A Novel Experience

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For K whose idea this was.

Keith sighed and looked around the room. The hotel bar wasn’t teeming with life but the restaurant was busy and he had agreed to wait twenty minutes or so before sitting down to lunch.

His business meetings weren’t until later in the afternoon and so he loosened his tie, removed his jacket, and sat down at a table near the door to wait his turn. The mineral water with ice and lemon he placed in front of him caught the sunlight coming in through the window, making rainbow patterns across the table, and for a moment he smiled.

A dark haired woman sat down one table over from him. She placed a pad of paper in front of her but didn’t write anything. She seemed lost in her own thoughts almost immediately and he was able to stare at her for a few moments uninterrupted. Her hair reached her shoulders and softly framed her face. That face, pretty, with brown eyes and full lips, was creased with concentration and he let his gaze wander downwards. She too was dressed in a suit, smart navy with a soft grey shirt underneath. That shirt though was undone one more button than maybe it should be and he enjoyed the sight of her cleavage for a few more moments before looking away, not wanting to get caught.


Katie felt the eyes of someone upon her and smiled inwardly. She was so uptight about her meeting in an hour and a half’s time and, for a moment, she revelled in the fact that, to someone at least, she was attractive and feminine not jittery and nervous. She waited a few moments before looking up, half hoping she would meet his eyes and half not. No one was looking in her direction but she saw a man, probably in his forties, with tightly cropped hair, a handsome but friendly face, clear blue eyes and soft lips sitting at a table just over from herself and hoped it had been he who had been staring.

A waitress came in from the restaurant and headed toward the man telling him his table was now ready. Getting to her feet Katherine moved across, resting her hand on the young woman’s arm.

“Excuse me, do you have any idea how long another table will be? I have a meeting in about ninety minutes and I really want something to eat first.”

“I’m sorry, it could be another thirty minutes, maybe longer.” The waitress did look apologetic but Katie was horrified.

“Thirty minutes? Don’t … don’t worry, I’ll have to go eat somewhere else.” She turned to leave but heard a voice speaking.

“Look, I’m on my own, you’re welcome to share my table if you’d like. I have a meeting myself soon, otherwise I’d let you go first.”

Katie nodded, relieved and a little embarrassed at the same time. If this was the guy who had been checking her out she might have landed herself with an unwanted admirer, somehow though she didn’t think he was like that.


Katherine watched as her companion, whom she now knew was called Keith, swallowed the last mouthful of his prawn salad and laid his knife and fork down.

“Well, that was very nice, and I can still treat myself to the Dover Sole for dinner tonight.”

Katie nodded, she had enjoyed her baked jacket potato and her thoughts had been along the same lines as Keith’s. By eating lightly for lunch a more extravagant dinner could be enjoyed later.

“Are you staying here?”

“Yep, decided to treat myself. If my meeting goes well I’ll be way too excited to drive home and if it doesn’t I’ll need somewhere to sit and cry.”

“You’ll be fine.”

She had told Keith all about her meeting with a major publishing house. Her agent had arranged it just a few days ago but had given her very little detail. Ever since she had been trying to decide whether her career was over or just beginning. Right at that moment she was convinced she would be working in Tesco by the weekend.

“Oh, I do hope so. To be honest I’m not sure what I’ll do if my novel is turned down. I don’t think I can improve it any more, so if it’s a no, I’ll have to start over.” She stood up, smoothed her skirt down and tried what she knew was a not-so-confident smile. “Thank you for the company, I needed and enjoyed it. Hope your meeting doesn’t drag on too long.”

“Me too. Take care.”

With a final nod Katie moved away, wishing she had someone to leave with, someone to talk to in the car, someone to hold her hand as she listened to the news she would get. Knowing none of that was likely to happen she pushed all the sorry thoughts away and headed for the door.


Keith sat down heavily on his bed and let out a deep sigh. His meeting had been more successful than he could have hoped for. Three new contracts had been signed, all of them with the potential to be both lucrative and long term. His mind had wandered a couple of times and he’d hoped Katie was having as good an afternoon as he was. He didn’t know if he’d ever find out, but he knew he’d like to.

