a life of service chapter 3

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hey .. this is a connecting chapter so not much action but is is good so enjoy and please comment or vote ….. should i quit or keep it up?

Sandra had the house and the day to herself. He had business to take care of at the office, so she knew he would be gone for the day. Sandra made herself a coffee and went about her normal routine. She mopped the floor, cleaning up after last nights events. Master had given her instructions. Hose the animal off, feed her and dress her. Sandra could not wait to see the new addition but she new she must first take care of her womanly duties. Soon she would be in the pit, but this time she would run the show…….

His intercom went off and his assistant’s voice came through….”sir there’s a young lady her to see you says you know her sister”
“Send her in” he said. The day just got more interesting he thought
The door to his spacious office opened and in entered his assistant. She was new and came highly recommended. She was also a fox. He would have to take her for a test run soon.
Behind her came the young lady in question. Fifteen maybe sixteen, Straight nose and a pointy chin Athletic figure with a lovely little teen bubble butt. She had black hair that she kept in pigtails. He did not have to see more to know who her sister was.
“My god I never thought I’d meet anyone lovelier then your sister …. I guess I was wrong.”
Lisa smiled. He was very handsome, Tall and dark with blue eyes. She new why her sister was so crazy for him
Before his assistant left the room he called to her “miss Ashrams …Reserve us an hour tomorrow afternoon. I have a few holes to fill in your progress here.” She nodded and left the room. He was probably going to need the whole afternoon with her.

“Now how can I help you” he asked as she came to rest in the seat before him. He knew her family had lots of money. Her uniform had the crest of a very expensive all girls’ high school in the west end of town. She looked delicious in it She had on a tight white blouse that bearly held in her bulging teen breasts. She had much bigger tits then her sister. Her dark green skirt was defiantly short. Short enough for him to see just barely the lace trim of her panties as she crosses her legs in the seat before him.
“You are good looking … I know why my sister likes you so much” she said to him with a seductive little grin.
He was almost shocked. He smiled and chuckled. Seduction bahis firmaları must be a family trait. He made a mental note to meet the mother one day.
“I can’t find my sister she hasn’t come home in a week. She’s not answering her phone. My parents are away in Greece for the month. I’ve been alone the whole time”
“I can’t believe it …. She has been at my place the whole time. Listen let me get one of my drivers to bring you home and I’ll get another one to bring her to you right away. She is irresponsible sometimes…” he lied
“That would be great” she smiled as she stood.
“don’t worry everything will be fine’ he lied again” can you do me a favor on your way out?”
“Sure” She said
Could you hand me that file on the top shelf over there?
“Ok” she turned and walked to the shelf on the wall. She reached up but couldn’t make it she stood on her tips of her toes. Her skirt was short and he caught a flash of her panties and enjoyed how tight her young skin clung to her fit body.
She brought the file to his desk. She smiled at him He thanked her and bid her farewell as she walked through the door.
He called his assistant on the phone. She came to his desk and he gave her the instructions to have a driver bring Lisa back to her home. She nodded and turned to leave the room but he stopped her and asked “could you put this file back on the bottom shelf”……

