Balcony Love!

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Now I’ll tell you about my next meeting with Joan.

Back at work Joan was a little stand-offish I thought after our experience, and acted differently than I was expecting for the obvious reason, and I felt she had lost interest in me.

The following Saturday she had the day off while I had to work, and one of the items was a proposal I typed for her, so I phoned her and offered to bring it over to her, and she sounded pleased at that and gave me her address and apartment number.

I finished work around 2 PM and it was a very hot day and I was just wearing a tank top, shorts and running shoes. Arriving at her apartment she opened the door for me and invited me in.

Her apartment building was new and on the edge of the city and from her balcony you could see for miles, and as she was on the top floor and at one end, it offered quite a bit of privacy. She was sitting on her balcony where she had colorful Mexican style blankets over the railings that gave her some more privacy.

There was a small table with a sun umbrella over it, where she had a pitcher of cold drinks with ice floating in it and poured me a glass. I sat in one of two lounge chairs where I could lay back to enjoy the juice and she sat in the other.

All she had on was a skimpy top and no bra and her nipples were quite prominent through the material, and a pair of short shorts and was barefooted. She brought up the subject about “the other night,” telling me she found me very attractive at which I blushed and admitted that I enjoyed it too.

She smiled at this and said, “I thought you did,” and she admitted to being ‘gay’ since she was in her mid 20’s, then modified this by saying “well almost,” and told me she much preferred ladies to men for love. I was most embarrassed by her talking like this but glad in a way as it bahis firmaları seemed to ‘clear the air’, and she asked me if I’d ever done anything like that before, and I said I had, but didn’t tell her with who. She was leaning back with one foot up by her hip so her knee was in the air as we chatted and my eyes were drawn to her crotch where I could, on occasion with the movement of her leg see her panties.

I found this to be arousing and when she returned she asked if I minded if she got more comfortable as it was ‘stifling hot,’ and of course I said, “not at all, after all it’s your home.” She stood up and removed her top and shorts and came and sat next to me in just her panties. “Why don’t you get comfortable” she suggested, and helped me off with my top. She was so close to me that I could see little beads of sweat on her upper lip that was replaced by the juice when she took a drink.

Her presence was electrifying and I started to feel my arousal in my panties, her heavy tits suntanned and shining from the suntan oil, her nipples a darker color than mine standing out like two raspberries, where as mine were surrounded by those patches of white from my bikini. She started to rub some suntan lotion on me, her tits bobbing in front of me, her smell was arousing, her sweat and perfume was like a magnet to me. Her rubbing the oil over my skin turned to deliberate caresses of my breasts as she swung her legs up to lie beside me.

Her mouth found mine, her tongue probing deep inside as her hand caressed my breasts, my nipples hard like granite chips as I kissed her back my hands exploring her back and hips. I have difficulty keeping still when aroused and was squirming beside her, our legs intertwined as her hand found the zipper of my shorts and lying back let her fingers explore my wetness as I gave in kaçak iddaa to the delights of my femininity. She knew just how to caress her, her hand cupping my vulva then a finger slipping inside gently to stroke me just behind the pubic bone, out to my clit then to outline my dripping wet labia. As she repeated her ministrations I was like a slippery eel groaning and gasping as she brought me ’till I called out and suddenly became still for a moment, her arm holding me ’til my pleasure subsided.

I kissed her and whispered, “you’re a bitch” and roughly pulled her head back by her hair and bit her lips. With my hand free now I could cup and caress her tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples while cupping one in my hand, to enjoy the pleasures of her body. I now had the pleasure of caressing her hips and thighs, and pushed her panties down past her knees, then with my foot pushed them off her altogether then did the same with mine.

Pushing her onto her back I grabbed her by her hair again and pressing my mound to hers, kissing her fiercely as I began to ride her like a man would, our tits slithering against one another, I felt her open her legs further and bring them up along side my body. Her hands found my ass as she pressed her hips up to meet the rhythm of my thrusts as our nether lips embraced one another. The most beautiful feeling rose in both our bodies till like a sunburst we both exploded with the magnitude of our pleasure.

We rested for a few minutes trying to catch our breath and sweating like pigs, I slowly rolled off her and we lay there in each others arms. She was mine now, a wonderful woman who gave me such incredible orgasms, more powerful than anything I’d ever experienced before. One of her thighs between mine with one of mine pressed against her wet pussy we just lay there spent, breathing kaçak bahis heavily and perspiring and after a few minutes felt we needed to get some fresh air.

She got up finally to get us fresh drinks, and after handing me mine she sat back on her lounge chair as we took time to enjoy the cold drinks, and watching her lying there naked like that was arousing.

It was still so hot out, there was no breeze making our bodies sweat and shine from it and the oil. After a while and smiling at me she began to rub suntan oil over her own tits, pushing them together and leaning down to kiss her own nipples, then her hands continued down over her tummy to the crevice between her legs. She was smiling at me as I watched her touch herself and finally masturbating, it was awesome and I followed suit, squeezing my own tits and finally fingering my pussy, we watched each other as we finger fucked ourselves.

We took a shower together and washed each other then spent ages trying to get dry in the heat, when she asked me not to get dressed just yet and disappeared into her bedroom and returned with a package wrapped with a bow and smiling handed it to me.

What could I say but “thank you,” and opened it to see she’d bought me a lovely silk tap pant and chemise outfit. I immediately tried them on and the silk felt wonderful and cool on my skin, I gave her a hug and a kiss and thanked her and she looked a little sad and I told her I’d like to see her again, and she brightened at this.

This was the first of many such gifts she would buy me, more of which I’ll be telling you about later. I got dressed and she cautioned me again about not making it too obvious at work or elsewhere as people would wonder because of our age differences.

I finally got home and of course was late for supper and got hell from my mother for not phoning to tell her I was ‘working’ with this sales lady on an important proposal at her apartment, and didn’t realize how late it was.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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