Afternoon Nap Interrupted

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“I can always just nap the afternoon away,” Dennis told his two sons as they headed out around noon, one to work, the other to have fun with the usual cohort of chums.

His older son had expressed concern that Dennis was down to his last unread book, and had suggested that Dennis go to the library. Dennis saw this as concern that he was becoming a bit of a hermit, but as always he laughed it off.

His house was the magnet for both sons’ friends, even though they were young adults. Someone always seemed to be fixing a car in the driveway; tossing a Frisbee; playing the latest video game, or something, right up to sleeping over. Dennis could have claimed a quiet afternoon was overdue, but everybody knew he loved the joyous noise, and was always up to grill up a mess of burgers for the gang.

The very thought made Dennis smile, mostly about how he always wore his apron loose so that his anatomical reaction to the bouncy eighteen to twenty-five year old hotties frolicking on his lawn was hidden. Yes, Dennis reflected, more than just the noise was joyous. Truth be told, he had woken up with morning wood more than once speculating about how a particular pair of barely legal tits might feel, or how another lass might taste. Often, he climaxed with imagined images of pony-tailed bikini babes dancing in his brain – on their knees, their delicate fingers caressing his shaft, their lips tentatively kissing the tip of his hard cock, and then the virginal image sliding aside, their wantonness exposed as they swallow his cock whole, milking his cum.

About two in the afternoon, those sort of thoughts were once again dancing through Dennis’ brain as he lazed on the couch, some cooking show unwatched on the TV, the book falling open on his belly. His last conscious thought was the recognition that his cock was getting turgid. “Not a bad chubby for an old guy,” he mumbled as he dozed off.

The next thing Dennis sensed was his sweatpants sliding down, his hips reacting by rising just enough to facilitate the movement, his fat cock lolling half hard on his thigh. He felt two, or maybe three fingers tentatively explore his meat, first just a touch, then casino şirketleri a rubbing of the silky outer layer of skin along the inner hardness, and finally, tracing all along the length, up to the underside of his swollen helmet, startling him with a fingernail along the frenulum, that tiny flap linking head to shaft.

His body shivered, but he resisted opening his eyes, in case it was all a dream, or, even worse, it might be real, but he might frighten off a shy lass, who perhaps was acting out a dare thinking he was asleep. As the fingers grew more confident, hefting his rigid prick, encircling it and stroking, Dennis began to wonder which of his sons’ friends it might be. Quickly, he decided it really didn’t matter much whether it was the freckled eighteen year old red head, or the twenty something curvy blonde physics major- they were all of age, and one mouth was as good as another, when it came to cock sucking, though of course talent might vary.

A big question was where she had come from, how she had come to be in his living room. All of the girls had left with his son, he was sure. Unless the guys had miscounted, and left one passed out on the bed, behind the rec room couch, or in the shower, she must be just a figment of his imagination.

Still, his hand stopped to brush along the curve of his middle aged belly. If it was more than a dream, best not to interrupt. If it was just imagination, so far it was doing a good job.

Dennis felt ragged breathing bathing his flesh, as if the young woman was uncertain about this task, but still driven by curiosity, desire or both- excited and anxious all at once.

He felt the soft caress of loose hanging long hair across his thighs, brushing his ball sac.

Tender, moist lips came to rest above his stiff cock and then slid swiftly over and over the helmet of his dick. Dennis could almost hear the girl thinking that if she hesitated she would chicken out. He considered reaching to stroke her head, but realized that this would make it obvious that he was awake, possibly scaring her away.

He felt air around his mushroom again as she pulled her mouth off, but then her lips casino firmaları planted gentle kisses the tip of his cock. She began licking long slow strokes along its underside and around the head before taking Dennis back into her mouth.

This time, she did not hesitate. Her warm, wet mouth began frantically bobbing up and down the length of his shaft, her hand stroking his balls, and then her fingers encircling his root, stroking up his length in tempo with her sucking, so that her palm covered his shaft as soon as her lips released it, and then reversing the process.

Dennis heard a groan, which he thought came from the girl. As her lips quivered around his cock, she brought her tongue up to lick the slit on his tip meat and he thought he felt a piercing clicking against the tender underside of his helmet. His brain immediately trying to calculate which girls in his sons’ group had pierced tongues. This distraction was probably a good thing, because it slowed his otherwise imminent climax. It was a long time since Dennis had a blow job, and he wasn’t sure if he had ever had one this good.

He revelled in the sensation of those sweet moist lips bathing his cock as they pleasured him with slow, delicate strokes, the girl’s hungry mouth gently sucking on the head, and then sliding her tongue – now he could tell it definitely was studded – all around his shaft, paying extra attention to his swollen vein. The stimulation of the metal against the vein was new to Dennis, it made his lust burn hotter.

“Fuck, yes, just like that,” he wanted to scream out loud, but he caught the words before they left his mind, still afraid to spoil the dream, if that was all it was, or to frighten off the girl, although she now seemed to be fully committed to her task.

She pulled her lips off his cock, planting kisses inside his thighs as she stroked his pulsating organ in her fist. It seemed that she could not get enough of his cock. She flicked her tongue stud over the slit again.

Dennis felt his precum coating her lips as they settled over the tip of his organ. He felt his hips rise up off the couch, his meat slowly driving past her soft lips by güvenilir casino moving his hips up and penetrating into her sweet wet mouth. She grunted as her lips opened, gasping for a breath when his shaft was about half buried inside her hungry throat. He did not stop thrusting, feeling his cock fully engulfed by her wetness. Her fingers wrapped around his scrotum, kneading his roiling balls.

‘How long since I’ve fucked anyone this hot?’ Dennis asked himself.

He could not remember the last time. It was a like fucking a juicy cunt as her muscles milked him from root to tip until he felt his balls tighten hard against his groin, a sure sign that he was about to burst. Surely, the girl must have felt it too, the way his cock was expanding even fatter inside her cheeks and throat. Dennis hoped that she liked the taste of gism, and wouldn’t gag or sputter, and, especially, that she would not pull her mouth off his cock until he had pumped his great gobs of goo into her throat.

She did not disappoint. No sooner had he thought this than she bobbed her mouth tight into the nest of his pubes, snaking a finger under his ass, pushing past his sphincter, and caressing his prostate, a sure fire trick which made him unloaded into her throat. She took it like a pro, locking her lips tight around his root as she swallowed the gism down into her belly, filling her up so full that Dennis could feel it as it coated her throat, tonsils and tongue. Despite his massive discharge the girl did not gag.

More quickly than he had dreamt was possible, Dennis had fired his final last shot into her mouth. She kept right on swallowing, her cheeks hollowing around his shaft as the thick, salty liquid exploded down her throat. He might have imagined that he felt a small trickle of his sperm leaking from the corner of her mouth into his pubic hair.

Dennis suddenly realized that as he climaxed, he had grabbed handfuls of the young woman’s hair, holding her face against his lap. He opened his eyes and released his grip, letting her mouth off of his cock.

Kneeling on the floor was Sophie, one of his younger son’s sweetest little friends – a tiny girl, all red hair and freckles, with a lithe athletic body. He recalled that she was about nineteen as she gasped for air before looking up at him, wide grin on her freckled face, her tongue scooping the last bit of his cum from her finger into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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