He had been surprised how much he’d enjoyed her company at lunch. She had been interesting, engaging and funny. Her nervousness had been explained almost casino şirketleri immediately and he had known she’d wanted to talk. Listening hadn’t been difficult at all; Katherine was also expressive, she ‘talked’ with her hands and her brown eyes sparkled as she outlined the plot of her novel and answered his questions on what it was like to be a writer.

They had moved on to talk a little bit about his job, how he’d worked his way up from being a white van man to one of the company’s top salesmen. He hadn’t wanted to sound boastful but he’d enjoyed describing his success.

Now though, as he lay back on his bed, he began to think of Katie in a different light. She’d had a gorgeous figure, curves in all the right places, long legs and, when she’d smiled, he’d felt himself falling under a spell he knew she had no idea she was weaving.

His cock stirred in his trousers and Keith ran his hand down to grasp it through the material of his suit. He felt it thicken beneath his fingers and almost before he knew it he was unzipped and letting it free. The feel of his own slightly rough and calloused hand was replaced in his mind by the soft and tender fingers of Katherine.

He imagined her slowly moving from the base to the head in a fluid stroke once, twice, three times. He ‘saw’ her kneel between his legs, leaning over him so that her heavy breasts, captured by the filmiest of lace bras, were directly in front of him. Running his tongue over his lips Keith let out a moan, he would pull her towards him, their bodies moulding against each other, before they joined in a kiss so soft and tender it would almost be unreal.

The buttons to his shirt would be undone and each exposed part of his upper torso kissed. She would run her tongue across his chest, licking the hair flat and then blowing across it. His nipples would be sucked and played with before the shirt and then his trousers were discarded.

He never wore pants and Keith imagined himself naked before his lover, his cock standing proud as he reached up to take her in his arms and then roll so it was she who lay on the mattress. The small pearl buttons he had seen on her grey shirt would soon be dealt with; her skirt and panties would join his clothes in a heap on the floor. She would wear stockings held up by a suspender belt resting alluringly across her hips. Those he would leave on, she would look so sexy, so hot and so ready for him.

Her fingers would run across the front of her bra and he would see the nipples tighten and the material would taughten. Katie would raise herself and undo the fastener before he took hold of the straps, removing the item in one movement, freeing beautiful breasts with large nipples for his eyes to feast on.

“Oh, fuck.” His words surprised him, breaking the silence and he felt his hand speed up against his now rock hard cock.

Katie’s lips, rose coloured with lip-gloss, would slide down over the mushroom head of his dick as her smooth butt cheeks were presented to him. He would reach up, his tongue sliding the length of her pussy, as she continued to take him in. Her moans of pleasure vibrating against his cock and moving him closer and closer to the edge.

Keith’s eyes were closed now, his breathing heavy and he felt his cum filled balls tighten. She would move slightly so he could slide two fingers into her cunt, which would be warm and wet. He would fuck her, feeling her muscles tighten around him as she buried her face in his pubic rug, the whole of his eight inches in her mouth.

“Fuck, Katie, ohhhh, fuck!” His body jerked as the first load of cum shot from his cock, missing his hand totally to splash across his shirt and tie. Again and again his body shook with the power of his climax until, as the last remnants coated his fingers, he lay back exhausted but satisfied, at least for now.


The restaurant wasn’t as crowded for dinner as it had been for lunch and Katherine was surprised by her disappointment. She made her way towards the entrance and smiled at the waiter standing there.

“Hi, I’m Miss Barnes, room 302, I’d like a table for one please.”

“Oh, Miss Barnes, Mr Robertson said he would be delighted if you would join him for dinner.”

She looked around and, as her glance reached the windows overlooking a floodlit balcony, she saw Keith getting to his feet and smiling at her.

“That would be lovely, thank you.” Katie let herself be led towards the table for two the smile on her face getting wider the closer she got. Not a word was said until she sat with a menu open in front of her. She nodded her thanks and the waiter moved quietly away.

“Well, you don’t look devastated, so tell me.” Keith’s words were eager and she couldn’t contain the laugh that bubbled from her lips.

“Oh it was wonderful, just wonderful. I can’t tell you. If I’d written it myself it couldn’t have been better.”

Her hand was suddenly taken into her companion’s and to her amazement she felt it being kissed.

