Another Man or Two

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Back when we only had one car and we both worked different hours. My wife and I would commute together. After work I would catch a ride with one of the guys over to where she worked. Sometimes stopping off at a local watering hole close by for a few drinks until she got off work.

One night a friend of mine, Mike gave me a ride; we ended up dropping by a place close to where Jasmine worked. I called to let her know where we were and that we were waiting for her. She told me she would try to slip out early if she could and not to get to far ahead of her. I laughed and said she had better hurry then.

It was one of those hot Bay Area days somewhere in the low 80’s. She had worn one of my favorite outfits, a summer dress that wasn’t much of anything and didn’t hide one beautiful curve of her body, it left her shoulders bare having spaghetti straps that tied in the back. When she wore it I knew, that was all she wore besides her shoes, which were hi-heel saddles that tied around her ankles. By the time she showed up we had only finished our first drinks. I remember I loved the way she stood with her back to the sunlight you could see right through her dress when the light hit her just right causing my man hood to stir along with a few others I’m sure. I ordered her a tequila sunrise because I know how she could get when she drank them. She could be one wild lady, after a few shots of tequila!!

We use to commute together when we still only had one car my hubby would catch a ride with one of the guys that lived near where I worked to meet me up he would pick me up since I would drop him off in the mornings because I started work later than he did. Sometimes he would stop by a bar near where I worked to wait. I remember it had been such a nice warm morning I wore my flowered summer dress with the spaghetti shoulders straps that tied in the back and my sandals Bill always liked when I would wear it.

About an hour before quitting time I got a call from him saying he was at the bar waiting for me and I told him not to get to far ahead of me. It was slow so I left work shortly after to meet him. When I walked in to the bar I saw him with his friend at a table and went over felling more than a few pairs of eyes on me as I did, they were almost done with there drinks. I leaned over to give him a kiss as I felt his hand slide down my back to my butt giving me a nice pat I asked where my drink was. He motioned to the waitress and she came over to take our order. He ordered me a tequila sunrise. Which made me wonder; I could get pretty wild on tequila was he up to something?

After the drinks arrived we were talking, when another guy came over to say hi to my wife. It turned out to be a guy she had worked with before we meant. She had told me about him and how he had always wanted to get her in bed. He sat down while they caught up on all the gossip, both being in the same line of work. We all had another round of drinks you could see by the look in his eyes that he hadn’t changed his mind about her.

The drinks had no more than arrived when a guy I used to work with came over. casino şirketleri I hadn’t seen him in quit awhile as we caught up on what had been happening with each other I could since he still had a desire for me. When we had worked together John had always said how much he wanted me seems things hadn’t changed much.

Jasmine and I had talked about us being with another guy, she had never been with two men at the same time before; although we had been with other women a couple of times. Which was great for me not only did I enjoy watching my gorgeous wife with another women. Making love to two beautiful women at the same time is almost every mans dream; I felt it was about time for her turn. I figured as much as I enjoyed her and another women, she could enjoy another man. And I had two!

It was time to move on so we all agreed to meet at another nightclub to see if we could find some other ladies for Mike and John, her friends name. So we all left Jasmine, Mike and myself in one car John in his. We ended up at a club downtown had a few more drinks, then on to another and another. By the last place we were all feeling pretty hi and for some reason hadn’t seem to find any other ladies for Mike and John, how strange when they had only danced with her. Jasmine loves to dance very sexy the more she drinks, which can really heat things up. Jasmine had taken to riding with John because he was letting her drive his new ZX. We all ended up at Mike’s place to have one last nightcap.

The place was thinning out here, being an after work spot, Bill suggested we all head downtown to another place where Mike his friend and John might find some ladies of there own. The night seemed to go by pretty fast we must have went to at least four clubs before the night was over. Mike, John and Bill all kept me busy on the dance floors. I remember when we had the first bar Bill Mike and I rode in our car with Mike in the back seat. Bill had his hand up my skirt in no time. I felt even more turned on being played with knowing Mike was right there in the back seat. Bill seemed to since my excitement because after each stop it seemed my skirt was pushed higher and higher. At the last club John asked if I wanted to ride with him I said I would if I could drive his ZX. We had agreed to meet over at Mike’s place for one more drink before going home I would get to drive my ZX oh boy!! We got to Mike’s first of course while we were waiting it was all I could do to keep John in his place.

We were sitting around the table Jasmine went to get us drinks. When she came back she sat on my lap. I can’t remember just what we were talking about, I just remember thinking if I untie this string the front of her dress will drop exposing her beautiful breasts and she will be virtually undressed. Both Mike and John had been looking at her like a pair hungry animals all night. I wonder why; Jasmine is about 5’2” tall, 105lbs. very beautiful with blue eyes, long blonde hair natural blonde by the way. Oh and have I said very nice breasts 36b which round out a package of 36-24 36. Anyway I reached up and untied the bow casino firmaları to her dress letting it fall down in the front exposing her gorgeous tits. At the same time saying, “ Aren’t these beautiful!”

