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This story is inspired by, and dedicated to, a gifted young writer who posts under the tag “blin18”. I would encourage my readers to take some time to enjoy her wonderfully creative, entertaining and sexy stories; and especially, (although not exclusively!), The Headmaster’s Office 01, which gave me the idea for this particular tale, which is a tiny bit edgier than most of my other stories! – PS

All characters in this story who are involved in serious sexual situations are at least 18 years old – PS

* * *

Belinda turned the shower off. As she dried herself with a large fluffy towel, she was positively tingling, especially when she got to that rather warm and sensitive place between her legs!

“Finally!” she thought to herself, as she anticipated the upcoming afternoon. It had taken a lot of coaxing, (to say nothing of flirting!), to get Greg to agree to help her finalize her university course selections, which were due on Monday. They were attending the same institution, and apparently, as he had shyly pointed out to her recently, there were some concerns about a few of the possible choices. No doubt this was because, since she knew Greg at least well enough for this, he had “done his homework”. And more importantly, maybe, just maybe, it might lead to him asking her out on a “real” date, not just coffee, or a quick bite, with their mutual friends. She didn’t know quite for certain why she was so attracted to him, but those soulful brown eyes, and serious, quiet and genuine, personality probably had a lot to do with it.

Belinda hung up the bath towel and set to work with her hair dryer. When she was finished, she took a moment to look at her reflection in the full length mirror. She was what her mother called petite; not quite five feet tall, with long light blond hair, (she had been letting it grow to show off its natural waves), blue eyes, (her best feature), and a clear milky complexion. She didn’t consider herself beautiful, or anything like that, but she thought she looked “OK”. Her breasts weren’t all that large, but on her slender frame they made her appear “stacked”, each one adorned with a pert brownish nipple. She didn’t have much in the way of hips, and she also thought her legs were a bit too skinny. At the intersection of her thighs there was a wispy patch of pubic hair that was almost as light as that on her head, which was not so often the case with other “real blondes” she observed in the shower room. It did a rather poor job of hiding her more intimate sexual anatomy, although, so far, no boy had been able to find this out for himself!

Turning from the mirror, and leaving the washroom, Belinda began a leisurely stroll down the hall in the nude. She rather enjoyed the feeling that being naked gave her, sort of sexy and free. But she rarely got the chance to indulge herself, even in the privacy of her own house, as her mother frowned on this type of behavior. They had already had several arguments about Belinda sunbathing topless on their private patio out back.

“You know that showing off like that makes your father uncomfortable,” her mother had lectured her, the second or third time she had been caught mostly undressed while lounging on the chaise.

“It’s only tits Mom,” she had countered, “you can see as many as you want at the movies; or on TV any night of the week.”

“Well, don’t you dare go any farther; young lady!”

“And why not?” Belinda had thought to herself rather defiantly. She was more than a little tempted, at some point, to “push the envelope” by discarding her bikini bottom as well, so she could get an “all over” tan. So her father got to see her nude … I mean, so what?

The “tits”, once a source of despair due to their diminutive size, had now become a matter of delight; nature having mercifully intervened over the last year or so to provide her with a decent figure, and she often received admiring looks when she wore a tight fitting top. Tossing into the waste bin the older versions of her bras gave her a lot of pleasure. They didn’t fit any more … how sad!

But you never know about mothers, she mused to herself, just when you think …

* * *

“I called Dr. Bishop; he’ll be seeing you next Tuesday at 4; so you need to come home from work early … can you arrange that?”

“Dr. Bishop … what for … I’m not sick?”

“You’re starting on the pill before you go away for university.”

For one of the very few times in her young life, Belinda was completely speechless!

Sensing Belinda’s astonishment, her mother explained, although she was blushing more than a little as she did so.

“When I was your age; I know you’ll have a hard time imagining that … but anyway, I was away from home, and I met a boy in psych class; and fell for him … hard! I guess he fell for me too; and even though we were both virgins, pretty soon we started sleeping together.”

Belinda could hardly believe what she was hearing … from her own mother!

“Now look Belinda, you’re almost an adult; I’m not telling casino şirketleri you to go have sex with the first guy you find attractive … but sometimes, at your age; things happen … at least they did to me.”