“Congratulations.” She saw him nod in the direction casino firmaları of one of the waiters and then a bottle of champagne was being opened right next to her. “I didn’t dare have it here, just in case I was premature. Now there is no reason for us not to celebrate.”

“Your meeting went well too?”

“Oh yeah, they just became my biggest contract. We are definitely good for each other.”

They raised their glasses before, after chinking them together; they raised the flutes to their lips and sipped.

“Thank you for reserving the table for the two of us, I so didn’t want to eat alone.”

“You are very welcome, now as I recall we were both thinking of having the fish.”

Katie smiled and looked down at her menu. There were three fish dishes, all equally delicious on paper at least. She nodded.

“If I can only choose that is.”

“No contest has to be the Dover Sole.” Keith put his menu down on the table and looked across at her. She felt herself blush and quickly hid her face, her eyes scanning the menu once again as she tried to compose herself.

Keith’s eyes had sparkled as he looked at her and she had felt herself being drawn to him, to his kindness, his handsome face, and mentally she shook herself. She needed to get a grip.

“I uh, I think I’ll have the Sea Bass then, with the medley of vegetables and, because I’m feeling frivolous, French fries.”

“I’ll join you on all but the type of fish.” Keith raised his hand and a waiter walked across. The order was placed quickly and efficiently and then, the air between them relaxed and pleasant, they began to chat again.


The dessert had been as easily decided; a bowl of English strawberries each with small jugs of cream and sugar for dipping.

“Mmm, wonderful. Must be summer.” Keith savoured the taste of the first of the soft fruits.

“They are, thank you for suggesting them.” He inclined his head.

“No problem.” He picked up another of the strawberries taking a bite before running it through the small lake of cream he had poured onto his plate. The juices bled, leaving a pinkish trail behind them. “Taste?”

Leaning over he watched as Katie opened her mouth slightly to take the remains of his fruit. The tightening in his pants as she ran a tongue over her lips reminded him fleetingly of his earlier fantasy and he swallowed hard.

“You do know how beautiful you are, don’t you?”

The resulting laugh was dainty, delicate, just as she was.

“Why, Sir, fruit and flattery, I do believe you are trying to seduce me!”

“Ummm, no, that is … here.” Suddenly flummoxed Keith reached for the wine bottle in the cooler beside him. “More?”

“Thank you.”

“So, what else do you do? Apart from writing your novel I mean.” He had no idea why her words had disconcerted him so much, but for now, at least, he knew he needed to back off, for his sake, not hers.

“Very little. It takes over your life. The characters become real, their circumstances too. When I have to kill someone I have created and like I grieve.”

“You’re kidding.” Keith knew his surprise was evident and saw her shake her head.

“No, not at all. If you work in an office or a shop those people become an extension of your family. The characters in my book are my family. Sometimes I have to put them all to one side, get away from them for a while, just like with a real family or real work colleagues.” Her smile was a little embarrassed and Keith wondered how many times she had admitted that before.

“Then what do you do? Take up knitting?” The raised eyebrows told him ‘no’ and he moved on. “Bungee jumping, no, perhaps not, what then?” He saw a blush suffuse his companion’s face and waited. What could be so terrible that she was embarrassed by it?

“Well, I still write, I just change genres, is all.”

“Oh. Well you write crime, so what, let me think … chick lit, children’s stories, cookery books. I’m not close am I?”

She was laughing now and he stopped talking, seeing the embarrassment return as he did so.

“No, I … well I write for my enjoyment, short stories, ones that take a few days and that get instant reaction.”

Now he was confused and for a moment he thought about what she had said.

“Nope, you’re gonna have to explain to me.”

Katie looked about her, as if checking to see if anyone else was listening and then, taking another drink from her replenished wine glass, she looked straight at him. I write erotic stories.”

He had no idea how to reply but his groin, with a definite mind of its own, tightened and gave evidence of his feelings.


“Oh yeah. I wouldn’t say they are easy to write because they aren’t; but they are fun.”

“Let me know where you post, I have been known to peruse the odd site or two myself.”

“Lit?” The abbreviated name was all he needed.

“Yep, go there regularly.”

“I’ll email you a link.”

“Thank you. Here you go, final one.” They had been eating as they talked and Keith güvenilir casino dipped the last strawberry into the sugar and leant across with it. He watched as Katie, her lips blushed now by the juices, took a bite.

