Alone, Last Night

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Alone in the darkness of my room, I climbed into bed, naked, my skin already tingling with anticipation. It would have been easy to push myself to orgasm in just a few minutes, as I had been turned on for hours, ever since we’d been together. But I knew you would be disappointed if I didn’t show a little patience. I could still hear your voice, still feel your touch as I began exploring my torso with my fingers. Settling after a few moments on my breasts, I rubbed the tender skin, remembering the firm attention you’d given them earlier that afternoon. My clit throbbed as I closed my eyes and felt once again the thrill of each swat, the glorious spectrum from gentle touch to noisy smack.

It wasn’t difficult to imagine that you were there, watching me, as I followed your instructions. You’d asked that I pleasure myself that evening, using a toy of my choosing, and then share my experience with you the next time we met. My eyes remained closed as I spread my legs slightly, one hand brushing against my inner thigh as the other remained focused on my breasts, pinching my sore nipples one by one. I sighed and arched my back, pressing my head against my soft pillows, as my fingers first found the wetness of my pussy.

I pushed two fingers briefly inside, where they were soon covered in my juices. As soon as I pulled my fingers back out, the aroma of my own musk began to fill the room, and I smiled to myself at my own naughtiness. Those same fingers traced a route back up to my breasts, massaging my warm juices against my hard, but still tender, nipples. My other hand now found its way to my clit, gently spanking it a few times, as my legs now spread apart even further than before, giving me better access.

Once again, I felt your presence, and once again, I deliberately slowed down, pushing myself towards the greater release that would come with patience. Both of my hands returned to my breasts, kneading more firmly this time as my clit throbbed in anticipation. Pulling my legs back together, I reached for my favorite toy, a lifelike vibrating dildo, and placed it against my clit and pussy lips. It was cold and dry for only bahis firmaları a moment, before quickly taking on the warm wetness that was growing between my legs. I moved it back and forth a few times, spinning it around, until it was completely wet, before leaving it in place, held between my thighs, and bringing both of my hands back to my breasts.

I moaned aloud as I pinched my nipples harder than before, renewing the sensations of earlier that day. It wouldn’t be much longer before I would have no choice but to focus my attention on my dripping pussy, but before indulging that desire, I brought one hand to my warm cheeks, remembering the few gentle slaps you’d given me as I’d taken your long, hard cock into my mouth earlier in the day. This gave me a particularly naughty idea, and I reached down, pulled the dildo from between my legs, and plunged it into my mouth and deep into my throat, gagging momentarily before letting myself up for air, savoring the taste of my own juices as I returned my toy to rest between my legs.

It was time. I couldn’t resist giving my pussy some much-needed attention. Even so, I would hold back as long as possible, maintaining the fantasy that you were in the room with me, watching me as I pleasured myself. I spread my legs once again, my right hand gripping the dildo at its base as I spread my pussy lips with the fingers of my left. Slowly, gently, I began rubbing the tip of the dildo in a circular motion against the edges of my pussy, teasing, gradually beginning to press in before backing off again. After a minute or so, I allowed the tip to finally press inside of me, groaning deeply and bending my left leg at the knee, pressing my left foot flat into the mattress.

I now left the dildo at this depth, about an inch into my pussy, its bulbous head creating pressure just inside. Two fingers of my right hand returned to the base of the dildo and once again began a circular motion, as two fingers of my left once again returned to my clit. After a few minutes of calm, slow motion in this position, I came with a first, gentle orgasm, my muscles spasming and clit throbbing as I kept kaçak iddaa the pace steady while riding out the waves of pleasure. I imagined you stroking yourself as you watched me, and knew there was much more pleasure to come.

My legs remaining for the moment in the same position, I slowly pushed the full seven inches of the dildo deep into my pussy. Once there, I kept it at this depth and twisted it from the base, giggling to myself and burying my face in my pillow as I enjoyed the unique pleasure of the head of the cock turning deep inside of me. I then loosened my grip on the dildo momentarily, allowing it to slide slowly out of me, before beginning a moderate, steady pace – in, out, in, out.

I reluctantly let the pace slow for a moment as I shifted my position. With my left arm, I pulled first my left leg, then my right, up towards me so that my thighs were close to my chest, my feet up in the air, before reaching my right arm around to once again begin pressing the dildo in and out of my hot, wet pussy. I was tempted to turn on the vibrator at this point, but waited because I didn’t want to drown out the sound of the dildo slapping in and out of my wet pussy – such a turn on! I let myself increase the pace, faster, faster, in, out, in, out, pushing ever closer to a climax, before finally relenting, wanting to enjoy one more position before I would let myself cum.

I took a few moments to relax as I shifted in the bed. I let my legs free and felt the blood return to them as they rested against the sheets. I rested the dildo, now hot and sticky, against my belly, giving my right hand a rest from its constant motions. It wasn’t long, though, before I felt the pressure growing deep in my pussy, my clit once again throbbing with unsatisfied urges. It was now that I assumed my favorite position. I imagined once again that you were there, now tying each of my ankles to a corner of the end of my bed. In reality, of course, I could easily still move my legs, but it always turned me on immensely to work to keep them steady, imagining myself tied to satisfy your whim.

It was now that I finally turned on the vibrator kaçak bahis to its slowest speed, adding an extra dimension to the pleasure that the dildo could bring. For the few seconds that I could stand, I brought the tip of the dildo barely into contact with my clit, before once again pressing it deep into my pussy. What had taken several minutes the first time around now lasted just a moment, as I was now as hot, as wet, as I’d ever been. My left hand returned to my clit, rubbing gently as I began long, slow strokes with the dildo in and out of my pussy. I used its full length, bringing it completely out and burying it completely inside with each stroke.

I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead as my entire body was now hot with pleasure. I was close, beginning to feel the familiar signs of a powerful orgasm building. My pussy muscles began to clench, I could feel my juices flowing more freely, and it took all of my focus to keep an even pace as I fucked myself with the dildo, not to mention to keep my legs still, spread wide apart. I began to find both the sound and feel of the vibrator to be an interference to my pleasure, so I quickly reached with my left hand to turn the dial while keeping up the motion in and out of my pussy.

I was so close, and easily pushed myself over the edge by once again imagining you in the room with me. I didn’t imagine you inside of me – as I had so many times before – I imagined you simply watching, enjoying my pleasure, eager to observe the impact your suggestions, your instructions, your touch, could have. I now brought the dildo to the depth which was always perfect to bring me to climax – about four inches of it pressed inside – and began a fast, shallow fucking as the fingers of my left hand furiously worked my clit.

I panted as I kept this pace going for what seemed like hours, but was probably no more than a minute, before my climax finally arrived, squealing in pleasure as I finally allowed my legs to move, my sweat-covered body writhing on the bed as pleasure overwhelmed me. I gradually came to rest, allowing the dildo to slide, wet, out of my pussy, and quickly fell asleep, smiling with complete satisfaction.

This morning, as I remember my experience from last night, writing it down for your enjoyment and per your instruction, I might just have to pleasure myself once again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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