“So,” her mother continued, turning even redder, “he was using condoms … we were young, but not completely stupid … and once, one slipped off by accident inside me; right in the middle of my cycle. Needless to say I was pretty worried; it was about two weeks of absolute hell until my period came! Anyway, nothing awful happened … fortunately … and afterwards I went to the Student Health Centre, and got a prescription … we stayed together ’til early second year, and then we split.”

“Belinda,” her mother added in a serious tone, “it was just a campus romance, not the real thing. And when you meet the right one, you just know … or at least I did when your father came along.”

“So the point of all this is that I can’t tell you what to do … except I’m still you mother … and the last thing I want is to get is a phone call one night along the lines of: ‘Mom; I think I might be pregnant.’ … and he still has to use a condom until you’re absolutely certain about STD’s … understood?”

“Yes Mom,” Belinda had replied meekly.

* * *

Belinda had known Dr. Bishop since she was little, but she was still a bit apprehensive about the appointment, which she knew would involve an internal exam. Her best friend Rebecca had gone through one recently for the same reason, and when Belinda asked her about it, what she heard was not completely reassuring. However, notwithstanding that, she had decided to call back his office and ask if she could get her physical for university at the same time.

“If I’m going to have to undress anyway,” she reasoned, “it might as well be for Dr. Bishop rather than some stranger on campus.”

The receptionist had greeted her at Dr. Bishop’s office, and shortly afterwards his nurse ushered her into an examination room.

“You might as well take everything off now,” the nurse explained in a matter-of-fact way, handing her a hospital gown, “because it’s a lot easier for the doctor to do the upstairs part without your bra, and you’ll have to take your panties off for the downstairs bit anyway.”

When the nurse left her, Belinda stripped off her clothes and underwear, and wrapped herself in the blue cotton garment the nurse had provided, although she noticed that her hands were trembling a little.

“Get a grip,” she scolded herself, “it’s just Dr. Bishop.”

The nurse returned a few minutes later with a portable EKG machine.

“Why don’t you just get rid of the gown for a minute and lie down there,” she ordered, “and could you take your shoes off as well please. I can cover you once I’ve connected everything.”

Belinda got up on the examination table and, after dropping her sandals on the floor, she shed the gown, tossing it aside so that she could lie down, completely naked. The nurse, whose name tag said “Jane”, and something or other “RN”, began to apply the disposable electrodes to various places on her body, and then connecting them to a wiring harness attached to the machine.

“Do you want that over you now?” Jane asked her when she was finished.

“Will this take long?”


“I’m fine for now; it’s pretty warm in here.”

Belinda waited patiently for the machine to spit out her chart. And just as the nurse was tearing off the paper graph, there was a tap on the door, and Dr. Bishop came in. What a way to start; starkers … and wired for sound!

“Hello Belinda; it’s been a while” he said pleasantly, “… are you done Jane?”

Jane nodded her assent, and began removing the EKG paraphernalia.

“Hello Dr. Bishop,” Belinda managed to blurt, as if she wasn’t lying there in the altogether … sheesh!

“Why don’t you sit up now Belinda, so we can get started,” Dr. Bishop asked, “would you like Jane to stay here while I examine you?”

“No it’s OK” she replied, trying at her best ‘big girl’ voice; as if men, even if they weren’t doctors, got to see her naked all the time … right!

But Dr. Bishop was all business, offering her the hospital gown to put around her middle, which she refused.

“Bit late for that!” she said to him, trying to make a joke.

“I suppose so,” he replied with a smile, “but I always must ask, just good professional practice.”

He proceeded to go through the various parts of the physical, along with numerous questions, which he noted on a clipboard. Somehow it didn’t seem to matter quite so much, as he listened to this, and felt that, that she had nothing on.

“Belinda I don’t want to pry into your personal life, but I’m afraid I have to ask if you’re a virgin before I do the rest of the exam.”

“No,” Belinda lied. She had known this question was coming at some point, and it was much better to tell a falsehood than admit she had long ago masturbated away any traces of her virtue.

“Just once,” she added, trying casino firmaları to sound authentic, and looking Dr. Bishop in the eye for good measure.

“Yeah sure,” she thought with some inward sarcasm, remembering the frequent sessions with the dildo she had laid claim to from the rather extensive collection in the girl’s dorm, “just once, as in, just once every night when I was horny!”