“Half each.”

He finished it off quickly and sat back.

“Very nice, very nice indeed.” He wondered, as he spoke, whether Katie would realize he didn’t only mean the meal.


“You know there is only one other couple still in here.” Katie looked around as Keith spoke and realized they had been eating and chatting for almost two and a half hours.

“Oh, I am so sorry. You have more meetings tomorrow I’m sure. I’ll leave you in peace.”

She saw him shake his head and smile.

“I’m only driving home tomorrow, it’s Friday, and I try to make sure I don’t work late on Fridays.”

“Well me too, so maybe a nightcap would be in order?

She watched as Keith got to his feet and then, as she began to rise, felt her chair being held for her. With a smile she walked in front of her companion his hand resting lightly in the small of her back, looking forward to spending more time with him.

Her smile disappeared though when, instead of heading for the bar, he walked towards the elevators.


“I have a mini bar, thought maybe we could use that?” His face had such a worried air to it that she quickly moved to reassure him.

“Sounds wonderful, thank you.”

“No problem.”

The lift deposited them on the third floor and they walked along a deserted hallway towards a window. Keith turned to his left and Katie followed, not sure where they were headed.

“Here we go, room 356. Ladies first.” His key card swiped through the slot and he held the door for her. Stepping inside Katie looked around.

“This is nice, bigger than mine, but I don’t have a double bed.”

“I do like space to spread out. The company pays for a room this size surprisingly and who am I to argue?”

“Who indeed.”

“So, what’ll it be?” Keith had moved across to where the bar was situated and opened the door to the small fridge.

“G & T please, ice if you have it.”

“I do, I even have lemon, although I’m not sure what it’ll be like.”

“I’ll pass, thank you.” She smiled and raised her glass as it was handed to her. Keith poured himself a similar drink and the sound of clinking as they toasted each other was replaced by a moment’s silence.

“Mmmm, I needed that. Give me a little confidence.”

“Confidence, you need confidence?”

“Oh yeah, to do this.”

She watched as Keith moved closer and then his lips were against her own. For a moment she resisted but it felt so good that she responded, her eyes closed and everything else forgotten.

“I have wanted to do that all evening.”

Katie felt herself blush and took another mouthful of her drink wondering where things were going but not wanting them to stop.

Again his lips met hers, this time they parted and Katie felt his tongue touch her own. The moan that escaped her companion spurred her on and the kiss became more passionate as their tongues duelled and danced against each other.

A warm hand tangled into her hair, holding her close and she embraced him, his strong muscular chest and tantalizing hardness making her long for more.

“Lie down with me?”

She nodded, not trusting herself to speak. Placing her drink carefully on the nightstand Katie kicked off her shoes and did as she had been asked, missing the contact with him immediately.

“You are so beautiful, so sexy, want to make love to you, Katie, let me see you, taste you, touch you.”

She could only nod again, her heart was beating a mile a minute and she lay back submissively on the bed, not knowing what he would want to do next, but sure it would be gentle, wonderful and memorable.

His hands, as large and powerful as the rest of him, began to work on the shirt she was wearing. The grey silk slid against her skin and she shivered to his touch.

“Relax, baby, let me take the lead, ok?”

“Yes, my body is yours, for tonight at least.” A moan escaped her as Keith’s fingers finally undid the first button and then stroked the skin, which was exposed. Leaning forward his lips captured the same area, kissing and licking it before he moved on.

By the time he had reached the waistband of her skirt Katie was on fire. Each button on her shirt had been carefully undone and then her body had been worshipped. Soft, dancing kisses had been laid against her before the fingers traced a lazy pattern to the next fastening. Now, as it lay open, resting against the bed sheets, she waited, almost afraid to breathe, for what would happen next.


Keith felt his heart rate increase as he looked down at the beautiful woman on the bed beneath him.

Even in his fantasy she hadn’t been as perfect as she seemed to him right now. He reached out with his hand, running a finger down her cheek and feeling her shiver.

“Kiss me, Keith, come closer and kiss me.”

Leaning down he captured her lips and his tongue was accepted immediately. As they explored each other’s mouths the passion rose between them. Still fully dressed Keith rocked against her, his cock hard now and ready for release.

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