had to be honest with him no matter what he asked. It was like at that point he had complete authority over me my mind as well as my body but that feeling really excited me. He asked me had I ever had sex with a man and I told him no. Then he asked did I want to leave and I told him that I did not. Which I don’t think I really had an option at this time he already knew I was his.

He started kissing me and he wrapped his arms around me as I put my arms around him. I didn’t realize how big and muscular he was until he grabbed me. His hands felt so big going all up and down my back and ass.His arms were so tight casino firmaları around me I couldn’t move and my body just went limp. He asked me did I have any objection of being his for the night and all I could say was no sir. We went inside to the bed and he told me to strip and after I was completely naked in front of him I felt even more vulnerable. I was beginning to get the feeling that he knew exactly what he was doing to me and not a thing he did or said to me was by accident but welled planned. He looked my body up and down and told me he liked what he saw. At the time I was 5 9 145 mainly just a skinny kid but I think that is all he wanted. He took off his shirt and I was turned on he was very muscular. I took a couple steps toward him and laid my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me and held me. Then he pushed me away and told me to knell before him and then directed me to undo his pants. So I knelled and felt his rock hard cock through his pants.I proceeded to undo his pants. He didn’t have on underwear so it fell out right in front of my face. WOW my first cock. I wrapped my fingers around it and then I wrapped my mouth around the head of it. It felt so natural doing this. I looked up into his eyes and he commanded me to suck it.

As I was sucking it he was telling how he was going to make me his girl and his bitch and that I was going to like it. All I could do was nod. He shot a big load of cum down my throat and all I could do was gag cough and spit it out. While I thought he was going to get mad at me for not swallowing he just commented that it was alright and that I would learn as we went along. Then he layed on the bed and told me to start sucking on it again. So I crawled between his legs and started sucking. It wasn’t hard yet but I could feel it growing in my mouth. He was steadily giving me commands as to show his authority over me but he also praised me for the good job I was doing and that did make me feel good because it seemed as my only reason for existing at this time was to be his and I liked güvenilir casino it. When he got fully hard he commanded me to lay on top of him so I did and he began kissing me. Then we turned to our sides him holding me tightly. He asked me how was I liking this and I told him that I had never felt this good before. He just smiled as he knew that he was in total control of me.

Then he pushed me on my back and told me that it was time to lose my virginity. I thought I would be scared but at this point I was ready so I just looked at him and smiled without saying a word. I knew it was going to hurt but I didn’t even care about that I was ready.

He gave me a jar of Vaseline and told me to grease up his cock so I obeyed. Then he got over me and lifted my legs up on his shoulders. The head of his cock went up against my tight virgin ass. He was patient at putting it in when he saw I was hurting he would ease up but then all of a sudden he shoved his entire cock in me and I screamed loud. People in other rooms probably heard me. Tears came to my eyes I was literally crying because of the pain but I still liked it. As he was fucking me like I belonged to him I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I was so turned on by his appearance his manly face his muscular body just everything about him. It was hurting but I didn’t mind a bit I knew this was part of being his. He got harder and harder as then I felt his body tense and he filled my ass with cum. He then pulled his cock out of me. He told me to go get a washcloth and clean his cock so I did. I washed it real good and then kissed on it a little. Then he took me in his arms and we fell asleep together.

I woke up with him holding me tight as I began to move I woke him up. We kissed a little and he asked me how I liked it. I told him that words couldn’t describe it. I told him that I should be going and he understood and I left him with my contact information which I was kind f nervous about but at this point I didn’t care. I walked back to the house not knowing what to find but as I looked in the window both of my friends were passed out in chairs so I crept in quietly and got into bed with them never knowing to this day about that night but I cant forget a detail about it and we did see each other again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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