“OK,” Dr. Bishop replied making some sort of mark with his pen, “by the way, do you smoke?”

“No sir; it bothers me to even be near a lit cigarette.”

“Good girl … I won’t prescribe the pill for women who do,” and then he explained with a sly look, “sort of my way of trying to make them choose between smoking, and sex without a condom. Probably doesn’t work, and probably unethical, but it’s for a good cause!”

Belinda giggled, Dr. Bishop had more of a sense of humour than she had suspected!

“This is your first internal exam?’

“Yes sir.”

“I figured it was, but I had to ask. Now then Belinda, I want you to try to relax. I know it’s hard under the circumstances, but let me explain something to you. There are guidelines about prescribing birth control pills, and I have to follow them. I personally think this is totally unnecessary for any healthy young women such as yourself, but I don’t have a lot of choice, because in the unlikely event that something was wrong, and I didn’t do the pelvic exam, and you had a problem, well, I could be in a lot of trouble.”

“I understand.”

“You’re sure you don’t want Jane here for this?”

“No sir, I’m fine,” Belinda replied. She wasn’t; but there was no way she was going to admit it to Dr. Bishop!

“You can put that back on now, if you like,” Dr. Bishop said, pointing at the hospital gown once again.

“Why … I’m not cold,” she replied, ignoring his suggestion. Whatever was coming next, Belinda was determined not to be some sort of wimp! I mean, what was the point of covering up now?

“OK … now then, lie back down with your hips at the edge of the table and I’ll help you put your feet in the stirrups. I know it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable, but I have to be able to see everything. I’ll be as quick and gentle as I can,” Dr. Bishop said as he pulled on a fresh pair of surgical gloves from a box on a shelf, and then moved a bright light so it shone on Belinda’s rather defenseless, and very exposed, personal anatomy!

“You know Belinda,” he said conversationally, “as a doctor you just never know about patients; especially female patients.”

“How so?”

“As you might imagine, I’ve done quite a few of these exams over the years. You get a few ‘troopers’, like you, who don’t let the fact they’re naked in front of me bother them all that much,” he replied, “but also a lot of others that insist that I drape them.”

“Whatever for?”

“I think it makes them feel that somehow or other I’m not looking at them down there.”

“That’s ridiculous in this situation,” Belinda said, rolling her eyes, “what in heaven’s name do they think they’re hiding from you?”

Even Dr. Bishop had to laugh at this observation.

He had perched himself on a stool between her legs, and then he spread the lips of her sex so he could look more closely at things. Belinda prayed to herself that, no matter what happened, please God, she wouldn’t get wet! She had to wait a bit for him to warm the odd plastic instrument, but it slid into her vagina without any trouble. And finally, when that part was done with, one, and then two, fingers went, “where no man had gone before”.

And then it was over, just like that! And not nearly as terrible, or embarrassing, as her imagination, or Rebecca, had suggested.

“Everything is perfectly normal … as I expected,” he had said to her in a kindly way as he wiped away some of the excess lubricant with a tissue, and then helped her get out of the stirrups, “why don’t you get dressed while I finish up the paperwork?”

Finally, after a short wait, she was called into his office, and when she left it, she had a starter kit of physician samples, instructions, her medical form, and a prescription; along with a compliment, and an admonition, from Dr. Bishop.

“You’ve turned into a lovely young woman Belinda. I suppose it’s unprofessional for me to say that, even though I’ve been taking care of you from when you were almost a baby. And Belinda, please remember, just because you can’t get pregnant, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a STD; so let’s be careful out there, shall we!”

“I will … thanks Dr. Bishop.”

* * *

Belinda was rummaging through her closet, musing about what to wear; not wanting to get so dressed up that Greg would think she was making a play for him, which of course she was; but also wanting to look attractive and sexy in a wholesome “girl next door” sort of way … and then she remembered the dare!

“Oh, oh!” she thought to herself, as reality broke through the pink cloud that had surrounded her.

In her excitement about being alone güvenilir casino with Greg for the first time, she had almost forgotten what she had planned. And there was an even worse dilemma; suppose he didn’t ask her out … this might be her only chance!

* * *

It had started innocently enough. She had shown Rebecca her story, ‘The Headmaster’s Office 01’, the first of a fun series of erotic stories she was working on, which she intended to post on the on-line site she frequented.