He arrived at her house an hour or so after Lisa did. He walked up and tried the door. It was unlocked. He slipped in. he heard music coming from upstairs. He swept through the house before going upstairs. The house was empty. When he got to the top of the stairs he peaked around the corner. He saw her walking from the wash room to her bedroom. She had changed from her uniform to short jean shorts and tang top. His cock was getting hard. He snuck to the corner of her door and peaked around. She was lying on her belly on the bed looking at something on her laptop and having a sip of her juice. She was waving her legs back and forth as she did. Her shorts were very short and he could see some of her ass. He began to rub his cock through his pants. Her legs opened a bit and it made him harder.
There were a few holes in his plan. He had to figure out. Her phone rang and she started to giggle and talk with one of her friends. It came together in his mind that instant. He crept back out of the house and to his car once inside he opened his glove box kaçak iddaa and grabbed a vial he had in it .This was handy stuff. He slid back into the house and surveyed the first floor…. still empty. He went up the stairs. He heard her still talking on the phone but this time it was from the washroom. He snuck closer to have a peak. She was peeing. His dick hurt it was so hard. He moved quickly so she wouldn’t see him. He entered her room and dumped the contents of the vial in to her drink. The talking got louder then and he had to find a place to hide. No choice … the closet. He opened the door and jumped in. he left the door open a crack to watch. She laid down on her back and yapped and yapped on the phone every now and then having a sip of juice. It took about ten minutes before she seemed to get drowsy and tired. She said goodbye to her friend and just lay on the bed till she drifted to sleep. He waited a little while longer to make sure she was out good. He took out his phone as he came out of the closet.
Always keeping an eye on Lisa to make sure. He began to snap pictures of her asleep on her bed. These would be handy for later. He snapped pictures of her room as well. Know it was time for some fun. He sat next to her on the bed and began to slide his hand up and down her thigh. Her skin was soft. He slid his hand under her top. She had no bra on. He cupped he left breast in his hand. They were fucking big and rock hard and so was he. He stood then and pulled her up to a seated position. He reached down and pulled her top up till it rested above her tits. He looked at her then, passed out with her head back her mouth open. He pulled out his rod with his free hand and began to stroke it quickly, all the while holding her with his left hand by both wrists. He moved his pelvis so as to rub his dick on her face. He poked his cap into her mouth pulled out so that it slid along the inside of her cheek. He did this many times .He placed her back down on the bed and climbed on top of her. He slid his cock between her tits and fucked them, they were hot and firm. Her nipples exactly like her sisters. He got off her then and pulled off her shorts and panties. He placed her on the bed so that her knees were on the floor and body on the bed. Doggy style.
He leaned down and began to lick her pussy and asshole in long strides. She smelled so clean. Like strawberries. Leaned back up and slid his cap between her lips back and forth kaçak bahis the whole time rubbing her little asshole with his thumb. He would cum soon. He slid his dick higher till it came to rest on her asshole. He began to add pressure. Fuck it was tight. Pop!!! His cap slid in and he pushed no further. He stroked the length of his shaft. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He filmed it just for himself. He wanted to thrust into her so hard but not like this. Awake would be the only way. This was just masturbation till the time was right.
He came into he tiny ass then. He came real hard. He filled her with his juice. He pulled out of her, enjoying the sight of her tiny ass dilated and dripping his muck. He flipped her over. He put his cap in her mouth and cleaned himself off. He clothed her and placed her back on the bed the way she was except he left her pants open and put her left hand in under her panties. He squeezed her breasts in his hands one last time and stood. He rummaged through her dirty laundry and found a pair of panties. He pocketed them. On his way out he turned to her and said “this isn’t over my dear”

Sandra heard the front door. She knew it was master. She rushed to greet him.
“Come” he told as he walked right past her not even looking. He walked straight downstairs till he got to the pit. He opened the door and walked in. Kate was gagged and in a cage. He walked up and opened her cage. She crawled out. He placed his foot on her ass and pushed till she was laying flat on her belly he pulled out his hard cock and got down on top of her he laid his full weight on her and his full length in her. Sandra arrived at the door and watched.
Kate moaned cause of the sudden entry to her ass. He just laid there on her, in her. He whispered into her ear. Sandra watched as the blood drained from Kate’s face. Master pulled out his phone and held it before her face. He whispered more into her ear she began to cry. He whispered again to her ear. He stood then. Sandra watched hungrily as his cock slid out of her ass. Kate knelt before him. He removed her gag. He removed from his pocket a pair of white panties with a lace trim. Which he then placed over Kate’s head. He pulled them over her face placing her nose in the crotch. he rubbed them on her face.
“Clean me off” he said to her
“Yes …..Master ‘she said before she began to suck his cap.
Sandra was amazed. Kate only licked and sucked. For sure she thought Kate would bite his cap off. What was on that video?
He came in her mouth then. Kate swallowed it down. She was finally broken.

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