I had just come back from the frig with drinks for all passing them around I sat on Bill’s lap and was listening to what someone was saying when I felt the front of my dress fall away at the same time seeing the surprised looks on Mike and John’s faces I heard Bill say “ Aren’t these beautiful!”

She didn’t try to cover them up you could see her nipples stiffen as they both nodded their agreement. Next I lifted her to the table as Mike hurried to clear the way. Once there it was easy to remove the rest of her dress leaving her naked except for her hi-heels. What a site Jasmine lying there exposed on the dining room table like a feast. Which eating her pussy truly is!!!! Since John was sitting at the head of the table facing Jasmine’s well-trimmed blonde pussy I invited him to do what he’d only dreamed of until now by running my hand thru her very moist pussy lips I could tell she was enjoying the scene because of how wet she was. While Mike and I began kissing and sucking her breasts I moved up to her ear and whispered hope you enjoy yourself this is all for you!!! She then pulled at Mike and I so we were standing her hands busy at our pants it didn’t take us long to get the hint as our clothes came flying off. She then took a hard cock in each hand as John was getting her near her first climax of the evening we were still busy kissing sucking and rubbing her everywhere else Johns tongue wasn’t. She came with a cry and an Oh my god as she locked her legs about John’s head. We took turns at her sweet pussy lapping up her delicious juices as she stroked and sucked the others stiff cocks.

The next thing I knew Bill had whisked me to the table as the others cleared then he removed my dress leaving me naked lying on the table with just my sandals left on John was at my feet Bill and Mike on either side of me Bill offered my cunt to John by reaching down spreading my legs and fingering me John jumped right in licking and sucking at my swollen clit. He never thought there was a chance of this happening in his life. With John at my pussy Bill and Mike wasted no time in engulfing my tits each taking one in their mouths.

We then moved to the Living room floor for more room to play. As she went for Johns somehow still soft cock Mike and I sat back to watch. What a beautiful site to see, Jasmines ass in the air facing me her pussy dripping wet her head bobbing up and down on another man stiffing cock I had to take my own in hand. Soon she turned to face me as John was entering her from the rear. She motioned me with, lust-glazed eyes to come to her, which I quickly did. Kneeling in front of her she quickly engulfed my swollen member with her hungry mouth. Looking up at me with the most beautiful look, I just love it when she looks up at me her mouth full of hard cock. It seemed John was having a problem staying hard, must have been the lines we did earlier, because she turned around between güvenilir casino us taking his cock back in her mouth. As I drove into her sweet pussy, she really enjoys sucking her own juices off of a cock I must say almost as much as I love eating her. I had forgotten all about pour Mike he’d been left all alone. Jasmine hadn’t though as she asked him to join in because she wasn’t having much luck with John’s limp member. So Mike’s hard cock replaced John’s soft one in Jasmines mouth, as I now entered her swollen pussy after eating her to another climax. I must say I didn’t last very long as I pumped my seed into her. We move from the floor so she was on the couch as Mike started fucking her in the missionary style which didn’t last long she wanted another hard cock to suck and mine was more than willing so I moved around to the back of the couch as she leaned over taking my semi hard cock between her sweet lips as Mike pumped away at her cunt. While John sat by working on his cock trying to get it stiff. Which seeing Mike and I fucking Jasmine must have helped because as Mike came along with Jasmine again, I could see John hard on in hand moving to take Mike’s place in my wife’s cum filled pussy at first she seemed a little surprised to have one cock removed then so quickly replaced but still very pleased. She just looked up at me and smiled that smile. As John reached his climax I had filled my lovely wife’s mouth with my second load and she was getting Mike off with her hand. We all came one after the other John in her pussy Mike across her breasts and me in her mouth with Jasmine joining in mmmmmmmm…

It was time for us to get home so I got dressed grab her dress before she got it on threw it across my shoulder and opened the front door letting her walk to the car in just her heels where I opened the door for her as she slipped in. We were no more than out of the driveway than she had laid the seat back and was playing with herself a site I truly love to see wiping the cum from her pussy the licking her fingers as her other hand was reaching for my swelling cock. I again removed my cloths this time while driving not an easy task, but well worth it as she moved to take my swelling cock in her mouth once again. After just so much I had to pull to the side of the road to deposit another load of cum in her will fucked cunt. Still that barley got us home and by the time we were there she had either played with herself or me or both all the way there. We got out of the car and I laid her back on the hood pumping into her hot cunt then before we woke the neighbors I pulled her up as she wrap her legs around my waist I carried her into the house impaled on my cock. Once there a thought crossed my mind three men had cum in her mouth and her pussy tonight but no one had cum in her tight ass! As I whispered this fact in her ear she laughed and then smiled at me and squirmed to get off my pole. I slipped my rock hard cock out of one tight wet hole and pressed it into her even tighter ass as she came almost instantly then began bobbing on it to another climax we worked our way fucking into the bedroom where we fell on to the bed and into a frenzied fuck finally cummmmmming again then collapsing and falling asleep. Only to wake hours later to her sucking my cock back to life. Needless to say I think she enjoys another man now and again too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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