“That’s really good,” Rebecca had complimented her.

“But,” she continued, “even if you lost a game of ‘Truth or Dare’, like in your story, you would never go to school without your panties, now would you?”

“How do you know?” Belinda retorted, a little bit insulted.

“Because I know you,” Rebecca said with a laugh, “you’re way too tame … and anyway, even the no panties thing wouldn’t be all that extreme, because if you were careful no one would ever find out you had nothing on under your skirt. So … no big deal!”

“You might be surprised at what I’d do,” Belinda said in a challenging voice.

“Such as?”

“Maybe go to school without panties, and then sit with my legs apart so some guy would get to see my pussy … how about that?”

“You really think I believe you would be brave enough, or stupid enough, to do something like that … stop kidding me!”

“Why not, it would just be some random guy … so he gets to see it; so what?”

“I have a better idea,” Rebecca said with an evil glint in her eye, “if you’re as bold as you say you are, then next time you see Greg, go without the panties and let him have a look; how about that!”

Belinda could feel the colour rushing to her cheeks. Rebecca knew all about Belinda’s interest in Greg!

“I dare you,” Rebecca taunted, laughing at her.

Belinda was both speechless, and furious, she’d show her!

“OK, I’ll do it,” she said to Rebecca, “so there!”

“What … no way!”

“Want to bet?”


“But you have to do it too, or no dice.”

Rebecca didn’t look quite so superior all of a sudden, Belinda noticed with some satisfaction.

“Has Danny ever seen you naked, smarty pants?”

“Uh … no.”

Danny had taken Rebecca out a couple of times, and Belinda had met him. Her dislike was virtually instant! Why Rebecca was wasting her time with a loser like that was beyond her. And when Rebecca wasn’t looking, he had even given Belinda a ‘I wouldn’t mind bagging a babe like you’ look; even though he was dating her best friend. What a jerk!

“So then it’s fair; we both go on a date with no panties, and then make sure both guys get to see some pussy … unless you’re too scared?” Belinda taunted, getting some of her own back.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Rebecca countered.

“I would too!”

“OK, you’re on, Miss Big Talk; but you have to prove that you did it, and that he saw everything, just like when you went to the doctor.”

“How can I do that?”

“You have to get him to take a picture of it, with some part of him in the shot, so I know for sure.”

“But …” Belinda protested as the implications of this demand dawned on her.

“No buts … that’s the deal,” Rebecca said in a confrontational fashion.

“And what if one of us doesn’t do it?” Belinda asked.

“Then there has to a forfeit, a bad one, to make sure we both do it.”

“Such as?”

“Well, let’s see … I know …how about this? Whoever chickens out has to give the other girl’s boyfriend a blowjob while she watches, and you have to swallow it!”

“Ohmigod!” Belinda thought, shocked.

“So?” Rebecca finally said, arching her eyebrows and looking at Belinda in a knowing way.

“Give me a sec; I want to think this over.”

Maybe Rebecca had sucked a guy’s cock before, and assumed Belinda had as well; but she had never touched a boy’s penis, not even through his clothing. If she agreed to this, she better not lose!

“OK, dare!’


This had always been their way of agreeing on something, and had been so since they were girls; although the stakes this time were considerably higher!

“Wait,” Belinda said.

“Now what?”

“I need some time. You’re already dating Danny, and I haven’t got Greg to even ask me out yet.”

“That’s fair. How about six weeks, just before we go off for school? We’ll meet on that Friday night, and compare pictures, if you even have one,” Rebecca said with a smirk, “and then on Saturday, you can suck Danny off; I’m sure he’ll enjoy it!”

The thought of being down on her knees in front of a smug Danny, his pants and underwear around his ankles, with his erect penis in her mouth, like she had seen in some porn videos, was revolting!

There was only one set of letters for this, as in “N” and “O”.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there … with a picture. You can bet on it!”

* * *

The doorbell rung; and Belinda rushed to answer it. She had finally, after a lot of indecision, elected to wear a sleeveless turquoise top with a loose scoop neck. If she leaned forward a certain way, it would probably let Greg get a glimpse of her breasts, with the nipples and areola barely covered by the sheer fabric of her sexiest bra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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