He Wrote Me Letter

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I had been looking forward to that night all week long.

For some reason, Andrew had randomly booked a room at on the hotels we used to head up to when we first started dating. We agreed that I would check-in, and wait for him to come whenever he pleased, just to add that extra notch of mystery and teasing. As I buzzed the hotel room door open, my phone rang

“Can’t make it on time babe, but follow the instructions carefully. X”

Annoyed and confused, I looked around the room and saw a black box placed on the little coffee table. I picked it up, slightly annoyed and sat on the bed, to see what he hid inside. Opening the lid, I found a paper, a note from Andrew, instructing me to put on the lingerie that was in the box and to read the next letter tucked in the lingerie bag.

I pulled out a whole setup — garters, stockings, crotchless panties and a bustier which pushed my chest up as well as high heels. I giggled and instantly forgot all about my frustration, maybe he was up to something after all.

As instructed, I put them on, pausing to admire how smashing and provocative I looked. The bustier pushed my tits out, my freshly shaved pussy glistened through the small slit of the black lacy panties, the high heels making my ass stick out. I poured myself a glass of Malbec that was in the box, downed it and poured another in anticipation.

As I looked back into the box, I found another paper, this time a letter, from Andrew …

“To my hot wife, you must be looking ravishing in the outfit I chose for you if only I could be there to admire you. Just thinking of your body encased in that lace is making me hard.

I can imagine your tits pressed together, your nipples brushing against the satin, getting harder and more sensitive with every brush of fabric.

Put your fingers up to them, free them and rub your fingers over them, pinching them just how I like to casino şirketleri do. Give them thugs and make sure they’re perky, just how I want them.

Are they hard, are they yearning for my touch? Reach into the box, and open Bag 1.”

Fighting against the urge to continue pawing at my aching nipples, I reached into the first bag. I couldn’t help not gasping as I pulled out nipple clamps. We’d used nipple clamps before, but these had a heavier change, and as I slid the clamp over my tainted nipples, the chain weighed down, drawing a groan from me and a shot down to between my legs.

The cold metal pierced against my hot nipples, trapping them as they swelled up. I put my fingers to my mouth, sucked my fingers and brushed my nips. Ohhh, I was desperate to reach to my centre and touch myself, but note number 2 quickly caught my eye.

“Are you loving this babe? Cause I sure am!

I can just imagine you, getting horny and bothered as your tits are punished. How I wish I could graze my lips and my tongue over your swollen buds…

but now I want you to reach into Bag 2, open the oil and douse your lovely thighs in it, rubbing it in and drawing your fingers up and down…don’t touch yourself just now my darling, we have so much more to enjoy…”

From Bag 2, I fished out a bottle of oil, flipped off the cap, and as I turned the bottle downwards, a steady stream of oil splashed on my chest, stomach and thighs. I started massaging the oil into my skin, each slick rub warming me, making my blood rush down to my centre, making me light-headed. I downed the second glass of wine to catch my breath and reached inside the box. Note 3 followed

“Look at you, your luscious curves all glistening, inviting me to touch you, to run my hands over you, to devour you. All this touching must have made you so thirsty for my touch, my darling, yet I know you must be so wet.

I’m casino firmaları going to allow you to touch yourself, you little slut. I’m going to imagine your fingers brushing your engorged clit, rubbing it relentlessly as you start getting wetter. What is that I hear, you want to be filled?

Of course, reach into Bag 4. But you have to promise me that you can only cum once, I expect you to cum constantly when I get to ravish you.”

I couldn’t control myself, with one hand down to my already aching clit, I absently reached into Bag 4, drawing out a dildo, perfectly curved to hit my honey spot. I slid my hand over my clit, sliding downwards to my opening as my fingers slid right in. My hole yearned to be filled, so I put the dildo to my mouth, spit, put into my pulsating lips, and it slid right into me.

Pawing at my clit whilst sliding the dildo inside out, I moaned as I imagined Andrew’s hands over me, the nipple clamps still pulling at my breast. As I came quickly and violently, I pooled out a small puddle of juice which ran down to my puckered hole and legs. Breathing heavily, I tried to regain my senses as Note & Bag 5 were peeking out of the box. What was next?

“Are you happy, you little slut? Did you enjoy touching yourself for me? Did you plunge into your hot pussy, thrusting your fingers just as I would have enjoyed, fucking you with my fingers as I hit your spot? And did you cum all over your fingers and your dirty toy? Did you imagine it was my dick inside you as you came all over it? Ohh, aren’t you naughty?

I have to stop for a minute as I imagine you lying spent in a pool of pussy juice, your lovely tits heaving. Are they still bound, are those nipples crying out? Now is time to prepare for my arrival. Tonight, I want to ravish your naughty hole my dear.

You know I worship your sweet, lovely pussy but I have always wanted to ravish your heavenly ass. And I güvenilir casino determine to make you cum like never before. Pour the lube you find in the bag all over your pussy and down to your tight ass. Drive your juices and lube down and start massaging your muscles.

Relax my dear, this is going to feel amazing. Stand as soon as you’re finished, it will be worth it!”

Bag 5 not only contained lube, but also a bejeweled butt plug. I’d always wanted to try anal sex but Andrew had been hesitant. Fuck! I went to town on my hole, and as I massaged, my muscles relaxed, allowed me to slide a finger in easily. I was so wet and horny. As I slid my finger in and out of my hole, I gasped.

That felt so good. I sucked on the plug as I thrust another finger in. My spit lubed up the plug, and my hole was so slick with my juice, the lube and my fingers thrusting in and out forcefully. I put the plug to my ass and whilst I rubbed my clit and plunged one hand’s fingers into my pussy, I pushed the plug into my ass, needing no force as it slid right in. oh God! That felt so good, so full, so pleasing. Standing up as instructed, my cheeks pushed the plug further in, making me feel so deliciously full.

Note 6 was short but direct.

“Take a photo of how you look. Make sure you show me how appreciative you are of all your lovely toys. Send me that photo, I want to see how happy my little dirty slut looks.”

Getting down on my knees, I faced myself away from the full-length mirror, arching my back so just my torso faced the mirror, I snapped a cheeky photo. My ass glistened with juices, lube and spit, the plug glistening between my ass cheeks, red from rubbing and probing, my face still flushed from the orgasm and wine.

I sent it to Andrew with a wink. I walked back to the bed and sat down, wincing slightly as the plug moved inside me. As I reached down to pleasure myself whilst waiting for my man, I heard the door lock beep and click. Andrew burst into the room, his cock hard, evident through his tight chinos, his eyes burning as he eyed me hungrily.

“Is my little slut all ready and wet for me?”

I sure was!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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